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U.S Retail Depression is ‘Good News’

US Commentary

Perverse reporting of economic data by the Corporate Media is nothing new. However, what is newsworthy is when that same Corporate Media explicitly acknowledges such perversity. Such open manipulation of the news was on display today.

The context is the accelerating Depression in the U.S. retail sector; which as the propaganda machine itself regularly acknowledges, represents more than ¾ of the total U.S. economy. In March, the revised numbers indicated U.S. retail sales plummeting by -0.5%.

However, that number is neither adjusted for inflation, nor is it reported at an annualized rate (as are most economic statistics). Let me perform those adjustments. Currently, U.S. inflation is somewhere close to 20%. This is likely a conservative estimate, given that as recently as July of last year the World Bank was reporting that global food inflation was running at a current, annualized rate of 120%.

An annual inflation rate of nearly 20% works out to roughly 1.5%/month. When we subtract that number from the “raw” retail sales estimate of -0.5%, we get an actual collapse in U.S. retail sales of roughly -2% for the month of March. Convert that to an annualized rate (i.e. multiply it by twelve); and what the U.S. government really reported last month was retail sales plummeting lower at an annualized rate of approximately 25%.

Let me repeat this. In the U.S.’s consumer economy, retail sales plummeted lower at a rate of 25% in the month of March. Doesn’t sound like much of an “economic recovery” to me. But this brings us to the April figure for retail sales just released this morning.

Given that (almost) all U.S. economists continue to claim the U.S. economy is “growing”; clearly these economists must have been “expecting” retail sales to bounce-back in April with a strong number. Right? Wrong.

U.S. economists were “expecting” an even more-severe collapse in retail sales this month. This brings us to the “beating expectations” game played by the Corporate Media. While this sham has been explained previously, Bloomberg was kind enough to explicitly do so today itself:

April’s retail sales report is another example of a generally weak report that is better than expected, so it’s perceived to be a positive,” Jim Baird…at Plante Moran Financial Advisors, said in an e-mail to clients. [emphasis mine]

And with that simple statement, the propaganda machine’s Beating Expectations sham is completely unmasked. How do you make “bad news” sound like “good news”? You pretend that you were expecting terrible news.

Then, when merely bad news is announced; you dance a merry little jig, pull out the marching band – and tell everyone that the bad news is really “good news.” This is precisely what we see the cynical U.S. propagandists doing with the April retail sales report.

The economic experts claimed they were expecting U.S. retail sales to plummet lower in April by -0.6% (-27% annualized and roughly adjusted for real inflation). Instead, when a microscopic gain of 0.1% is actually reported it is proclaimed to be “good news”. When adjusted for inflation and expressed as an annualized number, the April number actually reported translates into U.S. retail sales falling at a rate of roughly 18% -- still depression-like numbers.


Insanity Cubed

International Commentary

Definition of insanity: performing the same act again and again, but expecting a different result.

Obviously this is a colloquial “definition” of insanity. However, at the very least it is an unequivocal demonstration of abject stupidity. Choosing to repeat failure is utterly indefensible behavior.

What do we see with our politicians, bankers, economists, and media talking-heads? Bludgeon your way through all of the obfuscation; and we see that most of our economic problems are derived directly from two, failed policies: excessive money-printing and excessive debt.

Yet what are the only two “solutions” for these problems being proposed by Western governments (and their apologists in the Corporate Media) today? Even more-extreme money-printing, and even more-extreme debt-creation. Putting out the fire with gasoline. Insanity.

Has anyone actually paid attention to any of the so-called sovereign “bail-outs” which have occurred over the past five years? In every instance it has involved lending vast sums of money to hopelessly insolvent governments.

Supposed I owe $10,000, but require a “bail-out” because I can’t service this debt; and my Rescuer lends me another $5,000. Please explain to me how I’ve been “bailed out” when I now owe $15,000? Obviously if I couldn’t make payments on my debt when I owed $10,000; it’s mathematically impossible to do so when I now owe $15,000.

