Monday, April 27, 2015
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Thomas Aquinas wrote:
Professor Sutton presents abundant factual material in this clip(as does James Corbett). You can find the source material in his book .

Professor Sutton provides thoroughly researched proofs in arriving at his conclusions. It is inaccurate to just dismiss what he says as "ideological" or "dogma".

T/A, what I "dismiss" is all ideological dogma except for the One, True Ideology, fascism: government-by-crime-syndicate, which as we see every day of our lives is all-too-real. All the rest of this is utter, half-baked drivel, because since the labels themselves are nebulous, none of these idiot-ideologies means the same thing to any two people.

As for Sutton's research; if it's simply quoting a dozen other ideologues, that's not "research". That's an echo-chamber. And if this clip is strewn with "facts" (and I will look at it, at some point); then present some of these facts (minus the drivel). All I've seen so far is ideological dogma.
01:05 PM
debsyl wrote:

In a cash less soceity how does one "cash in" ones money eg gold/silver coins e.g. purchase property or goods, as I expect the average person would not want them since they would not see any value in them.

That's a good question, Debsyl, and one which I already considered. In a word: "barter".

When our coins become "collectibles"; we can TRADE them for other items of value. And if the Fascists try to pass laws making it illegal to barter, good luck trying to enforce that...
12:59 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Pseudoscience in the Witness Box in the forums.
Thanks for the post, Mertis!

While this isn't an "on-topic" issue (directly), this is certainly an important legal/social issue, and it demonstrates one of the most-severe flaws in our current criminal 'justice' system.

The problem with the law enforcement community, extending from the lowly constable-on-patrol, all the way to the prosecutors; there is a "win/lose" mentality. Once someone is formally charged with a crime; the attitude becomes not "let's present the best evidence possible", but rather "what will it take to get a conviction?"

As a result of this institutionalized attitude, we see "forensic science" having been so perverted that (as we see here) it has essentially LOST ITS CREDIBILITY. The science (literally) created by Sherlock Holmes has been so polluted by the zealots and incompetents that it is now suspect. And what should be one of the MOST-RELIABLE tools in obtaining (legitimate) convictions may lose most of its "weight" -- should the legal pendulum now swing back the other way.

The worst part, as illustrated by this article, and many others, is that this perversion of forensic science is systemic -- i.e. "everyone" is doing it. And (as pointed out in the article) in just the small portion of criminal convictions examined (those involving FBI forensics) we see as many as FOURTEEN murders-by-the-state -- meaning fourteen people (almost certainly all men, and mostly black) were illegitimately convicted, and then were "executed" (i.e. murdered) by the government, or died in prison.

Chillingly, as the Post continues, “the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death.” Of these defendants, 14 have already been executed or died in prison.

And, when we have the state MURDERING INNOCENT PEOPLE simply because it (erroneously) believed that "they deserved it"; is it any wonder the U.S. has the highest murder rate in the (supposedly) civilized world? As I have pointed out before in discussions against capital punishment is that NO criminal justice system is perfect -- even in other Western nations with considerably less corruption (and racial prejudice).

ANY nation which authorizes capital punishment will (inevitably) start murdering innocent people, at one point. And when that happens, not only does this send a terrible "message" to the population (monkey see; monkey do), but the state LOSES ITS MORAL AUTHORITY.

How can citizens respect any system/government which murders innocent people -- and calls that "justice"...???

Note that because this perversion of forensic science is systemic, this means that even if there is an intent to clean-up the corruption here that their METHODS have now been corrupted. This means that these (supposed) scientists now need to be RE-TRAINED to use legitimate methodology in their science, and thus produce legitimate conclusions/evidence.

In 90 percent of the cases reviewed so far, forensic examiners evidently made statements beyond the bounds of proper science.

In other words; these "scientists" no longer even know the difference between legitimate evidence and tainted testimony.
01:00 PM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic The "false East/West Paradigm"? A rebuttal in the forums.
Zero Hedge has published a long series of commentaries from a writer named Brandon Smith (at, entitled One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes. I haven't covered previous installments to this point, mainly because much of it parallels my own writing.

However, I think it is important to cover Part 6 of this series, for two reasons. First this chapter is titled "Solutions", and as readers have seen in my own work; I think it's important for Alternative Media journalists to do more than just criticize the ultra-corrupt/unsustainable status quo.

We must also offer alternatives, to let people know that there are answers (and there is hope). It's also necessary to do this to establish our own credibility as sources of sound/legitimate analysis. Any writer who does nothing but criticize loses relevance. With our economies/governments/societies now completely hollowed-out and corrupted; there are no "good answers" to many of the problems we face, in that there is no way to avoid short-term 'pain'.

Thus we search for lessers-of-evil. Commentators/analysts incapable of holding-out some "lessers-of-evil" as alternatives to the current insanity contribute little, because they don't help us sort/filter-out the "greater evils" from the lesser ones.

The other (and more important) reason why I wanted to reference this commentary (and discuss it in detail) is because this writer is firmly convinced of something which (to this point) is a mere fear/suspicion for myself:

As noted in Part 5 of this series, segments of the liberty movement have fallen into a trap of biased assumption, namely a gullible embrace of the false East/West paradigm. I find it a little sad at times when I come across freedom activists who worship the footsteps of Henry Kissinger/International Monetary Fund puppet Vladimir Putin, or those who cheer for a globalist petri dish like China, all because they hate American imperialism so much they have decided out of reactionary fervor to cheerlead for the “lesser of two evils.” There is no difference between those who buy into the false East/West paradigm and those who buy into the false Left/Right political paradigm. There is no “good guy” in the world of geopolitical maneuvering. East or West, it is all irrelevant primarily because both sides serve the same international interests. Those who refuse to recognize this fact will find themselves utterly incompetent in terms of presenting practical solutions. One cannot defeat the game if one plays by the unfair rules of the game.

