Saturday, October 25, 2014
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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Ebola 'spreads' to NYC...??? in the forums.
I would suggest again that it's still impossible to conclude whether the U.S. government is:

a) Deliberately spreading/creating a real "Ebola pandemic" (along with a fake-hoax); or
b) Simply manufacturing an Ebola hoax (and panic)

On the one hand; the latest "news" is again implausible to the point of absurdity. Here we have the same government which literally freaked-out (and over-reacted) to the totally trivial "SARS" virus which created brief concern several years ago, but now it's (supposedly) totally asleep-at-the-wheel as a MUCH, MUCH DEADLIER DISEASE starts hopping from one U.S. city or another.

Pandemic or pandemic hoax; either way NYC city is the natural place to extend this melodrama. It has (depending on which theory to which you subscribe):

i) The largest concentration of people in the U.S. to infect.
ii) The largest concentration of people in the U.S. to scare.

Either way; the "news" we are receiving here continues to scream-out: "manufactured event".

New York Man Diagnosed With Ebola, Health Officials Tracing His Contacts

A New York City doctor tested positive for Ebola after returning from aid work in West Africa. Authorities are tracing his contacts while assuring the public the risk of contracting the disease is minimal.

It’s the first case of Ebola diagnosed in the nation's most populous city. The doctor, Craig Spencer, 33, is being treated in an isolation unit at Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan. At the same time, officials are monitoring those who were with him as he traveled on the subway, went bowling and had close contact with several people...
10:20 AM
robinsld replied to the topic Re: The Swiss Gold Referendum in the forums.
Actually, thinking about the topic of election fraud, it's starting to become obvious that this is the rule, not the exception. Do we ever really have free and fair elections anymore???
03:37 PM
Ah, yes: George Soros.

Former Nazi-collaborator in World War II (the source of his fortune), and now an infamous bash-and-buy artist -- constantly warning us of "gold bubbles", while he loads up on gold himself.

Now there is a "reliable source"...

P.S. Maybe Soros is hoping another major war will start -- so he can get someone to pay him (again) for selling-out his fellow citizens??
01:25 PM
Facts: there were two (alleged) murders in Canada recently; one was a shooting, the other a traffic fatality. What do the two deaths have in common?

Both were allegedly perpetrated by Muslim Canadians, in both cases the "attacker" was (conveniently) shot dead. And Canadian puppet-Prime Minister Stephen Harper is calling both deaths "acts of terrorism".

What was the MOTIVE (i.e. reason) for these supposed "acts of terrorism"? None given, because there is no reason/motive. Once upon a time; acts of terrorism fell into a familiar pattern. First of all; some terrorist group would always "claim responsibility" for the action -- as what's the point of "sending a message" if no one knows who is sending it, or even what the "message" is???

The other familiar element was some strategic PURPOSE for the "act of terrorism". But not in our fantasy "War on Terror". In this mythological world; all of the (supposed) terrorists are crazy, and they do things for absolutely no reason at all.

Of course most of this supposed "terrorism" has been just terrorist wanna-be's -- clowns caught "plotting acts of terrorism" which were so clumsy and amateurish that no thinking adult could do anything other laugh at the absurdity.

How are these clowns caught? Because they are PROVOKED into their "terrorist plots" by government infiltrators/agitators. THEY supply the ideas. THEY supply the materials. THEY supply the financing. And then when they have manufactured enough evidence to claim there is a "plot", they arrest the clowns -- and tell us how lucky we are that our POLICE STATES are "fighting terrorism" on our behalf.

Of course even the Sheep would (will? are?) becoming suspicious about these "terrorist plots", so from time-to-time the Puppet Masters need to manufacture a few dead bodies -- so that the Sheep themselves won't begin to see the "War on Terror" for the utter sham that it is.

So a few innocent victims are murdered, and a few "terrorist" SCAPEGOATS are produced. Conveniently, almost always these are DEAD Scapegoats -- since "dead men tell no tales" (like who they really working for).

