Saturday, August 30, 2014
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I became seriously attracted to the precious metal sector around the middle of this decade - through my own, personal investing. After publishing an amateur blog for about a year, I became acquainted with C.J. McNamara and we decided to form Bullion Bulls Canada at the end of 2008.

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2 days ago
Deepcaster created a blog entry Profiting from Comin...


“Peter Schiff, CEO of Euro Pacific Capital,… recently gave a presentation of his book…. The Real Crash: America’s Coming Bankruptcy – How to Save Yourself and Your Country, which warns that the next crisis will dwarf that of 2008…

“Schiff reiterated a theme … that quantitative easing will never end, but the tolerance of the market for dollar-denominated assets will end and bring about the next crisis episode….”

“Euro Pacific Capital’s Peter Schiff Warns of The Great Crash,”, 08/19/2014

European Central Bank Head, Mario Draghi recently signaled Eurozone QE is Dead Ahead. And the World has yet to deal with the Consequences of past and ongoing Fed, Japanese, and Chinese Monetary Policies. The coming Consequences of Central Bank QE and other Policies are reflected in the following Major Investors’ Actions and Analysts recommendations.

1) An Eminence Grise of the Newsletter Writing Fraternity just reiterated his recommendation that his Subscribers get entirely out of One Very Major Sector except for select small holdings in one Subsector.

2) And a Multi-Billionaire Investor recently made a $2 Billion Bet that a Turning Point in a Very Major Sector is impending.

3) And Multi-Decade Charts “Forecast” a Major Trend Turn in a Major Sector.

4) And a near-billionaire Investor just Published a Book describing why that Trend Turn was a High Probability.

5) And consider the Prophetic comments from David Stockman

“Central banks all over the world have been massively expanding their balance sheets, and as a result of that there are bubbles in everything in the world, asset values are exaggerated everywhere. The Fed is exporting this lunatic policy worldwide….

“It’s only a question of time before the central banks lose control, and a panic sets in when people realize that these values are massively overstated.”

“Former Reagan Budget Head David Stockman: Fed Has Created Gargantuan Global Bubble,” David Stockman,, November 2013  

6) And Deepcaster’s own Research Impels him to agree with all five of them.

The important point is the Rationale that each has for the Position Expressed.

1) Various Fundamental and Technical (“the Stock Market is exhausted”) Factors are cited to support Richard Russell’s recently expressed view that his “Subscribers (are) hopefully out of all common stocks except for Gold Miners.”

2) A $2 Billion Bet on a Market Crash via e.g., Puts on the S&P 500 placed by George Soros speaks for itself.

3) And that Multi-Decade Equities Bearish Expanding Wedge is the Ultimate Jaws of Death Technical Pattern forecasting an Equities Market Crash some time in the next few months—stay tuned for Deepcaster’s Timing forecasts in this regard.

4) And perhaps a Major Cause of the Impending Crash — the fact that Equities Markets have been artificially buoyed up by Fiat Money Printing by the Central Banks, coupled with Massive Sovereign and other Borrowing—a Hermageddan Credit Bubble as author Bill Bonner would put it.

5) And Jim Rickards joins Peter Schiff in identifying the Mega- Bankers as the Main Culprits

“Bankers’ parasitic behavior, the result of a cultural phase transition, is entirely characteristic of a society nearing collapse. Wealth is no longer created; it is taken from others. Parasitic behavior is not confined to bankers; it also infects high government officials, corporate executives and the elite societal stratum….

Jim Rickards, The Death of Money, June 2014

And regarding Parasitic Bankers helping other Bankers (to the detriment of virtually everyone else), David Stockman well describes the ostensibly American private for-profit Fed’s Gift to the Foreign Mega Banks.

“This profit stripping operation is simple. Foreign banks on Wall Street borrow from money market funds at an infinitesimal 3-6 basis points and then shuffle the loot down to 33 Liberty Street where the New York Fed pays them 25 basis points on the same funds. This gift is known as the IOER payment for excess reserves. It is a short-term trade which is rolled-over day after day and is absolutely risk free….

“This seems like a screaming outrage that couldn’t be true—especially because the real beneficiaries of the Fed’s largesse are Europe’s giant banks which are insolvent but socialized wards of the state. …  

Just as the Fed instructs foreign banks to ‘come and get it’ with its locked-in IOER/money market spread, it delivers the same message to the entirety of what has become the Wall Street gambling casino….

The heart of the evil is interest pegging itself. That is, the replacement of market prices with administered prices—direct and indirect—throughout the financial system….

“Now that is the essence of Fed Policy. An all-powerful, un elected arm of the state has transformed itself into a crooked croupier and has no intention of leaving the casino.”

“Why The Fed’s Outrageous Gift to Foreign Banks—Risk Free Arbitrage On IOER—Is Just The Tip Of The Iceberg,” David Stockman,, 08/23/2014

And it is not merely that The Fed is primarily engaged in helping its Mega-Bank Clients/Shareholders but that its policies are hurting Investors, Wage-earners and Retirees and indeed the entire Real Economy.

“The Fed has not made the world a better place with its interventions. It has created moral hazard, encouraged the formation of asset bubbles that eventually pop (leaving economic messes), widened the wealth inequality gap to record levels, discouraged savings and investment, severely penalized retirees on fixed incomes, encouraged spending, funded massive government deficit spending by monetizing the debts, lengthened the recession and likely reduced the number of jobs that would have been created if the economy had been allowed to take its normal course. Eventually, the Fed’s policy interventions will also have created debilitating, widespread consumer inflation, the cruelest tax against the poor and middle classes.”

Fred Hickey, (aka the High-Tech Strategist) August, 2014

Indeed, a Fed-led Cartel has and is manipulating Prices in many markets and suppressing the prices of Gold and Silver. But one can use knowledge of these Manipulations to Profitable Advantage – see Note 2 re The Cartel.

