Friday, July 11, 2014
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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Found this point of view interesting. in the forums.
Zooey, while the writer clearly understands what is going on around us; after sifting through paragraph after paragraph of rhetoric I found very little useful/helpful material of any sort.

The closest the writer came to any sort of practical advice is with respect to what sorts of articles/writers to avoid. The reason I'm being critical here is that such long, rhetorical rants of this nature are purely self-indulgent.

It's fun writing material of this nature -- and certainly I churned-out a lot of such material in my earlier days (lol) -- but it's little more than mental masturbation, as neither the reader or writer benefits much from construction of such pieces. Obviously it's not easy trying to find (reliable) facts/data to present to readers (again something I know from experience), but it's only by making the effort to include such bits-and-pieces of real world information that such pieces acquire relevance.

(At this point) we simply don't need any more angry rants. What we do need are people talking about solutions, and I don't see anything here in that respect other than (extremely) vague generalities.

11:27 AM
3 days ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
Here's something to give everyone a good laugh, as I begin Week Two of my hiatus.

What's Making U.S. Economy A World Beater? 5 Factors
10:29 AM
4 days ago
Dylan, I thought I would add one more statistical impossibility to this thread, after already noting it is statistically impossible for it to naturally occur that the the last two Chairmen of the Federal Reserve and the current Treasury Secretary are all Jewish (along with countless other senior, Western bankers).

Yet with this incredibly/impossibly high percentage of Jewish people in the banking profession; note this statistical impossibility: ALL of the bankers "committing suicide" (and otherwise dropping dead under mysterious circumstances) are NON-JEWISH.

JP Morgan bankruptcy lawyer killed in hit & run

12th banker commits suicide, former JP Morgan employee

So now we have our two "coincidences": the impossibly high percentage of Jewish people in senior banking positions and their apparent 'immunity' to the "suicide epidemic" which has hit Western banking.


10:54 AM
6 days ago
P.S. Still plenty of time for the One Bank to flip-flop and send a Neanderthal Republican to the White House. If the Banksters gave the Republicans $100 billion for the next election that would still be less than 0.1% of their money-printing.

Of course if the Banksters handed the Republicans $100 billion to buy the next election; even the Sheep might begin to suspect that their votes stopped counting for anything in the U.S. at least 30 years ago.

12:08 AM
1 week ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
I've just "fallen in love" (musically speaking)...

Holly Golightly

Nothing You Can Say

Said I've done nothing but,
The reason to give up

Sometimes there ain't enough,
To sustain belief in love

You choose the words you use,
And you say the things you do

And if this is all I get,
Then can save your breath my friend

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna cause me any pain

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna hurt me anyway

And how it ever came to this,
Is anybody's guess

I just can't exist,
If this is all I get

You mutilate the truth,
When you say the things you do

And if this is all I'm worth,
Then you can't save your words
You heard

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna cause me any pain

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna hurt me anyway

You choose the words you use
And you say the things you do

And if this is all I get,
Then can save your breath my friend

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna cause me any pain

There's nothing you can say,
That's gonna hurt me anyway
Jul 02
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Musical musings... in the forums.
Posting that Eurythmics tune got me thinking about horns in rock 'n roll. Here's something different: some "big band" rock 'n roll...

P.S. This one also falls into the category of rock songs I love where the lyrics are (more or less) just gibberish (lol).

25 Or 6 To 4

Waiting for the break of day
Searching for something to say
Flashing lights against the sky
Giving up I close my eyes
Sitting cross-legged on the floor
25 or 6 to 4

Staring blindly into space
Getting up to splash my face
Wanting just to stay awake
Wondering how much I can take
Should I try to do some more
25 or 6 to 4

Feeling like I ought to sleep
Spinning room is sinking deep
Searching for something to say
Waiting for the break of day
25 or 6 to 4
Jul 01
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
While I take a two-week break (and thus The Daily Grind is on hiatus); here's something for people to chew on -- my longest-ever commentary...

Silver: The Irresistible Force
Jun 30
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic "Why Precious Metals Prices Can Never Rise" in the forums.
I posted the actual article-title as the caption to this thread (rather than the generic "Jeff Nielsion For Sprott Money") for a very good reason -- to get people to notice it (lol).

Why Precious Metals Prices Can Never Rise

Regular readers of The Daily Grind will recall that I recently "predicted" (something I now rarely do) that our Hostage Markets (in precious metals) could not last much longer. The time-frame I used was 12 - 24 months.