Meanwhile, outside of our sheltered/comatose societies (where REAL "acts of terrorism" take place) what do we find? That it was/is our governments (and mostly the U.S. government) who funded, and trained, and armed, and generally BUILT these "terrorist groups".

[Retired U.S. Lt. Gen. Tom McInerney admits (below): “We Helped Build ISIS”...]

The Covert Origins of ISIS
More, imaginary "terrorism"

The Road to World War III

Harper Insists Canada Will Not Be Intimidated By Terrorists

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper confirmed Thursday that both of the attacks that occurred in the country this week were acts of terrorism, carried out by Canadian citizens...
12:26 PM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson, Bigdad06, robinsld replied to the topic Re: The Swiss Gold Referendum in the forums.
We'll have to wait-and-see, guys. Personally, I suspect that there has already been a considerable amount of election fraud -- including in the most-recent election in my own province.

For decades; sophisticated polling had gotten so accurate that these polling companies had earned reputations for accurately predicting results, from relatively small voting samples. Now, suddenly, we're seeing election night "surprises" again and again, where polling companies predict a clear winner -- and that party loses.

The question is this: with the Sheep in our own societies still snoozing through all the economic fraud that our governments perpetrate (with barely a whimper), will any of the Sheep even NOTICE fraud at the ballot box...?

11:36 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic The Swiss Gold Referendum in the forums.
Regular readers are aware that almost alone amongst Western populations; the people of Switzerland continue to act and think like citizens -- rather than serfs.

They had a vote (narrowly defeated) to put a hard cap on "executive compensation", which would have rolled back the obscene "compensation" which these Thieves steal from their own companies by as much as 90%. It would have also restored executive compensation back to the same levels it was at when there was prosperity across the Western world.

Limiting Executive Compensation: the Swiss Example
They had a vote (also narrowly defeated) to create the nations first "minimum wage" -- at the lofty level of $25/hour. However, since Switzerland already has the highest standard of living in the Western world, the vote was largely symbolic. More than 90% of Swiss workers already make more than $25/hr -- unlike the "WalMart" economies of North America.

Lies, Inflation, and the Minimum Wage
Now we see a new referendum on the ballot in Switzerland, this one titled simply "Save Our Gold".

If Swiss voters approve this initiative, it would impose three mandates on the Swiss government:

1) It should raise its gold reserves to 20% of total currency reserves.
(Bankers have always considered gold "currency", and in the Land of Bankers they know their money.)
2) It should (permanently) cease all sales of its gold reserves.
3) It should store all of its gold INSIDE Switzerland. (Obviously yet another "U.S. ally" has become deeply suspicious of American assurances that their gold is "stored safely".)

As reported at Basher Central; the "Yes" side currently has a significant edge in recent polls: 46% to 39%. However, expect this referendum to also be defeated.

Here readers need to understand that the previous two referendums also enjoyed significant popular support. But they were defeated through the relentless negativity and fear-mongering of the Corporate media and extensive lobbying by Big Business that "limiting executive compensation" or "raising (creating) the minimum wage" would somehow undermine Swiss prosperity.

With Switzerland being the closest thing to a "home" for the One Bank; our Bankster Overlords don't want to see "their people" setting a bad example for all the other serf-populations. Monkey-see; monkey-do.

The Serfs of North America (and most of Europe) would never think (all by themselves) to push politicians toward limiting obscene "executive compensation", which in relative terms is as much as 10,000% higher than normal (i.e. proserous) ratios. The Serfs would never think to force our governments to raise the minimum wage to something which people could actually live on.

But they might COPY another nation that did so first.

So expect the Banksters to muster enough support (or simply rig the polls) so that this ballot measure is also defeated. The Banksters don't want the Serfs to start asking "where's our gold?"

First Poll Shows 'Yes' Side has Upper Hand Ahead Of Swiss Gold Referendum

A slim majority of Swiss citizens said they would vote yes to force the Swiss National Bank to increase and hold on to their gold reserves, according to the country’s first opinion poll.

