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Economic Justice Equals Prosperity

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As an admittedly enthusiastic supporter of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, I will be the first to acknowledge that the message emanating from this grassroots populism is lacking in sophistication. This is neither surprising, nor in any way does it denigrate the noble intent of these people.

Having written extensively on the massive economic/social injustice which permeates our societies along with the reasons of how and why this injustice exists, I understand precisely why the protesters of Occupy Wall Street all know that “something” is seriously wrong, but they cannot precisely identify what that something is. Part of the deliberate intent of our economic oppressors was to plunder our wealth using two vehicles which the vast majority of us find totally incomprehensible and absolutely boring: banking and taxation.

If you want to put someone to sleep, or drive people away from you at any/every social gathering, simply start to discuss the massive deficiencies of our monetary system or our taxation system. Indeed, I live with this frustration on a daily basis.

It’s quite easy to attract an audience these days by documenting the scope and magnitude of the massive economic injustice in our societies – which has now reached an all-time extreme. However, begin to detail precisely how our monetary system and tax systems have been “rigged” in order to rob us blind, or even expressly point to the actual solutions to these problems and interest dwindles.

The lack of willingness among the majority of the population to learn about these issues because they are “too complicated” or “too boring” is, of course, a reflection of the endemic apathy which has gripped our societies for several decades now. Sadly, this is a natural symptom of the affluence which existed in the decades prior to our economic exploitation. Even more tragically, this mass-apathy has been ruthlessly capitalized upon by the “top 1%”, or as I regularly label them: the ultra-wealthy.

One of the eternal lessons of history, however, is that “greed” is always short-sighted. The same people who have devoted every waking minute to how they could plunder as much of our wealth as possible were too intellectually-stunted to devote a single minute of serious thought as to how they would keep all of the wealth that they had misappropriated and hoarded.

Systematically stealing from a population of affluent-but-apathetic drones does not require much skill or even effort when our entire economies have been turned into one, giant rigged casino – with the banksters as “operators”. Conversely, with the vast majority of our populations now having been impoverished by this relentless plundering, the masses are no longer apathetic, and are finally ready to pay attention.

Wall Street and the ultra-wealthy are about to learn the same lesson which has been “taught” to those on top over and over again, throughout (at least) two thousand years of history (but never learned by these parasites): it is much easier to steal from the people than it is to keep what you have stolen.

Their obsessive, excessive greed blinds them to the simple arithmetic which has always doomed such acts of excessive plundering. When the ultra-wealthy steal and hoard too large a portion of overall wealth, the hollowing-out of the economy dooms it to inevitable collapse. That collapse, in turn, generates the “political will” (in one form or another) to take back a portion of what was stolen and then redistribute it among the general population.

Then this whole, futile cycle of greed starts all over again.

Emphasizing how old this “game” is, and how many times we have repeated this cycle of futility, two thousand years ago Greek philosopher Plutarch wrote these immortal words:

An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all Republics.

While some level of wealth-equity is obviously an issue of social justice, it is just as much a matter of simple arithmetic and elementary economics. We frequently hear economists and other experts use the analogy of the global economy being an “engine”. As with any engine, it requires fuel in order to operate.

In a capitalist economic system, obviously that fuel is “capital” – i.e. the collective wealth of the global population. When a tiny sliver of that population parasitically sucks-up and hoards the vast majority of that wealth, the “engine” runs out of gas and stalls. Of course our reality is much, much worse than that simple analogy.

As the ultra-wealthy have quietly stolen all of our wealth (i.e. capital) over the past several decades via banking and taxation, they substituted debt for actual capital – stealing more and more wealth, and piling on more and more debt. This has also reached an all-time historical extreme.

Western economies have literally been transformed into nothing but a collection of debt Ponzi-schemes, designed to funnel as much of our wealth as possible for as long as possible into the hands of the bond-parasites (via interest payments) – until the inevitable collapse occurs. Thus the reason the devious, deceptive bankers are so terrified about the global economy “stalling” (i.e. sinking into recession/deflation) is because all of these debt Ponzi-schemes are about to implode like a row of economic dominoes.

While it may already be too late to prevent the complete collapse caused by the economic psychopaths who have been allowed to rule over us, at the very least we must cease to move in the wrong direction, and begin to implement the few and obvious solutions which present themselves.

Fix a broken system:

We must smash all of the “too big to fail” banks into little pieces, since it is an elementary principle of capitalism that such oligopolies should have never been allowed to exist in the first place. The easiest way to do this is to simply allow them to drown themselves in their own debts, frauds, and Ponzi-schemes.

