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Paper-Gold Holders Flee To Real Metal

Gold Commentary

During the recent, massive slaughter in the (paper) gold market, investors have been bombarded with a million-and-one “explanations” by the mainstream media as to why people are “fleeing gold”. The problem is that not one of them is consistent with the known facts.

It has been widely reported that holdings of gold-ETF’s have plunged (by the largest amounts on record). At this point analysis becomes simple: if these people were “fleeing gold” there would be massive stacks of gold piling up in warehouses – as people discarded all of this “unwanted” yellow metal.

So, where is the gold?

In fact, back in the real world; Comex gold inventories (the same inventories from which the ETF’s are stocked) have plummeted by the largest amounts on record. Instead of inventories increasing by the largest amounts on record (what the mainstream is expressly implying with their “fleeing gold” rhetoric), we have precisely the opposite.

[chart courtesy of Nick Laird,]

After the most-massive (paper) liquidation in the history of precious metals markets; we don’t see massive stacks of unwanted gold, only massive stacks of unwanted paper. This brings us to the important question: what has really transpired in the gold market? Just follow the numbers.

We see (simultaneously) a massive liquidation of paper gold occurring along with a “run” on Comex gold inventories. In fact, there is only one explanation consistent with those facts: paper-gold holders have been swapping that paper for real metal. Put into market vernacular; people have been redeeming their units of paper gold – and taking delivery of physical bullion. A flight out of paper.

Naturally, this leads to a secondary question: what could have caused the most-massive flight out of the paper-gold market since Western bankers created this gigantic (paper) market? Regular readers have already answered that question themselves: the Cyprus Steal.


CME Group Destabilizes Precious Metals Markets

Gold Commentary

For those who don’t know it, the CME Group is the operator of the U.S.’s paper-fraud markets for commodities. The role of this crime syndicate is an important one: to keep commodity markets generally depressed, in order to hide the extreme/excessive currency dilution resulting from the out-of-control money-printing of the Western central banks.

The currency-dilution is a matter of record: official government policy for every government on the planet – “competitive devaluation.” The consequences of our governments competing to see who can drive the value of their currency to zero the fastest are obvious and unequivocal: all prices for all hard assets should be steadily (and rapidly) rising…except for real estate.

The reason real estate should be an exception to this price-spiral is that permanent near-zero interest rates have turned all Western real estate markets into insanely unstable “bubbles”. They have already been pumped as high as they can go.

But commodity prices are the proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine.’ Rising prices for commodities prove the effects of the currency-dilution, and naturally must translate into significantly higher prices for consumer goods. So the U.S. banks (and market operators) permanently collude to depress commodity prices as much as possible; while at the same time the U.S. government engages in absurd lies to deny the existence of inflation. The Canary has been assassinated.

This brings us to the CME Group: the ring-leader in this commodity-rigging. As the operator of U.S. commodity futures markets; the CME Group has a quasi-regulatory capacity to ensure the markets are operated in a legitimate manner. A primary facet of this responsibility is to set “margin requirements” for trading positions in a manner which enhances market stability.

However, for the second time in 24 months we have this market operator engaging in precisely the opposite manner: maliciously rigging margin position requirements in order to increase the current “instability” in precious metals markets – i.e. the downward pressure in prices. The evidence is all simple arithmetic, making the proof here unequivocal.

Traders are required to post collateral to back their positions in these future markets. This is known as a margin requirement. In any sane markets, this margin requirement would be a percentage. This way, no matter whether prices are falling or rising the margin requirement would be constant (in percentage terms) – stability is enhanced.

Conversely, the U.S. paper-fraud markets are operated in precisely the opposite manner: margin requirements are a flat rate. What this means (automatically) is that when prices are falling the effective size of these margin requirements rises (amplifying downward pressure). And when prices rise the effective size of margin requirements fall (amplifying upward pressure on the market).

