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Gold-Confiscation Coming To India?

Gold Commentary

As one of the loudest voices warning of the risks of “bullion confiscation” by our governments; it was no surprise to me to see the Corporate Media singing the virtues of bullion confiscation. What was a surprise is where this “initiative” purportedly originates: India.

Readers who follow the precious metals market are familiar with the dynamics here. Western Sheep choose to hold the bankers’ fraudulent paper currencies – despite our governments openly/explicitly driving the values of those currencies to zero with their “competitive devaluation.” It was this foolhardy mistake which is a major factor behind the greater-than-50% decline in the U.S. standard of living over the past 40 years.

Meanwhile the “peasants” in India (as well as many/most urban residents) do not engage in similar, suicidal behavior. They park their wealth in gold (and silver) bullion – immune to the print-and-dilute theft inherent in every fiat-currency system. It is one of the key reasons why Asian standards of living are rising, while those of the West plummet downward at the fastest rate in history.

In my own naivete, I had assumed that our predatory Western governments would target their own people for bullion confiscation, and look to steal the modest amount of savings of the shrewd minority in our societies who do hold precious metals. But apparently the bankers and Oligarchs have their sights set on a bigger prize: the largest private holdings of bullion in the world, in India.

Let’s be clear that this is obviously a Western proposal, as indicated by the English-speaking “front” organization used to deliver this propaganda. What is the substance of the proposal?

Households and temples carry about 25,000 metric tons [of gold] and a successful plan to gather at least 10 percent of the gold reserves for lending to jewelers will ensure supplies for three years…

So here we see the modest goal of the Western Oligarchs: harvesting (i.e. confiscating) “at least 10 percent” of Indians’ gold, and to apparently repeat this harvest every three years – since the propagandists putting forth this trial-balloon claim that a 10% harvest would only deal with the supposed “problem” faced by India for three years.

We see further evidence that the entity spewing this banker propaganda is nothing but a Western mouthpiece, as any genuine “Indian” entity would understand that proposing to plunder the gold from India’s religious temples would be an absolute “non-starter” for its ¾ billion population.

Just as phony as the organization itself is the supposed “problem” which this bullion-confiscation scheme claims to address: what it calls India’s “current account deficit.” Here a quick definition is in order for those not conversant with this economic jargon.

A current account deficit (or surplus) represents the flow of “money” into/out of an economy. Just as nations have “trade deficits” (and surpluses), so too it is a necessary proposition of arithmetic that each year there will be some nations with net in-flows of capital, and others with net out-flows.

What is phony here is the lie behind the mythical “current account deficit” of India. As the world’s largest importer of gold bullion, each year India has a large out-flow of the bankers’ bogus paper currencies and a large in-flow of real money: gold. Obviously you cannot have a “current account deficit” (or surplus) in exchanging one form of money for another.


A Different Look At Freeport Energy Deal

US Commentary


There were a number of points to examine regarding Freeport Copper & Gold Inc’s $9 billion purchase of two energy companies. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that the Corporate Media has latched onto any of them.

One report characterized this deal as:

a bold bid to diversify into the U.S. energy sector as copper’s prospects wane.

While this quote does absolutely nothing to explain the Freeport deal, it does perhaps come close to a record for cramming the most idiocy into a fourteen word sentence-fragment.

Let’s begin with the suggestion that “copper’s prospects” have waned. Has anyone heard the government of China (or any of the other Asian Tigers) proclaim that they planned to “stop growing” their economies? Has anyone ever heard of a modern economy which could develop itself without large amounts of copper (particularly copper wiring)?

The ¾ of the world’s population in “emerging economies” are at most ¼ of the way toward catching up with the more technologically advanced West. This means we are still in the early stages of the longest/strongest global economic boom in history. Thus the inference that Freeport is somehow bailing-out of copper production and moving into oil & gas is just silly.