6) But Deepcaster and Richard Russell both expect one more Major Upside Equities Surge to “New Record Highs” before The Great Crash Begins.

In this regard, see Deepcaster’s Forecasts and Buy Recommendations at and note how our Monitoring Fundamentals, Technicals and Interventionals has facilitated recent profitable positions (see Note 1 re Recent Profits Taken).

Of course, Intensifying Negative Geopolitical Events, and/or weakening Fundamentals, and/or rising interest rates could launch The Great Crash at any Time.

“Since the beginning of July, we’ve seen a sputtering stock market, a 65 basis point widening in high-yield spreads, a 15 basis point flattening of the Treasury curve (2s-10s) and a strong dollar (DXY US dollar index up 1.5%). This is typical of how the markets behave three or four months ahead of the onset of a Fed rate-hiking cycle.”

David Rosenberg, 08/14/2014

Apparently David Rosenberg and George Soros (and notwithstanding his destructive deconstructive political views) agree with Deepcaster about what is coming – mainly a Consequence of Major Central Bank Policies.

Finally, it is essential to Monitor The Real Numbers (e.g., US CPI at 9.8% and Real Unemployment at %) rather than the Bogus Official One (see Note 3).

To be forewarned facilitates being forearmed for Profit and Wealth Protection as we were in 2008 (see Note 2). In other words, to profit from the coming QE/Debt Consequences, closely monitor the Fundamentals, Technicals and Interventionals, and The Real Numbers, not the Bogus Official ones.

Best regards,

August 29, 2014

Note 1: Our attention to Key Timing Signals and Interventionals and accurate statistics has facilitated Recommendations which have performed well lately. Consider our profits taken in recent months in our Speculative and Fortress Assets Portfolios*

  • 55% Profit on Double Short Euro Call on August 6, 2014 after just 106 days (i.e., about 200% Annualized)
  • 65% Profit on Energy Storage & Management Company on July7 15, 2014 after just 342 days (i.e., about 70% Annualized)
  • 95% Profit on Crude Oil Call on June 11, 2014 after just 73 days (i.e., about 470% Annualized)
  • 75% Profit on Equity Index Call on May 27, 2014 after 21 days (i.e., about 1305% Annualized.)
  • 30% Profit on Equity Index Call on May 13, 2014 after 34 days (i.e., about 320% Annualized)
  • 75% Profit on Crude Oil Call on April 14, 2014 after 13 days (i.e., about 2000% Annualized)
  • 60% Profit on Water Management Company on March 3, 2014 after 454 days (i.e., about 50% Annualized)
  • 100% Profit on Crude Oil Call on February 10, 2014 after 27 days (i.e., about 1400% Annualized)
  • 30% Profit on Equity Index Puts on February 5, 2014 after 8 days (i.e., about 1440% Annualized)
  • 55% Profit on Water Management Company on January 15, 2014 after 406 days (i.e., about 50% Annualized)
  • 140% Profit on Equity Index Call on December 27, 2013 after just 10 days (i.e., about 5200% Annualized)
  • 40% Profit on Equity Index Call on December 19, 2013 after just 2 days (i.e., about 7500% Annualized)

*Past Profitable Performance is no assurance of future Profitable Performance.

Note 2: We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s July, 2014 Letter entitled "Profit, Protection, Despite Cartel Intervention" in the ‘Latest Letter’ Cache at Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

Note 3: * calculates Key Statistics the way they were calculated in the 1980s and 1990s before Official Data Manipulation began in earnest. Consider

Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported August 19, 2014
1.99%     /    9.73%

U.S. Unemployment reported August 1, 2014
6.2%     /     23.2%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported August 28, 2014
2.48%        /     -1.66%

U.S. M3 reported August 18, 2014 (Month of July, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report     /   4.69% (i.e., total M3 Now at $16.008 Trillion!)

01:36 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic U.S. propaganda-war against ISIS escalates... in the forums.
...while the real war it is waging against its new "enemies" in Iraq also intensifies.

Clearly nothing which is reported from by the serial liars of the Western media about ISIS can be considered reliable, any more than the absurd/serial propaganda which it manufactures about Russia and its supposed 'crimes' in the Ukraine. They are simply making stuff up with regard to the ridiculous anti-Russia propaganda -- and there is no reason to believe its any different with respect to ISIS.

For those who claim to have seen clips/video of (supposed) "ISIS atrocities", I have just one question for you. Have you been to a movie lately???

What we see here in the geopolitical realm is precisely what we have been seeing in the economic realm over the past 1 - 2 years. The Liars no longer even care of their propaganda has any factual basis whatsoever. And they are so brazen that they regularly propagate lies which are not merely wrong, but are literally the precise opposite of reality -- i.e. perverse.

I'm not suggesting that this means that ISIS is going around giving bouquets of flowers to the women, handing out lollipops to the children, and shaking hands with all the men. This is civil war. For any who need to be reminded of the atrocities which people can and do commit against their neighbours in a "civil war", simply read-up on the American civil war.

This was written roughly 2,500 years ago...

In war, truth is the first casualty.

-- Aeschylus 525 BC - 456 BC (from one of his Greek tragedies)

Now the ISIS Boogeyman supposedly has "global aspirations" (lol!). Didn't we just finish watching exactly the same movie with the "Al Qaeda" boogeyman? If so; prepare for another false-flag attack (which have also been going on thousands of years).

P.S. Naturally these "global aspirations" will be used as the excuse for the NEW war-crimes which the U.S. is committing and will commit against the people of Iraq. Anything to get the oil flowing again...but with the West's Big Oil companies doing most of the pumping.

Pentagon warns that Isis has global aspirations as US continues Iraq strikes

US effort to build international coalition against Isis advanced, as UK and six other nations agreed to arm the Kurdish peshmerga

The Pentagon warned on Tuesday that Islamic State (Isis) militants have global aspirations, ratcheting up already dire US rhetoric against the jihadist army that has overrun much of Iraq and Syria.