However, in this piece (as the title indicates); I clearly indicate that the One Bank will "never" allow precious metals prices to rise again. And thus the stage is set: the (proverbial) Irresistible Force meets the (equally proverbial) Immovable Object.

Who will win? I already have an answer to that question in an upcoming commentary. What remains undecided (at this point) is whether I'll publish that commentary before or after the "two-week break" which I just announced on The Daily Grind...
Jun 27
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Friday June 27th, and there are a couple of items on the agenda for today. First of all; I wanted to discuss yesterday's commentary, and secondly I wanted to inform the Community that I'm going to be taking a couple of weeks off -- meaning The Daily Grind will be "on hiatus" at the beginning of July.

Let's begin with a look at yesterday's commentary. I would have thought that the topic of "bridges collapsing" would have provoked some immediate comments/discussion from the Community, but apparently nothing provokes any response any more. In their own way; the non-Sheep are now just as numbed as the Sheep themselves.

Bridges Collapse As The West Drowns In Debt

There can be no more vivid indicator of the disintegration of our infrastructure than discussing the epidemic of bridge-failures across the Western world, now running at a rate of well over 2 per year. From 1900 - 1949; bridge collapses averaged less than one every three years. From 1950 right to the end of the century; bridge collapses in the Western world were still running at a rate of less than 1 per year.

Now it's more than two per year -- and rising. Six bridges have failed in the West just in 2012 - 13 (three per year), and for any smug Canadians in the audience, the two most-recent bridge-failures have occurred in Canada.

Obviously some of these bridge failures are totally caused by some calamitous accident or natural disaster. But accidents and bad weather (alone) cannot possibly account for the (recent) tripling in the rate of Western bridge-collapses -- especially since (as pointed out in the commentary) -- the general trend in our societies has been toward a decline in structural failures.

Bridge-failures are such an important indicator of the devolution of our societies because of the importance of bridges, themselves. These are (generally) major arteries of both commerce and transportation. Thus anything which shuts down these arteries is extremely costly -- in terms of both lost revenues, and the loss of political support for the particular jurisdiction involved.

When a corrupt cabal which is TRYING to hide its own saturation raping-and-pillaging of our societies can no longer prevent such an obvious indication of decay from making itself visible to the Sheep (and non-Sheep), again this indicates a "game" that is nearly over.

"It's always darkest before the dawn", so goes the cliche. But as with many (most?) cliches; there is a valid point here. Indeed, the "darkest before the Dawn" mantra is the mantra of the Contrarian. When do we know that things will (finally) start to get better? When they have already gotten as bad as they can get.

Clearly, we're not there yet. But this is the whole point. It does us no good to hope/wait for "things to get better". First of all; it's extremely improbable that this could happen in our "New Normal", where (the propaganda machine tells us) our lives are supposed to get worse and worse every year.

But secondly, and even more importantly; with the Rule of Law dead, democracy dead, our "free" press and "free" markets long-dead, the only thing which will ever serve as a catalyst for change is the SELF-DESTRUCTION of the ruling cabal.

The only thing which will ever put them out of our misery is the destruction of the power-base which supports this Crime Syndicate. Unfortunately, that "power-base" is now the entire, Western bloc.

History tells us that this is the usual way in which societies rid themselves of Fascism once it has taken over their societies/governments. Being ruthless authoritarians as well as corrupt thieves; once the Vampires of Fascism have sunk their fangs into our throats, nothing rids of us these creatures -- other than simply running out of blood, and thus "starving" them.

The Crime Syndicate runs on corruption. And corruption runs on money. Certainly the Thieves will never use their own wealth to maintain their fascist regimes. Thus Fascism always cannibalizes itself.

Bridges falling down is about the clearest, visual sign we will ever see of this cannibalization, short of total economic collapse and/or total political collapse and/or riots in the streets. The End is near.

And speaking of "the end"; this brings me to my well-deserved(?) pause here on The Daily Grind. I'll likely still put out a commentary or two over the next couple of weeks, but beyond that I won't be around until around mid-July.

That means I'm "opening up" The Grind to the Community over that time. Here is your chance. Post your own thoughts on what's happening in the world/precious metals right now, or other clips/articles which have gotten your attention -- with no worries of any Moderator seeking to 'cramp your style' (lol).

See you all in a couple of weeks...

