Monday, April 21, 2014
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Jeff Nielson created a new topic Astute analysis of U.S./Europe relationship in the forums.
Perhaps my favorite European source for (English language) analysis is an organization which dubs itself "LEAP", and regularly puts out analytical bulletins which it prefaces with another acronym: "GEAB" (Global Europe Anticipation Bulletin).

I like their analyses for two (obvious reasons). First it represents the most large-scale "big picture" analysis of European (and global) geopolitics, and everyone knows what a Big Picture Guy I am, myself. It also (to my mind) represents the most forward-thinking analysis available -- something which is generally in short supply.

In other words; there is generally always some predictive value in their analyses, which tends to distinguish their work from most of the hindsight-oriented analysis we see with most non-mainstream sources (except for the T/A jockeys -- and their "predictions" don't count).

In this edition; we see some very good insights into the current U.S./Europe relationship -- i.e. the Fourth Reich's relentless bullying of European regimes. While the language is somewhat different (along with slight variations in perspective); note how much this analysis ties in with what I have been saying/writing on this subject -- from the other side of 'the Pond'.

I say this not to pat myself on the back, but because such similarities provide important reinforcement for readers. It's one thing to see one person/entity reason-through a particular scenario and arrive at a set of specific conclusions. But when we see a second entity reason-through the facts and arrive at a set of very similar conclusions; then we see LOGICAL REINFORCEMENT of that analysis.

I strongly encourage readers to dive into this well-written analysis, not only for the "reinforcement" benefits, but for the new/original data also contained in this analysis.

GEAB N°84 is available! Europe dragged into a division of the world between debtors and creditors: the United States' desperate solutions for not sinking alone

In the present confrontation between Russia and the West over the Ukrainian crisis, the image of the Cold War inevitably comes to mind and the media are obviously fond of it. However, contrary to what it gives us to understand, it’s not Russia that seeks the return of an iron curtain but really the US. An iron curtain separating the old powers and emerging nations; the world before and the world afterwards; debtors and creditors. And this in the crazy hope of preserving the American way of life and the US’ influence over “its” camp in the absence of being able to impose it on the whole world. In other words, go down with as many companions as possible to give the impression of not sinking.

For the US, these are the current stakes in fact: drag along the whole Western camp with them to be able to continue dominating and trading with enough countries. So, we are witnessing a formidable operation of turning round opinion and leaders in Europe to ensure docile and understanding rulers vis-à-vis the American boss, supported by a blitzkrieg to link them permanently with the TTIP and to cut them off from what could be their lifeline, namely the BRICS, their huge markets, their vibrant future, their link with developing countries, etc. We are analyzing all these aspects in this GEAB issue, as well as the subtle use of the fear of deflation to convince Europeans to adopt US methods.

In the light of the extreme danger of these methods used by the US, it goes without saying that leaving the US ship wouldn’t be an act of betrayal by Europe, but really a major step forward for the world as we have already extensively analyzed in previous GEAB issues (1)...
11:04 AM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
Orb wrote:
I've been busy lately, but I'm also an avid follower and read the commentaries and the grind regularly.I'm just usually to busy to comment.

Just so you get an idea, people like me are not very common. I would qualify myself as one of the few who slipped through the cracks of the dumbing down system. Few who hold a liberal arts degree such as I can understand what's going on in the economy.

I mean, unless you study conspiracy theory and you have someone very eloquent and clear, such as you Jeff, break it down, there's no way you can just stumble on this site and understand much of anything.

I shared many of your articles, but things like Facebook now are just an echo chamber of your own views. People who don't like your posts will soon stop seeing them in their feed.

I have friends who understand what's going on, but are cavalier about it. They think it will not be so bad and they can just "wing it" when the collapse happens. Others just don't have any money, just piles of debt. I would say most 30 yo and under have no money to spare buying gold and silver, they are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling at even that.

The people with good jobs and making good money are mostly profiting from the system. They believe in it or they've been sucked into the cynical mind virus of the One Bank: the people are beyond saving, so I'll just save myself.

Right now I think the One Bank is just trying to bleed dry the Babyboomer generation to make sure there is nothing to pass over to us younger people. Then they will use the welfare class to block any unrest among us.

So yeah, its surprisingly not easy to have anybody 1. Understand what's going on, and 2. do something about it. The subtle brainwashing against gold and silver is very powerful. I don't know why, but most think it's so risky and unsafe to store physical G & S. It must be the movies.

I'm pretty sure if I went to a middle class restaurant and tried to pay with the 50$ face value of a Gold Maple Leaf, they would not take it, and if I tried to push it, they would call the police. So what do you do?

I don't know. What should we do? How do we use our real money when the hyperinflation hits? How do we reach out to the police and military who will be offered to sell the people out in the red dawn takeover? Canada is a country of loyalists. Are we ever going to see a revolution here? I don't think so. It will be decided in the US.

All of what you say is quite true, Orb. However, for those same reasons it makes me question whether BBC still has a purpose (at this time). Yes, at the moment it's pretty much pointless (for any of us) to even attempt to "reach" any of the Sheep.

With brainwashing; there is very little possibility of influencing a captive mind unless/until there is other stimuli which challenge/contradict that brainwashing. But absent such factors (as we currently are); we could have equally meaningful communications with a Pet Rock.

So if I'm not able to reach anyone NEW; then the only "point" in continuing with BBC is to build a Community among the already-aware. But (as I've recently pointed out) a "community" requires much more than a one-man monologue.

I understand that these Hostage Markets are discouraging to people, and tend to sap one's will to participate. But what people need to understand is that if you're "waiting for things to improve" then you're not in a much different state of mind than the Sheep.

There is NO CHANCE of anything in our lives getting better over the short term. Rather; we can be very certain that our lives will get considerably worse (and likely for a considerable period of time) before there is any possibility of things "getting better".

For those currently telling themselves that they will become more involved when they "feel more motivated" (externally) that day will never come. People must not look for outside support/encouragement, but rather they need to look inside themselves for their own inner strength.

We are capable of enduring an enormous amount, but to do so requires toughening-up (mentally) so that we are sufficiently resilient to deal with the never-ending PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE being continually directed at us. It's not fun/easy, but the only alternative is to "give up" -- and join the Sheep.

Take "the Red Pill". Take "the Blue Pill". Your choice. Just like in the movie-version of The Matrix; if you choose to take the Red Pill (and to live in the real world) it means a more difficult life (over the short term): making the effort to stay informed, and helplessly watching as our entire societies are destroyed by a small group of incredibly powerful Vampires.

But while we can't prevent the destruction of our societies; we CAN help to reduce the severity of the upcoming catastrophe. And the key is building communities.

A hundred years ago; the only possible "communities" were local ones, where people were physically proximate to each other, because they needed to communicate face-to-face. For all the technological limitations of that era; there was the advantage that these local communities were "strong" (i.e. tightly-bonded) -- because these Communities were collections of friends and neighbours.

Now in the anonymous/impersonal era of the instant-communication internet; it's much easier to create "communities". But they are very loosely-bonded groups of people (because the lack of physical proximity, and emotional connections) and so such communities are very FRAGILE -- as we see now with BBC.