On Tuesday, 20 Minuten, Switzerland’s biggest daily newspaper, released the results of its online survey. According to the poll, which was conducted on Oct. 15 and had more than 13,000 respondents, 45% to 39% said they would support the “Save Our Gold” initiative. However, according to media reports, the survey also showed a high number of undecided voters...
11:03 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic My latest interview... in the forums.
I just recorded another clip with Canadian host, Paul Sandhu, a few days earlier. For those not familiar with his work; Paul is a very astute individual, and a good communicator -- and so we tend to have very good, broad-ranging discussions.
02:28 PM
We see yet more evidence of the failure of the One Bank's efforts to stymie Indian gold demand, by blackmailing India's government into a near-total embargo on gold imports. As the One Bank has backed-off on its economic blackmail (through attacking/rigging the rupee in FX markets), we naturally see official imports rising back toward normal levels.

But even with official gold imports being relaxed; gold-smuggling into just keeps growing. The latest numbers from Basher Central confirm both of these points:

The government reported that in dollar terms, gold imports rose to $3.75 billion last month, which was the most since authorities imposed the so-called 80-20 rule in the summer of 2013. data from Switzerland, through which much of the world’s gold flows, showed exports of 58.5 metric tons to India last month, the most so far in 2014 and nearly twice the average monthly volume.

The point here (which regular readers know already) is that most of the gold flowing from Switzerland to India is SMUGGLED GOLD. We know this, because "exports" of gold from Switzerland to India had already exploded to unprecedented levels while OFFICIAL gold imports into India were still at near-zero levels.

Obviously if Switzerland is "exporting" gold (i.e. selling gold) into India, but India isn't "importing" that gold (officially), then it must be smuggled gold. Only in Switzerland (the Land of Banksters) do they classify gold-smuggling as an official "export".

The bottom-line here is that no one in India trusts India's government (or the Bankers lurking behind it). Thus all that the One Bank actually "accomplished" through its heavy-handed, short-sighted blackmail was to (permanently) reignite gold-smuggling into India (at massive levels).

This is a "gold trade" over which it can't exert any control, either in terms of quantities or PRICE. Indeed, as already noted, this massive gold-smuggling into India could be the trigger for the price-decoupling which I have suggested is the most-likely way for gold/silver manipulation to fail.

China/India Gold Demand: 2013 Déjà Vu

Indian Gold Demand Jumps During Run-Up To Diwali Festival
How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo
Gold Market Secretly Decoupling
Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets

P.S. We also can't forget what the One Bank's futile gold-embargo in India did to Indian silver demand -- i.e. causing it to soar to new, record levels.

Gold-Squeeze In India Stokes Silver Demand
Gold-Starved Indians Still Soaking-Up Silver

As George Bush Jr. would say: "Mission Accomplished"...

Gold demand from India picked up significantly ahead of the approaching Diwali festival, analysts and traders reported.

Diwali, the festival of lights observed by the country’s Hindu population, falls on Thursday and is an auspicious time for buying gold. India, in turn, is one of the world’s two largest gold-buying nations.

“Demand in India has noticeably strengthened ahead of this year's Diwali, especially after gold prices traded around the year's lows during the month or so before this key festival,” said Joni Teves, analyst with UBS...
01:45 PM
4 days ago
It turns out that Warren Buffet is not the only "value investor" in the U.S. who is sitting on a huge pile of money, waiting for the bubbles to pop.

Eric Cinnamond had 75 percent of the money in his mutual fund in cash at the end of July because he couldn’t find enough cheap small-company stocks to buy. The stock-market selloff this month hasn’t changed his mind...

What's surprising in this Bloomberg propaganda is that they REPEAT that Warren Buffett is sitting on "more than $50 billion" in cash, and REPEAT that he is "waiting for a fat pitch" (lol!) -- i.e. the Mother of All Crashes.

You can't say that the Sheep haven't been warned...

Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

Value Investors Hoarding Cash See Few Bargains After Rout

Eric Cinnamond had 75 percent of the money in his mutual fund in cash at the end of July because he couldn’t find enough cheap small-company stocks to buy. The stock-market selloff this month hasn’t changed his mind.

