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German Court Caves-In To Euro-Zone Hyperinflation

International Commentary

There was yet another “grave defeat” for fiscal/monetary Sanity in the Western world. Germany’s Constitutional Court has rubber-stamped the suicidal plan to engage in “unlimited bond-buying” in the Euro-zone (i.e. monetizing debt) in order to temporarily prevent all European bond markets from cascading defaults.

The cost of this monetary insanity (and reckless betrayal of the European people) is nothing less than a commitment to hyperinflation. None of Europe’s Deadbeat Debtors has any savings (including Germany itself). Thus every euro spent on these extravagant bond-purchases will be printed out of thin air.

This “unlimited bond-buying” is apparently also going to extend to soaking-up more of the financial feces which continues to accumulate on the balance sheets of the ultra-fraudulent Big Banks. Thus what we have is a massive increase in the money supply, with 0% going toward any productive economic use, and 100% going toward doing nothing but soaking-up worthless banker-paper.

With zero economic benefit from all of this massive money-printing which is on the way; this is pure currency-dilution – and thus ultra-inflationary. As a matter of the simplest arithmetic/logic; with Europe’s governments committed to “unlimited” quantities of an ultra-inflationary policy, the only possible result is hyperinflation.

What makes this such a devastating defeat for Sanity is that Germany is the one nation in Europe which still possesses a cultural memory of the economic phenomenon known as hyperinflation. This is a result of the German hyperinflation experienced by the Weimar Republic in the 1920’s. Despite this episode of history being nearly a century old, the economic carnage and suffering which results from such folly has still been burned into the German psyche, through parents warning their children of the perils of reckless money-printing.

As part of this “cultural memory”; Germans alone among all the peoples of Europe still have a strong attachment/affinity for silver. This is because silver is the People’s Money. When the German’s banker-paper turned into toilet paper in the 1920’s; those who had the foresight to swap their banker-paper for silver before that occurred survived. Those who didn’t had to rely upon charity…or they simply didn’t survive.

To see both Germany’s highest court and its Traitor Government turn its back on its own people in this manner is especially disheartening to those who thought mass economic suicide could still be averted. With Europe’s Traitor Governments colluding to commit this mass-suicide solely to temporarily prop-up the paper empires of the Bank Oligarchs, there is now only one way for the individual peoples of Europe to save themselves – from their own governments. First the people must elect an honest government which puts People before Parasites. Then that government must select “the Iceland option”: throw the bankers out, and leave the economic tyranny of the EU.

Across the Atlantic, the North American propaganda machine has been steadily softening us up to accept the same commitment to suicide. With the fraudulent Federal Reserve in the midst of yet another “policy meeting”; we’re now told to expect more “QE” when they rush for the nearest microphones tomorrow – with the distinct probability of “a new open-ended plan” (i.e. unlimited buying of bonds and other banker feces).

Regular readers know that I have been accusing the Federal Reserve (and U.S. government) of already secretly engaging in this policy for the past several years, through counterfeiting U.S. currency to make clandestine bond purchases – in order prop-up prices (and push down interest rates) on U.S. Treasuries. This saves the U.S. government $100’s of billions per year in interest rate payments alone, not to mention the “multiplier effect” of sucking those $100’s of billions out of (relatively) productive economic uses.

The Euro-zone plan provides more implicit validation for my assertion, since these governments are explicitly engaging in this monetary suicide for the sole (stated) purpose of driving down interest rates on their own debts. It is the only brute-force manner in which interest rates on debt can be maintained at such obviously artificial/fraudulent levels.


Secret Panic

International Commentary

Regular readers know that going back more than a year now, I have been outlining two, potential (and nearly opposite) scenarios going forward. I indicated that either our economies would plummet into a high-inflation/hyperinflation price-spiral (due to excessive money-printing); or they would simply disintegrate, as the Western financial crime syndicate manufactured another crash in order to prevent the previously mentioned price-spiral.

The latter scenario was precisely what occurred in 2008. However, in a commentary from one year ago titled Why 2011 Is Not 2008, I documented to readers how the “solutions” foisted upon us by the Banking Cabal during this first crisis had dramatically and irreparably damaged all Western economies. The only exception to this mass-suicide was Iceland, which threw the Bankers out – and subsequently saved their economy.