“Quite frankly, we’re not turning a blind eye to their global aspirations as well,” said Rear Admiral John Kirby, the Pentagon press secretary.

Isis has not conducted attacks outside of Iraq – its gestation ground – and Syria, where its successes brought it global attention. Its own rhetoric imagines a global Islamic caliphate, obliterating man-made borders, but its capabilities – which include access to oil wealth – fall significantly short.

Yet Isis’s attraction of as many as thousands of western passport holders has convinced US intelligence that Isis fighters will plot attacks against the US and Europe...
09:52 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Comex gold warehouses filling up (lol)?? in the forums.
As we see more and more often in the Wonderland Matrix; whenever there is a "problem" (i.e. a crime about to implode) in one of our "markets" (i.e. crime-scenes), the solution is just to make stuff up.

In this particular case; the problem was Comex gold supplies plummeting to a low of around 7 million ounces -- an unprecedented collapse in "official" gold inventories (i.e. inventories of supposed metal). Now we're told that these inventories have "recovered", increasing by roughly 50%, or (at one point) about 4 million ounces of "gold".

The obvious question is where did this "new gold" come from, in a global market in a permanent supply-deficit??? As we've already heard confessed by the Corporate media itself; the "scrap" market for gold has already dried-up -- a function of the permanently (and severely) depressed (i.e. manipulated) price.

Thus the only (theoretically) possible "sources" for this gold are mine-supply (where there is permanent deficit) or some SECRET HOARD. In this respect; we have this "coincidental" report originating in Russian media:

Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretely Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?

Thus with respect to the supposed "increase" in the supply of gold in Comex warehouses, we're left with two (plausible) explanations. The "gold" is purely imaginary, like 99% of the "gold" in the banksters' paper-called-gold market; OR the gold being offered for sale doesn't belong to these Criminals at all -- but rather the people of Ukraine (who will obviously never see that gold again).

Comex Gold Warehouse Stocks Swell As Physical Demand Slumps

Light physical gold demand has been a common theme in the gold market for the past few months, with gold forward rates and Shanghai Gold Exchange premiums low or sometimes negative.

Another sign, albeit less widely watched, is the rise in Comex gold warehouse stocks. As of Aug. 25, the combined total of registered and eligible warehouse stocks was 9.863 million troy ounces, the highest since March 11, 2013, when they were at 9,863,758.707 ounces, according to CME Group data. But a recent peak in the 11 million ounces level was as high in January 2013...

Ukraine’s Gold Reserves Secretely Flown Out and Confiscated by the New York Federal Reserve?

A Russian Internet news site Iskra (“Spark”) based in Zaporozhye, eastern Ukraine, reported on March 7, that “Ukraine’s gold reserves had been hastily airlifted to the United States from Borispol Airport east of Kiev”.

This alleged airlift and confiscation of Ukraine’s gold reserves by the New York Federal Reserve has not been confirmed by the Western media...
02:39 PM
4 days ago
Gee, here's a big surprise. The LME (London Metal Exchange), one of the older and more-important tentacles of the One Bank has been dismissed as a possible "defendant" by yet another corrupt, U.S. judge. For those who need a reminder of what I mean by "gangster racketeering", just have a look at this piece from last year:

London Metals-Fraud Revealed

What we are very clearly dealing with here is SYSTEMIC FRAUD in the trading (and storage) of base metals, and the LME is "the system". It is thus outrageous, and more obvious corruption, to see a U.S. judge eliminating the LME as a defendant in the FIRST law-suit over this base metals racketeering.

Note, in particular, the entirely bogus reason for giving the LME immunity:

...the LME was an "organ" of the UK government and immune from the lawsuit under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

The LME is a PRIVATE CORPORATION. Only in fascism is the distinction between "government" and "corporation" erased.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: the Rule of Law is dead in the USA...

The Fourth Reich

Judge dismisses LME from aluminum price-fixing lawsuits

A U.S. judge has dismissed London Metal Exchange Ltd as a defendant from nationwide antitrust litigation over the alleged fixing of aluminum prices.

In a decision made public on Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest in Manhattan said the LME was an "organ" of the UK government and immune from the lawsuit under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act.

Forrest's decision does not affect other defendants in the case, which include Glencore Plc, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, JPMorgan Chase & Co, and various commodity trading, metals mining and metals warehousing companies...
09:52 AM
debsyl wrote:
and.... it appears the Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement” on August 8th.

"On August 8, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium signed a non-disclosure agreement pertaining to data obtained during the investigation into the causes of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17"

Thanks for the post Debsyl.

Certainly nothing in this brief article is in any way surprising, given what we already know-and-suspect about this atrocity. Conversely; reading it fills me with mixed sentiments.

On the one hand; we have an (alleged) agreement between four seemingly unrelated nations: Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and Ukraine. The only common element to these four governments is that (now) all four are squarely aligned WITH the Axis of Evil.

It would be much easier to understand this (and thus believe it to be true) if the four signatories had been the U.S., UK, France, and Ukraine instead. But then again, if the Russians were simply going to make this up (for their own propaganda) then why not create a more-believable lie and invent a "secret agreement" between four more-plausible governments?

Sadly, reports such as this are almost impossible to confirm. Our corrupt mainstream media won't even report open facts about our own economies. There's ZERO chance that these puppet-parrots will report on a confidential agreement between four foreign nations.

If it is true, it's simply another indication of the degree of control exerted by the One Bank over these governments. It can not only get these Puppet Governments to commit any and every kind of atrocity imaginable -- it can get them (either before or after) to parrot any lies it dictates, no matter how absurd.
09:28 AM
5 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money in the forums.
The Consumer-Less Economy

We in North American live in “consumer economies”. Sadly, while most of us (even most Sheep) are familiar with this truism, few properly understand the ramifications – and certainly we cannot rely upon the drones of the Corporate media to enlighten us.

