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The Old World Order

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Regular readers are used to seeing various myths of propaganda debunked within these commentaries. However (until now) one of the most-insidious – and thus most-important – constructs of propaganda has not been addressed: the supposed “New World Order”.

The immediate and obvious point to make here is that readers should/must immediately become deeply suspicious any time we are bombarded with a label which contains the word “new”. Implicit in every such label (by definition) is the concept that “this time it’s different”, because if it wasn’t different it wouldn’t be “new”.

This time it’s different” is a cliché in Western societies. But it’s not revered as an aphorism of wisdom. Rather, it is scorned as the mantra of idiots. This same point was made in a previous commentary which debunked and rejected the ludicrous propaganda euphemism: “The New Normal”. The same analysis applies to both propaganda lies.

Why is the concept that “this time it’s different” (or this time it’s new) universally scorned by the more-intelligent members of our societies? Because such individuals subscribe to older, tried-and-true expressions of human thought:

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

Or, simply:

There is nothing new under the Sun.

Context changes. Principles are immutable. Those who refer to paradigms as being “new” or “different” (in categorical fashion) simply lack the capacity to perceive all the similarities to the previous paradigm(s). There is no “New Normal” in our societies, but we can also reject this particular lie by simply looking at the details of this (false) paradigm, itself.

This time it’s (supposedly) “normal” that unemployment (for the masses) is worse than at any other time in our history. Wages (in real dollars) are now as low as they have ever been in any time in our history. Meanwhile, the debts (among the masses) have never been higher. Poverty has never been as severe or as endemic. We never before had a class of people we now know as “the Working Poor”.

In short, for the vast majority of our citizens (the Little People) life has never been worse. But instead of our (corrupt) governments telling us how they plan on fixing all of these problems – which they created – they pat us on the heads and tell us (via the Corporate media) that now all this is “normal” (i.e. things will now always be like this).

Meanwhile, for the small minority at the very top; we see the precise, mirror opposite. Their incomes have never soared higher at such a dizzying rate. The hoards of wealth which they have amassed are orders of magnitude larger than anything ever before seen in our societies. They control (through their massive stock holdings) a much larger percentage of our Corporations than at any time in history. But the taxes they pay have never been lower.

In short, for the tiny minority at the top we see the opposite extreme: life has never been better. But instead of our (corrupt) governments telling us how they plan on re-balancing the worst wealth-inequality in the history of our societies – which they created – they pat us on the heads and tell us that now this too is “normal” (i.e. things will now always be like this).

As a matter of the most elementary logic; extremes can never be “normal”. As a function of both the laws of mathematics and the dynamics of human behavior; extremes always correct – back towards some more rational equilibrium which can be described as “normal”. The New Normal is not only a complete lie, it is a very silly/obvious lie.


Bridges Collapse As The West Drowns In Debt

Articles & Blogs - International Commentary

A recent headline in the mainstream media caught my attention due to its dramatic nature. It spoke of “bridges crumbling” in the United States (along with its highways rotting). The media drone then attempted to explain why these bridges/highways were being allowed to crumble, despite borrowing rates which are “the lowest since 1969”.

The explanation given was totally false: that (supposedly) U.S. state and local governments were “repaying obligations by the most on record”. This is propaganda nonsense, since what it directly implies is that state and local governments would have to be recording the largest budget-surpluses on record. Mathematically, this is the only possible way to retire debt by a corresponding amount. Those surpluses do not exist.

In fact, what the Liar from the mainstream media was really pointing out is that state/local governments are making the largest interest payments on record, the result of the “unprecedented deficits” acknowledged within this piece of mainstream propaganda. This allows us to provide the real answer to the question: why are “bridges crumbling”, in the U.S. (and across the rotting West) despite the lowest borrowing-rates in 45 years?

The answer to the question is simple arithmetic. Our bridges, our highways, indeed, our entire economies and societies are falling apart because governments (at all levels) are drowning in debt. When governments (at all levels) are making the largest interest payments on record (but never paying-off any principal) it means less dollars left over for spending on useful/necessary services, and infrastructure investment/maintenance.

Because these governments are now all permanent debtors, and their interest payments simply get larger every year; it is mathematical proof that these governments are now already past the point-of-no-return on their indebtedness. As a matter of the simple arithmetic of “compound interest”; it is no longer a question of “if” governments across the West will default on their debts – merely when.