I haven’t been “bailed-out.” Instead, my bankruptcy has been temporarily delayed, but at the cost of a much larger bankruptcy down the road. This is precisely the opposite manner in which this is handled in the private sector.

In the private sector (unless you’re a Too Big To Fail bank); insolvency is resolved as quickly as possible – with either a genuine “restructuring” (i.e. less debt rather than more) or a formal bankruptcy proceeding. It is universally understood that this is always the process which minimizes economic losses (and the misallocation of resources).

But this is only the foundation for our insanity. On top of this initial layer of insanity; we have multiplied this quest for self-destruction with (arguably) even greater insanities.

What is the only, possible valid reason for repeating a strategy which has already failed repeatedly? We conclude that “the Plan” itself was valid, but the execution of that plan was faulty. In which case, the only sane course of action is to get different people (hopefully better) to attempt to execute the Plan.

What do we see instead? Employing the same Cast of Clowns (Criminals?) who have already failed repeatedly to remain in charge of executing the Plan – expecting that this time the Clowns will perform admirably. Employing the same Cast of Clowns to repeat a failed strategy which is universally understood to be the precise opposite of what they should be doing.

Alternate definition of insanity: expecting the same people who screwed things up originally to “fix” their mistakes…by continuing to make the same mistakes.


Correcting Gresham’s Law

Gold Commentary

In many instances, simple principles give expression to important, elementary Truths. In less formal contexts; we often term such thinking “common sense.”

Conversely, merely because a principle (or so-called “Law”) expresses a simple thought does not mean it automatically conveys some “important/elementary truth.” Instead, sometimes “simple” is merely simplistic. Closer examination reveals that the principle lacks validity, generally due to a combination of faulty conceptual understanding and the use of misleading semantics.

This is precisely what one finds on any rigorous analytical scrutiny of the economic/monetary myth known as Gresham’s Law. First however, for those readers not familiar with this dogma: definition of terms. “Gresham’s Law” expresses the seemingly obvious idea that in any economy “bad money will drive out good money.”

This struck me as a rather silly/irrelevant “law”; since it is one which rarely has any application in our modern economies…which have no “good money.” However; it was only after pondering the brilliant work/analysis of Hugo Salinas Price on the concept of parallel currencies” that the actual mythology inherent in Gresham’s Law became apparent.

He provided a practical, economically viable framework for introducing silver “money” into an economy; to function as a “parallel currency” – along-side our paper currencies. That analysis led me to ponder the dynamics: what would happen after good money (silver) was introduced as a parallel currency?

In fact, the result of that (hypothetical) process is what exposes the primary fallacy of Gresham’s Law. Before detailing how/why this is an inevitable result of such logical analysis; a helpful metaphor is in order.

Ice, like money is both a tangible item and tangible concept. How do we define “good ice”? While it’s possible to construct more oblique standards; the obvious scale by which to measure “good ice” is temperature. Ice is supposed to be cold, thus “good ice” must be colder ice.

This brings us to the inverse concept: “bad ice”. If “good ice” means colder ice, then “bad ice” must (as a tautology) refer to warmer ice. And here is the key, conceptual point. When it comes to the quality of ice; ultimately we only have “good ice”. So-called “bad ice” is simply water – it is no longer “ice” at all.

In fact, in measuring the quality of ice; we find that it is an illusory form of qualitative analysis. Ice has a “freezing point”: above that point; all ice is “good ice”. Below that point, we have only water. In the real world there is no such thing as “good ice” and “bad ice”; merely ice and water.

Here the parallel between ice and money is nearly perfect. In the real world; there is no such thing as “good money” and “bad money”. There is only money and currency. To understand this distinction requires understanding the logical distinction between money and currency.

Sadly, such understanding is rare in the “profession” of economics. This both explains how Gresham’s Law ever came into existence in the first place, and why this fatally-flawed doctrine has survived as  a “law” this long.

Money has an objective/universal definition. While there has been some semantic quibbling about peripheral aspects of this definition; the central, defining quality of “money” is unequivocal: it is a “store of value.” What does this mean?