Similarly, the suggestion further into the same article that it has become “too hard to find” new copper projects to develop (and that’s why Freeport is moving into energy) is an absurd interpretation of the actual dynamics here. Unlike oil, no one is talking about “peak copper.” There is plenty of copper in the world. All that has changed is that as the richest deposits get mined-out these mega-producers have been forced to move toward lower-grade projects – in order to find the mega-tonnages that these mining giants lust over.

Here we get to the true purpose of the Freeport deal: hedging. What we are supposed to believe here is that none of the business news reporters from Forbes, or Reuters, or these other Corporate Media enclaves understand that mining companies use lots of energy. Apart from wages, energy costs are far-and-away the largest cost of production.

As lower-grade copper deposits (in the future) make copper miners like Freeport even more energy-intensive companies, and Peak Oil ensures that energy prices will increase at least as fast as copper prices; this is not a “bold move” at all. Rather, it would be reckless for these mining giants to forge ahead with their operations without some strategic plan in place to mitigate against rising energy prices.

Indeed, the Yahoo article explicitly notes that “a handful of major miners” have already added oil & gas assets. Yet despite now several examples of what is an obvious hedging strategy, we’re supposed to believe that no one in the Corporate Media can figure out what is really going on here?


Revett Minerals: Copper, Silver, and ‘Green’

Silver Commentary

by Brian Boutilier


As 2012 winds down and I look ahead to the investment climate in 2013, I’m troubled by increasing warnings of potential “hyperinflation” ahead. As an investor, one way I can deal with this potential threat is to look for producing mining companies with large, verified resource deposits, and the capacity to develop these resources. One Company which fits that description is Revett Minerals, a copper and silver miner that I recently had the pleasure of visiting on a recent tour of their operations.

Imagine if you will, a morning walk, the muted foot-falls of leather on a dirt path. The quiet of a valley morning unbroken, the view ringed by the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness of Montana. An inverted mist hanging over a stream, the air so moist it seems a shame to let the morning sun break up such a splendorous sight. A bend in the road, and another scene evolves.

There are banked hills, and earthworks akin to what The Army of Engineers would create, such as for a small reservoir. Upon further inspection, this appears as an upper plateau, tall grass growing pale under the sun, the valley a few hundred meters distant. In that valley, a stream runs through, laden with trout; frogs sunning themselves on the bank. A stand of yellow pines blankets the far hillside, fair cover for elk to calf in the spring.

This scene is disrupted by activity in the foreground, pipes are delivering a brown, clay-like slurry coming from the direction of the mountain range above. Its contents landing like a soft serve, piling up over time. Pan out, and one sees that there were hundreds of square meters of this dried slurry, aging, drying out, creating fields that are being planted. Something is going on here, perhaps some conservation experiment by the forest service?

Readers need to appreciate the natural beauty of Northern Montana. I just described the scene at the Troy Operation of Revett Minerals – an operating copper/silver mine -- amid the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness of the surrounding area. The “conservation experiment” is their tailing pond/fields.

This isn’t some “sideshow” for Environmentalists, but an operation within the operation, and one that Revett is very proud of. We spent as nearly as much time touring the tailings and conservation areas as we did the mine and the mill. Many in society have a pre-existing distrust of large mining operations, and the environmental hazards that they pose.

That being stated, it can be hard for some to wrap their heads around the idea that mining operations and conservation aren’t mutually exclusive. Yet when visiting Revett Minerals, you simply wouldn’t know you were near a mining operation if you didn’t have the sign to remind you.

One approaches the plant, and mine on a simple gravel road, ending in what appears to be a town garage in a rural area. The mine is further above, at the foot of the mountain with the ground-level entrance virtually out of sight. The ramp and tunnels ascend into the mountain. This is a unique ore body. While “underground”, it isn’t deep. There are few watering issues, the water runs naturally from mountaintop, down through the mountain. Even when its raining outside, or with snow melting in the spring, the water drainage issues through the mountain are minimal.

The ore-body consist primarily of 0.7% copper and 1 oz/ton silver, and is reportedly quite benign, having no arsenic or other chemicals that would harm the groundwater. They have to monitor the copper they are extracting, and a few other trace elements. The mine is a pleasant 55-60 degrees or so, and remains fairly constant throughout the year: mining heaven, and a robust workforce that appreciate how good they have it.