The choice as to whether or not this site continues is actually YOUR choice(s) -- not mine. There is no point continuing the site as simply a one-man monologue, and nothing more that I can do to facilitate participation.

It becomes a very simple equation: if BBC is important enough to you people, it will survive/continue. And if it's not that important to you; I'll simply 'fade away into the sunset' (lol).
10:05 AM
2 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Ukraine double-standard again on display in the forums.
When a group of Thugs pulled out guns, and staged their coup in Ukraine several weeks ago; "everybody" (at least almost everyone) thought this was a great idea: the Thugs, themselves; their Western puppet-masters; and (as usual) the flock of parrots in the Corporate media.

But if you don't like/agree with the Thugs; then suddenly "everyone" thinks politics-via-a-gun-barrel is a bad idea: the Thugs; the Western puppet-masters; and (of course) the flock of Parrots.

And so while the Thugs inside Ukraine are once again making more threats toward "pro-Russian separatists"; the Thugs outside Ukraine are making more threats toward Russia.

There is barely even any effort made at a pretense of legitimacy any longer. Might is right. And the "truth" is whatever can be broadcast the loudest and the longest...

Ukraine calls 'Easter truce' as separatists hold firm

(Reuters) - The Ukrainian government said it will not attack pro-Russian separatists over the Easter weekend as its U.S. ally threatened Moscow with new sanctions if it fails to persuade the militants to surrender.

The Kremlin denies having control over gunmen who want their eastern regions to follow Crimea in being annexed by Russia. Moscow scolded Washington for treating Russia like a "guilty schoolboy" following their agreement in Geneva on Thursday that Ukrainian militants should disarm and vacate occupied buildings.

Ukraine's government, short of effective forces, has shown little sign of trying to recapture the dozen or so town halls, police stations and other sites seized over the past two weeks, despite proclaiming the launch of an "anti-terrorist operation"...
12:17 PM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
robinsld wrote:
Jeff Nielson wrote:
Wow! No reaction at all to my latest commentary. Tough crowd.
OK, I'll bite.

I found it interesting to consider the possibility that COMEX was already out of either gold or silver. And the way ETFs are used to BOOST "inventories" instead of drain them is clearly fraudulent.

However, settlement in cash is built into the contracts which comprise the futures markets, so there is no technical "default" possible. Until people stop using COMEX to purchase gold and silver, the scheme will simply go on, potentially ad infinitum...

Robinsld, this is the MYTHOLOGY which the bankers and their parrots in the media try to peddle. There is two ways to demonstrate this is a fictional (and absurd) depiction of these markets.

First of all; there is what these markets are: METALS futures markets, where paper is used in lieu of metal to facilitate trading. These are not PAPER futures markets, where metal is collected in warehouses to facilitate the trading of paper.

We already have a million-and-one markets for trading paper. These are metals markets, plain and simple. Then we have the procedural explanation.

EVERY month in these futures markets; the traders place their orders over the course of the month. Then at the end of the month, there is a second, official phase. This is where BUYERS elect whether or not to "stand for delivery".

That's it. There's no "third phase" (lol); where the vendor/operators 'decide' whether or not to honour their contracts.

Yes, I've heard banking officials talk in such silly terms -- but not "officially". They can't. The day they claim that the sellers can "elect" whether or not to deliver what they're selling (lol) is the day we have Decoupling -- because on that day it will be evident to EVERYONE that there is no longer any legitimacy (or reality) in these markets.

08:41 PM
4 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
Here's a new one I did for Sprott Money. While regular readers may spot a familiar theme in that title; the data and subject matter certainly go beyond anything previously written on this subject...

Citizens Versus Serfs: The Swiss Example

One of the hallmarks of my writing is the ability to spot and identify patterns. Sometimes these are numerical/economic patterns. Sometimes they are behavioral patterns.

In the latter category is a regressive and alarming pattern which can be observed on both the individual and collective level: the worse that our (increasingly oppressive) governments treat us, the worse we allow ourselves to be treated. More to the point; the worse our governments mistreat us, the more we act like we deserve to be treated this way...
11:13 AM
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
It's Thursday April 17th, and after some re-examination and an unscheduled "hiatus" (lol); we're back online.

Though the response was rather tepid, the attitude around here seems to be that readers want me to continue this dialogue (and this site), and so it's "back to business". And the first business at hand is "yesterday's" commentary.

Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted?

We were knocked off-line about 10 minutes after yesterday's commentary went up; so readers will forgive me if sometimes it appears to me that the people who "appreciate" my work the most are the Banksters, themselves.

Why was the One Bank so eager to knock us off-line yesterday that they did so after not having time to do anything more than see the title? Because of all the things which I write about; the two (closely-related) subjects which the Bankers never want people reading about are their fraudulent bullion "products", and the rampant inventory-fraud, which allows them to pretend that there is still "plenty" of metal in their warehouses.

If you look through all of the roughly 1,000 commentaries on this site; you will see that only a handful have the lowest, or near-lowest ratings. By "coincidence"; these are all commentaries about the fraudulent bullion-ETF's and/or the Bankers' inventory-fraud.

But look more closely, and you'll see that in every case (except for my most-recent "bullion-ETF" commentary) they all have ten times as many votes. The Bankers sent HUNDREDS of their "trolls" to our site to do nothing more than vote-down my commentaries on the (fraudulent) bullion-ETF's and their inventory-fraud.

That's why the One Bank has made such a concerted effort to have me censored from any/all mainstream outlets (and even GATA).

GATA Now Funded With Rothschilds’ Dirty Money

[Readers will note that this commentary, too, is now getting a suspiciously high number of votes (in comparison to other commentaries) -- as it's rating is "mysteriously" dragged lower.]

There you have it folks: the most-regular "participants" on this site are the Trolls sent by the bankers. THEY "vote" on my commentaries by the hundreds (you can only vote once) while regular readers (at best) vote by the dozens.

Perhaps this will help readers understand my (and Chad's) frustration, as we see people (seemingly) snooze-through the content we work so hard to put out; while the BANKERS do anything/everything in their power to try to stop people from seeing this content. But I digress.

Why does the One Bank especially hate it when I talk about their fraudulent bullion-EFT's, and the silly (and transparent) games of inventory-fraud which they play in these markets? Two reasons. First of all; all their lies about this sector, and most of their manipulation is tied in to this closely-intertwined labyrinth of fraud.

And the second (and perhaps more important) reason why the One Bank is rabidly opposed to allowing anyone to read what is in yesterday's commentary is because I'm the only commentator covering these subjects in any depth. Indeed; if my suspicions are correct, we've already had (unofficial) inventory-default in the Comex gold market, and this would likely mean the same thing has already happened in the silver market as well.

If so, if we're already past inventory-default; what then? This is why when I've talked/written about "the end" of the Banksters' market-fraud in this sector that I have talked about inventory default or Decoupling (again, alone among all commentators).

"Inventory default" would/could only be a means of ending this game of fraud/manipulation if our markets remained quasi-legitimate -- i.e. if our governments and regulators actually acknowledged that inventory default when it occurred.