Jun 27
2 weeks ago
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Thursday June 26th, and I wanted to finish-off my latest commentary before writing today's edition. However that was before I saw the latest absurdity/perversity in our morning news: the report that the U.S. economy "shrank by 2.9%" in the first quarter. This is the second, and final revision of a number which was originally reported as +0.1%.

As I noted when these Liars released their first, huge, downward revision of first quarter GDP; not only do numbers like this prove there is no "U.S. recovery", but it proves that the Liars are liars.

There is a maximum "margin of error" in these GDP estimates of (approximately) 1%. Thus with the original (supposed) "estimate" being +0.1%, this means that any revisions could only possibly range from +1.1% to -0.9% (the maximum margin of error, in either direction).

Even the first revision (down to -1.5%) was impossible. Today's second "revision" is simply ludicrous. But understand what is happening here. The Liars are not "admitting the Truth" with this latest estimate. Rather, they are telling even bigger lies.

As I've explained many times previously; the entire (phony) U.S. recovery is a statistical lie produced by doing nothing more than (grossly) understating the rate of inflation. Does this latest GDP estimate of -2.9% mean that the Liars are acknowledging (some of) this inflation?

No. They're still pretending inflation is near-zero. But in all of these GDP estimates; the Liars make numerous other "adjustments". So here is the new strategy; as they try to extend the lie of the "U.S. recovery".

First we have the Liars pretend that the U.S. just experienced one of its worst winters in history. Read all the media reports on these weak/terrible GDP estimates (going all the way back to the original estimate) and they ALL blame "the weather" entirely for this (now) large, negative number.

What has really happened here is that the Liars are continuing their massive under-reporting of inflation, which boosts the GDP reading by between 5% and 8%. But they have deliberately EXAGGERATED most/all of their other statistical adjustments to the downside -- to make Q1 GDP look even worse than it would have without these exaggerations. Why?

Again, two reasons. First of all; despite the fact that this second revision is the most-accurate estimate of U.S. first quarter GDP, and despite the fact that the Liars themselves call this report "a big surprise", the propaganda machine has BURIED THIS NEWS.

The worst U.S. GDP report in 5 years, cannot be found in the headlines of any of the tentacles of our Corporate media oligopoly. So most of the Sheep will never even see this horrible number...until second quarter GDP is reported. This brings me to reason #2. The Liars deliberately made Q1 GDP look even worse than they needed to so they could (literally) "borrow growth" for the next, couple of quarters.

What we will see in Q2 (guaranteed) is an "amazing rebound" in U.S. GDP, as not only do the Liars commit all the same lies they've been using to fabricate the phony recovery; but those lies will be padded by (approximately) an extra 2% that they will borrow from Q1 as they re-adjust their numbers to balance-out the previous, deliberate exaggerations.

In other words; the 5%-8% inflation-lie that the U.S. government has used to turn the Greater Depression into the "U.S. economic recovery" is no longer a large enough lie to hide the Greater Depression. Thus they now need to play even larger, more ridiculous games with their numbers -- in order to create even larger and more-ridiculous lies.

If this imaginary "recovery" is to be extended further into the future; I "predict" (lol) that the U.S. will now have "severe winters" EVERY WINTER, in order to produce this statistical cushion-of-lies which they can use to pad the other three quarters, while the one, bad quarter (every year) will be blamed on "bad weather".

To summarize (in case my previous explanation was too convoluted for some readers): even with all of the massive lies which the Liars use to fabricate "the U.S. recovery"; they can no longer stretch those lies enough to create "growth" for all four quarters. So they deliberately make one quarter look much worse than necessary (and blame it on the weather) in order to PAD the next, few quarters with even larger lies.

And (as stressed in my most-recent commentary) this is where the Revisionists take over. In the (fictional) "history books"; economics students will now read about the supposedly terrible "Winter of 2013" which single-handedly derailed the mighty U.S. economic juggernaut, and its (otherwise unstoppable) "economic recovery".

The lies are repeated so often that they become History...and once part of "official" history, even the non-Sheep in our population tend to treat those lies as "fact".

P.S. Note this is also further proof of the massive/endemic fraud in U.S. stock markets. There was no reaction in U.S. markets to "the worst GDP number in 5 years". This would only be possible if (somehow) the "worst number in 5 years" had already been priced-into market valuations.

But (as noted earlier) this isn't possible because the Liars have all told us that the terrible GDP number was a huge (negative) surprise. At the very least; we should have seen a massive, one-day plunge; before (supposedly) "cooler heads prevailed" and the market bounced back.