Because all Western economies are much more crippled than they were just four, short years ago; I’ve indicated my suspicion that the Bank Oligarchs didn’t “have the stomach” for another manufactured crash. This is due to the fact that nothing in our economies is more fragile than the bankers’ own multi-trillion dollar paper Ponzi-schemes.

Creating another “crash” event would detonate so many gigantic losses on Big Bank balance sheets that no amount of money-printing could avert their total destruction. Put another way, it would require so many $trillions of new money-printing just to “stop the bleeding” with these fraud-factories that the result would be instant hyperinflation – as all the People simply and finally rejected these infinite stacks of the bankers’ worthless paper.

We now see increasing evidence that this suspicion is being confirmed. While the media again reports that our economies have plunged into another mega-crisis; this time it is doing so (relatively) quietly. In 2008, the Western propaganda machine was just one, gigantic Chicken Little.

Instead of “the sky is falling,” we were warned (in the most shrill, hyperbolic terms) that we were facing nothing less than the total collapse of our financial systems and our entire economies…unless we listened closely to the bankers, and did exactly what they told us to do. To emphasize their point, the Banking Cabal deliberately “crashed” the global economy – the inevitable result when this banking oligopoly colluded to simultaneously cut-off all capital to an entirely debt-based economic system.

Deprive some strung-out heroin junkie of his “fix”, and you guarantee a severe (if not fatal) withdrawal reaction. Deprive a global economy filled with debt-junkies of any more debt and you guarantee similar, severe “economic withdrawal” – an immediate economic crash.

The Big Lie which the bankers tried to pass-off on us was that History’s most-insane gamblers and reckless lenders were (suddenly) “afraid” to lend anyone money. However (as usual) the banksters’ own actions proved they were lying. Even after U.S. Big Banks had literally been guaranteed infinite, free funding (i.e. unlimited quantities of 0% loans); they still refused to do what they had promised – and lend into the broader economy.

For any banker-apologists who would still dare to suggest that the Big Banks don’t collude; the bankers have already proven you wrong. In confessing to market-rigging with respect to $500 trillion in LIBOR-based transactions; this is by definition a crime of collusion – since the LIBOR rate itself is set collectively, by these same Big Banks.

In 2012, we see the bankers and the Corporate Media again colluding. However, while in 2008 this tag-team unfailingly acted to amplify panic; today our don’t-worry-be-happy media optimists simply say to us again and again “problem solved.”

By my unofficial count, the propaganda machine has announced a “solution” to the (made-in-the-USA) “Euro debt crisis” on approximately a hundred separate occasions. That’s a very impressive performance by Europe’s bankers and Traitor Politicians – given that this “crisis” is a mere three years old.


Canadian Housing Bubble Nears Implosion

Canadian Commentary

I am far from the first writer to report that Canada’s housing-bubble is nearing some dramatic rupture. Indeed, I may be the last writer to have covered this topic – despite being based in Canada.

Why have I been the last scribe to jump on the media’s “bubble-mania” bandwagon concerning Canada’s housing market? Because there has been little to report here other than soaring debt-levels, which also exist throughout the Canadian economy; and, indeed, throughout all Western economies. The building bubble itself has not been even slightly newsworthy.

Lost in the mainstream media’s disjointed reporting on individual markets is a simple truth. As long as the West’s psychopathic banking cabal continues their policy of insane, destructive, near-zero interest rates; every housing market of every Western economy will be in a perpetual cycle of building bubbles or bursting bubbles. Period. Thus reporting that a “Canadian housing bubble” had formed had all the “news value” of announcing that the Sun had risen again in the morning.

What has finally caused me to jump into this topic are two factors. First of all we have very strong evidence that “the end is near.” Secondly, there is the entirely suicidal manner in which Canada’s current government has (deliberately) constructed this housing-bubble.

Regarding the former point, almost always an asset-bubble will telegraph to the market when it is about to burst with an unequivocal signal: falling sales. To understand why this is such an obvious warning-sign requires at least a rudimentary understanding of the mania which fuels such asset-bubbles.