Because the ore-body is nearly devoid of chemicals such as arsenic, this makes it a comparatively clean operation from mine to mill to tailings pond below. The plant has no cyanide circuit, the end product is concentrate which is shipped to a smelter, for electrowinning and the eventual production of copper and silver. There are no leach fields, no liners; so consequently the ground water is not in danger of contamination by cyanide or other toxic chemicals.


When Prices Have No Meaning

Gold Commentary

A reader recently passed along some fascinating material providing a detailed review of the Weimar Hyperinflation experienced by Germany in the 1920’s, along with some astute analysis of those events in order to give readers a clear picture of this economic catastrophe.

The purpose of this piece, however, is not to review that article; so those interested in further enlightenment will have to obtain it on their own. What my own reading of that analysis provided was both some interesting surprises, along with reinforcement of several of my own economic premises.

Among the most important of these is the illusory nature of “change.” The Weimer Hyperinflation provides us with a classic illustration of that concept. Viewed from nearly a century in the future, our assumption is that this “episode” was characterized by a consistent progression: either the parabolic explosion in prices (and collapse in the value of currency) which we are taught defines hyperinflation, or (at the least) some steady-but-dramatic linear progression.

In fact Germany’s hyperinflation did not unfold like that at all. Rather, there were dramatic ebbs and surges, including intervals of weeks at a time where the Reichsmark actually rose in value versus other currencies. Imagine the difficulty in trying to convince the Average German that their currency was “being destroyed by hyperinflation” when they saw it rising in value for weeks at a time. Hyperinflation, what hyperinflation?

Undoubtedly, these Average Germans told themselves that if there were any hyperinflation event that they would “see it coming.” They were wrong. With the modern citizens of our (collectively doomed) Western economies, their folly is two-fold.

First they suffer from the same self-delusion of the German people: that they would/will see any economic catastrophe coming; or (at worst) recognize the event as it is happening. This alone is a potentially terminal lapse of judgment. Secondly, these Sheep have been deceived by the statistical lies of our duplicitous governments.

The poster-child for this deceit is the U.S. government. For nearly four years a Cast of Liars (from government, media, and the banking community) have assured Americans that they have been enjoying an economic recovery.” Meanwhile, in the real world; the percentage of employed Americans continues to relentlessly decline, while retail sales in this “consumer economy” are collapsing.

The economy of the world’s Great Energy Glutton is so anemic that the U.S. is now a net energy exporter”; due to plummeting demand within its own (energy-intensive) economy. If those reality-checks are not enough to rouse Americans from their propaganda-induced stupor, perhaps one final question will accomplish this. How could a “four-year recovery” take the U.S. directly to an economic Cliff?

By definition, any “recovery” should be taking the U.S. economy away from any kind of economic cliff; since any honest characterization of an “economic recovery” directly and necessarily implies that the economy is healing. The Fiscal Cliff which the Corporate Media is trumpeting with as much hysteria as they can muster is proof (by itself) that there never was any U.S. economic recovery.


The Billionaires vs. The Millionaires

US Commentary

Warren Buffett was at it again recently: telling anyone who would listen about the need for a “millionaires tax” in the United States. However, while the Corporate Media was (as usual) heaping praise on Buffett, the reality is that Warren Buffett is not being “magnanimous”, he’s being disingenuous.

Why is Warren Buffett so adamant about the need for the Tax Man to start squeezing the millionaires? So that he (and his billionaire Oligarch-buddies) can continue to avoid paying his fair share of taxes.

Buffett knows that everyone below the level of millionaire has already been squeezed dry. Buffett knows that the U.S. is drowning in debt, and (in real dollars) tax revenues have totally collapsed. So unless the U.S. government comes up with a new source of revenue (and fast), Oligarchs like Buffett are facing a grim future. Either their entire Paper Empire will disintegrate in a wave of domino debt-defaults, or the exponentially increasing money-printing needed to “fund” exponentially rising deficits will quickly trigger hyperinflation – also taking their Paper Empire to zero.