China’s Real Gold-Reserves At 4,000 Tonnes?

Gold Commentary

Since the Crash of ’08 exposed the global financial system as simply one, big Ponzi-scheme ticking-down to implosion; one of the most public and emphatic economic policies of China’s government has been the rapid/relentless accumulation of more gold reserves to “back” its own monetary system.

This economic priority has become an even greater imperative as China steadily replaces the U.S. dollar with the renminbi as the world’s new “reserve currency.” Stage I of that process has been $trillions in bilateral trade agreements and currency-swaps. Stage II was the establishment of a “reniminbi trading bloc” among seven of ten of Asia’s most-prosperous economies, where the renminbi is now the reserve currency for these nations.

What is unclear is whether “Stage III” involves any overt action by China to spread the renminbi’s official, reserve currency status; or whether it simply involves passively waiting for the West to complete its self-destruction of the dollar-based system. What is clear is that a central part of China’s mission to have the renminbi assume the global mantle of “reserve currency” is to have massive gold reserves backing that currency.

China should add to its gold reserves to “ensure national economic and financial safety, promote yuan globalization [i.e. the renminbi as reserve currency] and as a hedge against foreign-reserve risks [i.e. a dollar meltdown],” according to Gao Wei, an official from the Chinese Department of International Economic Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Wei wrote the above comments in the China Securities Journal today, according to a Bloomberg report…

and later in the same article:

In 2009, a State Council advisor in China stated that a group of officials and economists from Beijing and Shanghai established a “task force” to discuss measures to add to the nation’s gold holdings. “We suggested that China’s gold reserves should reach 6,000 tons in the next 3-5 years and perhaps 10,000 tons in 8-10 years,” the advisor noted.

This is where the question of how much gold China has (and how much gold China wants) becomes interesting. “Officially” China’s gold reserves stand at 1,054, and (also noted in the above source) this number has not been “updated” since 2008, when “it disclosed [emphasis mine] that its reserves had increased” from 600 tonnes.

Here both the mainstream media and even many commentators within the precious metals sector have done a terrible job in explaining the Rules which relate to the reporting of gold reserves. It must be understood that legally/technically there are two entirely separate ways in which nations can add to their gold reserves.

Nations can purchase gold internationally/on the open market, or they can acquire gold from domestic sources. If a nation accumulates gold in the former manner, it is required to report/disclose every ounce of reserves added (or sold) in essentially a real-time manner. However, if/when a nation accumulates gold from domestic sources; it has no obligation to report any gold acquired in that manner – ever.


Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets

Gold Commentary

As massive supply-deficits and vanishing inventories lead to greater and greater stress in our totally corrupted precious metals markets; these dynamics push us toward one of two potential ‘implosion’ events. One of these gruesome endings is obvious: a formal default in the gigantic “futures” markets for precious metals which now completely dominate the real, legitimate markets.

The other path toward implosion is less-direct, less-obvious, and thus much less discussed. However, for forthcoming reasons it is also (by far) the most likely manner in which the phony/fraudulent “paper” markets for gold and silver will be discredited, and (more or less) exposed for what they really are. This Second Path is a “decoupling” between the paper prices for gold and silver and the real price for gold and silver in legitimate, “physical” markets.

Why is this more likely? A better way to answer to that question is to itemize the list of reasons why the Establishment in general (and the Bullion Banks) in particular would want to avoid a formal default in their cherished, paper markets – at any/all costs.

These reasons all ultimately trace back to a single theme: a formal default would expose all of the corruption and crime in these markets, and (equally important) legitimize/validate the growing Voice which has been clamoring about the blatant corruption and manipulation in the paper bullion markets. With this “clamor” having now begun to spread to the mainstream media itself; the threat to the Bullion Banks who manipulate these markets has never been greater.

What does a formal default in these markets imply?

To begin with, it would expose a massive campaign of lies. How many (mainstream) articles have been written claiming that precious metals markets are amply supplied with physical inventories – if not over-supplied? How many mainstream articles have been written alleging that gold and/or silver are “overvalued”? How many more descend all the way to the hyperbolic absurdity that these (grossly under-owned) assets are “in a bubble”?