“While the recent decline is refreshing, in my opinion, small caps remain expensive given the insane heights they reached this cycle,” Cinnamond, manager of the $691 million Aston/River Road Independent Value Fund, (ARIVX) wrote in an e-mail.

A global rout in stock markets has wiped $3.3 trillion from the value of equities worldwide this month through Oct. 16 and the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has slumped 6.2 percent since reaching a peak for the year on Sept. 18. The plunge hasn’t been enough for Cinnamond and other money managers who hold unusually high levels of cash, such as Stephen Yacktman of Yacktman Asset Management LP and Wally Weitz of Weitz Investment Management Inc., who say bargains still aren’t easy to find...
12:00 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Ebola 'spreading' in Texas? in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Don't worry, trust me ...

Obama says he "shock hands with, hugged, kissed ... not the doctors, but a couple of the nurses at Emory because of the work they did in treating one of the patients. They followed the protocols, they knew what they were doing, and I felt perfectly safe doing so..."

So you heard it.... Don't worry...

Debsyl, the tricky part in dealing with a Sleazy Weasel like Obama is that while you know he is always lying, it can be quite difficult to figure out precisely what/where is the lie(s). That's where I miss Junior, and the "Good Ole Days". With Junior, you always knew exactly what he was lying about.

Given what we already know about the almost non-existent "quarantine procedures" at the infamous hospital in Texas; what we DO know is that Obama would not have "hugged" any nurse who actually treated a patient who has actually infected with Ebola.

But is he lying about having "hugged nurses"? Or, is the lie part of (as Dylan suspects) some Greater Hoax, where there never was an "Ebola infection" in the first place?
11:48 AM
debsyl wrote:
My head is spinning LOL

Ok, I must admit I never understood Harvey Organ's data...

Does anyone know how the CME works? Is this "new" video accurate? It appears someone is going to all ends to discredit Harvey Organ. Interesting, considering that his blog was deleted only a week ago.

Thanks for the post Debsyl, although somehow I missed the reference (criticism) of Harvey Organ.

Let me first say that having no professional trading background, this is not an area where I generally feel comfortable "explaining things" to others. Indeed, I've always been somewhat fuzzy about the whole "registered/eligible" classification system of the Crimex myself.

As for the analysis here; unless I'm totally confused, this Clown has totally messed-up his own "explanation". Fortunately, he quotes the actual definitions of "registered" and "eligible" (at the beginning), so if you stick with that (and ignore all the rest of the B.S.) it's somewhat helpful.

Basically, the terms are actually quite straightforward. By "eligible"; this means metal which is eligible for sale. This is the real "inventory" number. "Registered", on the other hand, is metal stored in a Comex warehouse but already owned by a particular (private) buyer.

This is where we get the second (informal) classifications he refers to -- except he gets it backwards -- "dealer" and "customer" inventories. A "dealer inventory" is metal which is openly for sale, while (naturally) the "customer inventory" is privately held metal, which is not for sale.

Where we get these Liars lying-with-numbers is that they pretend that the "registered" inventories are the "total inventories", and Liars like Jeffrey Christian quote that number in their bogus inventory charts -- like the one I've used in previous commentaries.

This is how they manufactured a "rise in inventories", by counting all the privately-held "ETF silver" (primarily SLV) as part of its "inventory" number.

Essentially, the "registered" number is totally irrelevant. It is NOT for sale, it is merely STORED in the Comex's warehouses. The only relevant number is the "eligible" number.

Thanks for the question, as (being forced to examine this more closely) I now think I have a better understanding myself...

11:30 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Israel's land-stealing continues... in the forums.
While Israel has earned our condemnation in many respects; we must at least credit these War Criminals with two things: persistence and consistency. If Israel's not busy murdering Palestinians in its "anti-terrorism" operations, then we can be sure its busy stealing more Palestinian land.