The first point to note with any (supposed) “consumer economy” is that this necessarily implies an unsustainable economy, and thus a dying economy. “Consumption” itself is nothing more than deploying (i.e. using-up) wealth.

It is mathematically impossible for consumption (by itself) to create wealth, and thus economic prosperity/growth...
11:57 PM
6 days ago
debsyl replied to the topic Re: Malaysia accuses WEST of shooting down airliner in the forums.
and.... it appears the Ukraine, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium Signed a “Non-disclosure Agreement” on August 8th.

"On August 8, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Australia and Belgium signed a non-disclosure agreement pertaining to data obtained during the investigation into the causes of the crash of Malaysian Airlines MH17"
09:24 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
Jeff wrote,

Conversely, as I've pointed out before; the "reports" we get of (supposed) "ruthless and barbaric" acts in Afica and/or parts of Asia come from the CORPORATE MEDIA. This is the same Corporate media which has (without exception) been blaming Russia, and Russia alone for all the problems (and atrocities) which have taken place in Ukraine.

Not so fast, Jeff. RT news has unbiased coverage with respect to the Ukraine, yet they TOO report on the atrocities within the Middle East.

Atrocities happen daily, even hourly, within Canada. One would be a fool to think otherwise; however, I repeat, it is not the norm. RT News reports "ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children - Iraq"

THAT, Jeff, is NOT the norm within Canada.

Why do I believe that it will get worse in Canada? When one considers that what was once thought to be horrific is now considered “ENTERTAINMENT" one cannot deny we have begun the slide…. Two “titles” that come to mind are the Chainsaw Murder and Hunger Games, which BTW, Jeff, you pointed out, in one of my previous posts, you could find yourself watching.

How we can sit and are “entertained” by such horrific movies is something I will never understand. After I did my research on the movie “Hunger Games” I told our children that I would be very disappointed if they stooped so low to be “entertained” by this movie.

debsyl wrote:
Jeff wrote,

Conversely, as I've pointed out before; the "reports" we get of (supposed) "ruthless and barbaric" acts in Afica and/or parts of Asia come from the CORPORATE MEDIA. This is the same Corporate media which has (without exception) been blaming Russia, and Russia alone for all the problems (and atrocities) which have taken place in Ukraine.

Not so fast, Jeff. RT news has unbiased coverage with respect to the Ukraine, yet they TOO report on the atrocities within the Middle East.

Atrocities happen daily, even hourly, within Canada. One would be a fool to think otherwise; however, I repeat, it is not the norm. RT News reports "ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children - Iraq"

THAT, Jeff, is NOT the norm within Canada.

Why do I believe that it will get worse in Canada? When one considers that what was once thought to be horrific is now considered “ENTERTAINMENT" one cannot deny we have begun the slide…. Two “titles” that come to mind are the Chainsaw Murder and Hunger Games, which BTW, Jeff, you pointed out, in one of my previous posts, you could find yourself watching.

How we can sit and are “entertained” by such horrific movies is something I will never understand. After I did my research on the movie “Hunger Games” I told our children that I would be very disappointed if they stooped so low to be “entertained” by this movie.

Whoa, whoa, whoa; Debsyl! Whoever said anything about RT being "unbiased"???

We are talking purely "lessers of evil" here. It's certainly not a case of Russia becoming much more "virtuous" recently, or even in comparison to the Soviet Union. Rather, this is totally a function of how our own "media" (i.e. the compulsive Liars of our propaganda machine) have devolved.

With the Western media; we not only know that basically EVERYTHING is false (except for information they consider trivial/irrelevant), it is generally the exact, perverse OPPOSITE of reality.

When you see me defending Muslims and/or Islamic culture; my strongest "arguments" won't be from anything I see/read/hear on RT. Rather, my strongest argument is that the Liars of our own media consistently say such horrible things about Muslims/Islamic culture -- and we know that most of what they say is OPPOSITE to reality.

These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) how wonderful Israel is.
These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) how our economies continue to "strengthen".
These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) how they "fixed" the problems with our financial system after the Crash of `08.
These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) that "9/11" was solely the work of 21 "Muslim terrorists".
These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) that central bankers are our friends, and that the Big Banks are the "foundations" of our economies (rather than the cancer).
These are the same Liars who tell us (every day) that the ONLY "villain" in the coup and civil war in Ukraine is Russia.

So when these same Liars tell us (every day) that "Islamic governments" are worse than any other governments, and that Muslims are such horrible people (in comparison to all of the virtuous Christians and Jews), what should you believe???

05:07 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Random Acts of Kindness in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
We only live once, some of us choose to use that time to benefit others, while the rest of us choose to use it for our own pleasure.

Ironically those that use it to benefit others obtain more satisfaction from their lives than the rest of us.

That's getting pretty close to Notable Quote "material", Debsyl.

04:48 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Reserve currency in the forums.
Here's three.

China Moves Closer To Ending Dollar Hegemony

Three Reasons Why The USD Is Already Worthless
U.S. Hyperinflation Warning, Part II

The first commentary is entirely on this subject. The second two are only partially on this subject -- because there are many reasons why the USD is already worthless.

P.S. The real problem here is that "hyperinflation" itself is still nothing more than a word, to almost everyone. The commentary which people really need to read (and understand) is this one:

Creeping Zeros and Economic Armageddon
04:47 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Real physical silver exchange in the forums.
debsyl wrote:
I found the following clip from US Watchdog very interesting:

I never stopped to think about how silver would be priced if the whole system collapses. According to Bix Weir there is no real physical silver exchange in the world. (2:14)

Bix also made mention that our shares are not even bought, but they are just blips on the computer system, but our shares are not really bought in our name as they are trading so quickly , so we should actually hold the actual certificates in our name (24:32). Perhaps that is why Jim Sinclair says we NEED to have the physical paper of our shares in our names.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, Jeff.