Asserting the precise opposite of reality, countless thousands of times is not “innocent mistake”; it is malicious propaganda. And it is conduct for which the banksters themselves are on the record to confessing.

In The Great Gold Debate” which occurred in 2010; former Goldman Sachs banker and present head of the CPM Group Jeffrey Christian publicly confessed that the spreading of malicious propaganda was a regular tactic of these Bullion Banks – going as far back as the 1990’s.

The particular example cited by Christian was the disastrous sale by the Bank of England of roughly half of its gold reserves at under $300/oz. Legions of critics accused the BoE of undermining its own gold-sale by announcing in advance its intention to dump all this gold onto the global market – in “one gulp.”

Christian defended the Bank of England. He pointed out that the Bullion Banks at that time were regularly (and maliciously) spreading rumors that various governments were “about to dump gold” onto the market – in order to manipulate bullion prices lower. Christian asserted that this “forced” the BoE to announce its sale in advance, in order to thwart more of this rumor-mongering by the banksters.

Naturally, a formal default in any bullion market would expose the fraud/corruption of the current generation of banksters – as well as the pseudo-regulators who have facilitated this corruption. A formal default indicates a market which has literally “blown up”; much like the same cabal of banksters blew-up the global financial system in 2008 (via more, massive fraud/corruption).


Central Banks Grossly Incompetent: Bloomberg

Gold Commentary

In attempting to peddle the absurd fantasy that the world was “fleeing gold”; the Corporate Media faced two enormous hurdles. First of all, throughout (and even before) this supposed “panic”; people have in fact been buying gold (real gold) – at an unprecedented rate.

If the same Corporate Media attempted to delude people into thinking the world was “fleeing i-Pads” – as consumers emptied store shelves – even the Sheep would laugh. The propaganda machine has no answer for this.

All we get is the idiotic, rhetorical drivel; asking “if physical demand can save the gold market?” Physical demand (for gold) is the gold market. The fact that the Corporate Media at least pretends not to comprehend this fundamental reality perhaps discredits it most of all.

However, this propaganda machine can be remarkably stubborn at times; and clearly it has been instructed to maintain the “fleeing gold” fantasy – at all costs. This has (inevitably) forced it to confront the second, gigantic obstacle to this media fantasy: unprecedented gold-buying by the world’s central banks, and at record prices.

Obviously it was Bloomberg which was tapped on the shoulder for this assignment; and it immediately tips its hand as to its strategy in the first half of its title:

Gold Rout For Central Banks Buying Most Since 1964

There you have it folks! The explanation as to how/why central banks would be buying the most gold in history, at the highest (nominal) prices in history: they were simply “routed” like the Chumps which Bloomberg asserts them to be. However, before dealing with the first half of this premise; let me deal with the second half – another fantasy?

Back in 1964; the world had a gold standard, with the U.S. dollar as “reserve currency”. This meant other governments could convert their U.S. dollars to gold; as part of the routine currency transfers needed to keep a free-market currency system in balance.

For Bloomberg (and the entire propaganda machine) to suggest that central banks were “buying gold” in 1964 – rather than engaging in routine currency transfers – is to directly imply that the world was dumping U.S. dollars for gold. If anyone in the Corporate Media is able to document in our history books that the world was “fleeing U.S. dollars” in 1964; they should provide their historical references.

In fact, current gold-buying by central banks (at the highest prices in history) is at the greatest rate in history. Which once again begs the question: why? Bloomberg is emphatic:

They sell at the wrong time and buy at the wrong time,” said Walter “Bucky” Hellwig, who helps manage $17 billion of assets at BB&T Wealth Management in Birmingham Alabama. “They aren’t traders. They are looking at it as a long-term holding, as an ultimate reserve currency. With the benefit of hindsight, they tend to get it wrong more often than not.” [emphasis mine]

It doesn’t get more unequivocal than that. They sell at the wrong time, and buy at the wrong time; and generally tend to get it wrong more often than not. But note what “it” refers to here: trading currencies. Here I will be forced to challenge one of “Bucky’s” assertions.