Here we see the ANSWER to the metaphorical question: if a tree falls in the middle of a forest, does it "make a sound"? If gold and/or silver inventories default, but no one is allowed to see/know about it; do we have an "official" default? Answer: not while the One Bank remains Puppet Master of our governments and regulators.

And this brings us back to Decoupling, where once again, I'm "banging the drum" here all alone.

Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets
Gold Market Secretly Decoupling

Given the massive (and ignored) financial crimes of the One Bank which we see in virtually every other facet of our markets; I was always aware of the possibility that these Criminals could simply prevent any default-event from ever being officially acknowledged/registered.

Black is white. Up is down. Hot is cold. We may have already had gold (and silver) "default" in these banker owned-and-operated markets; but with our governments and regulators nothing but bought-and-paid-for tools of the One Bank, it's simply business as usual.

But the Banksters can do nothing about about Decoupling, because (as a matter of definition) it's an event where people ABANDON their paper-fraud markets -- and take their money with them. This may explain why the One Bank did a sudden, 180-degree turn, and is once again allowing official gold imports back into the country.

As I noted in the second of the two commentaries above; the One Bank is terrified at the thought of the world's largest gold market VISIBLY "decoupling from" (i.e. abandoning) the Banksters' paper-fraud markets. As it is; we already have unofficial "decoupling" in that market.

(Price-conscious) Indian bullion-buyers are happy to buy their gold and silver at the (fraudulent) prices generated by the Banksters paper bullion markets -- but they only buy/sell real bullion. Thus we see how quickly/easily the Indians simply moved into the blackmarket to get their gold.

Better to allow them to buy it openly/officially...but for how long? As I have written here again and again; ultimately we will simply run out of metal -- one day soon. We know that day is coming soon because (as I note each time I see it) the actions and lies of the Banksters and their minions reflect increasing desperation.

Thus with the price of gold already below the (real) cost of production; we have the liars of Goldman Sachs insisting that the price of gold is going to $1050, as reported at Basher Central. It's why we have the same fiction-writers at Kitco writing that gold inventories are now "abundant", because after the (fraudulent/phantom) "inventories" at the Comex officially plummeted by 80% that they have now recovered by about 2%.

The lies didn't use to be as silly/obvious/absurd because the One Bank (and its minions) were not previously nearly as desperate as they are today. We didn't use to have a Wonderland Matrix.

While the fiction-writers in the Corporate Media have been exaggerating/twisting the truth for years (decades); it's only recently that they have begun to write the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what is really happening.

When the U.S. economy is losing more and more jobs but the liars write that it's gaining more and more jobs; that's desperation. When the U.S. economy is shrinking more and more rapidly, but the liars claim it's growing more and more rapidly; that's desperation.

This is why I encourage readers to not allow themselves to become discouraged by these Hostage Markets. I can see the "change" taking place here, even as the One Bank and its liars work harder and harder to obscure this truth with ever-larger and more-outrageous lies.

"It's always darkest before the Dawn."

Readers may regard this as nothing but a corny cliche, or perhaps even mere bluster. However, it's one of the most time-tested Contrarian "truths". What has been the best/most-accurate indicator of when gold and silver markets are about to explode higher (over the last 13 years)? When "sentiment" has hit absolute rock-bottom.

The only tricky thing about predicting such turn-arounds is that it's only possible to precisely identify "rock-bottom" in hindsight (lol!). This is why we never "gamble" in these markets (i.e. use leverage), we only invest.

Goldman Sachs Reiterates Call For $1,050/Oz Gold At Year-End

Goldman Sachs reiterated its call for gold to fall to around $1,050 an ounce by year-end due to a recovering U.S. economy.

Prices rose sharply for most of the first quarter due to softer U.S. economic data, Chinese credit concerns and geopolitical tensions surrounding Ukraine, Goldman said in a report released late Thursday night.

“While further escalation in tensions could support gold prices, we expect a sequential acceleration in both U.S. and Chinese activity, and hence for gold prices to decline, although it may take several weeks to lift uncertainty around this acceleration,” Goldman said. “Importantly, it would require a significant sustained slowdown in U.S. growth for us to revisit our expectation for lower U.S. gold prices over the next two years.”

In particular, Goldman said it sees potential for 10-year TIPS yields to rise, thereby hurting gold. However, the bank said with the Federal Open Market Committee tapering its bond-buying program known as quantitative easing, any decline in gold will be data dependent and hinge upon U.S. economic releases.

U.S. economic data have been softer so far in 2014, but Goldman economists mostly see this as weather-related due to a harsh winter and look for economic growth to accelerate for the remainder of the year, the firm said. However, the bank said it could take several more weeks, until April economic data is released, to get confirmation that the economy is in fact picking up...

Goldman said it expects any decline in gold to be a data-driven “grind
lower” as market participants get progressive confirmation of U.S. growth acceleration. Such price action would be a contrast to the sharp sell-off in 2013, when Goldman said it had a bearish view driven by a disconnect between stretched long gold speculative positioning and stabilizing U.S. growth with low inflation...

Rising Comex Gold Warehouse Stocks Underscore Soft Physical Demand

More signs of soft physical demand can be seen in the rising gold warehouse stocks, gold market watchers said.

As of Monday, the latest data available, total Comex gold warehouse stocks were over 7.92 million ounces, the highest since June 10, when stocks were at 7.97 million ounces, according to CME Group data.

The rise in warehouse stocks, the fall in exchange-traded fund holdings and the continuing discount some Asian physical gold prices have to spot London prices continue to underline the stagnating physical demand for gold, market watchers said.

“Warehouse stocks creep up when the market tends to go lower… There’s not a lot of interest in cash and carry right now,” said George Gero, vice president with RBC Capital Markets Global Futures...
10:51 AM
6 days ago
robinsld wrote:

I obviously can't speak for others but I have to say I find the idea of NOT replying to your Daily Grind posts in this thread has in the past caused me some angst. These days, I simply read and move on. Were we to be encouraged to post here, add to your thread, perhaps there would be more who would participate?


Robinsld, I'm talking about the Forum as a whole, not merely this one, particular thread. Obviously if all of our Members concentrate all of their posting in one thread (rather than spreading it around this huge Forum)...

...what we end up with is a cluttered, near-useless cacophony.

I will continue to insist that I'm not being the least bit unreasonable when I ask people to exercise some discretion in not posting all of their thoughts on this one thread, but rather to spread their posting around the Forum.

Some Forums make posting-rights a privilege which Members must acquire/earn over time. Here people are free to post anywhere they want, as often as they want...just not with everyone posting everything on one thread.

Just as one Pebble, alone, cannot create any waves; one "thread" alone cannot (and does not) make a Forum.

10:46 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson created a new topic U.S. mortgage-lending hits 17-YEAR low in the forums.
You know that "U.S. housing recovery", or even "housing boom" which so many of the media liars like to drone-on about? It turns out that the U.S. "housing recovery" is about as real as the "5 million jobs" which Barack Obama claims his regime has created, even as the government's own data shows less and less people working.