Thanks for the post, Debsyl.

As is my general style (lol); I'm going to agree with parts of Weir's positions/arguments, and disagree with others.

When you write:

According to Bix Weir there is no real physical silver exchange in the world.

...all this is, is another way of re-stating something which I say on a near-daily basis (lol): we have no markets -- just crime scenes.

To understand this requires understanding one of the basic functions of markets, something which is never discussed any more: "price discovery".

In a free market (something which we supposedly have); the "price" for any good is where (literally) supply meets demand -- where a buyer and seller agree on a specific price.

However, in our totally manipulated markets, where "price" is simply an arbitrary number generated by the One Bank's Master Trading Algorithm, we have no price discovery. Without price discovery; when someone asks the question "what should the price be for this?" or "what is the real price for this?"; no one can supply a precise answer.

All we can do is make estimates, based upon particular assumptions/parameters. In the simplest terms (and as I've pointed out many times) the Western paper currencies are already worthless -- that happened as soon as these governments began their fraudulent "quantitative easing".

Thus the "price" for anything (expressed in these worthless currencies) is "infinity". However, there is still one other way of "pricing" goods, which is quasi-legitimate, even with worthless currencies: the relative value of goods, expressed in this worthless paper.

To do that; we start with the most over-priced asset or the most under-priced asset on the planet, and then calibrate all other prices relative to that base-level. However, since price-suppression is the primary goal of this manipulation (i.e. more goods/markets are being suppressed than inflated), the logical choice to use as our base-level is the world's most over-priced asset: U.S. Treasuries.

Based on historic valuations for this paper (i.e. back before these bonds were totally worthless) we can roughly estimate how over-valued the Treasuries of today are versus those historical prices.

As many readers should know; in the bond market "price" is simply the inverse of the interest rate. The higher the interest rate, the lower the price. The higher the price; the lower the interest rate. Thus with U.S. interest rates artificially manipulated to their lowest level in history; prices are at their highest level in history.

This is despite the facts that:

1) The U.S. is obviously/hopelessly insolvent, thus these bonds have never been riskier. In legitimate markets; the greater the risk, the higher the interest rate necessary to compensate for that risk. Thus U.S. interest rates (for that reason alone) should be at the highest level in history.

2) The dollar is dying. Not only is it being phased-out as reserve currency; but Helicopter Ben and his "Adam's Rib" have been printing up USD's by the countless $trillions. Diluting the currency like this (and thus lowering its value) requires even higher interest rates to compensate investors.

Taking these factors into account; we could say (conservatively) that U.S. Treasuries are over-valued by (at least) a factor of ten. (They are actually infinitely over-valued, since they are technically worthless). This is why if I'm forced to assign some "price" for silver today (that is non-infinity); I tell people to (at least) "add a zero on the end" i.e. multiply it by ten.

With silver (and gold) being the world's most under-valued assets; adding a zero to the end is a very, very conservative valuation.

Now with respect to his (and Sinclair's) thoughts on holding/owning shares, as far as I know, neither one of them has any legal training. So when people with no legal training offer legal opinions, one should be very hesitant to rely upon them.

Whether one has a purely "electronic" interest in a company, or holds some "certificate" in their own hands has absolutely ZERO legal significance. That said; we live in lawless societies, which are (literally) run by Thieves (lol!!).

In such a world; it is possible to invent scenarios where someone holding the shares in their own hands is better off than someone who held them electronically. Conversely; if you hold the shares yourself; YOU accept personal risk for their security.

If your home should burn down (with your certificates stored inside), I would question whether your insurance company would consider those certificates to be covered by your insurance. They would argue that you had NEEDLESSLY exposed that asset to risk (because you could have held them electronically), deem that "a reckless act" on your part, and argue that the asset is thus not covered.

You could store the certificates in a safety deposit box. As I've pointed out before; safety deposit boxes offer (slightly) more "security" for your assets than (for example) storing money in a savings account. It's harder for a bank to steal what's in your safety deposit box than to steal what's in your bank account.

But then the question becomes inconvenience. You CAN'T "trade" with your certificates (in our electronic world). You thus have to continually TAKE shares to your broker any time you want to sell anything, and RETRIEVE your (new) shares from the broker any time you buy anything. (And if your insurance company would ensure your certificates; they would have to be notified every time your holdings changed.)

In the world I live in; the minimal "security" gained by listening to people like Sinclair on this subject is more than offset by the enormous inconvenience. And (as I pointed out) you still can't eliminate all risk by holding certificates.
04:31 PM
1 week ago
debsyl, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
Jeff wrote,

Conversely, as I've pointed out before; the "reports" we get of (supposed) "ruthless and barbaric" acts in Afica and/or parts of Asia come from the CORPORATE MEDIA. This is the same Corporate media which has (without exception) been blaming Russia, and Russia alone for all the problems (and atrocities) which have taken place in Ukraine.

Not so fast, Jeff. RT news has unbiased coverage with respect to the Ukraine, yet they TOO report on the atrocities within the Middle East.

Atrocities happen daily, even hourly, within Canada. One would be a fool to think otherwise; however, I repeat, it is not the norm. RT News reports "ISIS killed 500 Yazidis, buried some alive incl women and children - Iraq"

THAT, Jeff, is NOT the norm within Canada.

Why do I believe that it will get worse in Canada? When one considers that what was once thought to be horrific is now considered “ENTERTAINMENT" one cannot deny we have begun the slide…. Two “titles” that come to mind are the Chainsaw Murder and Hunger Games, which BTW, Jeff, you pointed out, in one of my previous posts, you could find yourself watching.

How we can sit and are “entertained” by such horrific movies is something I will never understand. After I did my research on the movie “Hunger Games” I told our children that I would be very disappointed if they stooped so low to be “entertained” by this movie.
Aug 23
debsyl, Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Random Acts of Kindness in the forums.
We only live once, some of us choose to use that time to benefit others, and some of us choose to use it for our own pleasure.