The global derivatives market must be completely abolished. All derivatives must simply be ruled null and void. People must understand that all the derivatives market ever was, and all that it is today is a gigantic casino to literally turn every aspect of our economies into massive, competing bets. Worse still, because the size of this casino has been allowed to swell to more than twenty times the size of the global economy itself, these derivatives have become (as Warren Buffet prophetically predicted) “financial weapons of mass-destruction”.

When Warren Buffet first made his remarks, his statement was theoretical. With the systematic destruction of the debt markets of Euro nations now a fait accompli, we see the damage which these financial “WMD’s” can cause when used – in this case via the fraudulent manipulation of the credit default swap market.

Put people to work:

Our massive, structural unemployment has now reached such an extreme that more than 50 million people across the Western world are not allowed to work. This unemployment has been malicious and intentional, the goal being to use massive, permanent unemployment to permanently depress wages and thus dull the inflationary impact of the banksters’ excessive money-printing.

The game was simple: while the bankers and those on top enjoyed all the benefits of their “inflation” via the printing press, those on the bottom made 100% of the sacrifices, through permanently depressed wages (for those lucky enough to have any job at all). What makes this heinous reality a “crime against humanity” is that our governments have always had the capacity to end this unemployment any time they wanted – at zero cost to themselves (i.e. us).

For 200 years, improving technology has eliminated labour faster than it creates new employment opportunities. And for nearly 200 years, every time that structural unemployment became a problem, our governments shortened the work week. This divided-up all the available labour among the whole population, until our current generation of Western governments ceased to do this, deliberately creating all of this hardship and misery to exclusively benefit those on top. We need to immediately transition to a four-day work week.

Tax back what was stolen:

All “income” taxes and all “consumption” taxes will inevitably (over time) transfer all wealth in an economy from those on the bottom to those on top. This is a matter of simple arithmetic. For absolute proof, we merely need to note that roughly half of the U.S. population now pays now income tax at all. After 100 years of this system of taxation oppression, roughly half the U.S. population now has nothing left to tax.

Meanwhile, these forms of taxation allow those on top to relentlessly accumulate larger and larger hoards of un-taxed wealth. Again the evidence is overwhelming. There has never been such a concentration of wealth among the top-1% in all of modern history.

The only means of fair taxation where everyone pays into the system (except the absolute poorest-of-the-poor) in equitable proportions is via a flat wealth tax. Introduce this system of taxation, and suddenly the $10’s of trillions in wealth currently sitting in the idle hoards of these misers would be exposed to taxation for the first time in 100 years. Gradually these extreme hoards of wealth will dissipate over time – unless the ultra-wealthy actually put that capital to productive uses, so that it starts to generate income and jobs (and thus fuels the global economy).

The Occupy Wall Street movement is the first, tentative step in a process which 2,000 years of history teaches us is absolutely inevitable. Whether it is this movement which (eventually) facilitates real, equitable changes in our economies, or whether it is ultimately replaced by something bigger and better, the “message” which these people are sending is simple: the pendulum of history has begun to swing back.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 18, 2011
Loved the verse. Loved the clip.

Good stuff guys!
written by robert berg, October 18, 2011
Thanks Dylan.
There is nothing more powerful than an idea.
I like this one.

written by Dylan Jones, October 18, 2011
Great article Jeff and
Bobbyny what a great post!

You are absolutely right, what makes this movement so powerful is that it is made up of you and me. As the first front of the armies of the dispossessed were mocked and ridiculed, this fuelled the next wave and so this will continue up the pyramid until all the minions and co-opters have been shaken out and the war to end all wars will begin. The war against the war racketeers themselves.

Here is a beautiful poem I found on the Daily Kos

Excerpt From "Revolution" by Joseph Bovshover

And you, all you sanctified moneybags
Bandits anointed and crowned
Your counterfeit towers of justice
And ethics will crash to the ground
I'll send my good sword through your hearts
That have drained the world's blood in their lust
Smash all your crowns and your scepters
And trample them into the dust

And though you may choke me and shoot me
And hang me your toil is in vain
No dungeon, no gallows can scare me
Nor will I be frightened by pain
Each time I'll arise from the earth
And break through all your weapons of doom
Until you are finished forever
Until you are dust in the tomb.

written by Nyquil762, October 18, 2011
Jeff, excellent article. I just joined your site. Keep up the great work! nyquil762
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Yes, Apberusdisvet, the banking crime syndicate is like a hydra - with Wall Street merely representing the most voracious head.
written by Andy Bergeron, October 17, 2011
Jeff; spot on as usual, but the over generalization of WS as the key criminal element is somewhat misplaced. In reality, you have to look at the progeny of the Creature from Jekyl Island, their tentacles that extend throughout the TBTFs, and their corruption of all things political and regulatory through the process of outright bribes, campaign contributions and the placing of members of the SEC, CFTC, FDIC, et al in the revolving door daisy chain between Government policy posts and the lucrative TBTF bonus pools for higher level executives. These regulators are the soldiers, the TBTFs and the FED/ECB/BOE/IMF are the capos, with the BIS as the Godfather. All in all, the best criminal enterprise ever devised.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Yes Bobbby, the corporate media has found it impossible to successfully demonize this movement for the reasons you mentioned, and ALSO simply because the Truth is so obvious here that it has become undeniable.