When Bucky suggests that central banks “aren’t traders”; he’s flat-out wrong. Central banks not only manufacture all of our currencies (except gold and silver); they are up to their eyeballs in trading this paper, by the $trillions, every day. Bloomberg quantifies their recent losses in currency-trading – in just this one currency:

Central banks are the biggest losers, with about $560 billion of value erased since gold reached a record $1,921.15 an ounce in September 2011…

Wow! Over $500 billion in “losses” in just 18 months. So when Bloomberg and Bucky assert that central banks are grossly incompetent currency-traders, to the point where even Bucky asserts that they aren’t “traders” at all; this is a very serious accusation. It’s like walking up to a bull-rider and saying, “He ain’t no cowboy.”


The Silver Market: An ‘Operation’, Not A Liquidation

Silver Commentary

Recent, previous commentaries have focused on the massive liquidation in the paper-gold market; as large investors (in large numbers) have fled that paper in favor of real metal. It has now been established that this flight out of the paper-gold market was in response to the Cyprus Steal – and at least to some extent has been a choreographed event.

Naturally this had led to a question from readers: what about the silver market? Indeed, while the silver market has also seen the price for paper-silver plunge; there has been no corresponding liquidation of paper-silver. So what is going on here?

Regular readers have already supplied their own answer to this question, in their mail and in their comments on our Forum: yet another “manipulation operation” in the silver market. When any market exhibits some violent move in prices for no reason; we are justified in suspecting manipulation. When any market exhibits violent price-moves for no reason on a regular basis; we are justified in concluding that manipulation is taking place.

Such has been the case in the silver market not simply for years but for decades. The primary whistle-blower in the precious metals sector has been GATA; the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee. However, despite its original focus on the gold market it has spent increasing time/energy focusing on the silver market – drawn by the especially blatant/egregious evidence present there.

[chart courtesy of Nick Laird,]

What the chart above illustrates is not a recent phenomenon, or a temporary aberration. It is a permanent, heavy-handed club; being used by the same handful of bullion-banks to perpetually beat-down the silver market.

In both its size and its concentration; it represents a significantly more extreme position in the market than that of the Hunt Brothers – when they were convicted (in 1980) of manipulating the silver market. By itself, it is conclusive evidence of silver manipulation.

Those readers interested in a more detailed, long-term examination of silver-manipulation can refer to an older commentary: Fifty Years Of Suppressing Silver. And for those readers interested in even more historical insights into the silver market there is The Silver Stealers; a detailed chronology of the silver market by Charles Savoie.

Returning to the present, we have a silver market which was already severely depressed, where inventories had already suffered long-term decimation, and where demand remains robust; suddenly plunging lower for absolutely no reason. Defenders of market-manipulation will suggest this was a “sympathetic reaction” to the gold market…except it wasn’t.


The Non-Conspiracy Nuts

US Commentary

Conspiracy nut.

Looking for a cheap laugh at a social gathering? Simply dig-up some “conspiracy theory” which may have leaked into the view of the masses, point at the “conspiracy nuts” who propound this hypothesis; and then make some derisive remark.

Everyone knows” that all conspiracy theories are ridiculous, and thus all conspiracy theorists are “nuts”. The mainstream media tells us this all the time. But what happens when we are not dealing with conspiracy-theory? What happens when we’re dealing with conspiracy-fact?

Those who have been vacationing on a distant planet may not have heard of “LIBOR”, the London InterBank Offer Rate; and the basis for (according to the bankers themselves) more than $500 trillion in human commerce. It is produced through anonymous data, submitted by the largest of the Western Big Banks; and the integrity of this system is 100% dependent on the honesty of these bankers.

For those readers who are not currently shaking with laughter, you must have missed the Reuters article where ¼ of the Wall Street executives who responded to a public survey expressed the opinion that crime was now a way of life in banking. Of course, the more interesting number is unknown: what percentage of Wall Street executives would have expressed that opinion if it were not a public survey?