In the case of housing-bubbles, that “mania” is composed of a mixture of the greedy and the fearful. For the greedy, the soaring prices which characterize any/all asset-bubbles are like a clarion call: “get rich quick.” For the fearful, soaring housing prices cause an anxiety attack: if they don’t “buy now”, they will never be able to afford to make a purchase. Allowing emotions to enter into one’s important financial decisions is an inevitable recipe for disaster.

What falling sales tell us is that the mania is over, and a point of “capitulation” has been reached. This occurs when both the greedy and the fearful say to themselves “too expensive” – the death-knell of any/every bubble. In Canada’s housing market, two of the largest urban markets (Toronto and Vancouver) are reporting dramatic drops in sales.

In Toronto, urban sales are now down 13% year-over-year, while in Vancouver sales have plunged by 17% over the same period, and are now at lows not seen since 1998. The end is near.

This brings us to the second factor: the made-for-collapse manner in which Canada’s housing market Ponzi-scheme has been constructed. Here two people merit 100% of the blame: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, and the man he appointed to run Canada’s central bank – Mark Carney.

As an ardent admirer of all things “American”; Stephen Harper wasn’t content with having just an ordinary housing bubble in Canada’s housing market. He wanted a Canadian bubble of epic proportions, just like Uncle Sam’s. Consequently, Harper’s Conservative government has totally unshackled Canada’s banks, and allowed them to run wild with reckless lending; exactly as occurred in the U.S. just before its own bubble burst (for the first time).

Only three short years ago; Canada’s financial system was the envy of the entire world. Today its financial sector is just another bankers’ Ponzi-scheme. At precisely the same time that the U.S. is belatedly dismantling (fraud-ridden) Fannie Mae, Harper’s government has been rapidly building Canada’s own “Fannie Mae”: the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

The CMHC has been buying-up mortgages so fast that the Harper government has had to raise its legal borrowing limit twice just since the Conservatives took power, and will soon raise it a third time as it nears its new limit of $600 billion. In proportionate terms it is now larger than Fannie Mae (at its peak), and this occurs as a Euro Pacific Capital report reveals that, “Once small, Canada’s sub-prime mortgage industry is now booming.” It goes on to report that there are now $500 billion in “high-risk mortgages” in Canada’s housing market – nearly half of the entire mortgage market.

Meanwhile, the obscene “home equity” loan market has also exploded in Canada. These “HELOC” loans (once known as “second mortgages”) have exploded by more than 170% in Canada over the past decade. This massive increase in needless debt inevitably and substantially increases the magnitude of any housing sector implosion.

Mission accomplished, Stephen Harper!


The Truth About Competitive Devaluation

International Commentary

It is common knowledge that the U.S. dollar has lost approximately 98% of its value since 1913. That was the year that a private bank called the “Federal Reserve” was given a monopoly to print all U.S. currency; and in exchange for that colossal privilege it was given a statutory mandate to protect the value of the dollar.

How/why has the Federal Reserve been such a total failure in its statutory mandate? The most obvious reason was that these private bankers never had any intention of protecting the value of the dollar. As I explained in Crime of the Millennium”; it is the printing of these paper currencies (in grossly excessive amounts) which has allowed bankers to perpetrate all of History’s greatest acts of collective theft. The more they print; the faster they can steal.

Naturally the other Corporate Oligarchs are wholeheartedly in favor of this institutionalized program of theft-by-currency-dilution, since they are also big winners. As the value of these paper currencies are (deliberately) destroyed by banker over-printing, the inevitable (and immediate) consequence is that the wages of all workers are rapidly driven lower (in real dollars).

Regular readers will recognize the chart below, showing how (in real dollars) the average wages of U.S. workers have been falling steadily/rapidly for over 40 years. The result of that massive devaluation of wages is that average U.S. wages have fallen by more than 50%, all the way back to (literally) Great Depression levels. Meanwhile, management hand themselves raises many times in excess of the actual rate of inflation – effectively stealing the wages out of their own workers’ pockets.

[chart courtesy of]

As a result of this corporate Robin Hood mentality of robbing from the poor (workers) to fatten the rich (management); the average wage differential between the wages of senior management and the median worker wage has risen from the traditional range of between 3:1 and 10:1 to a ratio (in North America) of between 100:1 and 1000:1.