In other words, irrespective of whether prices are rising or falling; margin requirements automatically act to destabilize the market further. This is how one would operate a crooked casino, not legitimate markets. Given this unstable paradigm; the CME Group has a direct, official responsibility to minimize the instability in these markets which is automatically produced by these insane margin rules (which it created).

It does so in the following manner. When commodity prices rise, the CME Group is supposed to raise the margin requirements in order to keep the percentages constant. When commodity prices fall, the CME Group is supposed to lower margin requirements to keep the percentages constant. This is all unequivocal arithmetic, for which there can be no possible argument.

Yet once again, currently, we see the CME Group raising margin requirements (sharply), despite the most-severe two-day crash in gold and silver markets in history. The only legitimate move for the CME Group to make here would be to dramatically lower margin requirements – to keep percentages relatively constant.


The ‘New Normal’: Sedating The Sheep

Canadian Commentary

In our Orwellian world of the 21st century Corporate Media; euphemisms abound. Some are merely inane. Some are slippery and deceptive. And some are plainly malicious. The abominable euphemism “the New Normal” satisfies all of those descriptions.

This time it’s different. Utter that expression in a sarcastic tone in any corporate boardroom, and one will likely elicit a chorus of sympathetic laughter. State it seriously, and one will be the subject of scorn and derision themselves.

What is the inevitable response of seasoned executives when some boardroom Novice attempts to peddle the line “this time it’s different”? The more things change, the more they remain the same. Context changes; Principles are immutable.

Yet what is the literal translation of The New Normal? This time it’s different. The euphemism constructed by the Corporate Media, and parroted by every politician, banker, and media talking-head as the Ultimate Wisdom of the 21st century is, in fact, a tired-and-pathetic cliché which had already been discarded by the same Corporate world decades ago. It can’t get any more inane than that.

Obviously, when the Corporate Media takes an old and ridiculed cliché, re-packages it, and peddles it as Ultimate Wisdom it is being slippery and deceptive. The question then becomes: what is the Agenda here?

Fortunately the Corporate Media is nothing if not transparent. We can determine the agenda behind this media lie simply by examining the various contexts in which it is used.

Massive, permanent unemployment? It’s the New Normal. Endless crime and corruption perpetrated by our largest financial institutions? It’s the New Normal. Gigantic-and-growing government debts? It’s the New Normal.

In the 1980’s when Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio soared above 70%, it was deemed to be having a “debt crisis.” Today, with Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio over 80% it’s the poster-child for “fiscal prudence” in the West. How can this be? It’s the New Normal, silly!

The New Normal is a mantra of failure. Our governments first created massive unemployment (implementing the Oligarchs’ treasured “globalization”), and then have done nothing about it since. But it’s not their fault.

Our (weakling) governments first allowed our Crime Syndicate banks to perpetrate the largest white-collar crime-wave in history, and now tell us there is “nothing they can do” to punish the criminals; but it’s not their fault.

Our governments are rapidly bankrupting all of our nations with the worst revenue crisis in history. Yet with more than 90% of all wealth in the hands of 5% of the population; that 5% is being taxed at the lowest rates in history. But don’t blame the Traitor Politicians – it’s not their fault. It’s the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a politician! On the rare occasions when something goes right (I’m sure it does happen) the politicians soak-up all the credit. But any time and every time something goes wrong, it’s not their fault – it’s just the New Normal.

What a wonderful age it is to be a banker! Collude with your buddies to rig the $500+ trillion LIBOR debt-market – and get caught. Launder $trillions in drug money day after day, week after week, year after year – and get caught. But nobody goes to jail.


Stephen Harper’s Cyprus Blueprint For Canada

Canadian Commentary

Until now, the “bail-in” (i.e. the Cyprus Steal) has been presented to us in the following manner by politicians, bankers, and the Corporate Media. It is a least-worst option for dealing with a financial emergency, and is being conducted in a fair and legitimate manner.