Now we see reports of a 17-year low in U.S. mortgage-lending -- i.e. even less activity in the U.S. housing market than during the worst months of the original crash.

Black is white. Hot is cold. Up as down. As the U.S. housing depression worsens (and the Greater Depression accelerates); the Liars simply call it "a housing boom"...

The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part I
The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

Lending Plunges to 17-Year Low as Rates Curtail Borrowing

U.S. mortgage lending is contracting to levels not seen since 1997 -- the year Tiger Woods won his first of four Masters championships -- as rising interest rates and home prices drive away borrowers.

Wells Fargo (WFC) & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the two largest U.S. mortgage lenders, reported a first-quarter plunge in loan volumes that’s part of an industry-wide drop off. Lenders made $226 billion of mortgages in the period, the smallest quarterly amount since 1997 and less than one-third of the 2006 average, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington...
Apr 14
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
It's Monday April 14th, and another through-the-looking-glass day in the Wonderland Matrix. The (fantasy) price of gold has inched "up" to around $1330/oz, based upon the looming civil war in the Ukraine. But this is all nonsense.

Back when the price of gold was over $1900/oz, it still wasn't close to any "fair market value". So first of all; unless/until the price of gold recovers to that previous level, any/all "gains" are simply undoing previous manipulation -- and do not begin to reflect any of the "fundamentals".

And even then, the one variable which is all-important (the out-of-control money-printing) is the one variable which the Liars scrupulously ignore when they "analyze" this market. Thus the daily droning is all irrelevant.

But one cannot exist in a vacuum -- including myself. With the Forum here at BBC having turned into a ghost-town over the past few weeks; the question becomes is it me who is "irrelevant"? Am I the one living in "a Wonderland Matrix"?

The Daily Grind was created to provide some context to the (many) dialogues which used to take place in the Community on this Forum. But obviously there is no such thing as "a Community of one". And our "dialogues" have regressed into a single, monologue.

The open question for readers and Members today is whether there is any point in continuing The Daily Grind, and (perhaps) whether there is even any point in continuing the site itself...?
Apr 14
Jeff Nielson created a new topic U.S.'s Too-Big-To-Fail "club" gets larger in the forums.
Alert readers will recall that it was only a couple of months ago where loyal Oligarch stooge, Warren Buffet, was recently designated as "too big to fail" -- yet another Blackmailer who can demand indemnification if/when his ultra-leveraged gambling in U.S. casinos (i.e. markets) blows up.

Warren Buffet now "too big to fail"

Now we see the Too-Big-To-Fail club apparently about to be extended again, and once again to accommodate another Oligarch stooge, this time U.S. bond-pimp, Bill Gross. Note how this Too-Big-To-Fail game is being played.

The One Bank deliberately-and-absurdly over-concentrates holding of a particular market within one or more of its tentacles -- then after creating this systemic risk, we're told that "our only choice" is to PRESERVE this systemic risk at all costs (and thus pay the never-ending extortion payments).

In this case; in order to invent a new category of Too-Big-To-Fail; the One Bank simply shuffled much of the U.S. bond-holdings of all its tentacles into a single tentacle: Bill Gross' Pimpco.

But readers must never forget the insanity/outrage associated with every facet of this Too-Big-To-Fail blackmail. A major part of the reason why we have a massive regime of "anti-trust laws" is to (supposedly) prevent any corporate entity from ever getting close to a "too-big-to-fail" mass.

The original declaration by these Wall Street fraud-factories that they were now "too big to fail" was conclusive evidence of a massive failure by these regulators to do their jobs. So what happens when a regulator discovers some MASSIVE "omission" in executing its duties?

It corrects that omission -- i.e. it chops these (supposedly) too-big-to-fail entities down to size, and keeps chopping until the word "systemic risk" COMPLETELY DISAPPEARS from their/our vocabulary.

Instead, in our Wonderland Matrix we're told that because of this initial regulatory failure, our "only choice" is to entrench this regulatory failure into our financial system permanently.

This is like a negligent doctor allowing gangrene to set into a leg-wound of a patient. And then after the gangrene has spread; instead of amputating the gangrenous limb, the doctor attempts to tell the patient that the gangrene is now "too big to fail" -- and now must be preserved, protected, and allowed to spread even further.

The entire concept of "too big to fail" is simply a gigantic oxymoron. In any rational/legitimate system; there is only "too big to exist".

Trillion-Dollar Firms Dominating Bonds Prompting Probes

Bill Gross and Larry Fink manage a $3 trillion pile of bonds -- an amount almost as big as Germany’s economy. Their firms, Pacific Investment Management Co. and BlackRock Inc. (BLK), doubled holdings since 2008, outpacing the market’s growth of 50 percent.

Some of the largest hedge-fund firms, including Bridgewater Associates LP and BlueCrest Capital Management LLP, have also more than doubled their investments in debt, data compiled by Bloomberg show. At the same time, Wall Street banks are shrinking their stakes in bonds, Federal Reserve data show.

The lopsided bond market has caught the attention of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Not only is the SEC examining whether the biggest players get preferential prices and access because of their influence, it’s also worried about what happens when the five-year bond rally ends as U.S. policy makers prepare to raise interest rates...
Apr 14
Jeff Nielson created a new topic U.S. now "limiting" its cyber-terrorism?? in the forums.
It's now astounding me the things which the Corporate media oligopoly is admitting on a daily basis -- in between all the increasingly large lies. More and more; it appears that the One Bank no longer even sees the need to cover up its evil.

Whenever we've been forced to listen to the U.S. media whine about (foreign) "cyber-terrorism", my retort has always been swift and to-the-point: the U.S. is the world's premier cyber-terrorist -- and by a wide margin. Now we have the U.S. government effectively confessing this fact.

We're told by Bloomberg that:

The White House’s directive to limit the use of software flaws by U.S. intelligence agencies could require the disclosure of thousands of precious exploits now in the hands of elite spying units, intelligence professionals say...

So what are "elite" U.S. spies (lol) doing when they "exploit software flaws"? They are engaging in cyber-terrorism: using malicious software to attack peoples' computers in order to spy on them and/or inflict some form of harm/sabotage on the target's computer.

The point here is that whenever we have the U.S. government promising to "limit" a particular facet of its evil behavior we obviously don't trust these serial Liars. However; by promising to reduce its cyber-terrorism, we do now have the first open/public confession of (one aspect of) the extent of its cyber-terrorism.

...The stockpile of exploits is derived from vulnerabilities not just in ordinary computer software, but also in industrial controllers, heating and cooling systems, printers, anti-virus software, video conferencing systems and encryption protocols.

U.S. cyber-terrorism is clearly systemic, attacking computer users (and their hardware) in virtually every cyber-context associated with the internet. And note that the multitude of "vulnerabilities" in the hands of these cyber-terrorists implies COLLUSION with Corporate America: these mega-corporations allowing their software to be exploited -- and perhaps even assisting these U.S. cyber-terrorists in attacking its (known) weak points.