With Israel's latest Gaza-invasion having used up its murder quota (for a little while); its back to the land-stealing. And this isn't any ordinary parcel of land, but rather part of the Palestinian's dwindling holdings of Jerusalem -- a city just as "holy" to them as it is to Israel's Jewish population.

When will the Sheep wake up to the crimes of this apartheid regime? Even with the fictional reporting of the Corporate media; it is impossible to cover-up who is the real Villain in this scenario.

Israelis quietly expand enclave in Palestinian district of Jerusalem

Israeli guards quietly occupied two purchased residential buildings in a Palestinian district of East Jerusalem on Monday, expanding a Jewish settler project in defiance of U.S. criticism.

A previous move on September 30 by settlers into homes bought in the Silwan neighborhood, in an area captured by Israel in a 1967 war, coincided with a U.S. visit by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and drew White House condemnation.

Hoping to cement Israel's claim on all of Jerusalem, far-right Jews have been paying top dollar for Silwan properties, often through Arab middle-men to circumvent Palestinian taboos on such sales.

An estimated 500 settlers, armed or protected by paramilitary police, live in Silwan among 50,000 Palestinians. Israel's claim to all of Jerusalem as its capital is not recognized internationally...
11:04 AM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Ebola 'spreading' in Texas? in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
Jeff wrote:

First of all, I don't see any point/justification in acting like this is some great piece of sleuthing.

I agree, but nobody is acting in such a fashion. I post this stuff so that we can do the sleuthing.

Dylan, in case it wasn't clear; that remark wasn't directed toward you, but toward the person who made the clip. It's his presentation which strikes me as being sensationalized (and thus suspect).
11:57 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Professor Antal Fekete in the forums.
Debsyl, Max Keiser has dropped off my list of reference sources for two (related) reasons: his bluster, and his sloppiness.

Max Keiser is the King of Hyperbole. And one inevitable trait of people who indulge in hyperbole is sloppiness -- because they are more interested in being sensational than being correct. In this clip, however; Keiser is simply wrong.

At almost the 10-minute mark exactly; he comes out with a statement which is simply preposterous. He says that inflation is not because of all the money-printing, but rather "because the oligopolies are engaging in price-gouging".

Now as I have stated previously; oligopolies (and monopolies) do have a propensity for price-gouging. This is one of their many evils. But that is based upon the ability to pay (for their captive consumers). You can't engage in "price-gouging" with people whose wallets are empty -- because there is no more to squeeze out of them.

If you over-price your goods, you actually REDUCE rather than increase profits. So the oligopolies (and the One Bank) can only engage in very limited price-gouging -- generally (and ironically) only with respect to the luxury items purchased by the wealthy (the only people who can be price-gouged successfully).

As we all know; THIS is what is causing all the inflation:

And what is so silly here is that immediately before Keiser makes his preposterous statement about the cause of inflation; he was talking about all the "gobs" of quantitative easing being spewed by the Fed. Indeed, then Keiser makes a complete idiot of himself by stating that the money-printing "causes deflation"

This is the problem with Keiser, and others of his ilk. It doesn't help us that they (generally) get their facts straight, when they are prone to (gigantic) blunders in stating their conclusions. And this gets to the crux of your actual question.

My historic knowledge of markets is generally weak. This is why I look to (and credit) reference sources like Charles Savoie ("The Silver Stealers"), Bill Still ("The Money Masters"), and Darryl Schoon. So I'm not really the right person to ask with respect to whether Keiser (and Fekete) is right on this particular subject -- since I don't know the facts as well as they do.

But if we can't trust Keiser's conclusions, then what about Fekete? Regular readers most likely have seen me rejecting some of Fekete's theories in the past (particularly concerning the silver market) because they did not make logical sense.

For instance; several years ago Fekete came out with the preposterous theory that China was (primarily) behind silver manipulation -- as a means of "earning interest" on its (supposed) "secret stockpile" of silver. There are several problems here.

First Fekete has no proof that China even has a secret silver stockpile. Secondly, his analysis makes no sense. As I have pointed out in several commentaries; if you under-price ANYTHING, you destroy supply through over-consumption.

