High yield dividend growth stocks for 2013

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High yield dividend growth stocks for 2013 Weak economic reports and uncertainty have increased over a year. The investors with lowered investment sentiments find it difficult to manage their investment portfolios. In addition, the Federal Reserve Bank’s and government’s intervention in the market reports new highs with the key index performances. The bonds are not that much safe as they were supposed to be in the past. Situation going worse, here, find the top dividend growth stock for 2013, offering excellent yield.  

 At this point, the investor needs to focus on quality companies, having good operational excellence, and will deliver growing dividend yields over the future. These returns will help you cope up with inflation and other economic issues. Below, get a list of stocks, giving solid returns to maintain purchasing power of money with times.

 1) General Mills

It is one of the biggest U.S. producers of ready to eat food Products Company, dealing with different categories of businesses. With well established brand quality, it functions well in food and retail sector. The company’s stock is trading at $42 per share and hopes excellent growth opportunities this year. With such possibility, definitely, it will go beyond its performance levels soon. Figure out extra earnings and growth opportunities the stocks of the company can offer to the investors. Presently it gives 3.1% dividend yield, which is good considering other stocks.

2) Clorox (CLX)

With a well diversified portfolio of products and services in the market, the company expects good growth prospective coming year. It offers the market with a variety of products right from household goods, food products, personal care products, to goods of daily requirements. Recently, an upward surge is seen in share price as to $80, outperforming the analyst’s expectation, and projects excellent growth with share price hitting $100 per share soon. Its present yield of 3.17% will go up to offer the investors with great returns.

 3) Procter & Gamble (P&G)

Procter and Gamble with more than 4.4 billion users around the world, offers a variety of fast moving consumer goods with a trust gained over the years. The brand and quality performance are valuable. Presently, trading at $75, the stock will soon witness great hike, reporting more than its present 3.2% yield.

 4) McDonald’s (MCD)

McDonald’s known as the world’s largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants, serves millions of customers, operating in more than 120 countries. Reported as one of the strong performers of 2012, is likely to exceed $100 per share and will give earnings as $5.63 per share. With the possibility of global economic recovery, surely, the investors are likely to get good results.

 5) Microsoft (MSFT)

Though Microsoft seems to lag behind the market, soon, the investors will witness great performance shift with good returns in this tech stocks. Presently trading at $27, Microsoft will soon give good returns with the stock market getting new highs. It is undervalued at present, and this increases possibility that it will gain good results with upward surge in the market. It is the world’s largest software maker company and can not lag behind time for a longer period.

These are some of the proven stocks that offer great dividend returns to manage with the inflation over the years.  They are less risky and promise above average yields with strong potential dividend growth prospective.


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