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The West’s Slow-Motion Collapse

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Many analysts outside the mainstream herd have been making dire predictions about the collapse of the economies of the Western bloc for the past several years, myself included. Those predictions have not come to pass. Does this mean that we were wrong, or at best woefully premature in our thinking? Simply, no.

Analysis (and prediction) is based upon the rational assessment of data. It is (or at least is supposed to be) a purely logical extrapolation based upon existing trends and parameters. Part of this “rational assessment” is the presumption that the various actors and authorities in our markets and economies will respond to these trends and parameters in a rational manner.

This is not merely a reasonable basis for engaging in analysis, it is the only basis. The only option to expecting rational behavior from these various participants would be to expect irrational/arbitrary behavior. However, by definition, irrational/arbitrary behavior is unpredictable. Thus such an approach is no longer “analysis” at all. It devolves into a mere guessing-game.

So we expect rational behavior and rational responses to various economic/market stimuli because we have no other choice, and when we don’t see such behavior this inevitably skews all analysis based on such rational expectations. What is important to note, however, is that irrational/arbitrary behavior (and thinking) does not invalidate such rational assessments and predictions – at least not those based upon Big Picture trends/parameters – it merely alters the time-horizon.

These Big Picture trends are the economic equivalent of the proverbial “irresistible force”, because boiled-down, they are nothing but manifestations of simple arithmetic. Any nation which chooses the (suicidal) economic policy of permanent deficits will default on its debts; it’s just simple arithmetic (i.e. compounding interest on that debt). Any nation which allows its money-printing to spiral higher will produce hyperinflation, it’s just simple arithmetic (if you keep adding water to the lemonade, you will dilute the lemonade).

The purpose of this piece is thus not to defend (no-brainer) predictions which must come true, just as certainly as “2 + 2” will always equal four. Rather, the purpose of this piece is to identify the factors which have prevented these predictions from being validated (so far), and to alert readers to the grave danger of assuming that this slow-motion collapse of Western economies will continue at the same rate.

If there is one thing we have learned with our Wonderland Matrix, it is that the puppet-masters of the One Bank are seemingly “masters of illusion.” But such a conclusion gives these bankers (and their servants in government and the media) far too much credit.

Framed more negatively; we have populations of Sheep across the Western world who have been rendered so myopic through the saturation brainwashing of Western media that they would not “see” a brick wall directly in front of their own eyes – unless/until they were first told to look for it. The proof is in the numbers, the numbers from the real world.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies of “jobs, jobs, jobs” in the U.S. economy, if they simply saw with their own eyes that there are less people working in the U.S. economy each month.

It would be impossible for any of the Sheep to believe the lies that “inflation is too low”, if they simply saw with their own eyes the hyperinflationary spiral of U.S. money-printing (and money-printing across the Western world).


There is no cleverness involved here on the part of the banking cabal. An Illusionist earns no credit for his tricks if everyone in the audience is blind. So what has prevented the terminal decay of these corrupt Western economies from already precipitating the total collapse which readers have been told (again and again) is “imminent”?

No one could predict that the One Bank could simply manipulate interest rates all around the world to any numbers it desired. More to the point; no one could have predicted that even after that crime was uncovered that our corrupt governments and even more-corrupt regulators would simply allow the crime to continue.

No one could have predicted that the One Bank could manipulate all of the world’s paper currencies to any numbers it desired. More to the point, no one could have predicted that even after that crime was uncovered that our corrupt governments and even more-corrupt regulators would simply allow the crime to continue.

One expects that with a single Crime Syndicate committing the largest financial crimes in human history (by a factor of at least one thousand) that those crimes will be uncovered. One expects that after such crimes are exposed that our governments and authorities will act to put an end to such crime.

What has ultimately been the most-unpredictable factor is the mindless behavior of the Sheep, themselves. Pavlov showed us how dogs can be conditioned to respond to stimuli. The One Bank has shown us how human beings can be conditioned to not respond to stimuli.

What no one could predict is that Western Sheep would become so stupefied from constant brainwashing that they would actually ignore what they saw/heard with their own senses, any time it conflicted with the lies of the propaganda machine. The only way in which anyone can be made to believe that “hot” is “cold”, or “black” is “white” is if they no longer pay attention to their own sensory perceptions.

Prior to the “U.S. recovery”; we were told by the bankers that in the U.S. municipal debt market that entities “never default”. Since the beginning of the mythical recovery; thirty-six U.S. city/county/municipal entities have declared bankruptcy, including the city which represents the heart of the U.S. automobile industry – Detroit.

Prior to the “U.S. recovery”; we were warned by Big Oil that the U.S. would soon run out of refining capacity, just to meet the (then) insatiable demand for petroleum products of its domestic market. Since the beginning of the mythical recovery (and with no new refinery capacity); U.S. energy consumption has collapsed so rapidly that the U.S. is now a major exporter of diesel, heating oil, and even gasoline.

Regular readers are now familiar with the chart of the “heartbeat” of the U.S. economy, the velocity of money:

As quipped previously; if the “U.S. economy” was actually a person, a priest would have already been summoned to perform Last Rites. Yet as the U.S. Greater Depression continues to intensify, today we have the head-prostitute at the IMF boasting that the (supposedly) strengthening U.S. economy is providing a “major impulse” to the global economy.

How strong is this “major impulse”? According to the same bankers, and the same media talking-heads, all of these other (previously healthy) Emerging Market economies are presently in “a crisis”. If the mighty U.S. economy “stimulates” these other economies any more strongly, they may all collapse completely.

Black is white. Hot is cold. Up is down. As each day passes in our surreal, Wonderland Matrix; the greatest illusion of all is that the relentless economic collapse of the West is occurring slowly. The only reason why such a façade is still temporarily intact is because the size of the lies which wall-paper over this collapse are rapidly accelerating in size.