Then we have perhaps the most-evil part of this confession:

...Richard Clarke, a member of a presidential panel reviewing National Security Agency practices, said the White House issued guidance to the entire intelligence community three weeks ago largely in line with his panel’s earlier recommendation that the vulnerabilities be used rarely and only for the most important intelligence goals. Otherwise, the security flaws could be disclosed to protect computer users everywhere from rogue hackers.

Let me boil this down, just in case any readers missed the implications here. Our computers could be kept safe from almost any form of malicious spyware and viruses presently in cyberspace simply through U.S. intelligence disclosing these malicious programs.

But the U.S. spies won't do this -- because they want to USE these malicious programs on us, themselves. And given what has already been confessed in this Bloomberg piece; it doesn't even require a suspicious mind to suspect that it's these same, government cyber-terrorists who are the creators of most of these malicious programs.

I'll repeat yet again what I've been saying since Day #1 of this site: the U.S. (what I've since dubbed "the Fourth Reich") is a rogue regime, at least as malicious and lawless as Nazi Germany -- which was also a 'creation' of the One Bank.

Trove of Software Flaws Used by U.S. Spies at Risk

The White House’s directive to limit the use of software flaws by U.S. intelligence agencies could require the disclosure of thousands of precious exploits now in the hands of elite spying units, intelligence professionals say.

The stockpile of exploits is derived from vulnerabilities not just in ordinary computer software, but also in industrial controllers, heating and cooling systems, printers, anti-virus software, video conferencing systems and encryption protocols.

The exploits, typically based on simple oversights and flaws in computer code that hackers can use to take control of most anything that runs with the help of a computer chip, are considered essential to gathering some of the most valuable U.S. intelligence.

Richard Clarke, a member of a presidential panel reviewing National Security Agency practices, said the White House issued guidance to the entire intelligence community three weeks ago largely in line with his panel’s earlier recommendation that the vulnerabilities be used rarely and only for the most important intelligence goals. Otherwise, the security flaws could be disclosed to protect computer users everywhere from rogue hackers...
Apr 14
Black is white. Hot is cold. Up is down.

Yes, says Reuters, prices are rising sharply in the U.S. -- but their "expert" economists still can't "see" any signs of inflation (lol). This is much like how we see ice melting all over the world (glaciers, polar caps), but (according to Big Oil) there's no "global warming".

Either the Liars are no longer even trying to get their lies to make sense, or (after so many years of getting fat-and-lazy with their media oligopoly) these dim-witted drones are no longer capable of making their lies their sound plausible.

The U.S. Labor Department reported a rise of 0.6% in imported goods (7.2% annually) for March, after a 0.9% (10.8% annually) rise in February. Not surprisingly; this soaring inflation is coming primarily from food items. Yet after admitting this; the pathetic Liars in the U.S. government is saying there's "no inflation" in the U.S.

Why continue to attempt to assert something which you have just finished proving isn't true? Because (as part of its larger schemes) the One Bank needs to sell the Big Lie that "inflation is too low". So instead we have the Liars (absurdly) telling us that prices are rising, but in the magical U.S. economy there's still "no inflation".

Just like the magical U.S. economy can continue to produce "lots of new jobs" every month, even though there are less and less people working. And the magical U.S. economy can "grow" at a robust rate, while using dramatically less energy.

The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

Black is white. Hot is cold. Up is down...

U.S. import prices rise on surge in food costs

(Reuters) - U.S. import prices rose more than expected in March as food prices recorded their largest increase in three years, but there was little sign of a broader pickup in imported inflation...
Apr 13
Take that Monsanto! In learning to "just say no" to the U.S.'s (and Monsanto's) GMO poison; an RT article estimates this will put a $400+ million dent into the bottom-line of U.S. Big Agriculture.

China has rejected any corn shipments from the U.S. which contain even traces of GMO contamination. Looks like there will be even more corn-ethanol available for U.S. drivers -- the worst "clean" bio-fuel that (dirty) money can buy. Now if only the corrupt sycophants in our own governments could learn to "just say no to GMO". Say, that's got kind of a catchy ring to it...

US corn exports to China drop 85 percent after ban on GMO strains – industry report

China’s rejection of shipments of US corn containing traces of unapproved genetically modified maize has caused a significant drop in exports. According to a new report, US traders have lost $427 million in sales.

Overall, China has barred nearly 1.45 million tons of corn shipments since last year, the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA), an American industry association, said Friday.

The tally is based on data from export companies and is significantly higher than the previous numbers reported by the media, which said roughly 900,000 tons were affected. US corn exports to China since January are down 85 percent from the same period last year, the report says.

China has been blocking shipments of American corn from its market since November. This was caused by the presence of the MIR162 genetically modified corn strain in the shipments. It was developed by the company Syngenta and has not been approved by the Chinese government since an application was submitted in March 2010...
Apr 13
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Europe's Big Banks lay-off ANOTHER 80,000 in the forums.
Here we have yet another clear demonstration of the parasitic (and rapacious) nature of the One Bank's Big-Bank tentacles. Even after slashing staffing levels following the implosion of their crime-wave in the Crash of '08, and with the Corporate media insisting that there is a "recovery" taking place in Europe, we see the Banksters slashing another 80,000 of their numbers.

This time the word "slash" is being used metaphorically. I figured with all the bankers who were dropping dead in recent weeks that I should make that point clear. There were no figures given on how many bankers the One Bank literally "slashed" last year.

But the point of course is that after rapaciously blood-sucking all the peoples of Europe (and North America) for so many years, it simply isn't possible to contihue to blood-suck at the same level today -- we have too little "blood" left in us. And (of course) in clearly identifying the unequivocally parasitic nature of these entities; the proper course of action is what one always does when plagued with parasites.

You exterminate them.

Our ‘Blood-less’ Economies

Bloomberg: Smashing The Big Banks -- For Profit

The End of Too-Big-To-Fail? The End of The One Bank?

Europe's top banks cut 80,000 more staff in post-crisis overhaul

(Reuters) - Europe's largest banks cut their staff by another 3.5 percent last year and the prospect of a return to pre-crisis employment levels seems far off, despite the region's fledgling economic recovery.

Spurred into action by falling revenue, mounting losses and the need to convince regulators they are no longer "too big to fail", banks across the globe have shrunk radically since the 2008 collapse of U.S. bank Lehman Brothers sparked the financial crisis.

Last year, the tide of bad news began to turn for European banks, which are among the region's largest employers.

Helped by recovering economies and receding fears for the euro zone's future, the benchmark Stoxx Europe 600 Banks index .SX7P rose 19 percent, outpacing the 17.4 percent increase in multi-sector stocks.

But despite the improved outlook, Europe's 30 largest banks by market value cut staff by 80,000 in 2013, calculations by Reuters based on their year-end statements showed...
Apr 13
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Ukraine on the verge of civil war in the forums.
Picture the hypocrisy here. It was "OK" (in fact we were all supposed to applaud) when a Western-sponsored group of Thugs seized control of the government of Ukraine in a coup -- rather than simply waiting for an election scheduled in one year's time.

But now that the Thugs are in control, suddenly it's no longer "OK" for people in that 'country'(?) to even consider the use of armed force to achieve their political objective(s). "Pro-Russian separatists" in the eastern half of what's left of Ukraine have been given an ultimatum to disarm, or face a full-scale (Western-assisted) "military operation".