As regular readers know, it is impossible to ever construct a “fair” system of income taxation. As a basic proposition of arithmetic, all income tax systems slowly but inevitably funnel all wealth out of the pockets of the bottom-99% and into the vaults of the top-1%. While I’ve explained the mechanics here before; since this obvious concept has still not been grasped by most readers I’ll explain it one more time.

For the poor; annual income represents nearly 100% of their total wealth. For the dwindling number of the Middle Class; annual income still represents a large percentage of their net wealth. However, for the average Billionaire; income represents less than 5% of their total wealth. Even if Billionaires had their own income taxed at a 100% rate, they would pay a much smaller percentage of their total wealth in taxes than one of the Little People, being taxed on their income at only a 25% rate.

Unlike the rest of us, most of the increasing wealth for these Billionaires does not come from income. Rather, it comes from the untaxed appreciation of their hard assets: their mansions, their yachts, their antique paintings. Just imagine how the dread which the Little People have for Tax Day would instantly evaporate if they knew that as much as 95% of their wealth would be immune to any taxation, throughout their entire lives.

Warren Buffett doesn’t want to pay taxes. He wants to keep avoiding paying taxes on his billions. Presumably Buffett’s billions allow him to hire a competent tax lawyer. Thus Warren Buffett knows that the only form of “fair taxation”, the only vehicle which would (ever) result in the Billionaires paying their fair share of taxes is a flat wealth tax.

The obvious difference between income taxation and wealth taxation is that with wealth taxation the Billionaires can no longer permanently hide their billions from taxation. In fact they can’t hide anything at all. No more free ride.

The great irony with Buffett’s duplicitous taxation proposal is that the Millionaires have always chosen to align themselves politically and economically with the Billionaires. They were (supposedly) on “the same team.” Now the Millionaires can see for themselves what a flawed assumption that was.


The McDonalds Economic Index

International Commentary

Business news readers are not only continually bombarded with various “indices” concocted by the Corporate Media, but we are regularly having new ones inflicted upon us. The purpose of these contrived numbers is obvious.

Any/every economic index is (supposedly) “derived from” economic fundamentals, while hiding the raw data from us upon which the index is based. This makes these indices wonderful propaganda tools. Much like many forms of “processed food” strip-out most/all of the food-value of the raw material which went into them, the same is true (in economic terms) with these indices.

I thus offer readers a refreshing change: an economic index which actually means something. Presenting the “McDonalds Economic Index.” The premise behind the index is simple. With McDonalds now being firmly established across the (decaying) economies of the West, and rapidly becoming established in the (dynamic) “emerging economies” of much of the Rest of the World; McDonalds sales now provide a useful snapshot of overall global economic health.

Note that unlike regular food consumption, purchases at McDonalds are discretionary. They will rise when the economy is robust, and sag as the economy slows. The one weakness in this “index” is that like all other retail sales data (and most economic data in general) it does not strip-out inflation from its sales numbers, so we will have to make that adjustment ourselves.

What also makes the McDonalds Economic Index useful (for all Western-centric readers) is that it reports its sales with a clear Western perspective. Sales are broken down into three regions: the U.S. (5% of the world’s population); Europe (5% of the world’s population); and APMEA (“Asia/Pacific, Middle East, Africa”) – i.e. the Rest of the World.

Of course such a classification makes sense from a corporate perspective. It separates its divisions into the already-saturated U.S. market (which presumably includes Canada); the nearly-saturated European market; and McDonalds’ still-growing, Rest-of-the-World operations.

In October, McDonalds reported something which it had not done for nine years: a drop in overall global sales. However, not only was there an overall decline, but there were large declines in all three regions.  Sales fell 2.2% (month-over-month) in the U.S. and Europe, and 2.4% in the APMEA region.

As noted previously, this is a drop in sales revenues, and thus does not factor-in soaring inflation. As I’ve mentioned in several recent commentaries, as recently as the month of July the World Bank was reporting global food-inflation increasing by 10% in one month alone.