The process in which a terminally-ill patient dies can also seem to be taking place “in slow motion”. And yet, ultimately, death itself occurs in (literally) a heart-beat. One instant the heart is still beating; the next instant it isn’t.

So, too, it is with these terminal Western economies. While in their near-death state (and with populations which are equally comatose); the façade of “life” and even health can be maintained. But the façade ends when death itself takes place.

What even the brainwashing of the One Bank will not be able to cover-up is the rotting stench of these corpse economies – and the growling of the Sheeps’ stomachs, as our Traitor Governments fail to feed larger and larger numbers of their own populations. This slow-motion collapse of the Western bloc is ultimately also providing the forewarned with more time to prepare for the inevitable. Don’t allow yourselves to be mesmerized by the Wonderland Matrix, and squander that precious time.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 14, 2014
I'm another one whose friends and relatives now view as a conspiracy theory nut, even though the truth usually turns out to be stranger than fiction but some time after the event.... and goes mostly unreported. On the war front, as opposed to bullion, it appears that the Syrian sarin gas, according to Porton Down analysis, probably came from the rebels and was supplied by Turkey as it is not of the type held by Assad. Yet the news still bangs on about how Assad's time to get rid of his wmd is running out.

Norbull; I'm afraid I've run out of answers myself when it comes to trying to reach the Sheep in general terms. However, with respect to the specific (and cliche) accusation of "conspiracy nut" I do have a rebuttal:

The Non-Conspiracy Nuts

As is pointed out in my commentary (as did you in your own comment); what we see again and again is factual evidence coming out which CONFIRMS the existence of all these conspiracies.

The term "conspiracy nut" comes from all of the "conspiracy theories" which these (supposed) "nuts" have put forth. However, when these conspiracies are confirmed they are no longer conspiracy theories; they are conspiracy facts.

To refuse to believe in something even after it has been proven is the REAL indication of who is a "nut" and who isn't. As we all know; the masses continued to believe that "the world was flat" long after mathematics (and empirical observation) had proven it was round.

And when you point out to all these Non-Conspiracy Nuts the complete lack of rationality in their own belief system, don't forget to add these words of wisdom:

"What is right isn't always popular. And what is popular isn't always right."

written by Graham, April 14, 2014
I'm another one whose friends and relatives now view as a conspiracy theory nut, even though the truth usually turns out to be stranger than fiction but some time after the event.... and goes mostly unreported. On the war front, as opposed to bullion, it appears that the Syrian sarin gas, according to Porton Down analysis, probably came from the rebels and was supplied by Turkey as it is not of the type held by Assad. Yet the news still bangs on about how Assad's time to get rid of his wmd is running out.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 12, 2014
I'm already the "one who cried wolf" as far as my family and friends are concerned. Because it hasn't happened, it will never happen... argh. Naught I can do as no one is listening now.... Harry Reid and his son have a solar deal with a Chinese company to build on Mr. Bundy's land in Nevada. The 'government' also has sold fracking leases on Mr. Bundy's land. Mr. Bundy said this is not about the cattle this is about whether a theiving and tyrannical government can do whatever it likes. The most recent headline implies the government backed down. I think not. They are just picking their fights. This one is too obvious. False flags and sneak attacks, as noted above, are more their style.

Lol Owatica! I can relate to your personal anecdote, and I'm sure there are many other readers who can, as well. It's one of the reasons why my commentaries over the past year have been directed at the already-aware. I'm not even trying to reach the Sheep at this particular time -- it's a lost cause.

As for the Bundy situation; I just started following this news item, so I'm playing catch-up here. However, it's precisely these sorts of arrogant, Nazi acts by particular regimes which often ends up as a rallying-point for people.

The Sheep can't understand much, but maybe the facts in that situation are clear enough to help some of them take off their blinders. At the moment; it's going to be government arrogance rather than our own warnings which are most likely to serve as a wake-up call.
written by Billie , April 12, 2014
I'm already the "one who cried wolf" as far as my family and friends are concerned. Because it hasn't happened, it will never happen... argh. Naught I can do as no one is listening now.... Harry Reid and his son have a solar deal with a Chinese company to build on Mr. Bundy's land in Nevada. The 'government' also has sold fracking leases on Mr. Bundy's land. Mr. Bundy said this is not about the cattle this is about whether a theiving and tyrannical government can do whatever it likes. The most recent headline implies the government backed down. I think not. They are just picking their fights. This one is too obvious. False flags and sneak attacks, as noted above, are more their style.
Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 12, 2014
...soon the USG will overreach in some psychotic fashion; perhaps it will be the cattle ranch in Nevada becoming the next Ruby Ridge, or the monster of all false flags directed at the electrical grid (which seems to be of especial interest on the news lately). It's extremely difficult, I know, to predict what psychopaths will do, but I don't think it will be WWIII for the simple reason is that it would cost too much money that would otherwise go into the hands of the one bank and its cronies.

I strongly agree, Apberusdisvet. I also suspect that we're much more likely to see the One Bank self-destruct through an(other) arrogant blunder than to see the meek/clueless Sheep simply 'rise up' spontaneously.
written by Andy Bergeron, April 11, 2014
Jeff: the slo-mo wreck that is the US economy, despite all the "recovery" propaganda, and the incremental subjugation of the American people, are both felt by many, but not yet enough to start a revolution. But soon the USG will overreach in some psychotic fashion; perhaps it will be the cattle ranch in Nevada becoming the next Ruby Ridge, or the monster of all false flags directed at the electrical grid (which seems to be of especial interest on the news lately). It's extremely difficult, I know, to predict what psychopaths will do, but I don't think it will be WWIII for the simple reason is that it would cost too much money that would otherwise go into the hands of the one bank and its cronies.

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