Western governments (most-obviously the U.S.) are insolvent endemically, thus the worsening decay of our infrastructure (and economies/societies) will never stop its downward spiral. Rather, this downward cycle will worsen, exponentially, until we have a collective Debt Jubilee, and simply erase debts which are now too large to ever be repaid.

Debt Jubilee is a regular event throughout history, going back to (literally) biblical times. It is based upon one of the constants of human behavior: that governments (good and bad) will place short-term expediency and popularity ahead of long-term fiscal prudence. The result is a multi-thousand year litany of governments (of every shape and form) digging themselves into (debt) holes from which they can never be extracted, resulting in Debt Jubilee.

But the story of the West drowning in debt is more than a story of governments. This endemic indebtedness extends throughout our populations. There are two reasons why individual members of our societies are drowning in the highest levels of personal debt in our history.

The first reason is that the Corporate propaganda machine has made taking on debt a virtue. In every previous generation; taking on “a second mortgage” was the ultimate indicator of personal, financial shame. It proved that (barring some personal calamity) the borrower had not been managing their finances responsibly – and thus had committed the Cardinal Sin of financial management: taking on unnecessary debt.


The West Needs Shorter Leaders

Articles & Blogs - International Commentary

Historically, those committing serious financial crimes were often executed for their transgressions (or sentenced to some similarly suitable punishment), and one nation (China) currently punishes its own financial criminals in this manner. Another commentator, Jason Zweig, has neatly summarized the history here:

The history of drastic punishment for financial crimes may be nearly as old as wealth itself.

The Code of Hammurabi, more than 3,700 years ago, stipulated that any Mesopotamian who violated the terms of a financial contract – including the futures contracts that were commonly used in commodities trading in Babylon – “shall be put to death as a thief.”

In medieval Catalonia, a banker who went bust wasn’t merely humiliated by town criers who declaimed his failure in public squares throughout the land; he had to live on nothing but bread and water until he paid off his depositors in full. If, after a year, he was unable to repay, he would be executed – as in the case of banker Francesch Castello, who was beheaded in 1360. Bankers who lied about their books could also be subject to the death penalty.

In Florence during the Renaissance, the Arte del Cambio – the guild of mercantile money-changers [i.e. bankers] who facilitated the city’s international trade – made the cheating of clients punishable by torture… [emphasis mine]

The rationale for applying this ultimate sanction to the most-serious financial crimes of today is simple. Even a modern-day Gun Nut, fully armed with quasi-military weapons can snuff-out the lives of no more than a few dozen innocents with their senseless slaughters.

Conversely, in our modern era of endless/unpunished financial mega-crimes; the victim-counts run much, much higher. A single Financial Criminal (i.e. banker) can financially devastate the lives of thousands, or even millions. Collectively, today’s Financial Criminals are directly responsible for the 100+ million permanently unemployed victims (across the West), what their parrots in the media call “the New Normal”.

In reality; it is the $trillions which the Financial Criminals have cumulatively plundered in their endless frauds which has hollowed-out our economies to the point where the phrase “full employment” is now nothing but fantasy-words which issue from the mouths of lying politicians. It is this hollowing-out (through financial crime) which has also cut in half the standard of living for hundreds of millions more across the Western world, transforming our Middle Class populations into the Working Poor.

Individually, millions more Victims have suffered total financial devastation (i.e. bankruptcy) at the hands of the Financial Criminals. Foreclosure-fraud, stock market fraud, pension fraud, LIBOR-fraud, and assorted other, serial crimes have left a wake of financial carnage unprecedented in human history.

Then there are the mass-lootings of the bankers. When the reckless gambling of these Big Banks spins so totally out of control that they blow-up their own financial system(s); the Big Banks can (and have) looted wealth by the $trillions. The Big Banks on the losing end of these reckless, gigantic, and generally illegal bets are indemnified by the people, so that the Big Banks on the winning end can be paid off.

The travesty and fraud and crime here is that both sets of these Big Banks are mere tentacles of the One Bank, a financial monolith which not only controls virtually all of the world’s Big Banks, but 40% of the entire global economy, according to the mathematical modeling of a trio of Swiss academics. The “gambling losses” are a fraud, massive paper-shams where one Big Bank tentacle incurs some gigantic, financial liability to another tentacle. Only the stealing (from us) was/is real.