But U.S. bubble-markets are already so ridiculously over-priced that the One Bank is afraid to allow even a one-day shock to impact against these bubbles.
Jun 26
Dylan, you continue to infer that because all the bankers (at the senior level) aren't Jewish that my reference to a "Jewish mafia" is some manifestation of anti-Semitism.

1) The only way to identify the principal members of this cabal (other than to continually list them all by name) is to identify them by their one, common demographic: being Jewish.

2) It is unnecessary and undesirable for this cabal to stack ALL senior banking positions across the Western world with Jewish individuals. First of all; they don't need to occupy to ALL senior positions to exert complete control. Secondly; if they did occupy all senior positions it would attract too much attention to themselves.

Thus none of what you have said in any way weakens my position. On top of that; your "historical materials" in no way explain (in particular) how the last two Chairmen of the Federal Reserve are Jewish, along with the current Treasury Secretary. These individuals were selected by the U.S. government, and Bernanke was not really a "banker" but rather an academic.

There is no possible way to explain such a remarkable over-representation by one, tiny ethnic/religious group. It is statistically impossible for it to occur naturally. And nothing you have said to this point in any way "explains" this statistically impossible event.

The evidence says "Jewish conspiracy", not my own delusions.

Lastly, I never denied that all "historical" reports of Jewish persecution were fictional. I merely stated (as with all our other so-called history) that we cannot rely on this supposed "history" as truth, but must question both causation, as well as precise numbers which quantify these episodes of persecution (or other historical events).

Were Italians being "persecuted" in the U.S. in the 1930's when Elliot Ness and Co. at the FBI (finally) decided to take-on U.S. organized (at least that branch of it)??? And simply think about all these supposed episodes of "anti-Semitism" throughout history. It is nothing but the Revisionist equivalent of "the false-flag attack".

With the traditional false-flag event we are dealing with a real-time attack on one's self. But for long-term protection/sympathy; engaging in Revisionist "false-flag" events, where you either fabricate or exaggerate persecution would be at least as effective as the conventional form of false-flag event, if not more so.

Are you also going to deny that these people ROUTINELY use false-flag events to influence/brainwash the general population???

As I have demonstrated on this site, day after day, for 5 1/2 years; I'm a creature of LOGIC. I am incapable of any sort of "ism" of bias because I would immediately recognize such thought-patterns in my own mind -- and purge them.
Jun 25
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Wednesday June 25th, and there are a couple of topics on tap for today. I'm going to start with briefly referencing my latest commentary for Sprott Money, since I promised further discussion of the issue of U.S. "REITS" when it was first brought to my attention by "Earl".

How U.S. Corporations Print Their Own Money: The REIT Scam

As the title implies; the REIT-scam essentially gives those corporations able to participate in this scam their own "printing press" -- in the form of the shares of their own company. What we must suspect is that this scam will unfold very similarly to the One Bank's fiat-currency scam.

Falling Emerging Market Currencies Prove Dollar-Fraud

It dilutes these fiat-currencies nearly infinitely, but is able to avoid that dilution making them officially worthless because it can (upwardly) manipulate the value of these currencies in global FX markets. Similarly; since the Banksters can manipulate equity markets even more-easily than currency markets, we must suspect that these scam-corporations will print-up ridiculous quantities of their shares (like "money") but avoid their share-price going to zero via the manipulation of equity markets.

It's simply another example of our Hostage Markets becoming even more rigged. And another example of the Wonderland Matrix becoming even more perverse. And as I continually remind readers; the most-common downfall of (successful) psychopaths is that they always go too far.

However, I'm sure that readers will be more interested in today's second topic, because it's another one of those increasingly rare opportunities to "talk about markets" -- and not just be wasting everyone's time.

Why is there some relevance in discussing the One Bank's paper-fraud markets for gold and silver at the present, when I normally scoff at such discussions? Because the last three years of manipulation (i.e. Hostage Markets) are now catching-up with the One Bank (how many times have I used the phrase "catching-up with" lately?).

I discussed this a few months ago, when this "chart problem" first became an issue for the banksters...

Banksters Prepare For Battle In Silver Market

At that time (as predicted), the banksters simply slammed the silver market lower. However, as I pointed out 3 1/2 months ago, that did not solve their problem -- it only 'kicked the can down the road' a few months. And now here we are.

At this point; the "technical" chart from Basher Central will be helpful:

What we see is that (once again) the silver market is nearing what is known in technical parlance as "the Golden Cross". It is the ultimate, long-term "buy" signal to all market traders, for any market.