Translating the above numbers is simple. While ordinary workers have seen their own paycheques slashed by more than half, some members of U.S. management are being paid in excess of 30,000% more than their actual worth – based on hundreds of years of wage data. Yet while today’s corporate executives are the most grossly overpaid individuals in the history of human commerce, all efforts by our politicians (and all propaganda from the media) has focused on the “need” to slash wages, benefits, and anything else received by the Little People even further.


Bernanke Fails To Move Gold Market Lower

Gold Commentary

Following the solid gains in the price of gold last week and the much more explosive rise in the price of silver, all expectations (even among normally bearish commentators) were that bullion prices would continue rising this week. That all changed Monday morning, however.

At that point the Corporate Media released their Script for this week (written by the banking cabal itself). They “predicted” that B.S. Bernanke would “disappoint the market” when his prepared remarks would be released to the world on August 31st.

Experienced commentators and investors alike immediately understood the game being played, since it’s been played on countless occasions in the past.

1) The Corporate Media announces in advance that “all eyes” are awaiting some upcoming propaganda bulletin, and then hype it day after day as the event approaches

2) The bankers focus all of their market-rigging activities on that day, so when the “prediction” comes true (surprise, surprise) they can pounce on the market and (initially) drive prices lower based, on the “reason” being hyped by the Corporate Media all week.

3) Once the downward momentum has been built up, the bankers then attempt to drive all leveraged traders out of their positions; creating yet more downward momentum and causing all sorts of “technical damage” on the charts.

4) The Corporate Media then hypes that technical damage as a further “reason” to do more gold- and silver-selling.

It’s such a blatant tag-team act that it no longer surprises any sophisticated Players in the market. Instead, knowing that the manipulation is on the way; sophisticated investors (led by the Big Buyers) allow the bankers and Corporate Media to work for them.

Once the Script has been written that an attack is coming, these Buyers stop buying – and simply wait for the Ambush to arrive. Thus Monday morning I informed readers that we could forget about all the upward momentum from the previous week. The market would move (more or less) sideways until Friday morning (and the bankers’ Ambush).

Experienced investors understood that all that would have been ‘gained’ by pushing prices higher this week was that the bankers (and media) would be able to engineer a sharp reversal in the market (creating much worse optics) and a much greater probability of medium-term success for this manipulation operation.

So, instead, it is the Big Buyers who wait to execute their own Ambush; perhaps more properly characterized as a counter-attack. They let the market drift prior to the announced propaganda – giving no opportunity for the bankers to engineer any sort of “sharp reversal” on their day of attack.

Knowing the market is going to instantly be driven lower the moment the propaganda is released; the Big Buyers gleefully await that instant drop in price – and then they start buying…big. At that point the battle is commenced. When the bankers’ propaganda reigns supreme, this buying is unable to reverse the downward move, merely abbreviate it. However, when the bankers’ propaganda is no longer of sufficient potency we see a much different picture – like today.

The entire ambush-event itself is so brief on such days that we must literally look at a gold chart showing the minute-by-minute action in order to watch the battle unfold. Today, the propaganda ammunition (courtesy of B.S. Bernanke) was released at 10:00 am Eastern time.


China Stimulus Highlights Western Collapse

International Commentary

Yet again we see a Tale of Two Economies. One economy has a (real) plan. One economy has (real) growth. One economy acts proactively to address its problems.

Then there is the Other economy. It’s only “plan” is to lie about how bad things really are. Instead of economic growth, it has substituted much more borrowing – and handing free money to a banking crime syndicate, as fast as the bankers can shovel it into their vaults. It acts only reactively, belatedly cobbling together hopelessly inadequate bandaids to cover-up gaping (self-inflicted) economic wounds.

Readers should have no problem in identifying China as the first economy. The “other” economy could be the economy of any/every major Western nation. The rate of deterioration is the same in all of them, all that differs is how close to insolvency they were when the banker-plundering began.

The role of the Corporate Media is clearly defined. When its focus is on the West’s own economies, rotting with corruption, the cheerleaders are deployed. We get one chorus after another of “don’t worry, be happy”, as the propaganda machine assures us that our Leaders have the situation under control.