Note what I have frequently written about with respect to the U.S.: that it's supposed "democracy" is really a Two-Party Dictatorship -- the Fourth Reich. The supposed conflict/animosity between the "two parties" is all sham-theater, designed to cover-up the fact that both parties serve the SAME MASTER, and to create political distractions (greatly/grossly hyped by the Corporate media) which distract the Zombies from the real issues.

The thesis of Brandon Smith is that this same "theater" plays out at the international level, and that the supposed "East/West conflict" is also just political (and military, and economic) "theater", designed to hide the fact that Eastern governments also serve the same, financial crime syndicate: the Old World Order which I have previously dubbed "the One Bank".

Obviously this is a plausible premise. For one thing; it would explain the great "tolerance" shown by Eastern regimes to even the most-extreme forms of financial fraud and financial crimes committed by the One Bank's legions of financial psychopaths.

This brings us to evidence. What proof does this writer offer for his unequivocal conclusion of "a false East/West paradigm"? For that we have to go back to Part 5. Part of his evidence comes here:

As [Louis T.] McFadden exposed, the Fed is merely a tentacle, one of many slithering at the behest of a larger vampire squid. The Bank for International Settlements appears to be the eye of the leviathan. I have been happy to see that the BIS is gaining more and more attention from the alternative media as a primary threat to the stability of the world. Zero Hedge published a very interesting article on the BIS banking cabal recently, excerpted from a book by Adam LeBor and titled “Meet The Secretive Group That Runs The World.”

Of course, this is not the first exposé on the BIS. Even Harper’s published a surprisingly honest (though only half the story) piece on the bank, titled “Ruling The World Of Money,” back in 1983. In it, the magazine claims that “…the unabashed purpose of its (BIS) elite monthly meetings is to coordinate and, if possible, to control all monetary activities in the industrialized world.”

Any central bank that ends up on the membership roster of the BIS should be for all intents and purposes considered a pawn of the BIS. This includes the central banks of Eastern nations supposedly in opposition to Western power. The very beginning history of the BIS is stained with blood, since it financially played both sides of World War II and aided the funding of the Nazi apparatus. Keep in mind that Germany, Japan and the Allies were all members of the BIS from 1931 on and remained members through the war. Bankers have been pitting countries against each other for a very long time, and they have no loyalties to any particular nation.

While this logic is rational, and somewhat persuasive; it is far from conclusive. Mere "membership" of Eastern nations in Western-centric institutions does not necessarily mean collusion. For one thing; Smith considers the BIS to be "the eye of the leviathan".

However, as writers such as myself (and Charles Savoie) have pointed out; the real heart of the Old World Order which rules (at least) the Western world is a cabal of Oligarchs, the possessors of the world's hoards of stolen wealth. This is merely in keeping with "the Golden Rule": He who has the gold makes the rules.

The central bankers, powerful as they are, are just the LACKEYS of the Oligarchs (not the Ringleaders) in that they could only have ever gotten appointed to those positions-of-power through the power/influence (i.e. corruption) wielded by these Oligarchs.

With the BIS not the most-senior cabal within this crime syndicate; it therefore does not automatically follow that all members of this organization are co-conspirators. It overlooks a very obvious and common strategic tactic: INFILTRATION. To flesh-out this argument; I need only reference another cliche of wisdom:

Keep your Friends close, but keep your Enemies closer.

The logic here is simple/obvious. It's easier to keep tabs on what your opponent is "up to" if you're sitting beside him. Even if Eastern governments were/are opposed to the (Western) Old World Order; they would STILL want to have their own "seats" at the BIS table. This evidence is inconclusive; the argument against this interpretation is just as strong/plausible as the argument in favor.

But Smith offers more evidence, the same sort of (logical) circumstantial evidence which is often seen in my own work:

The great lie today is that China and Russia are anti-New World Order. Yet as I discussed in my last article, China (and Russia) have consistently called for a global conversion into the SDR basket system, and they want this system to be run by the IMF. The IMF, in turn, has consistently called for the end of the dollar as the world reserve currency and has openly embraced institutions like the new Asian regional bank, the AIIB, which is dominated by China, despite the fact that many people wrongly believe that the AIIB is somehow “competition” to the IMF or World Bank...

Smith goes a little further along this line, but the gist of the argument remains the same. The (apparent) ease with which corrupt Western regimes have suddenly embraced the new Eastern-centric institutions (like the AIIB) "proves" that East and West are co-conspirators.

Again this is a plausible argument. Indeed, it is the basis for the nagging fears I have expressed, which parallel Smith's writing. Again, however; this is not conclusive -- and for precisely the same reasons and logic I used in rebutting the earlier "proof". Keep your Friends close, but keep your Enemies closer.

Just as Eastern regimes would have wanted to "infiltrate" Western institutions (and the West would have wanted to give them seats at the table); the precise same argument and logic applies in reverse. It has become OBVIOUS that the corrupt/decaying West no longer has the financial clout to wield (all) the levers of power in the global economy, bringing us to another cliche of wisdom:

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

It is only after it became obvious that the old (Western) status quo could not survive, and after years of the West struggling to preserve its predominance that we have suddenly seen these regimes cave-in, and willingly/publicly embrace these new Eastern institutions. So, once again, while Smith's argument is plausible, it is far from conclusive.

Just as before; the argument which can be constructed in rebuttal of his position is just as strong/plausible as the argument which favors it. Indeed, based upon the analysis to this point; many readers may consider it a "coin toss" as to which position is the most-plausible.

However, let me add one more argument, the one primary reason why I do still believe that "the East/West paradigm" is real, and not just more puppetry and theater from the One Bank. It's because the two sides behave in such a different manner. Presumably if East and West both served the same Puppet-Master (i.e. the Rothschilds) their servants would be given similar orders.

We all exhibit patterns in our behavior, because it is human nature to seek to do similar tasks in a similar manner. But when we look at East and West; we see two sides behaving in nearly a diametrically opposite manner.