As previous commentaries have exposed, this is all lies. It is not a “least-worst” option, but rather the most-extreme desperation measure imaginable. It is the only form of stealing which our Crime Syndicate governments haven’t already attempted to perpetrate against their own populations: direct confiscation of assets.

This was not a “financial emergency.” It was a choreographed looting of the Cyprus financial system, plotted at least 18 months in advance. Furthermore, the chronology clearly indicates that the Western banking cabal had already engaged in a secret agreement with the Cyprus government to ultimately approve this theft – and the initial proposal (and first vote) was simply an absurdly transparent sham.

There is nothing “fair” or “legitimate” about this repugnant concept. This is why the propaganda machine invented a euphemism for it which is utter gibberish. “Bail-in” is nonsensical English, used to hide a vulgar act of theft which is completely indefensible.

Ultimately the Thieves themselves even concede that what they are really perpetrating is a form of “taxation.” Yet this “taxation” is entirely ad hoc, and arbitrary; with the initial group of Victims involved (bank depositors) being asset-holders who put their savings in these banks for one (and only one) reason: because the banks and our governments themselves assured depositors again and again and again that their savings were “absolutely safe.”

Obviously if our governments (and banks) are going to arbitrarily choose to betray a particular group of individuals in society with a “surprise” theft of their assets, the one group of individuals who should be last on the list are those people whom the banksters and politicians themselves assured were absolutely safe. There could be no more egregious knife-in-the-back.

However, what if this betrayal is much, much worse? What if the “bail-in” – the bankers’ new form of organized crime – was not merely a desperation measure to ward-off inadvertent bankruptcy? What if the banking cabal and our Traitor Governments were intentionally creating “insolvency” in our financial system in order to manufacture a pretext to engage in this illegal looting?

This brings us to Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the Conservative Party. Stephen Harper is a consummate Thief. He’s stolen his own job not once, but twice.

He stole his job as Prime Minister originally by promising Canadian voters that (unlike the Liberals) he would never “touch” (i.e. tax) their “income trusts” –  into which Canadians had funneled $10’s of billions of their wealth.  However it had already become obvious this massive tax-loophole was destroying the entire, national tax base; and was not economically viable. The moment Harper got into power, he flip-flopped and abolished that tax-exemption.

He stole his job a second time when the Opposition Parties were about to unite to vote the Harper regime out of office. Stephen Harper illegally suspended Parliament, and then the Conservative Party and Big Business launched a massive propaganda campaign while Canada’s Parliament was illegally suspended; labeling the plan to vote the Harper regime out of office as “undemocratic.” The Opposition Parties backed off on their threat, and then Stephen Harper ended his illegal suspension of Parliament.

When Stephen Harper came to power, however, he had more on his mind than just breaking promises: he had an Agenda. A part of that agenda was to duplicate – as exactly as possible – the massive housing-bubble of the United States; the largest asset-bubble in history, which was followed by the largest “bail-out” package in economic history.


No Paper Is Safe From A Bail-In: FSB

International Commentary

Ever since our governments perpetrated the Cyprus Steal roughly three weeks ago (the first of their “bail-ins”), I have been exploring the ramifications of this crime. My apologies to readers for any redundancy since then; however it has been necessary to cover this subject in a methodical manner in order to precisely and conclusively illustrate that:

-- The Cyprus Steal was a premeditated act, plotted (at least) 18 months in advance; which included warning the Big Money to move their wealth out of harm’s way

-- Many/most other Western regimes already have their own “bail-in” rules firmly in place

-- The entire premise of the “bail-in” (i.e. confiscating money from peoples’ accounts) is flawed and fraudulent; meaning there could never be any rational or legitimate reason for this policy – making it a simple act of theft

Having established each of these points in previous commentaries; it’s now time to bring this analysis (in general terms) to a culmination: pointing out that the “bail-in” rules already in place do not merely contemplate stealing from bank accounts, but rather stealing any/every kind of paper asset from “the financial system more widely.”