Conversely, when its gaze strays across the Pacific then the Chicken Littles are deployed. “The sky is falling” on China, we’re told again and again. We get a prime example of this from the UK’s propaganda-mouthpiece, The Telegraph. In drawing attention to what it claims is £800 billion in total, announced stimulus spending, it leads its article with the following hyperbole:

One Chinese province after another has stepped forward over the last fortnight to announce their plans, in what appears to be a propaganda effort to reassure the public that the economy is still on track...

When it comes to “propaganda” to “reassure the public that the economy is on the right track”, I would suggest to The Telegraph that it take off its rose-coloured glasses and have a look a little closer to home.

We have the UK government practicing the economic sadism which Europe calls “austerity”, where the more the UK government cuts spending the worse its deficits get. As a matter of simple logic/arithmetic; there is a 0% probability of this policy fixing the economy, and a 100% probability it will lead to bankruptcy (exactly as it did in Greece).

Indeed, UK austerity has been so self-destructive that as the government savagely cuts with its fiscal policy, we have the Bank of England simultaneously engaging in quantitative easing with monetary policy. The analogy is obvious. It’s like driving a car with one foot jamming the brake pedal to the floor, while the other foot jams the gas pedal to the floor.

Note that the UK’s dismal economic performance (and the dismal economic performance of all Western economies) comes despite permanent, near-zero interest rates. As I’ve observed in several previous commentaries, this is the economic equivalent of a defibrillator: a measure so extreme that it’s only intended to be used briefly – and only in the most dire emergencies.

Yet here we have the West’s ‘economic doctors’ perpetually frying all of these economies with this high-voltage emergency measure. Four, solid years of such reckless, mindless, shock-treatment has done nothing but bring all of these economies to the brink of total collapse (with Greece already past that point).

Across the Pacific, China has normal interest rates. While it recently cut interest rates for the second time in two months, that only brought China’s interest rate down to 6% -- higher than average, historical rates. China has to keep its rates this high, since in a global economy flooded with Western money-printing; its own economy immediately starts to over-heat if it takes interest rates below historical averages.

Understand that interest rates are an absolute, unequivocal indicator of the health of an economy. High interest rates indicate an economy which is strong enough to ‘apply the brakes’ to the capital inside that economy. Conversely, low interest rates indicate an economy which needs stimulus; where the economy is so anemic that attaching interest to capital is enough to drag the economy down all by itself.


U.S. ‘Prison Economy’ Secretly Grows

US Commentary

In writing The U.S. Prison-Cell Economy” five months ago, I was speaking at least somewhat in metaphorical terms. However, as Bloomberg reveals to us in a recent article, for more and more of Corporate America, a U.S. “prison economy” is already a very literal concept.

Before I delve further into the “great, new market” which Corporate America has discovered for itself; for those readers who didn’t peruse my original article let me briefly recap what inspired it. Every month, month after month, year after year; U.S. home-builders start construction on 50% to 100% more units than they sell. Yet (in totally perverse fashion) the propaganda machine claims that the inventories of U.S. new homes have been plummeting straight down – rather than shooting straight up (as directly implied by the starts and sales).

I then stated a simple/obvious conclusion. Either the official U.S. housing numbers were total fabrications; or, more than half of these “housing starts” were units which did not require a “sale” to an individual owner in order for the builder to be paid (since no builder can stay in business building twice as many units as they sell).


Gold Supply-Crisis Looms?

Gold Commentary

The World Gold Council recently released its second quarter statistics on gold “demand and supply trends”. For those not familiar with the WGC, it is an “industry trade group” composed of large-cap gold miners who love bankers.

How much do these mining companies love bankers? So much that they allow the bankers to keep all the records for their sector, and pretty much do all of their of their promotion to the world. It is the WGC which elevated two private “consultancies” (of bankers) – GFMS and the CPM Group – to the status of quasi-official record-keepers for the entire global gold (and silver) industry.

It would be problematic at best for the gold industry to allow itself to be almost entirely represented by a “profession” now known only for its rampant fraud. However, given the known hatred of the banking community toward gold and silver, and their relentless attacks on both the bullion market and the miners themselves; it’s almost beyond comprehension that the world’s largest gold miners choose bankers as their spokesmen.