It occurs when both the current price of (in this case) silver and the "short-term moving average" (for price) cross above the long-term moving-average (indicated by the green line). It was about to happen in March, and now (as silver once again pops above $21 dollars) it's about to happen again.

As I also pointed out 3 1/2 months ago: the Golden Cross must occur (as a simple matter of arithmetic). The only way this glaring "technical event" can be delayed is by pushing silver prices lower and lower, as the price-threshold to complete the Golden Cross goes lower and lower with time.

Understand that this so-called technical event means nothing in our Hostage Markets. However, because the Sheep still believe that these "technical indicators" possess validity, this creates a no-win scenario for the One Bank. It has two (and only two) choices.

1) It can pretend that "T/A" still has some validity (in order to avoid shattering the delusions of the Sheep) and allow some sort of significant "rally" to occur in the silver market -- which would also spread over to the gold market.

2) It can keep prices frozen despite this ultimate bullish technical indicator. That will wake-up significant numbers of the Sheep to the reality of Hostage Markets -- and draw attention back to the CFTC's fraudulent "investigation" into silver-manipulation.

CFTC Silver Probe: See-no-Evil, Hear-no-Evil, Speak-no-Evil

I've already expressed the opinion (on numerous occasions) that the One Bank will never allow gold/silver prices to rise significantly, ever again, until it simply loses its choke-hold on these markets. It has already committed itself too deeply to Hostage Markets to change course now.

If it attempted to allow "a small rally", even with its near-omnipotence in these markets there is no guarantee it could apply the brakes on that rally -- given that we would/could/should simply be adding a zero to bullion prices (and even more for the price of silver). There is simply too much upward pressure to ease its downward pressure on this tightly-coiled spring. This was the gist of my commentary at the beginning of this year.

Silver Bells

Thus what I see happening is that the Golden Cross will occur (as it must). Whether that happens this month, or in three months, or in six months is anyone's guess. When it occurs; the One Bank will simply continue its choke-hold on these markets -- and reveal their "hostage" status to the world.

The real question of importance here (which cannot possibly be answered at the present time) is what comes after that...?

Jun 25
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
Here's my latest published commentary at Sprott Money. A 'publishing snafu' prevented it from showing up sooner...

As regular readers know; I'm always on the look-out for patterns of behavior (and in this case, repetition of previous crimes). What do we see with the One Bank's massive money-printing scam?

It prints-up near-infinite quantities of this fiat paper, enough to make it all (literally) worthless in fundamental terms. But then it manipulates their fraudulent fiat-paper upward (versus other currencies), allowing it to engage in infinite (currency) dilution with no loss of value.

Now we see the same thing beginning to emerge with other corporations. Why are the Banking Oligarchs the only Oligarchs allowed to (literally) "print their own money". Now the One Bank has created a scam to allow lots more large corporations to essentially "print their own money" -- by being able to use their shares like fiat currency in paying-out dividends to shareholders.

Normally, doing so would dilute the share-price of such corporations who were over-printing their shares. But with the Oligarchs in total control of equity markets with their Pied Piper trading algorithms; these corporations can dilute their shares to a ridiculous degree, but (as with the banksters' fiat currencies) the shares never lose any value from this dilution.

How U.S. Corporations Print Their Own Money: The REIT Scam
Jun 25
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Will U.S./Germany disgrace the World Cup?? in the forums.
Here's the scenario: going into the 3rd and final qualifying game for "Group G"; both the U.S. and Germany will advance if they play to a draw, while if either team wins, the other could be knocked out.

This sets up the scenario where these two teams may simply 'make a deal' not to try to win the game -- ensuring that both teams advance by neither team trying to win. If this game should end in a goal-less draw, or if both teams score early and then simply stop attacking; this will strongly suggest that "the fix is in."

Given the endemic corruption of the U.S. and Germany; it will be surprising if they don't fix the game...

Jun 25
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Tuesday June 25th, and with the reality of Hostage Markets within a Wonderland Matrix; the mission of The Daily Grind is not to "report on" bullion markets, because we no longer have markets. Instead, we have ultra-fraudulent/ultra-illegal casinos where fantasy trading of paper-called-gold and paper-called-silver has replaced legitimate markets for these two commodities and monetary metals.

Thus the new "mission" here on The Grind (although no longer "new") is simply to provide readers with perspective. To give you any/all glimmers of reality which I come across in my own daily 'surfing' and correspondence. It's only through latching onto the bits-and-pieces of reality which leak through the saturation propaganda of the Wonderland Matrix that we can avoid succumbing to such brainwashing ourselves.