As a low-margin food producer, McDonalds is forced to pass along that inflation to its customers in the form of higher prices. While I doubt very much that McDonalds has hit its customers with any sort of across-the-board 10% increase in menu prices in October, clearly food-inflation would have forced prices higher by at least a couple percentage points on average – effectively doubling the (real) size of this one-month plunge.


Black Friday Mirage Hides U.S. Retail Depression

US Commentary

Every year it’s the same “song and dance” from the U.S. propaganda machine. Right after the “Black Friday” post-Thanksgiving shopping-orgy in the U.S.; the numbers will be twisted to supposedly show that the U.S. retail sector is strong-and-healthy. That’s immediately followed by a rousing chorus of “happy days are here again.”

Then, once the dust settles after the holiday shopping season (and few of the Sheep are paying attention), it will quietly announce another disastrous year for U.S. retailers. What is so pathetic about this sham is that not only does this song-and-dance never change, but it’s all based upon the same transparent lie.

That lie concerns inflation. All “inflation” is produced by the money-printing of bankers. Indeed the term itself originated as short-hand for “inflating the money supply”; which is precisely what all money-printing does. However, that topic has been covered previously for interested readers.

Where inflation closely relates to retail sales is that any/all retail sales statistics are only relevant if inflation is totally stripped-out of any calculation. Reporting that consumers paid higher prices for goods tells us absolutely nothing about the health of U.S. retailers – which is the raison d’etre for this statistic.

Instead, the propaganda machine does precisely the opposite. Not only does it refuse to subtract inflation out of its “retail sales” calculation; but it refuses to even acknowledge its perversion of this statistic when it reports its data.

Here it’s important to note to readers that when I use the term “inflation” that I’m referring to actual inflation in the real world, and not the hyper-absurd U.S. “consumer price index.” One could write an entire book about how the U.S. government has systematically severed all ties between this statistic and the real world, however a single anecdote will suffice.

In the same month (this summer) that the World Bank was reporting global food prices soaring at an annualized rate of 120%, and Asian governments were meeting to discuss “the global food-price crisis”; the U.S. government proclaimed that inflation in the U.S. was (literally) 0%.

Zero percent inflation in the U.S.; 120% inflation in “the world.” You do the math.

Here another important point must be made. More than ever food-price inflation is “inflation.” Obviously for the billions of people around the world living in poverty and near-poverty, that reality has always been totally apparent. However, for the first time since the Great Depression that Truth has migrated to the West.

One in six Americans must now subsist on government “food stamps” in order to feed themselves properly(?). Tens of millions of other Americans struggle barely above that threshold. This is the inevitable result of the more-than-50% decline in wages for the Average American over the past 40 years, or (in other words) a greater-than-50% decline in their standard of living. Food-inflation is inflation.

By any conservative measurement, inflation across the West now rages somewhere between 10 – 20%. Here even the eminent John Williams of is guilty of failing to fully factor-in this reality in his own calculation of the (real) U.S. inflation rate. Mr. Williams only assigns food prices an ordinary weighting in his own inflation calculation, when (as I just explained) food-inflation must now be over-weighted in any inflation calculation.


Silver’s Smoking Guns, Part III: Market Paradox

Silver Commentary

In Part I and Part II of this series, readers were presented with two dimensions of the great Silver Paradox. Despite having the best investment fundamentals of any commodity today, and arguably the best fundamentals for any commodity in history; silver hasn’t been so under-produced since it was discovered in the New World nearly 600 years ago, and it has never been so under-owned.

Along with establishing that silver is under-owned (by a factor of at least ten) and under-produced (by at least a factor of two); we also saw it conclusively established that silver was grossly under-priced. As we will see in this installment, it is the relentless suppression of the price of silver which is at the root of silver being both under-produced and under-owned.

Much has been written on this subject previously, by myself and others. However, any discussion of price-manipulation in the silver market must begin with the relentless sleuthing of noted silver authority, Ted Butler. It was his shocking discoveries in the silver market which originally attracted the attention of small numbers of far-seeing Contrarians, as well as other commentators such as myself.