With the West; we see a group of psychopathic bullies, who almost always use brute-force methods to attempt to achieve their goals -- and who rarely consider the consequences of their actions. Such thinking and behavior clearly mirrors the psychopathic mentality of their Masters (almost certainly the Rothschild clan).

With the East we see the opposite: we see the behavior of the chess-player: subtle moves to improve their position, carefully calculated, and deliberately AVOIDING OPEN CONFRONTATION until they reach a position of overwhelming superiority.

While it is possible that this is also "theater"; it would represent a level of sophistication which we generally don't see in the One Bank's other, criminal conspiracies. To "hide" a theatrical production of this depth/detail, where the two pseudo-enemies are instructed to act in an entirely different/opposite manner seems significantly less-plausible than to conclude that these really are "two different sides".

More to the point; I have extreme difficulty in accepting the premise that these psychopathic Oligarchs (whose heinous crimes-against-humanity have been documented again and again) are capable of instructing their servants (in the East) to behave like chess-players, given that few psychopaths have the capacity to be good chess-players.

Grandmaster Putin’s Trap

A (good) chess-player regards his opponent as an equal, and pays as much attention to the "moves" (and strategies) of his opponent as he does to his own moves. With psychopaths having large EGOS (to match their grandiose ambitions); they are incapable of regarding their opponent as "an equal", and thus generally incapable of focusing closely on their opponent's moves. This is WHY we see the One Bank being "surprised" by obvious consequences -- again and again.

U.S. Begs Russia to Remain in ‘SWIFT’; the One Bank Fails Again
How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

These episodes were not "theater". They represented clear, 180-degree turns in strategy, which (in turn) is clearly indicative of FAILURE. This begs an obvious question: if the One Bank controls East and West, how could it ever "fail" in any of its plots???

Once again; the purpose of this rebuttal is not to simply dismiss Mr. Smith's work, or his conclusions. It is to simply point out that his arguments are not nearly as unequivocal as he portrays them to be, and thus his conclusions here cannot be regarded as anything more than a theory, at this point.

Obviously new evidence could emerge at any time, which suddenly makes one position or the other much more likely. Unless/until such evidence emerges; I remain cautiously optimistic that we are seeing a "changing of the Guard" at the international level, and thus this is (still) a process of hope, and not just more, cynical theater.

One Last Look At The Real Economy Before It Implodes - Part 5

Since I began writing analysis for the liberty movement more than eight years ago, I have always said that we will know when the endgame of the globalists is upon us when the criminals come out into the light of day and admit to their crimes. At that moment, it will be because they no longer fear either the repercussions or their plans being obstructed.

As I plan to show in this installment of my series on the hidden fiscal collapse of America, the endgame has indeed arrived. At the very least, the international elites seem to think success is within their grasp, for they now openly expose their own criminality. But they do so in a way that attempts to divert blame or to rationalize their actions as being for the “greater good.”

In Part 4 of this series, I discussed the reality of the false East/West paradigm and the fact that the “conflict” between Eastern and Western interests is nothing more than Kabuki theater constructed by globalists and designed to mesmerize the masses. You see, the problem with most people is that they tend to let their innate sense of tribalism drive them to take sides in war without understanding the fundamental root of that war. In most cases, they believe one side must be “good” and one side must be “bad.” Globalists understand this weakness of human collectivism, and they exploit it as often as possible. They create conflicts from out of the void, conflicts in which BOTH sides are controlled. Then, they let the masses fumble like idiots trying to set the noose around the other guy’s neck.

The East/West paradigm is just another in a long line of false confrontations engineered by the elites, but it is one that is most dangerous to the liberty movement itself. In our rage over the destruction of freedom and prosperity within our own country, some of us have come to assume that the source of all that is unholy bubbles at the heart of U.S. corporate and government activity and that the East is in the midst of some kind of rebellion. This is simply nonsense...
12:20 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Venezuela FORCED to sell $1 billion in gold in the forums.
There are two points to note in this disturbing news item, which I spotted at Sinclair's site. First of all; after forcing Western banksters to return its nation's gold to it; we now see Venezuela forced to give some of it back.

This brings me to the second point. While this is being called (by a the Corporate media) a "sale of gold"; it is actually a THEFT of Venezuela's gold. This is because with gold prices currently depressed to a ridiculous extreme, and the USD already totally worthless, Venezuela is actually getting nothing for its "$1 billion worth of gold" other than more of the U.S.'s (worthless) "magic beans".

With a "reasonable price" for gold (today), in relative terms to other assets? Somewhere around $15,000/oz (USD) -- and that's being very charitable in terms of valuing dollars. Thus we see the banksters STEALING Venezuela's gold for (at best) less than 10% of its real value.

Here we see the difference between the One Bank's economic attacks on smaller nations versus its attempts to take on a Big Dog, like Russia. Russia (with the help of China) was able to fend-off this economic terrorism, prompting Putin to publicly declare "the worst is over" for that nation -- as it seeks to help Greece ward-off more of the One Bank's economic terrorism.

For Venezuela, a smaller nation, (more or less) in the U.S.'s own backyard; attempting to fend-off U.S./One Bank economic terrorism is a much greater challenge. Just ask the government of Argentina, which the U.S. has been steadily pushing toward debt-default and economic collapse.

When will the leaders of the non-corrupt/less-corrupt nations openly IDENTIFY this crime syndicate, and finger it as the cause of (essentially) all the world's problems? If the Zombies ever got such a public and unequivocal wake-up call, we might actually be able to rid ourselves of this crime syndicate, in our own lifetime...

The One Bank

Venezuela carries out $1 bln gold swap with Citibank -media

Venezuela's central bank has converted part of its gold reserves into at least $1 billion in cash through a swap with Citibank, local media reported on Friday.