I simply refuse to believe that China would recklessly destroy global silver stockpiles, simply for the (petty) motive of collecting modest amounts of paper "interest" on its silver. The COST of such a strategy grossly exceeds its benefits -- and China is not stupid.

So we have two individuals here whose reasoning cannot be trusted (lol), discussing "bond market operations" in the 1920's. And how does Fekete start?

The Federal Reserve Act was not altogether bad.


And he follows that immediately with this idiocy:

People create money, not central banks.

This is simply wrong. People generate (i.e. create) economic activity. Buying things, selling things; and earning wages or profits. This economic activity produces a "multiplier effect" which allows us to use the same dollar again and again. But this is NOT "money creation". So in the first minute of Fekete's appearance here, my previous criticisms were vindicated -- because the man can't think (correctly).

Was there a U.S. "bond market collapse" (covered up be the media) in 1921? It's certainly possible that Fekete has his facts straight on this topic -- but you can't trust any of his analysis. "Retired professors" are no better a source for clear thinking than the active ones.

And both of these idiots continue to talk about "deflation"...incorrectly. First of all they imply that it's a bigger issue (at the moment) than inflation. Secondly (having no grasp of economics) they imply that deflation is BAD. It's not; it's the most-cleansing force for sick economies.

The problem is that our economies are not "sick". They are terminal. What happens if you give (belatedly) give a terminal patient the correct medicine (deflation)? They still die -- but it doesn't make the medication "bad".

Deflation Propaganda: the Great Perversion
When Deflation Becomes Hyperinflation

The only "problem" here is inflation. Stay away from these Two Idiots.

P.S. My understanding here (according to what Fekete said himself) is that he is a professor of MATHEMATICS. And (apparently) he has no formal training in economics. Thus we have a retired professor inventing "theories" in a field in which he doesn't even have any credentials.

P.P.S. I did like one moment in the clip (lol). That was when Fekete came out with his general metaphor about how you "can't kick the garbage up into the attic" (forever). Metaphorically, eventually gravity kicks in (once the weight of the garbage is too great) and it MUST all come crashing down.

Economically; this is precisely what that Psychopaths and Suicide Jockeys have been doing for the past quarter-century: they haven't been simply engaging in "unsustainable" policies, they have been engaging in ridiculously unsustainable policies -- kicking their (our) "garbage" up into the attic (year after year after year).
11:48 AM
6 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Random Acts of Kindness in the forums.
Very nice, Debsyl!

07:03 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Ebola 'spreading' in Texas? in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
I don`t think that`s entirely fair Jeff. Somebody has to report it on this level. When he repeats that it doesn`t make any sense, he`s only being honest. It is not his analysis that makes no sense but the situation, his confusion does make sense.
To us this doesn`t make any sense, at least not yet.
We are no further ahead than he is on this. He does at least mention at around 7.00 minutes that this could be deliberate.

Dylan, I never suggested that such information should not be reported (assuming it was/is legitimate). What I'm saying is that I would be much more favorably inclined toward what was presented in that clip if it was presented in a more measured manner.

First of all, I don't see any point/justification in acting like this is some great piece of sleuthing. Rather, I'm suggesting that the (fairly obvious) observation should be made that it looks like the Powerz want us to think this is a hoax -- due to how (deliberately?) clumsy they are with this particular episode.
06:17 PM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Legendary Songwriter with Alzheimer’s Releases His Final Epic Ballad!

The final ballad is called “I’m Not Gonna Miss You.” The melody is somber and contemplative, but the lyrics show Campbell’s ability to find irony in his disease. The result is a beautiful combination of sadness and joy, which ends much too quickly.

Debsyl, I always get really sad when I see someone permanently (and sometimes fatally) afflicted with some condition which has devastated their life. It's especially sad with respect to those born with some catastrophic disability as (in one way or another) they never had the opportunity to appreciate the Universe in all its splendor.

