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The Secret Silver Stockpile, Part I

Silver Commentary

As indicated in my most-recent commentary; we are very likely already in a Post-Default World in the gold market. Specifically, at some time (likely several years ago) the bankers’ paper “gold market” experienced technical default, where current and immediate claims on existing gold inventories significantly exceeded those inventories.

Actual (versus “official”) inventories of gold in the bankers’ metals warehouses today are now a large, negative number – in the many millions of ounces. Official (and visible) default in the gold market has only been averted by a cornucopia of fraud, primarily “fractional-reserve banking” in the gold market, i.e. through “selling” each ounce of actual gold possessed by the banking cabal to numerous chump-owners.

The magnitude of this ‘fractional-reserve’ fraud is something about which we can only speculate, but we do have parameters. With respect to their own fraudulent, debauched paper currencies; the Western banking crime syndicate is allowed to leverage their paper by a ratio of roughly 33:1. We also know (in this era of mark-to-fantasy “accounting”) that these Big Bank tentacles have (at least) two sets of books.

Furthermore, we know that these career criminals have no respect for any laws; having already been “fined” or “investigated” for any and every form of financial crime capable of being devised within the human mind. The notion that these banksters adhere to mere rules on leverage limits and “reserve” requirements is quaint, and utterly naïve.

In the realm of “bullion trading” (i.e. gold and silver fraud); we also have the testimony of (ex?) Goldman Sachs Stooge, Jeffrey Christian to guide us. It was “100-to-1” Christian who first blurted out (at a CFTC hearing) that the various forms of paper-fraud committed by the bankers in the gold market exceeded the actual amount of gold being traded by a dollar value of 100:1.

In the silver market; we have various reasons for believing that the crisis faced by the banksters in terms of evaporating inventories (and stockpiles) is even more severe/desperate than in the gold market, and thus the level of fraud is likely at least as high, if not higher. The starting point in such suspicions is a now-infamous chart on (supposed) “silver inventories” which the One Bank probably wishes its minions had never created.

The sickening plunge in silver inventories between 1990 and 2005 (where inventories collapsed by 90%) meant that we were already at a crisis-point in the silver market nearly a decade ago, whereas it’s only in the last year or two where anecdotal evidence (and the bankers’ own actions) seem to indicate a crisis in gold inventories – yet actual “default” in the gold market likely occurred several years before this.


Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted?

Gold Commentary

In the spring of last year, and on the heels of the Cyprus “bail in”; informed investors know there was a global stampede into physical bullion – and out of the banksters’ fraudulent paper-called-gold “products”. In reporting on those events, regular readers saw the following headline:

Paper-Gold Holders Flee To Real Metal

The evidence seemed conclusive. The Cyprus Steal triggered the realization among the Smart Money that no paper asset in the Western world was safe, any longer. That realization instigated the stampede out of the banksters’ paper-called-gold. Total holdings of the largest of the paper-called-gold fraud funds (the SPDR Gold Trust, or “GLD”) ultimately fell by approximately 40%.

However, as investors were liquidating 10’s of millions of ounces of what the bankers call “gold”; the Comex’s gold inventories didn’t rise by 10’s of millions of ounces. In fact those inventories didn’t rise at all – they collapsed. This seemed to indicate that investors were redeeming their GLD paper, and extracting real, physical gold to replace it.

Recent evidence, however, suggests an entirely different interpretation of the precisely synchronized collapse in holdings of the banksters’ paper-called-gold and “official” Comex inventories. But before readers can grasp the significance of this new information, it’s necessary to first visit the silver market – and revisit an old-but-familiar form of inventory fraud which has been covered extensively in previous commentaries.

Long-time readers of my commentaries are familiar with the charts below:

What we notice first is the dramatic, and unprecedented collapse of (Western) silver inventories. In a mere 15-year span (1990 – 2005); we see inventories plummet by more than 90%, from approximately 2.2 billion ounces to (roughly) a mere 200,000.


The West’s Slow-Motion Collapse

International Commentary

Many analysts outside the mainstream herd have been making dire predictions about the collapse of the economies of the Western bloc for the past several years, myself included. Those predictions have not come to pass. Does this mean that we were wrong, or at best woefully premature in our thinking? Simply, no.

Analysis (and prediction) is based upon the rational assessment of data. It is (or at least is supposed to be) a purely logical extrapolation based upon existing trends and parameters. Part of this “rational assessment” is the presumption that the various actors and authorities in our markets and economies will respond to these trends and parameters in a rational manner.