The language used is unequivocal, the intentions beyond doubt. Why is it so much easier in retrospect to point out a “crime” plotted (at least) 18 months in advance? Because the bankers put out “policy papers” the way most people pass wind. Few if any of us have the luxury of wading through the endless pages of these documents merely to separate “hot air” from more of their devious (and illegal) plans.

It is now clear that the “centerpiece” of this planning is a policy paper issued by the Financial Stability Board in October 2011, entitled Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions. The relevant language is spelled-out in Section 6:

6.3 Jurisdictions should have in place privately-financed deposit insurance or…a funding mechanism for ex post recovery from the industry of the costs of providing temporary financing to facilitate the resolution of the firm. [i.e. continuing to prop-up insolvent banks]

Obviously the only possible way in which deposit insurance could be a “mechanism for ex post recovery” is if these bankers/governments are stealing from peoples’ bank deposits. However, lest anyone holding bonds, pension funds, or other (paper) financial assets has been lulled into a false sense of security in thinking that only bank accounts are at risk, Section 6.5 should instantly torpedo that complacency:

6.5 As a last resort [the expression the Banksters began using back in 2008 when they began all this monetary insanity]…some countries may decide to have a power to…recover any losses incurred by the state from unsecured creditors or, if necessary, the financial system more widely. [emphasis mine]

The “financial system more widely” means any bank account, any bond, any pension, any equity; or more simply any paper one has in any financial institution.

Who/what is the “Financial Stability Board”? It is a very exclusive club. How exclusive? You can only join if you’re a Western Central Banker. It is the (official) voice of Western central banks, and thus it is above the mere “laws” enacted by our subordinate governments.


Bail-Ins Are Fraudulent

International Commentary

In condemning the open criminality of Western regimes as they planned (well in advance) and then executed the robbery of funds from peoples’ bank deposits in Cyprus; it’s important to understand that such condemnation is not based merely on sentimental/populist grounds. Rather, the entire premise of the “bail-in” (as it was perpetrated in Cyprus) is fundamentally flawed.

The bank-robbery committed in Cyprus was based upon blatantly fraudulent reasoning; and thus the Western regimes in Europe which have already carried out this crime, and the North American regimes which have already made it their own, official policy are being intentionally dishonest in marketing” it to their own peoples.

Specifically, there is no possible basis (either in contract law or logic) where bank depositors should be expected to indemnify the reckless gambling of the banks in which they have stored their savings. There is a glaring and inexcusable fiction being pedaled by the mainstream media and our governments here: that bank shareholders (i.e bank investors) and bank depositors (i.e. savers) are somehow equivalent classes of Sheep to fleece in bailing-in” the reckless gambling and gigantic losses produced by Western Big Banks. They are not.

There is a direct and legitimate basis in both logic and contract law for assigning losses to bank investors foolish enough to entrust their risk capital to the world’s most-notorious gamblers. When one “invests” in any company; one implicitly assumes the risk of some or all of their capital being consumed by claims against the company, in the event the company experiences serious losses.


There is absolutely no legal or factual parallel with respect to bank depositors, i.e. savers. By definition; savers are individuals who have chosen not to “invest” their wealth – meaning they have chosen not to expose it to risk. Indeed, these same, criminal Western regimes have all created laws which explicitly recognize this legal Principle: depositor’s insurance.


Why do our governments (supposedly) provide “100% insurance” of our bank deposits (up to a considerable level)? In recognition of the Principle that such wealth should be entirely immune from any risk/loss - other than being eaten up at a voracious rate by the “inflation” being created by these same Big Banks and governments.

Do bank shareholders received such protection? No. Has anyone ever suggested that bank shareholders should have such protection (other than bank shareholders)? No. Why not? Because it is explicitly understood they have chosen to expose themselves to such risks (in return for enormously greater potential to profit from their investment).