Suddenly, if people don't like the new government, the only "acceptable" behavior is to disarm, and wait for the next election...assuming that there ever is one.

Meet the new Boss, worse than the old Boss.

Ukraine gives rebels deadline to disarm or face military operation

(Reuters) - Ukraine has given pro-Russian separatists a Monday morning deadline to disarm or face a "full-scale anti-terrorist operation" by its armed forces, raising the risk of a military confrontation with Moscow.

Angered by the death of a state security officer and the wounding of two comrades near the flashpoint eastern city of Slaviansk, acting president Oleksander Turchinov gave rebels occupying state buildings until 0600 GMT to lay down their weapons.

"The National Security and Defence Council has decided to launch a full-scale anti-terrorist operation involving the armed forces of Ukraine," Turchinov said in an address to the nation.

He blamed Russia, which annexed Ukraine's Crimea region when Moscow-backed former president Viktor Yanukovich fled after months of pro-Western protests, for being behind the rash of rebellions across Russian-speaking towns in eastern Ukraine...
Apr 13
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic U.S. thugs brutalizing protesters in Crimea?? in the forums.
There was an interesting article on Sinclair's site noting that Russia is now publicly accusing the pro-West Thug government in the Ukraine of directly hiring U.S. "security personnel" to handle "crowd control" -- in what is a thinly-veiled effort to brutalize-and-bully the ethnic Russian population to back off on plans to secede from the Ukraine.

If true, it would not be the least surprising, since I pointed out previously that it was almost certainly U.S. sniper-assassins who were randomly shooting people on both sides of the political fence during the original coup -- just to create more anger/chaos.

Certainly we already know from Afghanistan and Iraq that these sub-humans are capable of any-and-every form of atrocity...

Russia warns: Civil war could be coming

Ukrainian authorities sent security forces to Kharkiv to clear the country's second-biggest city of separatists as Russia traded accusations with the U.S. and warned that its neighbor's crackdown risks sparking civil war.

An "anti-terrorist operation" is under way in Kharkiv, 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Russian border, with the subway closed and the downtown area sealed off, Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said today. Russia's Foreign Ministry said 150 specialists from a U.S. private security company, Greystone, are involved in putting down protests. Ukraine countered that most of those behind the unrest are Russian and denied U.S. advisers are involved.

"We call for the immediate halt of all military preparations, which risk sparking a civil war," the ministry in Moscow said in a statement on its website.

Russia and the U.S. are on a collision course after tensions flared in Ukraine over the weekend and diplomatic efforts to resolve the crisis faltered. The U.S. threw its weight yesterday behind the contention of Ukrainian officials that some pro-Russian separatists who seized administration buildings in the cities of Luhansk and Donetsk were paid provocateurs brought in from outside.

Russians Deported

"We do have proof and we've already deported a number of Russians who've been in eastern Ukraine provoking the situation and violating Ukrainian laws," Ukrainian Foreign Minister Andriy Deshchytsia said in a Bloomberg Television interview. "The Ukrainian government has enough power and authority to control the situation."

Deshchytsia said any suggestion Greystone is playing a role in the crackdown is "just Russian propaganda." Greystone didn't immediately respond to an e-mailed request for comment...
Apr 12
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
Here's a new one I did for Sprott Money, which I think will be of considerable interest...

The China-India Silver Squeeze

With a combined population of over 2.5 billion people; together China and India by themselves now account for well over 1/3rd of our total, global population (approximately 7.15 billion people). It is thus not surprising that in any market we would see these two nations exerting a significant, if not dominant influence.

Nowhere is this simple, demographic fact more apparent than in precious metals markets...
Apr 12
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Wall Street's Land Grab in the forums.
Thanks for the post DayOwl!

Yes, a "land grab", but it's important that we don't lose sight of the fact that (as usual) this is just the tip-of-the-iceberg. More generally; we're seeing a massive ASSET-GRAB -- which (of course) means asset-steal.

Wall Street and the Rise of Vampires
Wall Street's Asset-Grab

Just contemplate how insane/monstrous is the current system. EVERY "dollar" we create in our economies, we give to the Big Banks (the One Bank's tentacles), by the $trillions, for free. And then with every free dollar; we allow the Banksters to conjure THIRTY MORE DOLLARS out of thin-air.

And then if even after all those countless $trillions of free money (given to a microscopic fraction of 1% of the population) these Oligarchs "get into trouble"; the SOLUTION is (always) to give them ($TRILLIONS more) free money.

Then we have the Little People. THEY (and the governments which supposedly represent them) must borrow ever dollar of money they want/need. And any/every time they "get into trouble"; the solution is either to LEND THEM more money (lol!) -- or punish them with some sort of Austerity.

And adding insult (and outrage) to injury; we then see the criminal/thieving Oligarchs using all of their (free) $10's of TRILLIONS to buy-up valuable assets of any/every kind -- at pennies on the dollar.

It's enough to make me reverse my life-long stance against capital punishment. Let's learn from China.

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for all large/systemic white-collar crimes.
CAPITAL PUNISHMENT for all large/systemic cases of political corruption.

And let's also add some (needed) symbolism here, and bring back the guillotine. Presumably it won't take too many head-less bankers and head-less politicians to resurrect a message which hasn't been heard in (corrupt) Western societies for close to half a century:


Apr 11
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
It's Friday April 11th, but judging by what is in the Corporate media, the calendars used by the media Drones omitted one of those "1's" -- as they are acting like it's April Fools' Day:

U.S. Global Growth Engine Putt-Putts Instead of Purring: Economy

The U.S. is resuming its role as an engine of global growth, this time one that just putt-putts along instead of purring.

As the International Monetary Fund declares the strengthening U.S. economy is providing a “major impulse” to the world, economists are questioning just how powerful it will prove to be...[with] America’s diminished demand for exports and energy...

That doesn't even make sense!

What kind of "engine" can power anything with less energy? Only an imaginary one (lol). And with the U.S. "buying less exports", if it's so-called engine is powering anything at all, it would be exclusively the domestic economy. I go into considerable more detail on this latest/newest Big Lie in an earlier post on the Forum.

It's also tied into the theme of today's commentary:

The West’s Slow-Motion Collapse

How does the One Bank (and its minions in the Corporate media) create the illusion that they have somehow prevented (or at least slowed down) the total collapse of these corrupt/dying economies, across the Western bloc? They are simply telling much larger lies, much more frequently.

As with their money-printing; the lying is also increasing exponentially. Indeed, if Bloomberg had hired Pinnochio to write its daily "news", by now his nose would have exploded to such a tremendous size it would be listed as a "WMD".

But as I just pointed out; these lies aren't simply much sillier, they are getting more and more OPENLY CONTRADICTORY -- like trying to prove "how hot" the weather was last month by citing the number of people who experienced frost-bite. There are two reasons why we see this lying inevitably becoming much sillier/more-contradictory.

First of all, it's the fate of all serial-liars that as their total quantity of lies increases that the lies begin to contradict each other. I first made this observation several years ago -- and now we see this principle of logic asserting itself more obviously by the day.