The deal will make more foreign currency available to President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government as the OPEC nation struggles with soaring consumer prices, chronic shortages and a shrinking economy worsened by low oil prices...
10:05 AM
There has been some interesting data from Zero Hedge over the past week or so, indicating some serious bubble-formation in various asset classes in China. However, a post and chart today provide (in my mind) the most-stark illustration yet of this bubble-activity.

Why do I react so strongly to vertical lines on charts? Because such vertical lines ALWAYS indicate two things:

1) Some extreme economic event is currently occurring.
2) That extreme event is about to end very badly.

Vertical lines tell us both of these things, because a vertical line on a chart depicts (in mathematical terms) an exponential explosion, and in more descriptive terms, it is the mathematical depiction of the phrase "out of control". Thus when I first saw that same, vertical line with respect to U.S. money-printing (in a chart now memorized by all regular readers); I simply said "hyperinflation" -- because there is no other, possible outcome for that chart.

Here, with a chart depicting (extreme) stock-bubble activity, we can now state with absolute certainty that China is facing a SERIOUS CRASH in its markets. Indeed, when the banksters stage the next, global crash; it's very possible that they will point to China's markets or China's economy as the supposed trigger/scapegoat. This would be to deflect attention (and blame) from their own, criminal activities.

With Western banksters the PRIME BENEFICIARIES of these Chinese asset-bubbles; thus begs the obvious question: WHO is pumping-up China's markets to these bubble-extremes? Note that in an age of global markets; just because China's markets are exploding higher in extreme bubbles does NOT mean it is the Chinese people who are responsible.

With roughly $100 TRILLION, per year, in new capital; the One Bank's crime syndicate has more than enough funny-money to pump-up/blow-up every major market on the planet. With the last (staged) crash starting in the U.S. -- because the U.S. bubbles were so ridiculously extreme -- it makes sense for this crime syndicate to STAGE THE NEXT COLLAPSE from a different starting-point.

The fact that we see this totally absurd spike in "new accounts" strongly suggests that the One Bank is behind this, as such a ridiculously extreme spike is NOT characteristic of human behavior patterns. IF Chinese investors were in some market "feeding frenzy", we would have seen that chart on new accounts steadily building toward a peak -- not shooting straight up in this gigantic, ridiculous spike.

The chart above reeks of One Bank market-manipulation. And, with the banksters only needing to hold things together for another six months or so before their (scheduled) Next Crash, it also fits the One Bank's criminal timetable.

The Next Crash is coming. We already knew that. But now we also know that very likely the starting point for that crash will be China's economy.

Note that this is also the only way for the banksters to attack China's economy without China being able to prove an attack as a certainty (and retaliate). Creating enormous masses of "new trading accounts" and then using those accounts to blow-up China's markets is a much more-anonymous form of crime than many of the other multi-trillion dollar mega-crimes already staged by this crime syndicate.

With the One Bank's Master Trading Algorithm almost certainly infesting (and affecting) China's markets as well; the banksters can yo-yo these markets to whatever extreme/ridiculous peak they want -- and then create a commensurately catastrophic crash when they burst their own bubbles.

The Next Crash in 2016
More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm
The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar ‘0% Interest’ Scam
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

WTF Chart Of The Day - Chinese New Share Accounts Edition!!!!

We've all seen Chinese stocks explode in the last year; we've all seen margin lending soar to fund this exuberance; we've all read the dominant buyer in this trading frenzy is high-school-educated housewives; and we've all seen the analogs to the 2000 dotcom bubble. But, we guarentee you have never - ever - seen anything like this...

The number of new A-Share accounts opened just last week was a mind-boggling 3.25 million!!! That is double the number opened in the peak euphoria stage of the 2007 bubble...
09:31 AM
3 days ago
debsyl wrote:
Thanks, Jeff, but please don't change any colours. It looks very nice with the gold. The "system" I presently use works great for me!

OK then. I know Chad put considerable thought into the aesthetics of the current colours.

02:33 PM
For now approaching seven years; the Federal Reserve's "Boy Who Cried Wolf" (first B.S. Bernanke and now Janet Yellen) have promised to "raise interest rates". When the promise was first made, right after these psychopathic criminals embarked upon their "0% interest" insanity; we were told rates would be raised immediately once the "crisis" (created by the same banking crime syndicate) had passed.

That lie quickly changed to raising interest rates "as soon as the U.S. economy has recovered". Since that second promise (six years, and counting); we've been told that the mighty U.S. economy has "recovered" and "recovered" and "recovered" some more. Indeed, it's become a Never-Ending Recovery -- the "Goldilocks economy" which was originally promised by B.S. Bernanke a decade ago (right before the last wave of bankster-bubbles began to burst).

Finally, after lying themselves into a corner with all the boasting of the "strength" of this imaginary recovery; the Fed liars promised the world that interest rates would be raised "very soon". And after a couple of months of that lying; the Liars even 'leaked' a specific date to the sycophants of the Corporate media: June.

Since then; the Liars who have been creating (i.e. fabricating) all of the "statistics" which supposedly showed a "strong U.S. economy" have been putting out a near-constant stream of numbers showing steady weakness in the mighty U.S. economy (what a surprise!).

This has prompted yet another revision in the lying by the Boy Who Cried Wolf; in other words, a 180-degree reversal. Where we previously heard "very soon", and recently heard "in June", has suddenly been transformed back to (wait for it) "as soon as the Recovery is strong enough".

Yes, as soon as the Recovery is "strong enough" to ease-back (even the tiniest amount) on the most-extreme and most-reckless form of monetary insanity imaginable. It's like some maniac with his foot to the floor on the accelerator of a powerful car, on an extremely winding road, trying to convince the world that "slowing down is dangerous".

This is, of course, perverse. And that makes it completely normal in "the New Normal" (i.e. the Wonderland Matrix). In this fantasy-world; down is "up", black is "white", and bad is "good".