This is not merely a reasonable basis for engaging in analysis, it is the only basis. The only option to expecting rational behavior from these various participants would be to expect irrational/arbitrary behavior. However, by definition, irrational/arbitrary behavior is unpredictable. Thus such an approach is no longer “analysis” at all. It devolves into a mere guessing-game.

So we expect rational behavior and rational responses to various economic/market stimuli because we have no other choice, and when we don’t see such behavior this inevitably skews all analysis based on such rational expectations. What is important to note, however, is that irrational/arbitrary behavior (and thinking) does not invalidate such rational assessments and predictions – at least not those based upon Big Picture trends/parameters – it merely alters the time-horizon.

These Big Picture trends are the economic equivalent of the proverbial “irresistible force”, because boiled-down, they are nothing but manifestations of simple arithmetic. Any nation which chooses the (suicidal) economic policy of permanent deficits will default on its debts; it’s just simple arithmetic (i.e. compounding interest on that debt). Any nation which allows its money-printing to spiral higher will produce hyperinflation, it’s just simple arithmetic (if you keep adding water to the lemonade, you will dilute the lemonade).

The purpose of this piece is thus not to defend (no-brainer) predictions which must come true, just as certainly as “2 + 2” will always equal four. Rather, the purpose of this piece is to identify the factors which have prevented these predictions from being validated (so far), and to alert readers to the grave danger of assuming that this slow-motion collapse of Western economies will continue at the same rate.

If there is one thing we have learned with our Wonderland Matrix, it is that the puppet-masters of the One Bank are seemingly “masters of illusion.” But such a conclusion gives these bankers (and their servants in government and the media) far too much credit.

Framed more negatively; we have populations of Sheep across the Western world who have been rendered so myopic through the saturation brainwashing of Western media that they would not “see” a brick wall directly in front of their own eyes – unless/until they were first told to look for it. The proof is in the numbers, the numbers from the real world.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies of “jobs, jobs, jobs” in the U.S. economy, if they simply saw with their own eyes that there are less people working in the U.S. economy each month.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies that “inflation is too low”, if they simply saw with their own eyes the hyperinflationary spiral of U.S. money-printing (and money-printing across the Western world).


The USA: Worst Government That Money Can Buy

US Commentary

History tells us that when governments become excessively oppressive and/or descend into saturation corruption (like the rancid regimes of the Western bloc), that such scenarios rarely “end well” – i.e. a peaceful transition back to responsible, legitimate government. Instead, the peasants/serfs/workers are nearly always driven to a state of desperation (generally near-starvation) before they finally pull out their pitchforks and guillotines, and take back their own government.

Obviously, then, the goal of commentators such as myself and other truth-tellers today is to try to reach a large percentage of our own “peasants”, the Sheep who are currently passively lapping-up the daily fiction from our Corporate media propaganda machine, before they devolve to such a state of poverty/desperation. Then once honestly informed, the presumption is that this knowledge would then power peaceful and orderly change via the ballot box.

In turn, we have seen the response of the One Bank to such messages: my own work has been systematically censored from any/all mainstream outlets, and many other alternative “voices” have also been snuffed-out one way or another. But this is only half of the One Bank’s campaign to ensure that the peasants of the United States (in particular) are never well-informed as they head to the ballot-box each election to vote for one half or the other of its own, two-headed political hydra.

The other half of this systematic process for destroying the remnants of U.S. democracy has been to give the very-wealthy literally unlimited powers to buy the government of their choice. The first “victory” in the absolute corruption of the U.S. political process was to allow corporations (the paper fronts for the very-wealthy) to donate unlimited quantities of their dirty money, in order to buy the politicians who would serve them loyally.

This also allowed the wealthiest Oligarchs to hide behind these corporate fronts, so we couldn’t see which particular individuals were primarily responsible for the latest crop of corrupt sycophants in the U.S. Congress. However, with the corruption (and now overt fascism) of the Fourth Reich becoming more extreme by the day; the Oligarchs no longer see any need to hide.

Thus we have the “next evolution” in U.S. corruption: simply allowing individuals to directly spend as much as they want in buying the government of their choice. Supposedly, there are still limitations. Wealthy Americans can only contribute so much directly to any one particular candidate or “PAC”.

For readers outside the U.S.; a PAC is basically a corporate front created solely for the purpose of broadcasting (at maximum decibels) a particular propaganda message during an election campaign. The joke in these supposed “limitations” is two-fold. While the very-wealthy are limited in their contributions to any particular entity, there are now no aggregate “caps” of any kind on such spending. They can now create an infinite number of “PAC’s” to brainwash the electorate with their message(s) in each-and-every (so-called) election.