Ironically those that use it to benefit of others obtain more satisfaction from their lives than the rest of us.
Aug 23
debsyl created a new topic Reserve currency in the forums.
Hi Jeff,

Much has been said about the US dollar being the reserve currency, but I wonder if people really understand what that means.

Have you ever considered writing a commentary on what this means financially to the USA and why they would start wars to maintain that status? e.g petro dollar.
Aug 23
debsyl created a new topic Real physical silver exchange in the forums.
I found the following clip from US Watchdog very interesting:

I never stopped to think about how silver would be priced if the whole system collapses. According to Bix Weir there is no real physical silver exchange in the world. (2:14

I would appreciate your thoughts on this, Jeff.

Bix also made mention that our shares are not even bought, but they are just blips on the computer system, but our shares are not really bought in our name as they are trading so quickly , so we should actually hold the actual certificates in our name (24:32). Perhaps that is why Jim Sinclair says we NEED to have the physical paper of our shares in our names.
Aug 23
This information comes from Koos Jansen, one of the sharper minds reporting on the precious metals sector -- and especially well-informed about Asian markets for precious metals (most-notably China, in the past).

One of the things which separates Jansen's research/analysis from most others is that he looks for his (Asian) data first-hand -- i.e. directly from Asian sources -- rather than merely absorbing the (second-hand) lies about these markets which we get from Western media sources.

The big "number" is here is the final number Jansen produces for Indian silver imports for all of 2013: 6,125 tonnes. The last numbers I had seen (and written on) myself came from late October, and put India (supposedly) on a path to end the year slightly above the 5,000-tonne level.

What this indicates is that either India's government had previously been low-balling its estimates for silver imports, OR that Indians ended 2013 with a frantic binge of silver-buying. Either explanation is obviously "bullish" for those of us in this sector.

Also, this reinforces what was written in my second most-recent commentary: that (in 2014) we have witnessed a FULL-FLEDGED RETREAT by the One Bank with respect to India's gold embargo. Obviously with India's gold imports being allowed to (rapidly) rise back to normal -- in response to these gigantic numbers for silver imports -- this is further proof of my own conclusion: that the Indian gold-embargo was always/exclusively something planned and initiated by the One Bank, itself.

How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

P.S. Note the problems (and frustration) reported by this commentator, too. If you're publishing work in this sector, and you're NOT getting regularly blocked/impeded by cyber-attacks (and other means) it means that you don't have anything worthwhile to say...

India Imported 6125 Tonnes Of Silver In 2013

I’m glad you’re able to read this post. This website has been suffering from many DDOS attacks in recent weeks that not only prevent people from reading my posts, additionally it makes it very hard for me to reach my own server to publish. I will try to figure out how to protect In Gold We Trust in cooperation with my web host to insure better service for my readers in the future.

Back to business; India’s customs department DGCIS just came out with their final trade numbers for gold and silver in 2013. Only gross import numbers for both precious metals are disclosed in these reports, the export numbers I grabbed from the Comtrade database (although these numbers are quite insignificant).

Starting from August 2013 all Indian traders had to export 20 % of their gold imports. This was a measure designed by the government, on top of an import duty that was raised to raised to 10 %, to slow down gold import. Of course the only result from these measures was that official gold import dropped like a brick, premiums skyrocketed and Indian supply shifted to smuggling. In this next chart by Nick Laird we can see how the import duty pushed the premiums to 25 % in january...
Aug 23
debsyl replied to the topic Re: Random Acts of Kindness in the forums.
This post is dedicated to all those who risk their lives for those less fortunate than themselves.

The Christina community rejoices with Dr. Kent Brantly of Samaritan’s Purse and Nancy Writebol of SIM who have been released from hospital after being cured from the ebola virus they contracted while working in Liberia.
Aug 22
debsyl replied to the topic Re: OUR sick, sick societies in the forums.
Yes, Jeff, these are terrible atrocities to be sure. One would be ignorant if one thought such terrible cruelty does not take place, even daily, within the western world. It is by the grace of God that these atrocities are not the norm and that our societies have not already slipped into total lawlessness. To suggest however that our SOCIETY is as ruthless and barbaric as the Middle East and Africa would be false.

As you know we have firsthand knowledge of what takes place in Africa and I can tell you the people there are barbaric and ruthless, slaughtering each other because they belong to a different tribe or "brand" of a given religion. In Canada, you will find multiple races, cultures, and relgions living side by side in peace.

To say that many people (not all) are not brutally savage, in Africa and the Middle East, would be incorrect. Having written that, I will add that our societies are at risk of collapsing to this as well. As I wrote earlier, it is by the grace of God that we have not fallen thus far. Our prayer is that He will not remove this UNMERITED favor from the west.
Aug 22
Jeff Nielson, Norbull replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
Norbull wrote:
Really sorry to see this thread come to an end Jeff.
However, I have to say that whilst I enjoyed the emailed versions of the commentary, and could find the thread via the email link, I always struggled to find 'The Daily Grind' on the BBC site. Even a site search does not bring it up. It needed a tab or link on the top of the home page.

Point noted Norbull. Yes, the "display" for this column was less-than-optimal.

That said; there are (were) in fact three ways to find The Daily Grind. The easiest way is the column of "Recent Forum Posts" on the lower left side of the homepage. It can also be found (relatively easily) by clicking on "Bulletin Boards" (on the toolbar at the top of the page), and entering the Forum menu. Finally; I frequently linked to it directly in my commentaries.

And (given the "bookmark" function) it shouldn't be too difficult for those who find/found this thread once to find it again...

Understandably, it is/was somewhat frustrating for readers tuning-in to a column where they are being told day after day that "nothing will ever change" in this insane/artificial paradigm until first (large numbers of) people understand what the real problems are, and then we make BIG changes in our totally corrupt societies.