The ‘New Normal’: Sedating The Sheep
The Wonderland Matrix

Recall what readers have been told on countless occasions, with this bankrupt economy buried under roughly $70 trillion in public/private debt (not including another $100 trillion or so in "unfunded liabilities"). The only way that the Fed liars would ever raise interest rates is if they wanted to "crash" the U.S. economy -- because any meaningful move higher would cause this Ponzi-scheme economy to implode (as Bernanke was forced to confess).

Bernanke: U.S. Economy Is A Ponzi-Scheme

More importantly, ending the Zero-Percent Gravy Train would end the the One Bank's INFINITE FLOW OF FREE 'MONEY':

The Multi-Quadrillion Dollar ‘0% Interest’ Scam
The One Bank

In fact; the banksters will be FORCED to end the Zero-Percent Gravy Train (at least temporarily), because they have now pumped their assorted asset-bubbles as high as they will go. This comes with Western economies still crippled from the banksters' last bubble-and-crash cycle, and the $TRILLIONS in bail-outs which these criminals extorted from the corrupt puppets in charge of our governments.

But the Next Crash isn't scheduled until 2016. So to prevent any 'premature ejaculation' by the Fed puppets; their Master has ordered them to (temporarily) back off, from yet another "promise" by these serial liars. When you're head of the Federal Reserve; what's one more broken promise???

The Next Crash in 2016
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop
Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION

Dollar slips after weak business spending figures

Data showing a seventh straight monthly decline in U.S. business spending plans knocked the dollar lower on Friday and gave Federal Reserve policymakers even less reason to raise near-zero interest rates any time soon...
02:08 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic "...what about Adam PEARLMAN?" SGT Report in the forums.
I picked this up from SGT Report. It's another peek into this Wonderland Matrix of false-flag attacks, and pretend "terrorism". With our governments now openly murdering supposed "terrorists", they are also in the business of staging supposed murders...


Obama announced today that a CIA drone strike in Pakistan last Jaunary killed one American and an Italian hostage, by accident. He had a press conference and broke in to broadcast television to take “full responsibility” for the “accidental” deaths. But what was missed by many, and mainly because Obama chose to focus little attention on it, is the news that Obama also chose to “declassify” the death of “Al Qaeda terrorist” Adam Gadahn, also by a CIA drone strike but in a “separate operation“...

09:56 AM
4 days ago
Bignoga wrote:
This would actually be my most used section on the board. I check the site almost everyday while at work so it allows me to keep up with what's going on to make sure I haven't missed anything.

DayOwl wrote:
I immediately scroll down to the Forum Postings. If it can be a separate page, that would be fine. I prefer the way things are posted there on the front page as opposed to the "Recent Discussions" because I can keep better track of the latest activity. After checking the forum posts, I go back to Jeff's latest commentary.

So, my two-cents worth: The "Latest Forum Posts" are the most important portion of the site to me. As long as the format can be retained, I would be fine with "Latest Forum Posts" being a separate page.

Bignoga and DayOwl, that pretty much sums-up my own view of this section on the homepage. It makes it really easy to stay on top of the latest dialogues. That's why I was personally disappointed (lol) when Chad pointed out that this was a heavy resource-consumer on the site. However, with several "regulars" having a similar view, I'll make "turning off" this section of the site a Last Resort...

09:48 AM
As one of the One Bank's mega-trillion dollar financial conspiracies is now fully exposed; it's instructive to review this corrupt melodrama of lies and financial crime. When it no longer became possible for our blind/deaf/dumb regulators to IGNORE the One Bank's manipulation of all Western interest rates; what were we told?

We were told that the LIBOR interest rate, which is the benchmark for $100's of trillions in financial obligations was being "manipulated" by (only) one of these Big Banks: the UK tentacle, Barclay's Bank. With LIBOR set collectively by roughly a dozen of these Big Banks, we were supposed to believe that just one bank was "colluding" to manipulate LIBOR, even though (by definition) "collusion" requires multiple parties.

Equally absurd, with the LIBOR rate set collectively; it is logically impossible for a single bank to manipulate that rate. Manipulating LIBOR required that MOST, IF NOT ALL OF THESE FRAUD-FACTORIES were involved in this interest-rate rigging conspiracy. Sure enough, as these pseudo-regulators (very reluctantly) 'probed' further into this multi-hundred-trillion-dollar financial conspiracy; they found lots more "conspirators":

U.S. and British regulators fined Deutsche Bank a hefty $2.5 billion and its key London subsidiary pleaded guilty to benchmark interest rate rigging on Thursday as it became the latest financial group to settle allegations of misconduct.

The record penalty in a seven-year investigation that has shredded the industry's reputation takes the total fines imposed on some of the world's top financial institutions to more than $8.5 billion. Twenty-one traders and brokers face criminal charges.

But note the corruption, even as these pseudo-regulators pretend to "penalize" these fraud factories:

US regulators fined Germany's largest bank $2.175 billion and UK watchdogs demanded 227 million pounds ($341 million) for failing to prevent a scam to manipulate the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) and its Euribor cousin - benchmarks for hundreds of trillions of dollars of financial products and loans worldwide.

We're supposed to believe that the banks themselves are innocent, and their only "crime" was failing to control a bunch of "rogue traders". This is no less absurd than the original one-bank-colluding-by-itself nonsense. Obviously it's impossible for these fraud-factories to have "not been aware" that DOZENS of their traders in this markets were engaging in the SERIAL MANIPULATION of a $500 TRILLION market.

You can't commit a crime that large, year after year, without one's own employer being aware of this mega-crime. In other words; the "$8.5 billion" in fines, and the "Twenty-one traders and brokers" facing criminal charges is just another -- wrist slap. Trying as hard as they could to IGNORE this interest-rate manipulation (which impacts every person in the Western world); this was the LEAST penalizing which these regulators thought they could get away with.

Note that any real/meaningful penalties, commensurate with the severity of these crimes, would BANKRUPT these fraud-factories, since they all have razor-thin "reserves" to back their market-rigging and mega-gambling. Thus, since these fraud-factories have all been ruled "too big to fail" (by our corrupt governments), we continue to see these regulatory shams.