The other, obvious joke is that with no aggregate spending caps on corporations, either, individuals can indirectly make unlimited donations to particular candidates through simply contributing via numerous corporate fronts. A billionaire with his/her own plethora of shell corporations can funnel vast (and essentially unlimited) quantities of wealth anywhere they desire in U.S. elections by simply – and legally -- utilizing all of these various, corporate tentacles.


The ‘Recovery’ of Greece: Fraud and Fiction

International Commentary

Roughly 2 ¼ centuries ago, a member of the French aristocracy (Marie Antoinette) was reputedly quoted as saying “let them eat cake”, as her naïve response to the plight of starving, French peasants (shortly before the French Revolution).

Historians now cast doubt as to whether this line was ever uttered by her, and it’s quite possible it was merely attributed to her as a means of attacking her reputation. However, the allegory itself has survived. Why? Because whether or not this anecdote is authentic; the symbol is an eternal one: elitist Oligarchs dwelling in their ivory towers, so totally out of touch with ordinary people (and reality) that their perspective on the real world is naïve and/or absurd.

In the 21st century, we see that this same Ivory Tower remains intact, and is currently situated at the headquarters of Bloomberg News. Do the drones who work for this den of elitism prescribe “eating cake” to feed the 100+ million unemployed across the Western world, or to mitigate the 50+% collapse in the standard of living of ordinary people in the West?

No. Bloomberg’s callous elitism is much more corporate in nature, and demonstrated in stark/absurd terms, in its piece of Marie Antoinette “journalism” from March 27th:

Greece Is Pulling Off an Amazing Recovery

Of what “recovery” does Bloomberg speak? Did Greece’s corrupt coalition government find any jobs for the 27% of the Greek population “officially” unemployed (real unemployment is closer to 50%)? Of course not. The Traitor Governments of the West don’t “create jobs” – they only destroy them.

So what is this “amazing recovery”? Bloomberg is so overjoyed it doesn’t keep readers in suspense for long. It reveals this “remarkable story” in its sub-title:

Greece Can Afford To Borrow Again

Anyone who hasn’t spent the past five years journeying on distant planets understands that Greece’s economy was just destroyed – utterly – as it went through a messy (and deliberately induced) debt-default. Now with Greece’s economy still in a state of utter ruin, the bankers want us to applaud the fact that they (and Greece’s Traitor Government) are about to start piling new debts on a population which cannot even currently feed itself.

This is not like Marie Antoinette saying to the people of France “let them eat cake.” Its bankers and politicians saying to the people of Greece “let them eat poison” (just as they are now doing with their new victims in Ukraine). But beyond the absurd/outrageous theme of this piece of elitist nonsense; in trying to create the myth of an “amazing recovery”, Bloomberg and the bankers have done nothing but inadvertently reveal their own culpability (and fraud) in the original destruction of Greece’s economy.

It’s all in the numbers:



Is There Any Gold Left For Central Banks To Buy?

Gold Commentary

Here is a conundrum for readers to unravel. Throughout 2011, 2012, and early into 2013; central banks in Eastern and Emerging Market nations went on the largest (official) gold-buying binge in history. This occurred as the currencies of these nations were relatively stable, and thus “inflation” pressures were relatively muted.

Now flash-forward to early 2014. We have what the mainstream propaganda machine is calling “the crises in Emerging Market currencies” (versus all the currencies of the corrupt, Western bloc). Let’s put aside the fact that the “collapse” of these currencies is just another mega-crime from the One Bank – committed while its banker-felons are currently being investigated for serial currency-manipulation.

Forgetting about the cause of this “collapse”, the effect of this plunge in the value of these nations’ currencies is a spike in the rate of inflation. In other words; whatever was the precise motivation for these central banks to begin their gold-buying binge, those motivations would be stronger today. Yet despite a stronger motive, their gold-buying has practically screeched to a halt.

The analogy here is a simple one. As summer begins (and people get thirsty), lemonade sales increase significantly. Yet just as a heat-wave arrives (and people are presumably even thirstier), lemonade sales suddenly collapse. There are only two plausible reasons which immediately assert themselves in this hypothetical scenario. Either the lemonade customers have no more funds to purchase lemonade, or the lemonade-makers have no more lemonade to sell.

Relating this conundrum back to the real world, if there is one thing which we know for certain it is that all of these central banks have plenty of paper to use to exchange for gold, indeed, virtually infinite amounts. Absent a gold standard; the only thing restraining these governments in the creation of these paper currencies is their own (lack of) discipline.