I’ve already exposed the devious/perverse manner in which these consultancies produce phony inventory numbers in the silver market. In the upside-down world of these “record-keepers”, when someone purchases an ounce of silver from a silver-ETF (and thus takes that ounce of silver off of the market), the CPM Group adds another ounce to total inventories.

In other words, if silver investors were to buy-up every ounce of silver currently available in the world (via silver-ETF’s), global silver inventories would supposedly double, while if silver-ETF holders were to sell all their holdings it would (apparently) collapse inventories.

GFMS, the authors of this Q2 gold report are technically no longer “bankers”, since they have been bought out by the Thompson media oligopoly; one of a handful of companies who have a complete choke-hold on the world’s entire English-speaking media. When it comes to the data they produce, the esteemed John Embry of Sprott Asset Management was blunt in a recent interview:

Those guys have been providing misinformation for years…[They] basically churn out negative gold news constantly and I would ignore them.”

While Mr. Embry pointed to several historical examples to emphasize his point, I’m going to focus on what they’re currently saying about the sector to make the same point.

If we look at the WGC (GFMS) headlines for Q2, it’s pretty straightforward. Gold demand was down 7%; gold supply was down 6%. Looks pretty even, with perhaps a slightly bearish bias. Right? Wrong.

We don’t even get to the end of the first paragraph before we begin to see the ‘slipperiness’ of these numbers. We note that expressed in dollar figures that gold demand was only down about 1%. So we immediately see the following dynamic: a 1% drop in (sales) demand – virtually no decline at all – is accompanied by a 6% drop in supply.

In other words, based upon GFMS’ own numbers we see the decidedly bullish scenario of a market which can only be kept in balance if accompanied by steadily rising prices – a markedly different picture than what was presented in the headlines, and entirely different than what GFMS asserts in its analysis in talking about “The lack of a clear price trend…” When a market can only be kept in balance with steadily rising prices, that certainly looks like “a clear trend” to me.

Dig deeper into the numbers and we find that:

[investment] demand is also heavily-skewed by demand in India and China…excluding them from the total data gives a notably different result: a 16% year-on-year increase in demand to 195.2. Outside of these two markets, investment demand declined in only four countries [in the entire world].

When it comes to China, what we apparently witnessed was a mere pause in demand, brought about by the long sideways movement in prices. In fact what we have seen with Chinese gold-buyers is that they are encouraged to buy with rising prices, and since prices must rise to offset declining supply; it’s inevitable that Chinese buyers will soon leap back into the market.


‘Zero Inflation’ in U.S. = Hyperinflation Warning?

Gold Commentary

It’s impossible to cover developments in the global economy, and the reporting of those developments without feeling a lot like Alice in Wonderland – surrounded by legions of “Mad Hatters”. This is especially true when covering the realm of anti-logic known as the U.S. economy.

We’re told that the U.S. economy has been experiencing an “economic recovery” for the past 3+ years – led by manufacturing growth – while its energy consumption has plummeted so fast that the world’s great Energy Glutton is now a “net-energy exporter.”

We watch reports of U.S. home-builders starting construction on roughly twice as many homes as they sell, month after month, year after year – and then the media Mad Hatters tell us that the inventories of unsold new homes have been plummeting downward all this time.

We’re told that U.S. Treasuries should be fetching (by far) their highest prices in history – even though the U.S. is hopelessly bankrupt when using the same accounting standards it requires of its own corporations. We’re told by one of the more esteemed Mad Hatters that Treasuries prices and Treasuries supply should be simultaneously increasing exponentially.

So it comes as little surprise to this “Alice in Wonderland” scribe to see Asian governments meeting to discuss a “food-price shock” while simultaneously the U.S. government reports “zero inflation” in its own economy.

Here readers must understand that the U.S. propaganda machine does not deliberately produce utterly laughable propaganda, which no adult with a functioning brain could possibly swallow. The whole point of producing propaganda is to make it plausible, as the more absurd the lies, the sooner that a propaganda machine permanently destroys its own credibility.

Thus the serial lies coming from the U.S. government’s statisticians have not become rapidly more ridiculous simply because these Liars are bored – and looking to generate a few, cheap laughs. Rather, the propaganda becomes more and more absurd because it is rapidly becoming harder to stretch these statistical lies so that they report anything other than “U.S. economic collapse.”


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