So we are left with another surreal scenario. Despite the One Bank's serial manipulation of LIBOR (and EURIBOR) interest rates now being fully exposed; this crime syndicate is still allowed to continue to manipulate interest rates. The Criminals have been caught red-handed, given a pseudo-scolding and pseudo-penalty by our pretend regulators, and then RELEASED, and allowed to resume committing the same crime.

Meanwhile, all of the braindead Zombies in our societies still refer to these fully-exposed mega-crimes as "conspiracy theories". Obviously there is nothing "theoretical" when criminals are caught committing crimes. There is no longer any such thing as "conspiracy theories", the term has become completely obsolete.

In our corrupt, fascist regimes; there is only CONSPIRACY FACT.

The Non-Conspiracy Nuts
LIBOR Fraud Signals Beginning-of-the-End For Banksters
Currency-Rigging (Finally) Moves Out Of The Shadows
The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets
More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm
The One Bank

The One Bank manipulates ALL markets, ALL of the time. Our puppet governments are fully aware of this, and do nothing. Our corrupt regulators are much more active, however. They busily endeavour to COVER UP all of the One Bank's mega-crimes, and only when the stench from these criminal mega-frauds becomes too powerful to ignore; they give one or more of the One Bank's financial tentacles a wrist slap.

These corrupt accomplices of the One Bank's mega-crimes then proclaim they have "cleaned up" one of this crime syndicate's steaming mounds of financial feces, even as the criminals begin defecating a new mountain of financial fraud.

Too-Big-To-Fail (Now) = Too Big To Jail

Deutsche Bank fined record $2.5 bn in rate rigging probe

U.S. and British regulators fined Deutsche Bank a hefty $2.5 billion and its key London subsidiary pleaded guilty to benchmark interest rate rigging on Thursday as it became the latest financial group to settle allegations of misconduct.

The record penalty in a seven-year investigation that has shredded the industry's reputation takes the total fines imposed on some of the world's top financial institutions to more than $8.5 billion. Twenty-one traders and brokers face criminal charges.

US regulators fined Germany's largest bank $2.175 billion and UK watchdogs demanded 227 million pounds ($341 million) for failing to prevent a scam to manipulate the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) and its Euribor cousin - benchmarks for hundreds of trillions of dollars of financial products and loans worldwide...
09:37 AM
5 days ago
Thanks for the additional feedback.

Yes, the site is running fine (for me, at least) since the move to the new server. As long as that remains the case; their won't be any need to "turn off" anything. I have to say; I use this section a LOT (lol), so I hope we won't need to close it, to conserve resources.

09:12 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Global markets soaring; crashes imminent in the forums.
Let's call this post "anatomy of a stock market crash", since we see the bubble-makers (i.e. the banksters) creating another, classic, crash-scenario. The general process is something with which regular reader should already be familiar.

The banksters started by using their Master Trading Algorithm to begin a slow build-up (primarily in Western markets) even as (in the real world) our overall economies have continued to steadily weaken. This creates the DISCONNECT between prices and the actual value of equities which is the foundation for all bubbles.

Then, as the market-bubbles begin to swell (and the markets would normally "top"), we get the banksters pumping enormous quantities of leverage (i.e. debt) into these markets to goose the already inflated prices still higher. But that still leaves one "ingredient" missing, which we have seen with the last two, enormous bubbles manufactured by these financial criminals: a "blow-off top" in these bubble markets.

In other words; to ensure the most-savage collapses possible in these markets, AFTER the bubbles have already reached some large, teetering mass, then the banksters do their most-furious pumping of these markets -- drawing in some of the money of the stupid-and-greedy as they do this.

Then they detonate the bubbles...

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets
More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm
U.S. Prepares To Detonate Market Bubbles
The Next Crash in 2016
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

P.S. Note that with U.S. markets already at extreme, bubble-levels that the most-extreme pumping (by the banksters) is taking place in Asian markets, and very likely THAT is where the Liars will point their Finger of Blame -- once they detonate these bubbles.

Asian Euphoria Sends Nikkei Above 20,000, Fizzles In Europe On More Greek Fears; US Futures Down

Whether it is in sympathy with the now relentless surge in the Shanghai Composite which tacked on another 2.44% overnight to close at a fresh multi-year high just shy of 4400, well more than double from a year ago, or because Mrs Watanabe was unable to read the latest Japan trade data whose first trade surplus in 3 years hinted that there will be no new easing by the BOJ any time soon, but overnight the Nikkei closed above 20,000 for the first time in 15 years, with "makers of chocolate, mayonnaise, potato chips and household appliances" helping lift the Tokyo market according to the WSJ...
10:36 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: My latest interview with Paul Sandhu... in the forums.
Well put, AgAu!

Indeed, I've made no secret of the fact that the Forum has been a great learning tool for myself, as well. Having people express perspectives which are different from your own is useful, even if we don't agree with that perspective. We gain understanding not merely by coming across "answers", but also through stimuli which leads to QUESTIONS (because those questions, in turn, often lead to answers).

Conversely, this also explains why the pablum from the Corporate media is such a mind-killer. There is only ONE perspective, parroted constantly by the entire herd, making everything they preach DOGMA: belief-based knowledge versus fact-based knowledge.
The "herd" rarely ever possesses knowledge or insight. Rather, they are little more than preaching zealots.

Talking to other people is more efficient communication than exchanging printed thoughts here on the Forum, which is probably why you noticed more of an "educational effect" from the interviews.

Sadly, I'm going to have to reduce my output here on the Forum, because I must focus my energies on other projects. But it's going to be very difficult to wean myself off of the discussions here...

09:40 AM
6 days ago
Earl, there is a really easy "solution" here (for the Fascists). Simply change the "P" in EPA to a "C", and rename it the Environmental Contamination Agency, and then they can get on with their real "work" much more efficiently...