Obviously that's not my fault. However (as it turns out) one of the most-difficult "messages" to communicate to readers is "don't shoot the Messenger".

Aug 21
It would have been more convenient if this news item would have come out before I published my latest commentary on how India "evaded the One Bank's gold embargo". Instead, however, it has come out right after I wrote this commentary -- and thus can only be used to verify the contents of that commentary (in hindsight).

How India Evaded The One Bank’s Gold-Embargo

Two points to add to what is written below: the estimate that Indian gold-smuggling increased by (only) 700% last year is based upon the number of gold SEIZURES by Indian customs officials. However, given that we appear to have witnessed systemic/deliberate "corruption" (in terms of India's government allowing smuggled gold into the country); one must assume that this report of a 700% increase in gold-smuggling is just a tip-of-the-iceberg number.

The other point to note is that this smuggling was continuing to accelerate all the way through June of this year -- even after India's government had already begun relaxing import restrictions. This indicates how much pent-up APPETITE for gold had built-up in India, even though the gold-embargo only lasted half a year.

Gold smuggling surged seven-fold in India during 2013-'14: CBEC

According to the information provided by the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) and the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) to the Ministry of Finance, gold smuggling has witnessed unprecedented surge during 2013-’14.

As per data, Indian Customs Department detected 2,419 incidents of gold seizures during the fiscal 2013-‘14. The value of seized gold during the period totaled Rs 678 crores. The seizure of smuggled gold has multiplied nearly seven times when compared with Rs 94 crores worth gold seized in 919 cases during the previous fiscal...
Aug 19
2 weeks ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's August 14th, and (after more than 700 daily editions) this is the final edition of The Daily Grind. Given this, let me explain (a final time) what we are seeing every day in these Hostage Markets.

Any quasi-legitimate commentator in this sector will acknowledge that silver is ridiculously under-priced, but none of these other commentators truly understand the implications of what they are saying when they make that statement. How can this be shown/proven? With nothing other than the daily chart for silver:

What does it mean when we say silver is "ridiculously under-priced"? It means that any/every (legitimate) chart of the silver market must have a very, very large scale, to reflect where the price of silver could be/should be (were this 'market' ever allowed to move freely).

Instead, at Basher Central, and throughout the Corporate media (and the entire Wonderland Matrix) all you ever see are these pretend charts -- with a ludicrously compressed scale. But before I get to the implications of this, and the chart which we should be looking at every day; let me briefly comment on the remarkably regular, jagged line we see in this chart.

Very simply no human trading could ever produce such a rapid-but-regular zig-zag pattern such as this. We are looking at a 'market' where the trading is literally operated solely by a "machine" (i.e. a computerized trading algorithm). Any human trading in these markets is totally drowned-out by that Machine. It is further proof of the Master Trading Program, and Hostage Markets; all inside the Wonderland Matrix.

But note the anomaly here. What we clearly see (precisely during the hours where the New York market opens/closes) is that the Machine is being turned off (the jagged pattern magically disappears -- instantaneously). Why? Because the price of gold has been edging higher, and (as I've explained several times recently) the banksters are suppressing silver much more strongly than gold at the moment -- thus they need to manually manipulate the price of silver.

The Machine moves the two markets in lock-step. With the price of gold edging higher at the moment, the Machine has to be turned off, in order to prevent silver from moving higher with it. When the Criminals in New York go home, the "switch" is flicked, and the Machine is turned back on again.

Note what else we observe in the pattern above. The INSTANT that the machine is turned off each morning, the price of silver surges higher -- until the One Bank is able to strong-arm the price back down again (manually). This is further proof of how much upward pressure there is on this market, AND further proof that any legitimate chart of silver would have to have a gigantically increased scale.

This brings us back to the truly significant point here. If we were to assign even a quasi-rational price for silver today (given that Western currencies are literally worthless), a starting point would be to add a "zero" to the end -- i.e. $200/oz. Thus for any chart on the silver market to be MATHEMATICALLY LEGITIMATE (at all), it would have to be scaled so that the top of the chart went to (at least) $200/oz.

This would require that any existing chart of the silver market (in the entire world) be scaled larger by a factor of at least 100, because no existing chart today is scaled in a mathematically/statistically legitimate manner. Rather, the people who create these charts have continued to scale them smaller, and smaller, and smaller (each year of this Hostage Market), not understanding that by doing so they eliminated any graphical/mathematical legitimacy in that chart -- and (instead) turned it into a propaganda tool.

To be more precise; the current chart we're looking at from Basher Central would have to be scaled larger by a factor of at least 300 to make it statistically legitimate. In other words, Kitco's pretend-chart of the silver market simply magnifies the "trading noise" (generated by the Machine) by a factor of 300 (by squishing down the silver chart to 0.3% of its actual size).

This creates the illusion that the price of silver actually "moves", when (in statistical terms) it has been absolutely frozen for many, many months. The only time the silver market has actually "moved" at all in statistical terms (in more than 3 years) has been when the banksters have marched it lower, in another one of their criminal operations.

If we were to look at a real chart of silver for the last 3+ years; what we would see is a series of TOTALLY FLAT horizontal lines, connected by perfectly straight (downward) diagonal lines. All it would take to prove to any person who had never looked at a silver chart before that we have "hostage markets" would be to look at a legitimate chart of this "market" (i.e. crime scene). And then if one to were to focus some ultra-powerful magnifying glass on any segment of one of the flat lines (magnifying it at least 300 times), we would see the chart above.

A totally flat line, day after day, month after month, and (now) year after year. Thus if we ever saw a real chart of the silver market -- and this series of absolutely flat lines -- all the other "analysts" in this sector would also be able to figure out that we have Hostage Markets, and permanently end their delusion that this is a "market".

Put another way, all it takes to fool the other commentators in this sector is for the Liars to squish-down the silver chart to less than 1% of its actual size, thus magnifying the trading "noise" generated by the machine by a factor of (in this case) 300, and feigning "movement" in this pseudo-market. You won't read this anywhere else because, plainly and simply, other commentators (and even the people who create these charts) do not know what they are looking at when they see this chart each day.