But either way that overwhelming sense of sadness makes it difficult for me to find joy in such circumstances. The only silver-lining I could find is that (because he was able to record a song like this) Campbell still has periods (moments?) of lucidity which allow him to recognize what has happened (is happening) to him.

And when I thought about that; it just made sadder...

Oct 17
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Ebola 'spreading' in Texas? in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
On the topic of the infected health care worker allowed to travel in the US, I`m going to go out on a limb and post this video by the afore mentioned gentlemen castigated for his profanities. I`m only posting it because I have personally vetted it and can vouch that there are NO swear words used. Maybe he reads the BBC forums

I thought these surreal videos would be limited to Africa but I was wrong. Observe clipboard man in plain clothes casually helping the Haz Mat crew and their patient with the deadly ebola virus onto the plane. Perhaps he has sampled some of the "miraculous blood" of Dr Kent Bradley and doen`t feel he should be concerned.

Note at some point around 7.00 the video presenter entertains the notion that this footage may be deliberately planted to sucker in conspiracy theorists. This is the Mental Jacketing aspect of the Psy Op.
Another possibility which is a constant theme in the Full Mental Jacket thread is that the world is "supposed" to catch the West in the act of manufacturing these fake fake crises.

Dylan, if anything I'm more skeptical that this is just a (straight-up) "hoax". I'll simply quote what the guy who made the clip says again and again: "it doesn't make sense".

It makes no sense at all to stage a hoax this clumsily. Five people are being filmed transporting this "ebola patient", but only four are wearing haz-mat suits??? No one could be that stupid.

Yes, the fact that an unprotected individual is casually loitering around a supposedly infected individual is strongly indicative that the woman is not infected. But this has "Boston Marathon" written all over it.

With that false-flag event; clearly the Psychopaths wanted any/every thinking individual to know that it was a false-flag event. Here, as a matter of elementary logic; if this was a straight-up "hoax", they would not want everyone (paying attention) to know it was a hoax -- as that defeats the entire purpose of the exercise.

While we lack sufficient data to say precisely what is going here; the one definitive conclusion which we can reach is that this is not a straight-up hoax. Any six-year old could see through the clip being "analyzed" here. It is somewhat less-impressive than someone spotting Waldo in a "Where's Waldo?" book.

For me to take this person seriously; this guy has to start "making sense" himself. Not (simultaneously) shouting "hoax" and "this makes no sense". Why stage a (supposed) hoax in such an utterly incompetent/inept manner???

Analysis which makes no sense isn't really "analysis".

Oct 17
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Full Mental Jacket in the forums.
Dylan wrote:
...The main Liberian newspaper published an article on it`s front page penned by a professor of plant pathology, explicitly claiming that Ebola is US manufactured disease being used to covertly wage war on the people of Africa.

Whether this particular "epidemic" episode may be real or faked; there is absolutely no doubt that the Psychopaths "manufacture wage war on the people of Africa". Indeed, about the only element of "New World Order" mythology which I do take seriously is what we hear about the Oligarchs wanting to "reduce the surplus population" (to quote Dickens) -- and Africa has the world's highest birth-rate/population growth.

It certainly cannot be pure, genetic coincidence that the two, most-deadly diseases to have emerged over the past several decades were (supposedly) "born" in Africa. Indeed, there is no debate over whether the "AIDS epidemic" in Africa is real or imagined. In the worst-hit nations; that plague has crippled entire societies.

Think about this: the psychopaths simultaneously cause a real plague and produce all sorts of "hoax" videos and other disinformation themselves. This not only provides them with the manufactured catastrophe which we know they are preparing (in one form or another), but it also discredits the Alternative Media -- who are all shouting "hoax", while a real plague is spreading.

The Alternative Media becomes "the Boy Who Cried Wolf". So when the Psychopaths start perpetrating all their police-state atrocities after they manufacture this plague catastrophe, none of the Sheep pay attention to the Alternative Media when they report these real crimes.