10:22 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: My latest interview with Paul Sandhu... in the forums.
Thanks AgAu!

I've been trying to encourage even regular readers to tune-in to the interviews I do, in general, because most of the Hosts whom I work with are also "Big Picture guys". As a result, we tend to have very broad, and (as you suggested) "nuanced" conversations. This is something which simply isn't possible within the SPACE of a commentary, nor is it possible to communicate as clearly through writing as it is through the two-way communication of an interview.

It's also very easy for me to do these clips, because (as you see) everyone is pretty too much tuned into the same wavelength now, so it's like playing "slow pitch" when I respond to questions.

10:17 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic the 'War on Cash' intensifies in the forums.
It becomes more and more clear each day that the banksters are moving toward a 'ban on cash' in our societies, and directing their political puppets who run our governments accordingly.

First on this thread, we had the supposedly "socialist" (but actually fascist) French government announcing new laws restricting the use of cash in that nation. That was followed by an article noting how a talking-head for Citigroup was mouthing-off about how "banning cash" would be a great idea for our societies. And note which Citigroup mouthpiece was expressing this view: their "gold expert".

Note that "banning cash" may target paper (in most peoples' minds), but it is ALSO a DIRECT ATTACK on the use of precious metals in our own societies. A "ban on cash" would obviously also ban any/all use of physical precious metals -- forcing precious metals-holders to engage in blackmarket transactions. Very possibly the penalty for doing so will be a one-way ticket to one of our government's gulags.

Now we have JPMorgan playing its own part in the banksters new crusade toward a "cash-less society". JPMorgan has announced to all its customers with safety-deposit boxes that they are no longer allowed to store cash in these boxes, as well as coins "other than those found to have a collectible value." Obviously we know what "coins" are being targeted here.

With people no longer allowed to store their own cash in their own safety-deposit box; this is an obvious effort to FORCE people to store their wealth in bank accounts. There it can be stolen slowly (via "negative interest rates"), stolen more rapidly (via the banksters' fraudulent "inflation"), or simply stolen all at once -- via the odious "bail-ins".

But there is another angle to this news/trend, which places this latest fascism in a much more defensive rather than offensive context. However, to get that insight; readers will have to wait for my next commentary (almost written), where I explain WHY the banksters have (belatedly) reached the conclusion that they need to "ban cash"...

The Bankster War on Cash; JPMorganChase Begins to Prohibit the Storage of Cash in Its Safety Deposit Boxes

Letters are apparently going out to some JPMoragnChase customers announcing that cash will be prohibited from being stored in the bank's safety deposit boxes.

At the Collectors Universe message board, a commenter reports:

My mother has a SDB at a Chase branch with one of my siblings as co-signers. Last week they got a letter outlining a number of changes to the lease agreement, including this:

"Contents of the box: You agree not to store any cash or coins other than those found to have a collectible value."

Another change is that signatures will no longer be accepted to access the box. The next time they go in they have to bring two forms of ID and they will be issued a four-digit pin number that will be used to access the box then and in the future...
10:03 PM
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Site performance ???? in the forums.
We are now on a new server. If Members or other users notice any difference in how the site is functioning for their own usage, please let me know. This will affect future decisions on what parts of the site (if any) need to be turned off, in order to "speed up" the site.

09:44 PM
Lol! Thanks guys. One opinion each way -- that makes things easier.

FYI, I'm sure everyone 'noticed' the site off-line for several days. We have now been switched over to the new server, so I'll be soliciting feedback regarding site performance now, too.
09:41 PM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic **IMPORTANT** question about Forum usage??? in the forums.
This question is primarily directed at the Community Members who post regularly, but it also applies to any (registered) Member: do you USE the display on the lower, left portion of our homepage: RECENT FORUM DISCUSSIONS? If so, do you peruse that section often?

The reason why this is important is because that part of the homepage is a BIG consumer of "resources" (i.e. bandwidth). And if (when?) it becomes necessary to "turn off" parts of the site, this is the area where the most "resource conservation" is possible. Thus if Members indicate they don't follow that column regularly (or there is simply no response to this inquiry) then that will likely be one of the first changes we make.
Apr 17
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
..and here's the conclusion.

The Minimum Price for Gold, Part II

In the first part of this series; several fundamental principles of economics (and markets) were stressed. Supply/demand analysis is not merely objective, and logically/mathematically irrefutable; it is the only basis upon which the market for any hard asset can be analyzed. Conversely the price-analysis constantly parroted by the Corporate media is utterly devoid of any significance or legitimacy – in the corrupted crime-scenes of today which we call our markets.

Part I explained, through a simple and unequivocal hypothetical example, how supply/demand fundamentals would (and must) assert themselves, in spite of even the most extreme or relentless manipulation of a sector (by any means). This is based upon the elementary reality that in a world of physical goods, there are fixed production costs, and thus a minimum price for that good.

As illustrated in the hypothetical example; if that minimum price is breached (downward), this must result in the total depletion of inventories, and that total depletion of inventories must result in a dramatic, upward revision of the price, in spite of any manipulation, as only a much higher (legitimate) price could instigate a resumption in supply...
Apr 17
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Another FAKE "plunge" in U.S. economy in the forums.
OK, things get a little bit convoluted here; so follow this closely. The U.S. government is currently (once again) "faking" a mini-collapse of the U.S. economy -- just as it did at the beginning of last year.

Of course, in the real world, the U.S. economy is steadily disintegrating. So here's where it gets tricky. The U.S. government is not simply allowing "reality" to start seeping into its economic reporting -- as there is no way to use that to their advantage. What they are doing is "manipulating" their own data (i.e. their own lies) in order to FAKE "weakness" in the U.S. economy -- by negative "adjustments" of all of the statistical lying techniques they use to (normally) fake "health" in the U.S. economy.