The second reason why the lying is getting sillier/more-contradictory (i.e. more incompetent) is precisely because the Corporate media is an(other) Oligopoly -- and an all-powerful one. Another consistent theme in my writing is that monopolies/oligopolies aren't only evil.

Because of their enormous size and the lack of competition; we ALWAYS see these behemoths become more and more inefficient and less and less competent with anything/everything they do. This is precisely why corrupt regimes always self-destruct -- no matter how all-powerful they are (or once were).

They become ever more-bloated in size at the same time that they snuff-out all "competition" to their authority. "Fat and lazy" is not a recipe for long-term success -- in anything.

U.S. Global Growth Engine Putt-Putts Instead of Purring: Economy

The U.S. is resuming its role as an engine of global growth, this time one that just putt-putts along instead of purring.

As the International Monetary Fund declares the strengthening U.S. economy is providing a “major impulse” to the world, economists are questioning just how powerful it will prove to be. The U.S. contribution to global expansion from 2014 to 2019 will likely average about two-thirds that of the quarter-century before the recession started in 2007, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on IMF projections...
Apr 11
Just when you thought that the propaganda couldn't get any sillier...

Today, we have lead prostitute for the IMF, Christine Lagarde proclaiming that the U.S. economy was (once again) providing "a major boost" to the global economy, and then Bloomberg assembled the usual cast of Idiot Sycophants to chime-in that the U.S. economy was once again "the growth engine" of the global economy. The Little Train That Could!

The U.S. is resuming its role as an engine of global growth, this time one that just putt-putts along instead of purring.

As the International Monetary Fund declares the strengthening U.S. economy is providing a “major impulse” to the world, economists are questioning just how powerful it will prove to be. The U.S. contribution to global expansion from 2014 to 2019 will likely average about two-thirds that of the quarter-century before the recession started in 2007, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on IMF projections.

“The U.S. is still the most important engine of global growth although perhaps not as much as it once was,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Zandi is among the optimists in arguing acceleration in U.S. growth has spillover effects on other economies by spurring trade and investment. Skeptics at Morgan Stanley and HSBC Holdings Plc say America’s diminished demand for exports and energy as well as the potential for higher interest rates mean it won’t be as helpful as it once was...

Of course what the Liars (somehow) 'forgot' to explain was how an economy which was using less energy and consuming less exports could be "the growth engine" for its own economy -- let alone the whole world.

So with the U.S. economy doing 'so well', what is really holding back the global economy (according to the Liars)? It's all the fault of China, and those Emerging Markets:

The IMF this week forecast China’s economy will grow 7.5 percent this year, the weakest since 1990. China’s slowdown will help to limit expansion in all developing nations to 4.9 percent. Some, including Turkey and Brazil, have suffered bond-market selloffs as investors target excesses such as large current account deficits.

“Emerging markets are still hoping the historical relationships will work and the U.S. will pull them out of trouble,” said Ebrahim Rahbari, a global economist at Citigroup Inc. in London. “We tend to highlight how much less likely that is than in the past.”...

Conveniently, I just finished covering this particular form of lying-with-numbers in a post two days ago -- and even used the growth of China's economy as an example.

When the Liars say that "China’s economy will grow 7.5 percent this year, the weakest since 1990"; what they leave out is that China's economy is more than four times larger today than it was a quarter-century ago. So with a growth rate of 7.5% today; it's producing (more than) four times as many goods, creating (more than) four times as many jobs, and consuming (more than) four times as many resources as in 1990 -- but this is (supposedly) holding back the global economy.

But it gets even sillier when we simply look at the Liars' own numbers. They predict economic growth:

China 7.5%
Emerging Markets 4.9%
U.S. 3 - 4%

Who is "holding back" whom here (lol)? And making it all just a little bit sillier, we know there is no growth in the U.S. economy, all the Liars are doing is pretending there is no inflation in the U.S. Even more absurdly; they perpetrate this lie by pretending that no one in the (obese) USA (or other Western nations) eats food.

The Great Inflation Lie

Surprise! Inflation is too low almost everywhere on earth

The leading economies of the industrialized nations may not have a lot in common, but they are all afflicted by this: Inflation is too low.

That was the astoundingly consistent theme out of a range of data released Thursday. Prices rose 1.1 percent over the 12 months that ended in April in Germany, 0.8 percent in France and 1.3 percent in Italy. In the United States, the consumer price index rose 1.1 percent over the last year...

Global food inflation to rise after brief respite

Consumers at global level saw food price inflation up by 6.3 percent in the twelve months to February 2013 (Chart 1), following a 6.1 percent increase in January...

So if you believe that Americans don't eat food, then yes, there is very little (price) "inflation" right now in the U.S. And if you believe there's no inflation, then yes, the U.S. economy will "grow" between 3% and 4%. But even if you believe both of those preposterous lies; even according to the Liars' own numbers it's China and the Emerging Markets which is dragging the West upward -- not the other way around.

And yet in the same paragraph where they present us with this data they claim the exact opposite. When is 3% growth "greater than" growth of 4.9% or 7.5%? When it's U.S. growth.

U.S. Global Growth Engine Putt-Putts Instead of Purring: Economy

The U.S. is resuming its role as an engine of global growth, this time one that just putt-putts along instead of purring.

As the International Monetary Fund declares the strengthening U.S. economy is providing a “major impulse” to the world, economists are questioning just how powerful it will prove to be. The U.S. contribution to global expansion from 2014 to 2019 will likely average about two-thirds that of the quarter-century before the recession started in 2007, according to data compiled by Bloomberg based on IMF projections.

“The U.S. is still the most important engine of global growth although perhaps not as much as it once was,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics Inc. in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

Zandi is among the optimists in arguing acceleration in U.S. growth has spillover effects on other economies by spurring trade and investment. Skeptics at Morgan Stanley and HSBC Holdings Plc say America’s diminished demand for exports and energy as well as the potential for higher interest rates mean it won’t be as helpful as it once was.
G-20 Meeting

What’s driving global economic growth, and what’s holding it back, will be in the spotlight today in Washington where finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 major industrial and emerging economies are convening. At the center of their discussions: Emerging markets such as China aren’t propelling the world economy as much as they did in 2009, when they helped save it from a recession.

The IMF this week forecast China’s economy will grow 7.5 percent this year, the weakest since 1990. China’s slowdown will help to limit expansion in all developing nations to 4.9 percent. Some, including Turkey and Brazil, have suffered bond-market selloffs as investors target excesses such as large current account deficits...
Apr 11
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
Not only is this one just a really fun tune, but this one-hit wonder earns its spot on this thread for being (as far as I know) the best example of "rock 'n roll harmonica"...