With “competitive devaluation” still the policy-of-suicide for all these governments; this translates into no discipline at all. It’s pedal-to-the-metal with all this paper-printing, meaning that all these governments have mountains of ‘money’ to devote to their gold-buying. Clearly then, our primary suspicion must be that there is little – if any – gold left for these central banks to vacuum-up.

Before pursuing this thinking further; let me deal with a few permutations of this scenario which may have occurred to astute readers. Obviously the collapse of all these currencies means that the price of gold (denominated in these same currencies) has spiked. Thus one possibility would be that these gold-buyers are simply waiting for more-reasonable prices.

There are two reasons to reject such reasoning. First of all, as previously noted; these governments have essentially infinite amounts of paper to exchange for limited/finite quantities of gold. Playing-out such a scenario; as the price of gold begins to fall, instead of waiting for “the bottom”, queue-jumpers would leap into the market to get their gold before supplies are exhausted.

The point of logic here is that with infinite quantities of paper and (in relative terms) extremely limited amounts of gold available; the queue-jumpers would never even begin waiting for “better prices”. They would have simply continued their gold-buying at the same robust pace we saw in 2011 and 2012 – knowing that the market will run out of gold long before they run out of paper to use in purchasing gold.

More cynically; with all these governments playing their little game of Competitive Devaluation (where the object of the game is to drive one’s currency to zero), there will never be “a good time” for them to buy – i.e. when the price of gold recedes any significant amount below current prices. It makes no sense for any government deliberately driving the value of its own currency to zero to wait for “better prices” for any hard asset.


Hostage Markets: Are The Banksters The Real Hostages?

Gold Commentary

In our current paradigm of Hostage Markets in the precious metals sector, which has existed in this extreme form for three years now; appearances can be deceiving. By all appearances; it is the One Bank which is in complete-and-absolute control of our fraud-ridden markets, and precious metals investors who are the helpless hostages. But in effective terms, is that really the case?

In fact; it is the One Bank itself that we see with less and less latitude for action, which is a qualitative basis for the definition of a “hostage”. As we see prices “trapped” within an absurdly limited trading range, we begin to see that this paradigm of Hostage Markets is not a strategy of choice on the part of the One Bank – but rather a strategy of lack of choice.

Ever since the One Bank’s minions in our central banks squandered most of the West’s bullion, flooding bullion markets with ridiculously excessive quantities of bullion year after year, simply because they could do so; the final chapter in this game of bullion-manipulation has already been written. The “story” ends with either an (official) bullion-default, or an (unofficial) decoupling – between the banksters’s paper-fraud markets and the real/legitimate bullion market.

This is because even in its least-destructive manifestation, this permanent price-suppression in bullion markets has (inevitably) created a permanent, structural deficit in supply. Regular readers are fully familiar with the dynamics here, summed-up nicely in the title of a previous commentary: “shorting consumes, investing conserves.”

The supply/demand mechanics are simple, and the “chocolate bar” market makes a good hypothetical example. If we were to (under) price chocolate bars at 10 cents apiece, we know what would happen – and in a relatively short amount of time. Store shelves around the world would quickly be stripped bare, as people over-consumed this radically under-priced good.

Simultaneously, chocolate-bar manufacturers would stop making chocolate bars (and go bankrupt) because they couldn’t manage to ‘break even’ selling their product at such an artificially low price. There would be a “default” in the global chocolate-bar market, as buyers tried to buy more chocolate bars, but there was no more supply. This hypothetical example applies to any/all markets for physical goods, because the cost-of-production is significantly greater than zero.

It is long investment (in any such “physical” market) which pushes prices higher – in a healthy manner – until supply exceeds demand, at which point prices level off in equilibrium. But with the permanent price-perversion in our precious metals markets, such an equilibrium can never/will never be achieved; a permanent supply-deficit is the only, possible outcome.

This has reduced the One Bank’s overall strategy in bullion markets to a simple one: to delay losing the game as long as possible. Once we (correctly) identify the only, rational strategy here, it becomes equally easy to determine how successfully the One Bank is playing the game: the size of the supply-deficit. A small supply-deficit means the banksters are playing their game of price-manipulation well; a large supply-deficit means that these psychopaths are executing their strategy in a short-sighted, and ultimately suicidal manner.

Ever since the One Bank launched its first scorched-earth assault on bullion markets (one aspect of the contrived, Crash of ’08); there has been only one relatively short interval where the banksters have been playing their game of price-manipulation well, meaning that the supply-deficit was relatively small. This began in the latter half of 2010, after two, solid years of explosively higher prices.