Among Mr. Butler’s revelations were the outrageous/absurd short positions in the silver market of a handful of bullion banks. Five of these banks hold approximately 80% of the global short position (year after year), in the world’s largest silver market (the Comex) – another smoking gun. Furthermore, the magnitude of these short holdings is grossly disproportionate to the size of short positions in any other commodity market – another smoking gun.

Even more outrageous, the largest of these short positions (held by JP Morgan) is always roughly twice as large as the size of the Hunt Brothers long position in the silver market; when they were charged and convicted of silver-manipulation. This goes well beyond a mere “smoking gun”, and a more accurate metaphor would be to refer to it as a Smoking Cannon.

The banksters tell us they are “hedging” for anonymous clients with these short positions, and the blind/deaf/dumb CFTC vacuously parrots that drivel. This excuse is nonsensical on many levels. Hedging is an activity done to protect an entity from a sudden, severe price-reversal (lower) in the market. However, as noted in Part I, relentless price-suppression in the silver market had already taken the price of silver to a 600-year low (in real dollars).

Precisely what sort of “sudden, severe reversal” were these banksters hedging against with the price of silver already at a 600-year low? Silver priced below $4/oz was one of the most one-way bets in the history of commodities. Any objective analysis of that market would have indicated that silver clients required much less hedging than in any other commodity market – not much, much more. This multiplies the perversity of the grossly disproportionate short position, and totally negates the lies of the bullion banks.


Silver’s Smoking Guns, Part II: Investment Paradox

Silver Commentary

The world of investing is ruled by a single principle: “buy low, sell high” – or at least it should be. In order to squeeze as much money as possible out of the Chumps (i.e. small retail investors); the predatory Corporate Media has turned these “investors” into momentum-chasing traders, and the principles of investing have been thrown out the window.

Nowhere is this more apparent than through an examination of the silver market, and the perverse parameters of investment in this sector. In order to put the Golden Rule of buy low/sell high into action, we need to know how to determine when we are buying low – because once we have bought low, selling high is simply a matter of patience.

This presumes (of course) that as an investor we have done our “due diligence” in researching companies/sectors; and identified an investment opportunity with strong (future) fundamentals. We would not have been following the Golden Rule had we bought shares in Kodak as the world was in the process of switching from camera film to digital photography. We would have been buying low and (eventually) selling lower; or in relative terms buying high and selling low.

Conversely, referring back to Part I of this series; we have already ascertained that silver has large/growing demand, and it was conclusively demonstrated that silver is priced well below its fair-market value. On this basis alone, the silver sector would seem like a good destination for one’s investment dollars, but we have not completed our due diligence.

That still only covers demand and price parameters of this market. To get a more clear/complete picture of fundamentals we also need to focus on supply. Again referring to the first installment, we learned that silver is alone among major commercial/industrial metals in that the majority of supply is produced not via “primary mining” but as a byproduct of other metals mining.

As I also explained in that previous piece, that fact alone provides a near-conclusive argument that silver is under-produced. Unequivocal empirical evidence that silver is grossly under-produced can be found merely by looking at the total collapse in inventories. As I have frequently pointed out in previous commentaries, between 1990 – 2005 alone; silver inventories plummeted by 90%. Since 2005, inventory numbers have been falsified through a transparent, record-keeping sham, presumably to cover-up even further erosion of inventories.

Those who have any understanding of markets will realize that this alone is further proof of the long-term/severe under-pricing of silver, since price is the only mechanism which can restore equilibrium between supply and demand.

We have a second way of demonstrating that silver is under-produced apart from the collapse in inventories. Also mentioned in the first part of this series is the fact that gold and silver exist in the Earth’s crust in roughly a 17:1 ratio to each other. This suggests we should also see these metals mined in similar ratios.

However, if we obtain supply numbers for silver (from the Silver Institute) and for gold (from the World Gold Council), we see that over the past decade silver has only been mined at roughly a 7:1 ratio versus gold. This would indicate that silver is currently being mined at less than half the rate it would be mined if the metal was priced at its fair-market value.


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