Belgium: Money-Laundering Toilet For Unwanted Treasuries

Articles & Blogs - International Commentary

Yet another, massive fraud was uncovered in the U.S. Treasuries market recently, this time through the diligence of the ever-astute, Paul Craig Roberts (along with Dave Kranzler). While this clumsy money-laundering operation was briefly mentioned in a recent commentary which further exposed the fraud/lies associated with the Federal Reserve’s (phony) “tapering”, there is much more which needs to be said here.

As Roberts and Kranzler note in their original piece, the simple numbers involved make it clear we are dealing with a pathetically transparent money-laundering operation:

From November 2013 through January 2014, Belgium with a GDP of $480 billion [supposedly] purchased $141.2 billion of U.S. Treasury bonds. Somehow Belgium came up with enough money to allocate during a three-month period 29 percent of its annual GDP to the purchase of U.S. Treasury bonds.

As Roberts also notes; Belgium is another one of the West’s Deadbeat Debtors, with a (large) national debt, a budget deficit, a trade deficit, and a current account deficit. It didn’t have any money to allocate to the purchase of U.S. debt – let along forking-over 29% of its GDP in a mere three-month period. The supposed “purchase” is not only (economically) impossible for this debtor-government, there could be no possible legitimate purpose for such a (relatively) massive accumulation of any foreign debt.

It is a prima facie fraud, and thus (inevitably) a money-laundering operation. “Somebody” gave the Belgian government the currency to fund this sham-transaction. However, many notable questions remained unanswered in that original piece. Among the most important of these questions are the following:

1) From where did the ‘money’ come to fund this purchase?

2) Why did the U.S. government (apparently) feel compelled to engage in such a clumsy money-laundering operation?

3) Who dumped over $100 billion of U.S. Treasuries onto the market, in the span of less than a week – which necessitated this emergency money-laundering operation to prop-up the Treasuries market?

4) What will eventually become of these (fraudulent) bonds on the books of Belgium’s government?

In the original Roberts/Kranzler article; they strongly suggest who slipped the Belgian government enough funny-money to fund this purchase: the Federal Reserve. But this is only half an answer. Where did the Fed get the $141 billion, to (purportedly) fund this money-laundering operation?

This money-laundering took place at precisely the same time the Fed was claiming to be beginning the “tapering” of its own money-printing. As with Belgium’s deadbeat government; the Fed also did not have $141 billion simply “lying around” which it could allocate to that money-laundering operation, at that time. From where did the money come?

The Fed has not reported the creation of that amount of new/additional currency. It has not sold-off (supposed) “assets”, from which the proceeds could have been used to fund that (illegal) money-laundering operation. Indeed, the Fed itself is simply a massive toilet for worthless/fraudulent Wall Street paper. Ergo, if the Fed did fund this money-laundering operation, then it must have done so with unofficial – i.e. counterfeit – currency.

Of course, it wouldn’t necessarily be the Federal Reserve which counterfeited the money to fund this laundering of U.S. Treasuries. As Roberts, himself, notes; this purchase took place through the “Euroclear securities clearing system”. Thus it would be simpler (and therefore more likely) for this counterfeit currency to be (phony) euros originating from the ECB rather than (phony) dollars from the Federal Reserve.

As regular readers know; the European Central Bank is nothing less than a partner-in-crime with the Fed in perpetrating these endless monetary crimes/frauds, and both are instruments dedicated to serving the One Bank. With the Fed (very publicly) claiming to have started “tapering” its own money-printing; the bankers would have likely found it more discrete to use their European tentacle for this particular crime.


The West’s Slow-Motion Collapse

Articles & Blogs - International Commentary

Many analysts outside the mainstream herd have been making dire predictions about the collapse of the economies of the Western bloc for the past several years, myself included. Those predictions have not come to pass. Does this mean that we were wrong, or at best woefully premature in our thinking? Simply, no.

Analysis (and prediction) is based upon the rational assessment of data. It is (or at least is supposed to be) a purely logical extrapolation based upon existing trends and parameters. Part of this “rational assessment” is the presumption that the various actors and authorities in our markets and economies will respond to these trends and parameters in a rational manner.

This is not merely a reasonable basis for engaging in analysis, it is the only basis. The only option to expecting rational behavior from these various participants would be to expect irrational/arbitrary behavior. However, by definition, irrational/arbitrary behavior is unpredictable. Thus such an approach is no longer “analysis” at all. It devolves into a mere guessing-game.