For example; normally the "seasonal adjustments" made by these Liars always goose the numbers higher _- i.e. they are POSITIVE "seasonal adjustments" (twelve months a year - lol). What they are doing this year (and last) is to make very large NEGATIVE "adjustments" of (most of) their lying techniques, to literally "fake weakness" in the U.S. economy.

The purpose of this charade is that it allows them to make MUCH BIGGER POSITIVE "ADJUSTMENTS" for the rest of the year. Thus it was only the "large contraction" (in U.S. GDP) which these liars reported at the beginning of 2014 which allowed them to then claim that the next two quarters were "the two strongest quarters of growth in 13 years").

Note that we have PROOF that the U.S. government is faking another contraction, via the reporting at Zero Hedge. The mythology is that the current "weakness" in the U.S. economy is weather-related. As I have already noted; this is preposterous. The whole point of "seasonal adjustments" is to make the "seasons" (i.e. the weather) IRRELEVANT in the reporting of this data.

How do we know that the U.S. is faking weakness in the economy (via negative adjustments)? Because despite the cold weather; the U.S. government is reporting that "utilities" usage (primary the power plants we use to heat our cities) is supposedly plunging.

This is preposterous. While poorer people might be forced to turn down the heat due to lack of funds; the economy (as a whole) is not yet that poor. People will cut-out spending on almost ANYTHING else (except food) rather than turn down the heat -- in a cold winter.

We see ALL U.S. economic data currently depressed (including utilities usage), when in any rational/legitimate reporting of the data we would see utilities as the last/least affected sector in any downturn. Since I know that this is a fake down-turn; I can "predict" (lol) with the utmost confidence, that the U.S. economy will stage "an amazing turn-around" in the second quarter of this year (lol); just like it supposedly did in 2014.

Understand the reason for this ultra-absurd theater. The banksters' Pied Piper trading algorithm requires "better numbers" (i.e. bigger lies) in order to manipulate markets higher. It is the one Achilles Heel in this automated market-manipulation: it runs on data, and the data must get "better" for the markets to go higher.

The Banksters’ Master Program For Manipulating Markets

So the previous economic lies (about the U.S. economy) used to pump these markets -- which were already huge -- had to get 'huger'. The only way to do that is to SABOTAGE one quarter (the "cold winter" - lol) with enormous, negative adjustments -- and then ADD-BACK those adjustments in the following quarters.

Why U.S. Economic ‘Statistics’ Get More and More Absurd

We will then have two (or maybe even three?) quarters of supposed "strong growth" in the U.S. economy, which will allow all of the bubbles to be pumped just a little bit bigger; and THEN comes the Mother of all 'Pops'. EVERYTHING comes crashing down; and then Warren Buffet (and the rest of Wall Street) deploy all their Vampire Dollars -- since they never lose a nickle in these crashes.

The Next Crash in 2016
Buffett Sits on $50 Billion Cash-Hoard, Waiting for Bubbles to Pop

What's another reason I know I'm right? Watch Buffet the Vampire-Layer. When the U.S. economy staged its "amazing rebound" in 2014; Buffet didn't deploy any of his Vampire Dollars, rather his hoard of Vampire Dollars grew even larger.

Buffett cash-hoard now at $62 BILLION

When the U.S. economy stages its fake-rebound (2015); Buffet might throw a few pennies into the market (to make things look convincing). After all; his cash hoard is now greater than the GDP of most nations. But he will save the vast majority of those Vampire Dollars for the real crash -- and that's not scheduled until next year (or possibly the end of 2015).

Once you see/know the entire Script; it gets easier to follow along through these Machiavellian twists-and-turns...

P.S. Note how Zero Hedge points to all U.S. statistics falling together, AND (instead of falling less than other sectors) Utilities are falling more than other sectors.

US Industrial Production Plunges By Most Since Aug 2012, Utility Output Drops Most In 9 Years

Mortgage Apps tumble, Empire Fed slumps, and now Industrial Production plunges... Against expectations of a 0.3% drop MoM, US Factory Output was twice as bad at -0.6% - the worst since August 2012 (and lamost worst since June 2009). This is the 4th miss in a row. What is even more stunning is that despite the coldest of cold winters that crashed the US economy, Utilities saw their output crash 5.9% - the most in 9 years (explained as follows - largely reversing a similarly-sized increase in February, which was related to unseasonably cold temperatures). Motor Vehicles saved the data from being a catastrophe with a 3.2% rise (following a 3.6% drop In Feb)...
Apr 17
For the first time; I'm using the new slang "Grexit", since it now appears (to me at least) certain that Greece will be forced out of the EU, as the Vampires "circle the wagons".

The issue (as I pointed out at the beginning of this thread, and in my commentaries) is simple. Greece wants a REAL "BAIL-OUT", meaning a deal where its debt-load goes DOWN instead of UP. The Vampires pretend to not understand why a bankrupt nation would want to have its debts reduced -- and all they have offered to do (without ever once holding out any other possibility) is to PILE MORE DEBT onto Greece, and call this "a bail-out".

Understand the predicament for these political and banker puppets. IF they show any "leniency" (i.e. sanity) in dealing with Greece, and give it a real "bail-out"; then all of these other Deadbeat Debtors would want real bail-outs too -- and suddenly the One Bank's debt-slavery no longer exists.

So, with the stalemate now intractable; Greece will be forced out of the EU (and into the waiting arms of Russia); at which point the Fascists will STOMP on Greece's economy (even more) in order to "make an example" out of it -- again.

Greece pushed a step closer to eurozone exit after IMF snub

Christine Lagarde’s refusal to allow any delay in bailout repayments heightens fears that the US and Europe are preparing for Greece to leave the euro

Greece has been pushed a step closer to default and potential exit from the euro after one of its main lenders, the International Monetary Fund, all but ruled out allowing the cash-strapped country to delay repaying the €1bn (£722m) due next month.

The head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, said delaying the payments would be an unprecedented action that would only make the situation worse...
Apr 17


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