Not surprisingly (in a process only “regulated” by other bankers); in early 2012 the conspiracy to rig the LIBOR interest rate was finally exposed. Originally the UK government and the Corporate Media attempted to peddle the fairy-tale that Barclay’s Bank had “colluded” alone to rig an interest rate set collectively by more than a dozen Big Banks.  But this Conspiracy of One fantasy was soon abandoned.

As of this writing, several of these banks are now “strongly suspected” in this criminal conspiracy; as the international investigation into the largest financial crime in the history of commerce ‘advances’(?) at an almost imperceptible pace. Meanwhile the crime continues.

The same Big Banks are still colluding to set the LIBOR rate, in a process which is still totally lacking any “independent safeguards” – i.e. having someone other than the Criminals police themselves. We thus now have the two largest conspiracies in the history of humanity side-by-side, by dollar value (roughly ten times as large as the entire global economy).

First we have the conspiracy by Western Big Banks to rig LIBOR itself. That conspiracy is now out in the open (more or less). Piggy-backing on that, we have the conspiracy to hide the extent of this crime, and to simply continue the crime as long as possible.

However, living in societies where even conspiracy-fact is ignored by the Sheep; conspiring in the open is now becoming a way of life for our shameless politicians and banksters. Does anyone remember Hank “Bazooka” Paulson; former CEO of Goldman Sachs and Treasury Secretary for the United States (in that order)?

In 2008; after the reckless gambling of the Wall Street cabal had blown-up the entire U.S. financial system, and severely destabilized the global financial system, the primary priority (apart from nearly $30 trillion in ‘financial CPR’) was to completely and permanently eradicate gambling by banks. What did we end up getting instead from the ex-Goldman Sachs CEO/Treasury Secretary?

Paulson and the Wall Street banks conspired to create what he (and the flock of Corporate Media parrots) quickly called “too big to fail.”  Rather than eliminating gambling by banks; Paulson not only entrenched gambling as a way of life for U.S. Big Banks, he made it possible for these financial casinos to increase their gambling with reckless abandon.

Paulson’s (public) message to his friends (and fellow Wall Street bankers)? No matter how much gambling you do, no matter how reckless the bets, no matter how big the losses; “I’ve got your back.” In the world of conspiracies/corruption; this is known as “having friends in High Places.”


Paper-Gold Holders Flee To Real Metal

Gold Commentary

During the recent, massive slaughter in the (paper) gold market, investors have been bombarded with a million-and-one “explanations” by the mainstream media as to why people are “fleeing gold”. The problem is that not one of them is consistent with the known facts.

It has been widely reported that holdings of gold-ETF’s have plunged (by the largest amounts on record). At this point analysis becomes simple: if these people were “fleeing gold” there would be massive stacks of gold piling up in warehouses – as people discarded all of this “unwanted” yellow metal.

So, where is the gold?

In fact, back in the real world; Comex gold inventories (the same inventories from which the ETF’s are stocked) have plummeted by the largest amounts on record. Instead of inventories increasing by the largest amounts on record (what the mainstream is expressly implying with their “fleeing gold” rhetoric), we have precisely the opposite.

[chart courtesy of Nick Laird,]

After the most-massive (paper) liquidation in the history of precious metals markets; we don’t see massive stacks of unwanted gold, only massive stacks of unwanted paper. This brings us to the important question: what has really transpired in the gold market? Just follow the numbers.

We see (simultaneously) a massive liquidation of paper gold occurring along with a “run” on Comex gold inventories. In fact, there is only one explanation consistent with those facts: paper-gold holders have been swapping that paper for real metal. Put into market vernacular; people have been redeeming their units of paper gold – and taking delivery of physical bullion. A flight out of paper.

Naturally, this leads to a secondary question: what could have caused the most-massive flight out of the paper-gold market since Western bankers created this gigantic (paper) market? Regular readers have already answered that question themselves: the Cyprus Steal.


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