The next step in this movement is for the growing awareness that the bankers are only one facet of the problem, and in fact our own governments are equally "guilty" for being the banksters's facilitators - while our own interests were consistently betrayed. After that must come the realization that ALL the Oilgarchs, and ALL the oligopolies are also part of the problem.

It is the Rise of the Oligopoly which has produced most of the unemployment problems you referred to - couple by our governments refusal to shorten the work week in order to reduce the glut of labour.

written by robert berg, October 17, 2011
On its website, "Occupy Wall Street" states it is:
"...a leaderless resistance movement with people of many colors, genders and political persuasions. The one thing we all have in common is that we are the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%. We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants."
As a first, tentative step, as you describe it, it is not unusual that it has drawn a diverse group without a fixed, coherent set of goals, but with the sense that something is terribly, terribly wrong.
The reaction of the MSM was completely predictable. First, ignore them. Next, ridicule them as a tiny, fringe group of druggies & born again hippies. Then attempt to depict them as violent law breakers, & arrest them by the hundreds.
These clumsy efforts had no effect on those who had woken up, and in fact only drew in more people who were completely sympathetic, and who also knew that something was terribly wrong. Despite the attacks of the right wing media liars, like Anne Coulter, who wrote "This is what a mob looks like", and who called them lazy, unproductive, rabble rousers, the ranks continued to grow.
People soon realized that this was them.
They looked at the TV footage & they saw their unemployed college educated children, their unemployed fifty year olds, their unemployed self's.
Criticism has been made that the protesters are attacking the wrong people; That they should be going after the politicians.
They are one and the same!
This is the best government that corporate money can buy!
The pundits say that its wrong to go after the "job creators".
Nobody in this country is arguing that true entrepreneurs don't have the right to risk their capital, create jobs & make money.
Let's take a look at what's really going on here.
Corporate America has $2 trillion in cash on it's balance sheet, yet where are the jobs?
Banks have been bailed out, are back to record levels of profitability, are paying record bonuses, and have LAID OFF tens of thousands of workers. Bank of America (what a misnomer) just announced another 40,000 job cuts.
NY State estimates another 30,000 Wall St layoffs this year.
Did I mention the record bonuses?
People are beginning to realize what a fraud the fiction of "The job creators" is, and they will not be swayed, beaten, or shouted down by the MSM.
How many job losses & derelict downtowns can be attributed to Wal-Mart & Home Depot?
They have DESTROYED thousands of entrepreneurs and hundreds of thousands of jobs in return for part time, no benefit jobs & cheap Chinese shit.
Wall Street has long ago stopped performing its function as a source of capital for new innovation & new businesses. Investment banks have become the mechanism for corporate takeovers, which only result in consolidations & further job losses.
Corporate profits are healthy precisely because they have fired so many.
Job creators my ass!
Job destroyers.
Wall Street has become nothing but a casino for high frequency traders, and algorithmic program trades. It is a place where pimps and whores shave pennies for themselves 10 million times a day without creating one single iota of economic value. It is a place where shysters steal as much as they can without regard to the long term destruction they are sowing. Long term for them is next quarter.
I applaud the OWS movement everywhere, and I hope it continues to grow globally until it overwhelms the bankster vampires that have sucked the lifeblood out of every aspect of society and economics.
I had only the dimmest of hope that the sheeple would wake up and become "We the People".
That is a power far greater than the bloodsucking vampire zombie giant squid that would rule over us.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Hello Goldbug!

We welcome you to our site, and sympathize with you regarding the actions of the traitor-government in Greece. Sadly things aren't any better on this side of the ocean - we merely haven't QUITE reached the same level of economic sabotage.

For yourself and any other readers who want to DISCUSS these events, please visit our forum:


And if you haven't read it already, you might be interested in my series on "The Economic Rape of Europe":

Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, October 17, 2011
Thanks for the link Surfeit, I'll check it out ASAP.
written by Lazaros, October 17, 2011
Excellent articles. Im glad that i found your website! The bankers and our governments are stealing from our private wealth via taxation as you correctly point. This is happening in my country at a very aggressive rate! This week is going to be ugly!

Greetings from Greece.
written by surfeit, October 16, 2011
Good article Jeff, as always.

Re: the 'Occupy' movements, readers in search of a deeper perspective provided by European experience might find this piece of interest - http://www.counterpunch.org/20...-movement/

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