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Interest Rate Fraud

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In our surreal, “Matrix” societies; one financial crime stands out above all others in terms of its relentless and pervasive impact in strip-mining all of the wealth out of our economies: interest rate fraud. It is the cornerstone of the financial crime empire of a crime syndicate previously dubbed “the One Bank”.

This commentary will focus on two themes:

1) All of the interest rates used to siphon the wealth from our societies are the direct result of illegal manipulation. Thus all contracts requiring the payment of interest are null-and-void, as a basic principle of Western legal jurisprudence.

2) Examined over time, the clear financial objective of this interest rate fraud is an economic paradigm which can only be characterized as “debt slavery”.

The obvious starting point in this analysis is demonstrating the endemic illegality at work here. Once fraudulent/criminal intent is established, the remainder of the analysis acquires additional credibility. Various forms of empirical evidence are available.

First we have “LIBOR” (London InterBank Offered Rate), the single most-important interest rate in the Western world; the basis for over $500 trillion in commercial activity. Here we have confessed financial fraud; admitted collusion between the handful of Big Banks who set the LIBOR rate, secretly.

LIBOR itself is created through a totally opaque, (supposedly) anonymous process which could not possibly be contrived to make the illegal manipulation of this rate any easier. And the Big Banks who “collectively” set this rate have now been all identified as mere tentacles of the One Bank. This is not merely a gigantic act of fraud (the largest, single financial fraud in history); it is a system of fraud.

We then move to the next-largest sphere of fraud: the individual, national interest rates of the various Western governments. Our interest rates are all set by “central banks”; ultra-powerful, privately-controlled, financial entities which are not only completely “independent” of the governments they supposedly serve, but as we have now seen in many instances, these “banks” are completely above the law.

Indeed, the Bank for International Settlements, whom the bankers themselves identify as “the central bank of (Western) central banks” is a fully sovereign entity, officially above all the laws of the nation in which it is geographically located, Switzerland. The other central banks are merely unofficially above the law; such as when the Federal Reserve refuses the most-basic function of financial accountability in any legitimate system: a public audit.

More importantly, these shadowy, private, totally unaccountable institutions have been handed monopolistic control of our national “printing presses”, in perpetuity. Absolute control over interest rates. Absolute control over the money supply. Absolutely zero accountability. Again, we have nothing less than a system created with the sole intent of perfecting financial fraud.


The interest rates set by these central banks are nothing less than obvious acts of fraud, themselves, when viewed through the prism of Time. For the last forty years, there has been zero correlation between the credit ratings of the most-esteemed credit rating agencies in the Western financial system and the interest rates set by these central banks.

For those not statistically inclined, “zero correlation” means no causal connection of any kind. The same credit ratings which cause automatic, knee-jerk reactions in nearly every other Western market, have had no impact at all on Western interest rates for forty years. With these credit ratings derived from the economic fundamentals of the economies themselves; the interest rates set by these (corrupt) central banks have had no connection to actual economic fundamentals for (at least) the last forty years.

The endemic, systemic interest-rate fraud of these central banks has never been more blatant than it is today. With all Western economies objectively less-solvent than at any time in our histories; these central bank fraud-factories have permanently fixed interest rates at the lowest rates in history.

For those not financially inclined; it is one of the most-fundamental principles of our entire capitalist system that the interest paid on loaned money is a direct function of (financial)risk: the greater the risk, the higher the interest rate. Period. Yet with all these economies more-insolvent (i.e. riskier debtors) than at any time in history; we have Western interest rates fraudulently/collectively fixed by these central banks at their lowest rates in history.

The epicenter of central bank interest rate fraud is the United States, and the Federal Reserve – which recently celebrated a Century of Shame. Here we have maximum interest rate fraud: an interest rate permanently frozen at 0%. This is, by definition, an act of fraud: giving away money, by the $trillions – but only to the Big Bank tentacles of the One Bank.

Compounding this fraud; these Big Banks are then allowed to “deposit” large chunks of the free money electronically-transferred to them by the Federal Reserve, and be paid interest on it, on $100’s of billions of this fraudulently “loaned” money.

The audacity/absurdity of this fraud is so extreme that it must be repeated to be fully comprehended. The Federal Reserve fraudulently bestows $trillions in “0% loans” (i.e. gifts) to these Big Banks, and then pays them interest on money given to them for free. At the top; interest rate fraud is nothing but a permanent, multi-trillion dollar gravy-train for the tentacles of the One Bank.

But if the “goal” of these central bankers (acting on behalf of the One Bank) is to create “debt slavery” for our nations; why have interest rates been fraudulently fixed at such a low level in recent years? Because our nations have already reached saturation-levels of debt.

Here we have nothing less than the ultimate, real-life example of the allegory of “the Goose that lays the Golden Eggs”. If debt-levels rise any further; these Deadbeat Debtors will collectively default (like dominoes), erasing the gigantic (and fraudulent) bond-debts of our governments, erasing the gigantic interest payments on those $10’s of trillions in debt (every year) – thus killing the Goose, and eliminating its “golden eggs”.