We MUST remain skeptical about materials which come to us in the alternative media, with pretty much the same degree of skepticism as with mainstream propaganda. Only that (healthy) attitude of detachment (and analytical scrutiny) will prepare people for the ever-greater quantities of disinformation being spewed at us.

It's even easier to fake a hoax than to create one.

Oct 17
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
The Great Unemployment Lie

Regular readers are familiar with seeing our fraudulent economic statistics debunked. This is generally one of the “bread crumbs” necessary to lead readers out of the Wonderland Matrix constructed by our governments (and the mainstream media), and back to the real world...
Oct 16
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Full Mental Jacket in the forums.
Dylan wrote:

...Maybe foul-mouthed radio presenters screaming hoax will become the next public enemy OR maybe it is intended that the people become aware of the Anglo-American duplicity. Maybe the people who are orchestrating World War 3 have a definite purpose in mind.

Here's another thought. Maybe foul-mouthed Shock-Jocks will become the next category of Disinformation Artists, because it takes so little skill/finesse to simply spew expletives. Thus even if (hypothetically) you're right and I'm wrong, and using such language is (at first) effective in reaching people and shaking them out of their apathy, then we know what would come next.

If that was/is the case; then tomorrow we would see dozens of Disinformation Stooges using precisely the same (profane) schtick to spread their lies -- because it's so easy to communicate in this (low-brow) manner.

So I say (again) those of us in the Alternative Media should stay on "the high road", because it's far more difficult for the Psychopaths (and their Stooges) to mimic virtuous and/or intelligent behavior than it is for them to mimic someone like this.

Oct 16
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: DOW Dropping Like a Stone in the forums.
DayOwl wrote:
Just today, as of 2:20 pm EDT, the DOW IA has dropped 418 points so far, a 2.6% change. In the last 5 days, it has lost nearly 900 points. ( &

Oil has been dropping, especially Brent Crude. Wholesale gasoline is down considerably, but is not reflected at the pumps as much.

Is this the beginning of the collapse, or is it pre-election politics? I cannot tell if the market numbers are just more manipulation or a sign of true market forces at work.

And yes, I posted it under the "Dow Reaches New High" thread for irony.

DayOwl, these are classic signs of an "exhausted market", i.e. a bubble-market about to burst. However, we've had signs of such "exhaustion" previously. We'll see a week or so of particularly choppy turbulence, then the bubbles just start soaring higher again. It's like watching a glutton pause in his gorging, to allow a little indigestion to pass, and then he resumes stuffing his face again.

What you have to understand now is the reality of Hostage Markets, and the Master Algorithm for manipulating all of these markets. None of the previous "rules" of our markets even apply any longer. So signs of some "turning point", even distinct/obvious signs, don't necessarily have any significance.

It's my firm belief that these bubbles won't be ALLOWED to pop until the One Bank has a particular (manufactured) catastrophe on which to blame the collapse of the bubbles -- so no one points their fingers at the bankers. If this "ebola outbreak" is deliberately turned into a pandemic; that would be one possible scapegoat for the crash looming ahead of us.

If not a plague, then almost certainly it will be a war, or "war-like event" (lol), which (of course) will be blamed on Terrorist Boogeymen.

Warren Buffet isn't sitting with $50+ BILLION waiting for some ordinary crash. He's waiting (and salivating) in anticipation of the Mother of All Crashes. And a crash of that magnitude always requires a Scapegoat.

Oct 16
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
This one is dedicated to Earl, who has been "under the weather" for several weeks now. I'm sure I speak for the entire BBC Community when I say "get well soon".

In the meantime; I don't think it's possible to listen to this tune without feeling a little bit better than you did before...

Kodachrome - Paul Simon

When I think back
On all the crap I learned in high school
It's a wonder
I can think at all
And though my lack of education
Hasn't hurt me none
I can read the writing on the wall

They give us those nice bright colors
They give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day
I got a Nikon camera
I love to take a photograph
So mama don't take my Kodachrome away

If you took all the girls I knew
When I was single
And brought them all together for one night
I know they'd never match
my sweet imagination
Everything looks worse in black and white
Oct 15


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