(Ozark Mountain Daredevils)

If You Wanna Get To Heaven

I never read it in a book, I never saw it on a show
But I heard it in the alley on a weird radio
If you want a drink of water, you got to get it from a well
If you want to get to Heaven, you got to raise a little hell

I never felt it in my feet, I've never felt it in my soul
But I heard it the alley, now it's in my rock and roll
If you want to know a secret, you got to promise not to tell
If you want to get to Heaven, you got to raise a little hell

I never thought it'd be so easy, I never thought it'd be so fun
But I heard it in the alley, now I've got it on the run
If you want to see an angel, you got to find it where it fell
If you want to get to Heaven, you got to raise a little hell

If you want to get to Heaven
If you want to get to Heaven
If you want to get to Heaven
If you want to get to Heaven...
Apr 10
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic West blames Russia for "Ukraine unrest" in the forums.
These Liars are becoming so consistent in stating the PRECISE OPPOSITE of the truth in virtually everything they publish that we can now simply assume that if the mainstream media is writing one thing that the real truth is 180 degrees opposite.

After staging a coup in the Ukraine (but they don't call that "unrest", they call that "liberation"); it's almost certainly Western saboteurs/thugs who are stirring up further strife/chaos in this beleaguered nation. Just as the people in Libya (and many other Victim States) have discovered, when they embraced offers of "friendship" from these Fascists...

If you sleep with Dogs, you're going to wake up with fleas.

The Fourth Reich

NATO Blames Russia for Ethnic Unrest Amid Gas Threat

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to shut off gas deliveries through Ukraine unless European leaders took steps to stabilize the country as NATO accused Russia of stoking ethnic unrest in its eastern regions.

With some 40,000 combat-ready troops massing along the border with Ukraine, Russia is trying to subvert its neighbor’s government and force it to devolve power, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said today in Prague. Rasmussen is using “Cold War-era rhetoric” in a bid to “close the ranks” between member countries in the face of a “sham external threat,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said on its website.

“Russia is stirring up ethnic tensions in eastern Ukraine,” Rasmussen said. “If Russia is serious about a dialogue, the first step should be to pull back its troops.”...
Apr 10
Jeff Nielson created a new topic Steak which costs as much as silver in the forums.
In case there are people who visit the Forum who don't make a stop at The Daily Grind; I thought I would also post this separately. Below is a "restaurant guide" article showing how high-priced Japanese restaurants are now charging as much for their most-expensive steaks as the price of silver -- roughly $20/oz.

For Japanese connoisseurs willing to do-it-yourself, and cook their own steaks; they can buy this beef for a mere half the price of silver. And in one article which I forgot to bookmark, a restaurant was charging even more for their steak than the price of silver.

This is what we should really be doing when we attempt to "price" gold and silver in our own minds. What is relevant is not the banksters' phony/fraudulent paper prices for bullion (except on the days we want to take advantage of those cheap prices -- and buy more).

When Prices Have No Meaning

When it costs several ounces of silver to buy one steak; we know that steak is (relatively) expensive, and silver is ridiculously cheap -- and we hold onto our silver. Conversely, when we are able to buy several steaks for one ounce of silver; we know that our silver is being priced more rationally, and we may decide its time to buy some (top-of-the-line) steak...

Japan's Finest Beef - $500 Steaks Anyone?

These days many people know that the best beef comes from Japan, and Kobe beef has become a household name around the world. But what makes Japanese beef so good and how much does it really cost?

Wagyu is the name of Japanese beef cattle - wa means Japan and gyu means cow. While Kobe beef is the most well-known type of wagyu outside of Japan, there are actually many different kinds of Japanese beef and some of them are giving Kobe a run for its money...
Apr 10
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
With nothing notable to discuss this morning (I do have a couple of commentaries coming soon), I thought I would look for inspiration from the thoughts of Members. Noted BBC contrarian Zooey, was again suggesting lower prices ahead for gold and silver -- and she was kind enough to do so in a separate thread...

I want to take that thought, but to explore a different angle. What if bullion prices go even lower, or if they simply stay frozen at current, ridiculously low prices? Remember that once factoring for real "inflation" current prices for bullion are lower now than when gold was below $300/oz and silver was at $4/oz.

I just saw a news item (but forgot to bookmark it) about an Asian restaurant boasting that it charged more for its steak than the price of silver (i.e over $20 per ounce). It's probably Japan, because the prices in this "restaurant guide" article below are close to that price.

Given that we are not (yet) in a world facing any food-shortage crisis; how insane is it to be paying more for a piece of steak than for the Metal of the Moon -- especially when the supply of silver is "endangered" through industrial over-consumption?

Silver Supply-Crisis Looms

So what happens then? The fact that I (and other commentators) have been predicting a "supply crisis" with silver for several years, but it has not happened, does not mean that the supply crisis will never occur. Rather, it means that this (inevitable) crisis is now four years closer than when I was writing about it previously.

What happens if prices stay this low (or go even lower) and -- inevitably -- we run out of gold, or silver, or most likely both? What is the "strategy" for readers/Members here once there is (literally) no more bullion to be found (except at blackmarket venues, and prices)?

Members can share their thoughts here, or simply ponder this privately. There's certainly no point in is grumbling about current, ridiculous, frozen prices -- in these Hostage Markets, within the Wonderland Matrix. Very few people even understand the crimes taking place here, and even if more did understand; there's no one to whom we can complain. All the Cops are literally "on the take".

But there is a useful purpose in planning for 'a world without bullion'. Do you all currently have all the bullion which you need/can afford? What will you do with future paper wealth that you accumulate once there is no more gold or silver to be had?

While the "sale" on gold and silver could get even more spectacular (if Zooey's guess is correct), one thing we know for sure is that it will not last forever. And (as things stand now) the most likely way that this "sale" will end is with all physical supplies of bullion being exhausted, permanently (or at least for the foreseeable future).

While there may be a few readers/Members out there who are waiting for (and anticipating) lower prices; such prices do us absolutely no good at all -- if all that is available for purchase are the banksters' "paper bullion products" (lol).

Are There Any Chumps Still Holding GLD?

SLV And Silver Manipulation

People who visit this precious metals site (and others) are generally people who pride themselves on "being prepared". So the last thing which you would want to happen is to be 'caught with your pants down' at the very end -- before things start to really get scary.

Yes, people should be thinking about stocking up on "emergency" supplies of food, water, and other (absolute) essentials -- in case that (at least temporarily) we run out of these necessities. But in those preparations; don't forget to plan for the day that we run out of gold/silver, or worse, that some sort of "confiscation" is initiated in some (or all) of these corrupt Western nations.

One way or another; we will soon be looking back at the current period of Hostage Markets as "the good, old days". In a best-case scenario (i.e. where everything has not fallen apart), bullion prices will be much higher when we want to swap our paper, but we still won't be wanting to "sell" any bullion (for paper) -- because the inevitable collapse of all this Ponzi Paper would still be ahead of us.

And I won't even try to discuss/contemplate some of the (many) "worst-case scenarios", as there are too many possible permutations -- so it would simply be pointless fear-mongering. We're currently in the Eye of the Hurricane, so do not allow yourself to be lulled into apathy by the apparent calm...

Apr 10
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: This will put a smile on your face. in the forums.
Believe it or not, these picks come courtesy of one of the Spammer's who have been regularly annoying us with their posts.

I decided to accept this "gift" -- but file it in its proper place...

Apr 10


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