So why have our governments suddenly chosen to pretend (contradicting their own, earlier laws) that “bank shareholders” and “bank depositors” are now essentially two peas in a pod when it comes to stealing from them? Why are bank depositors getting 0% of the “gain” of being a shareholder, but 100% of the pain when it comes to stealing their wealth?

This becomes simple to understand the moment one proposes financing these “bail-ins” 100% through shareholder equity (as it should be). What would be the unanimous response of the gambling, thieving bankers and the lying politicians?

There isn’t nearly enough shareholder equity we can squeeze out of these fraud-factories to come close to funding any bail-in.” Presumably the bankers and politicians would use somewhat different language to communicate this point.


Cyprus Steal: The West’s Premeditated Bank-Robbery

International Commentary

The veils have been removed. The open criminality of Western regimes is now on display for all the world to see. Bank robbery is now official government policy across the West with no debate, and (of course) no voting.

As was noted in my original commentary on this government-perpetrated crime; it was immediately obvious that this was an entirely staged/scripted event. To fully comprehend the premeditated nature of this crime requires a detailed examination of the chronology.

December 10th, 2012:

The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the UK Bank of England jointly release a “position paper” titled Resolving Globally Active, Systemically Important, Financial Institutions. Sounds wonderful: “resolving.” They are finally coming up with a plan to put the “Too Big To Fail” fraud-factories out of our misery. Wrong.

This document is a blueprint for precisely the opposite: propping-up these TBTF monstrosities forever. This manifesto was simply coming up with new “proposals for financing” – i.e. feeding the Beast. And one of these proposals was the “bail-in.”

[Item 19] The introduction of a statutory bail-in resolution tool (the power to write down or convert into equity the liabilities of a failing firm)… [emphasis mine]

Why was there no rioting in the streets of the U.S. and UK? Why were there no scathing condemnations from our wonderful “free press”? In fact, why did the Corporate Media not even mention that the “bail-in” was now government policy for the U.S. and UK?


Who Will Be Next Victims of Debt-Crisis ‘Godzilla’?

Gold Commentary

The transformation of the mainstream media from “news” to schlock-entertainment is now complete. Witness this headline from Bloomberg News:

Saving Cyprus Means Nobody Safe as Europe Breaks Taboo

Ooh! “Nobody safe.” “Breaking taboos.” Sounds like an advertising ‘teaser’ from some low-budget horror movie. Confirming that we are now dealing with the plot from a low-budget horror movie is the second sentence of the article which followed:

The island nation’s rescue sets precedents for the euro zone that may stick in the memory of depositors and bondholders alike as investors debate who will next fall victim to the debt crisis.

Who will next fall victim to the Debt Crisis”? It wasn’t banksters and corrupt, Traitor Politicians who stole depositors’ money out of Cyprus banks. It was some amorphous, economic “Godzilla” who did the dirty deed. It’s not the bankers’ fault. It’s not the politicians’ fault. Blame the Debt Crisis.

Where does one start in deconstructing this insane propaganda? The obvious place would seem to be that the Debt Crisis wasn’t created by us, but rather by the very same Frankenstein-bankers and Frankenstein-politicians who now claim the right to steal from us to pay for their mistakes.

Obviously the only people who should be “paying for” the Debt Crisis are the politicians and banksters themselves. But this merely scratches the surface when it comes to the outrageous half-truths peddled by Bloomberg, primarily through the use of absurd euphemisms.

Stealing money out of peoples’ bank accounts is “breaking a taboo”? No. It is committing a crime. The fact that it is our governments (or banks) now committing these crimes, and that they tell us “it’s legal” does not change this reality in the slightest.

Note the intentionally misleading use of neutral language here, as yet a further attempt to absolve the Criminals of responsibility for their crime:

The island nation’s rescue sets precedents…

Sets precedents? Really? “Precedents” are the judgments of formal trials, pronounced by a judge – after all of the evidence has been presented and evaluated in an open courtroom. At the very least; it is the outcome from some official (and legal) process, like an election. It’s not a small group of Criminals assembling behind closed doors and arbitrarily choosing to steal assets from a specific group of Victims. That’s how crime syndicates operate.