I had hoped that producing a daily column on the precious metals sector which is totally unique, and (in my opinion) superior to what can be found elsewhere would (eventually) generate a loyal following. I was wrong.
Aug 14
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday August 13th, and (as promised) I'm going to present my second approach to debunking this silver-fix farce -- this time in a piece for Sprott Money.

‘The Silver Fix’ and The Iceberg Strategy

As I began to explain previously; I've used two distinctly different approaches to analysis in order to make (roughly) the same point in these commentaries. The first, BBC-version (as previously mentioned) was analysis-by-analogy: comparing geopolitical "false-flag" operations to corporate/financial false-flag charades (such as this).

Conversely in this piece my approach is analysis-by-metaphor. Rather than comparing this silver-fix charade to a concept with which most readers are already familiar (the "false-flag attack"); I invented a (simple) metaphor to use, to accomplish the same purpose -- the iceberg.

Note that in using significantly different approaches in analysis that (inevitably) the two commentaries also present this charade from slightly different perspectives. The first (BBC) piece focuses on the fact that we're dealing with a form of self-exposure/persecution intended to simulate a "purging" of corruption.

In this newer piece (using the "iceberg" metaphor); the commentary still revolves around pretending to "purge corruption" in the silver market, but in this piece the focus is on the fact that the charade involves only showing us A TINY PORTION of the overall crime/fraud being committed.

It would be impossible to present both approaches in a single commentary. And, also, readers may have differing opinions about which approach is more effective. Using (abstract) metaphors is a very inoffensive way of making an analytical point -- as I did previously, discussing (hypothetically) the "chocolate bar market" as a metaphor for illustrating the effects of silver manipulation.

Silver: Shorting Consumes, Investing Conserves

Conversely, with the BBC-version (which used analysis-by-analogy); analogies can be much more-provocative -- as readers have seen with many previous commentaries which engaged in a similar approach. In this case; the analogy not only serves to convey information about the silver fix, but about the analogy itself (since the mainstream media produces such despicable lies on this subject).

Did readers find this approach effective? Distracting? Or were feelings about this approach simply ambivalent? Do you prefer analysis-by-metaphor instead, because of the lesser potential for controversy/confrontation regarding some of the ugly truths in the Wonderland Matrix?

Feedback is the primary means by which writers improve the quality of their work. So unless readers/Members here feel like I've already achieved perfection with my own writing (lol!); how about letting me know about what you liked, and (even more important) what you didn't like here???

Aug 13
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Global FIncial System: On Life Support in the forums.
Thanks DayOwl, but I'm afraid I can't endorse this one myself.

There are two problems here. The first (which really drives me crazy) is writers like this who use euphemistic gobbledy-dook as much of their terminology. Let me provide just two examples.

At the beginning he talks about the "danger"(?) of "positive feedback loops" in the financial system. He's talking about (sort of) how the One Bank has so severely skewed the global economy with its various frauds, manipulations, and the actions of its puppet-politicians that it is rapidly blood-sucking the whole, global economy dry.

Yet, when he uses euphemisms like "positive feedback loops", first of all using the word "positive" suggests something which is BENIGN -- when (supposedly) he's describing a gigantic financial cancer. Then we have an even more abominable euphemism which he uses later: "NIRP" (Negative Interest Rate Policy). And all he says about this is that Savers would have to pay in order to "save" their money in any financial institution.

This is open, economic RAPE -- and all we get from this guy is another euphemism. I would strongly suggest that this is another piece of Disinformation, as it fits the pattern: down-play the severity of the ECONOMIC CATASTROPHE which has been created (and at no point does he indicate the desperation/hopelessness of the current crisis). Secondly, he disguises much of the worst aspects of this rape-paradigm with euphemisms.

Obviously people here know that I construct my own labels/terminology in my writing (since people have been conditioned to 'think' via labels). But compare the sorts of labels I use in my own writing:

"Hostage Markets"
"the Wonderland Matrix"
"the One Bank"

Where my labels/terminology is clearly differentiated from that in this clip is that my labels are descriptive, in two ways. They describe the nature of the label as closely as possible, and they indicate they severity of the problem as well:

"one bank"
"hostage markets"

It's always possible that some of these commentators are simply poor communicators. However, what obviously attracted you to the clip in the first place is that the speaker seems to have a fluent understanding of what is currently going on -- suggesting a relatively high level of intelligence. In turn, this suggests he is more likely a Jim Rickards-style Disinformation Artist, rather than someone wanting to get the truth, but simply using clumsy, non-communicative labels to convey his message.

I would suggest (as with Rickards) that the only people listening to this who would actually KNOW what he was talking about were the already Aware. Show me one portion of this clip that would/could rouse one of the Sheep from their propaganda-comas.

This is how these Disinformation Artists operate: they placate the Aware (by seeming to sound like "one of Us"), while with respect to the Sheep they do nothing but baffle-with-bullshit.

You're not going to wake-up any of the Sheep tossing terminology at them like "positive feedback loops" and "NIRP". They will have absolutely no idea what the speaker is referring to. But even a Sheep can understand what is (directly) implied by "the One Bank" (a gigantic, financial monopoly). Even a Sheep can understand what is implied by "Hostage Markets" -- market which have been totally corrupted.

I refuse to believe that other commentators such as this are incapable of communicating in PLAIN ENGLISH. That leaves only two possibilities: because of his pompous sense of self-importance he uses terminology intended to only be partially-understood (in order to make himself seem more like a savant); or he's deliberately using such terminology (as a Disinformation Artist) in order to confuse/placate the Sheep.
Aug 13

Any readers/Members who have not yet viewed these clips needs to do so -- or you will never fully understand the Peak Oil "equation".

Aug 13


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