Western economies have become literal Ponzi-schemes, in every respect. We have these Ponzi-scheme economies fraudulently fixing interest rates at ridiculously low levels, because as Fed Chairman Bernanke recently confessed, the U.S. itself can no longer afford to pay “market rates” of interest on its gigantic debts.

But because these Deadbeat Debtors fraudulently fix the interest rates on their bond debts at absurdly low levels – which do not even begin to compensate lenders for risk – there are no “buyers” for these fraud-bonds. Thus the Deadbeat Debtors are now printing-up additional money conjured out of thin air (so-called “QE”), by the $trillions, simply to “buy” their own (and each other’s) fraud-bonds.

A familiar chart provides pictorial/empirical proof of this Ponzi-scheme at work:

It is this chart which shows/proves why there can never be any meaningful tapering by the Federal Reserve, unless the intent is to detonate these Ponzi-scheme economies, in some sort of contrived debt-default crash. As soon as the Ponzi money-printing of either the Federal Reserve or the ECB eases up; all of the Western debt-dominoes will go “kaboom”.

But while at the top Big Banks are “loaned” money for free, and then paid interest on the gifts; interest-rate fraud works in exactly the opposite manner for all the Little People on the bottom. For them; they are paid (virtually) zero interest on their savings – but charged relatively usurious rates of interest on their debts.

Fundamentally bankrupt governments (offering zero “collateral” for their debts) can borrow money by the $trillions, in 10-year bonds, at roughly 2 – 3%. So why do securely employed individuals borrowing money to buy secured assets like homes and automobiles have to pay much higher rates?

For those still quoting the feeble mantra that “nations don’t default” on their debts; Greece has already defaulted. And look (again) at the previous chart, an obvious picture of a Ponzi-scheme economy. That chart doesn’t suggest the U.S. might, one day default on its unprecedented debts; it proves that it must default on its debts, soon, as the only mathematically possible outcome of that exponential curve.

We live in societies which are now irredeemably corrupt. Endemic acts of interest rate fraud, have been proven and demonstrated in literally every facet of our lives. An entire financial system, has been created by a gigantic, financial Crime Syndicate, to fraudulently funnel out of the wealth out of our societies, and then perpetually enslave us in debt.

Yes, the current paradigm must “blow up” (and it will implode soon). However, unless this thoroughly corrupt system is entirely rebuilt, and stripped of all this institutionalized fraud; we will simply see a new paradigm of corruption rise out of the rubble.

One hundred years ago, when the Federal Reserve hijacked control of the U.S. economy; the United States was the most affluent, dynamic, economic juggernaut the world has ever seen. After a century of Fed-rule (i.e. rule by the One Bank); the U.S. is now a bankrupt, hollowed-out, economic husk.

The Federal Reserve is history’s ultimate case-study as to why (private) “central banks” can never be allowed to exist. It is the ultimate illustration of Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s infamous boast:

Give me control of a nation’s money-supply, and I care not who makes its laws.

Unless/until these Financial Vampires receive their necessary stakes-through-the-heart, the One Bank will continue to use the yoke of debt (and interest rate fraud) to enslave all of us.


[Readers are encouraged to join me on The Daily Grind, my daily dialogue on precious metals markets – and the events which drive those markets]


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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, January 07, 2014
...many, including myself, doubt there will be a crash which could easily lead to open rebellion. Rather I believe they will continue to slowly "boil the frogs" as this method of economic conquest and destruction has been very effective thus far. With deep disgust, I reluctantly tip my hat to these thugs for their ability not only to so thoroughly gull humanity but to keep so many plates spinning in the air for so long.

Owatica, I understand your perspective, in that all appearances at the moment are that the One Bank's economic choke-hold is as secure as ever. However, I would argue that this is an "eye of the hurricane" illusion.

Look again at the chart above. That chart says "kaboom" soon. And I would also suggest re-reading an older commentary:

"When Prices Have No Meaning"

That commentary basically predicted an eye-of-the-hurricane effect, BECAUSE we are so close to the very end. smilies/wink.gif
written by Billie , January 07, 2014
Dear Jeff...

This may seem a redundant clarification, but the Orwellian reality is the "loans" [all bank loans] made to "governments" cost the banks nothing whatsoever but are represented to taxpayers as "debt". The People do not understand they have NO debt to these criminal, corrupt "banks". Even as world headlines declare nations to be drowning in debt no one ever seems to ask, "What debt is this and to whom is it 'owed'?"

People simply do not understand all the Big Banks do is make "digital" entries on their "magic" computers and declare these entries to be "money". A loan is simply a digital entry; nothing of value changes hands. The Fed does not give the "government" gold, silver, land or any other hard asset; it simply makes an entry on the computer and the "government" tells the taxpayer this is a "debt" the taxpayer must pay. In this way the People/serfs of the global central banking cabal are robbed of all their assets.

However, many, including myself, doubt there will be a crash which could easily lead to open rebellion. Rather I believe they will continue to slowly "boil the frogs" as this method of economic conquest and destruction has been very effective thus far. With deep disgust, I reluctantly tip my hat to these thugs for their ability not only to so thoroughly gull humanity but to keep so many plates spinning in the air for so long.

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