Godzilla is now rampaging across the economies of the West, out-of-control according to the Corporate Media. How did this happen? Are the bankers and politicians to blame? No, it was the island nation’s rescue which (supposedly) set the precedent. The Debt Crisis forced this extreme measure. Godzilla created itself.

Note the differences, however, between the low-budget horror movies of the 1950’s and our real-life “Godzilla movie”. At least in the theater-versions of Godzilla; the army of Japan makes a valiant-but-futile effort to fight the Monster. With our economic Godzilla now terrorizing Europe, what do we see “our Army” doing (i.e. the bankers and politicians)? Shrugging their shoulders and speculating about “who will be the next victim?”


Central Banks Buying Gold For No Reason

Gold Commentary

Reading the ludicrous tripe in the mainstream media does present one with the risk of insanity. In particular, it is a strain on one’s sanity to be continually bombarded with mainstream fantasy-news which depicts a mythical realm which is the precise, mirror opposite of our real world.

We see yet another example of this with the mind-numbing disconnect in the gold market. Anyone who spends a significant amount of time poisoning their minds with the daily missives of the Corporate Media has heard the “news”: the gold market is about to crash, so all of the “smart money” is now bailing out.

Immediately the mainstream media points to Bash-and-Buy Soros, who once again claims to be “selling gold.” All gold investors are familiar with George Soros. He’s the respected tycoon who proclaimed that “gold was a bubble”…right before he went on another buying-spree himself. Indeed, if all the media reports of Soros “selling gold” were actually true, he would have personally dumped more gold onto the market than even the Bank of England.

But even the Chumps have been selling their GLD paper-gold recently; and (as we all know) the Chumps are never wrong. Case closed. But wait. One group of die-hard buyers have actually been buying more and more gold in recent months.

This is the cabal of private banks known to the world as “central banks.” A “central bank” is a private bank which has been handed (free of charge) the best/most-lucrative monopoly in any economic system: the license to print “money” (i.e. paper currency). These private banks then print their paper currencies (“our” currencies) and sell them to our governments. But that’s a story for another time.

The central banks do more than this. They are also given a monopoly over our monetary policy: these private banks have complete control over every aspect of our monetary systems. Why would our sovereign(?) governments hand complete control of our monetary system to a group of private bankers? Because these bankers are worshiped as the Oracles of Economic Wisdom.

Indeed, our governments lean upon these bankers heavily for advice on their fiscal policy; the half of our economic policy which our “sovereign” governments haven’t (yet) handed away completely. Stay tuned on that front however, as the central banks of Europe, and the (corrupt) EU central authority have been pushing hard for “full economic union” for Europe – giving these private bankers complete and absolute economic authority over all of Europe’s once-sovereign nations.

While the private bankers of these central banks may be greedy megalomaniacs, of one thing we can apparently(?) rest assured: they are the Supreme Experts of our markets and economies. And they are buying gold – at a rate unprecedented in history.

Some readers may be confused here. They have heard reports from the mainstream media, and even the World Gold Council itself stating that gold-buying by central banks is merely at “the fastest rate in 50 years.”

Such reports ignore the fact that ½ of the world (the largest half, by dollar value) is not allowed to buy any gold. The corrupt, debt-bloated regimes of North America and Europe (represented by their especially-corrupt central banks) can’t buy any gold. Why not? A little history is in order.

It was only a few years ago that these same, smug governments (and even more-arrogant central bankers) were dumping all their own gold onto the market (at market-bottom prices); all the while lecturing the rest of the world about how gold was now a mere “barbarous relic.” At its peak, this massive gold-dumping (and blatant gold-suppression scheme) reached 500 tons per year.


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