So we expect rational behavior and rational responses to various economic/market stimuli because we have no other choice, and when we don’t see such behavior this inevitably skews all analysis based on such rational expectations. What is important to note, however, is that irrational/arbitrary behavior (and thinking) does not invalidate such rational assessments and predictions – at least not those based upon Big Picture trends/parameters – it merely alters the time-horizon.

These Big Picture trends are the economic equivalent of the proverbial “irresistible force”, because boiled-down, they are nothing but manifestations of simple arithmetic. Any nation which chooses the (suicidal) economic policy of permanent deficits will default on its debts; it’s just simple arithmetic (i.e. compounding interest on that debt). Any nation which allows its money-printing to spiral higher will produce hyperinflation, it’s just simple arithmetic (if you keep adding water to the lemonade, you will dilute the lemonade).

The purpose of this piece is thus not to defend (no-brainer) predictions which must come true, just as certainly as “2 + 2” will always equal four. Rather, the purpose of this piece is to identify the factors which have prevented these predictions from being validated (so far), and to alert readers to the grave danger of assuming that this slow-motion collapse of Western economies will continue at the same rate.

If there is one thing we have learned with our Wonderland Matrix, it is that the puppet-masters of the One Bank are seemingly “masters of illusion.” But such a conclusion gives these bankers (and their servants in government and the media) far too much credit.

Framed more negatively; we have populations of Sheep across the Western world who have been rendered so myopic through the saturation brainwashing of Western media that they would not “see” a brick wall directly in front of their own eyes – unless/until they were first told to look for it. The proof is in the numbers, the numbers from the real world.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies of “jobs, jobs, jobs” in the U.S. economy, if they simply saw with their own eyes that there are less people working in the U.S. economy each month.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies that “inflation is too low”, if they simply saw with their own eyes the hyperinflationary spiral of U.S. money-printing (and money-printing across the Western world).


The ‘Recovery’ of Greece: Fraud and Fiction

Articles & Blogs - International Commentary

Roughly 2 ¼ centuries ago, a member of the French aristocracy (Marie Antoinette) was reputedly quoted as saying “let them eat cake”, as her naïve response to the plight of starving, French peasants (shortly before the French Revolution).

Historians now cast doubt as to whether this line was ever uttered by her, and it’s quite possible it was merely attributed to her as a means of attacking her reputation. However, the allegory itself has survived. Why? Because whether or not this anecdote is authentic; the symbol is an eternal one: elitist Oligarchs dwelling in their ivory towers, so totally out of touch with ordinary people (and reality) that their perspective on the real world is naïve and/or absurd.

In the 21st century, we see that this same Ivory Tower remains intact, and is currently situated at the headquarters of Bloomberg News. Do the drones who work for this den of elitism prescribe “eating cake” to feed the 100+ million unemployed across the Western world, or to mitigate the 50+% collapse in the standard of living of ordinary people in the West?

No. Bloomberg’s callous elitism is much more corporate in nature, and demonstrated in stark/absurd terms, in its piece of Marie Antoinette “journalism” from March 27th:

Greece Is Pulling Off an Amazing Recovery

Of what “recovery” does Bloomberg speak? Did Greece’s corrupt coalition government find any jobs for the 27% of the Greek population “officially” unemployed (real unemployment is closer to 50%)? Of course not. The Traitor Governments of the West don’t “create jobs” – they only destroy them.

So what is this “amazing recovery”? Bloomberg is so overjoyed it doesn’t keep readers in suspense for long. It reveals this “remarkable story” in its sub-title:

Greece Can Afford To Borrow Again

Anyone who hasn’t spent the past five years journeying on distant planets understands that Greece’s economy was just destroyed – utterly – as it went through a messy (and deliberately induced) debt-default. Now with Greece’s economy still in a state of utter ruin, the bankers want us to applaud the fact that they (and Greece’s Traitor Government) are about to start piling new debts on a population which cannot even currently feed itself.

This is not like Marie Antoinette saying to the people of France “let them eat cake.” Its bankers and politicians saying to the people of Greece “let them eat poison” (just as they are now doing with their new victims in Ukraine). But beyond the absurd/outrageous theme of this piece of elitist nonsense; in trying to create the myth of an “amazing recovery”, Bloomberg and the bankers have done nothing but inadvertently reveal their own culpability (and fraud) in the original destruction of Greece’s economy.

It’s all in the numbers:



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