Corporate Media Depicts Unemployed As Lepers

US Commentary

Regular readers are familiar with the plight of the massive numbers of unemployed in Western nations, in general, and in the United States, in particular. There are approximately 100 million unemployed people across the Western world, roughly half of those inside the United States. Worse still, over 90% of these people are permanently unemployed.

This is the worst unemployment ever experienced in the history of our societies. Proof comes in the numbers, the real numbers and (ironically) the best data available is U.S. data. There are 144 million people in the U.S. with jobs, out of a population of 317 million. That translates into 46% of Americans with jobs, and 54% without jobs – a working minority.

Of course not all Americans (or all people in any society) are employable. Some are too old, or too young, or otherwise physically/mentally unfit for employment. Fortunately we also have data on employable Americans, the “civilian participation rate”. The chart below shows how many employable Americans are actually working.

Currently, only a little over 63% of employable Americans have jobs, and that rate continues to fall like a rock, throughout the mythical “U.S. recovery”. Regular readers are also aware that the standard of living in the U.S. (and across the Western world) has fallen by more than 50% over the past 40 years. In real dollars; the workers of 2014 are paid Great Depression wages.

The Middle Class are now the Working Poor (those who still have jobs). Where a single wage-earner used to be able to support a family (comfortably); it now requires two wage-earners. This is why before our governments destroyed our economies we saw the civilian participation rate going rapidly higher in the U.S. (and throughout the West).

To get most of the Poor out of poverty in the United States, in 2014 (at Great Depression wages), the U.S. would require a civilian participation rate of at least 80%, and likely closer to 90%. There are about 230 million employable Americans, meaning there are 86 million employable Americans without jobs.

If we assume an ideal/necessary civilian participation of 80%, this translates into 40 million unemployed Americans who need/want jobs today. If we assume a rate of 90%, that means 63 million unemployed Americans who need jobs – and (as the chart above proves) that number increases every month.

If we assume there are 40 million unemployed Americans needing jobs, that translates into an unemployment rate of over 18%. If we assume 60 million unemployed, that puts the U.S. unemployment rate well above 25%. Yet the liars in the Corporate media, the U.S. government, and the Federal Reserve pretend that the U.S. “unemployment rate” is only 6.5%, that ‘only’ about 15 million Americans need jobs. Janet Yellen, the Fed’s new Chief Liar boasted last week about: “cumulative progress toward maximum employment”.


Fed Fraud and Hostage Markets

Silver Commentary

The descent into Wonderland continues. After five years of promising an Exit Strategy; in September of last year former Fed-head, B.S. Bernanke finally confessed that any “tapering” was impractical (if not impossible), as the U.S. economy was now a Ponzi-scheme which required ever increasing money-printing to avoid implosion, as clearly illustrated below.

Yet here we are in mid-March, and now we have new Fed-head Yellen telling us that the “tapering” (begun by B.S. Bernanke) is now smoothly proceeding on schedule. How is this possible? It’s not.

Here is what is really happening. First of all, there has been no “tapering”. All that has happened is that a Cheap Magician has reduced the quantity of money-printing in one program – the only one publicly disclosed. But he/she has increased the money-printing in the programs they refuse to disclose to the public, such as their fraudulent “0% loans” to Wall Street banks.

Why has the Fed fought all attempts at fully disclosing its money-printing, the primary function of any central bank? Because it is (literally) counterfeiting more and more of the worthless funny-money which it prints-up by the trillions. With the open hand he/she shows to the Sheep; the Cheap Magician announces a reduction in the money-printing. Meanwhile, in the closed hand which the Cheap Magician hides behind his/her back; the money-printing is increased by an even greater amount.

How can we know this? The chart above tells us so. There can be no “exit” or even “tapering” from an out-of-control exponential function that extreme. It is mathematically/economically impossible. The money-printing must increase (and at an accelerating rate) or the Ponzi-scheme (i.e. the U.S. economy) will implode. Those are the only, two possible outcomes.

However, because the Federal Reserve (and its mouthpieces in the Corporate media) continue to broadcast the lie of “tapering”, the Sheep believe that tapering is actually taking place. And so markets react, even our own fraud-tortured markets, ruled by the bankers’ Pied Piper trading algorithms.

These algorithms are only tools, tools programmed to respond to particular stimuli, in a particular way. Thus with U.S. interest rates permanently manipulated to an absurd/extreme low, any stimuli which dictate higher interest rates (such as less funny-money to use in buying Treasuries) cause the One Bank’s own trading algorithms to work against it…unless it can create even more extreme stimuli pushing in the opposite direction.


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