It's no longer enough to merely be aware that what emanates from the mainstream media is not true, because the propaganda machine has now descended into outright perversity. The more the U.S. economy "shrinks"; the more we're told it's "growing". The more the Fed increases its money-printing (via counterfeiting); the more we're told it's reducing that money-printing (via fictional "tapering"). The higher inflation soars; the lower we're told it actually is -- descending all the way to the nonsensical perversion that (somehow) inflation is now "too low".

Perversity is the most-aggressive form of brainwashing, especially when maintained and extended throughout our entire economies. If you repeat to most people for a long-enough time period that "black is white", "up is down", and "bad is good"; eventually most people will succumb to such perversity. Indeed, what we see with the slack-jawed manner in which the Sheep absorb this daily perversity; most of them already believe that black is white, up is down, and bad is good.

Today's "glimmer of reality" comes in a different form, through a somewhat commercialized information-graphic which was sent to me in my daily mail. I won't reproduce the graphic here (because of its promotional nature), but those wanting to see this (convenient) visual representation can view it from that earlier post this morning. I'll simply summarize the content here.

The graphic is essentially a visual chronology of the history of U.S. currency-production. While the precise details (and dates) of this history are not especially important, the overall message contained does provide us with one of those important reference-points which help us see-through the Corporate media's brainwashing.

Only 150 years ago; the U.S. penny and nickle had so much purchasing-power in daily commerce that the U.S. introduced a two-cent coin to go along with those other denominations. It was only 7 years before that the U.S. had finally stopped circulating a half-penny coin. Prior to 1857; Americans could get "change" back from a penny in their commercial transactions.

Today, the Canadian government has already phased-out the (worthless Canadian penny), and the only reason why the worthless U.S. penny hasn't also been phased out is to hide its worthlessness -- rather than to acknowledge this, as Canada's government has.

In comparison, regular readers know that gold and silver have perfectly preserved their purchasing-power over thousands of years. Thus seeing some of these currency-units already descend to worthlessness (in terms of purchasing power) is powerful evidence of the "inflation" which the politicians, bankers, and economists claim doesn't exist.

It is especially powerful evidence of inflation, given that it was only 40 years ago that our (corrupt) governments finally removed any "backing" for our currencies with gold, and more than 75% of the official collapse-in-value of our currencies has occurred over that mere 40-year span. Not only does this demonstrate (yet again) that "inflation" is much higher than the ridiculous, official statistics; it also illustrates that the currency in our wallets (and bank accounts) is NOT MONEY.

Real "money" is (and must be, by definition) a "store of value", meaning that no matter how long you hold it, it never loses its purchasing power. Mere currency, on the other hand, does not preserve its value, and thus only has use a vehicle of commerce.

There is no economic sense whatsoever in storing our wealth in mere currency. It is literally equally idiotic to attempting to "store water" in a leaky bucket. Both acts of foolishness result in the same end: use the 'leaky bucket' long enough as a vessel of storage and you will lose everything.

Gold, Silver, and ‘Leaky Buckets’

An American (or Canadian) centenarian who was born a "millionaire" (which was a huge fortune 100 years ago) would have lost virtually that entire fortune over the course of his/her lifetime by doing nothing more/worse than putting that fortune into a bank account for (supposed) "safe-keeping".

The fact that the Banksters steal their $TRILLIONS slowly/relentlessly rather than all at once in a single robbery does not reduce the severity of their crimes; rather it merely increases the success-rate...

The Implication of Currency Dilution
Jun 24
I received this (somewhat promotional) graphic in my morning mail today. However; it does contain some illuminating information, and so I'm posting it despite its commercial content.

The most-important point here is not any specific date or currency-unit depicted in the graphic. Rather, what is illustrated here (implicitly) is our descent into hyperinflation.

From 1793 to 1857; the U.S. had a half-penny coin -- so that consumers could get "change" back from a penny when conducting transactions.

In 1864 in the U.S. (exactly 150 years ago); the lowly penny still had so much purchasing-power that the government decided that having a one-cent piece and a five-cent piece was not sufficient for smooth commerce. The U.S. also needed a two-cent piece.

In 1863 the U.S. created 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, and 50-cent paper money, because these currency units were used for such a high percentage of daily commerce. And the entire purpose in creating paper "money" in the first place (versus metallic, real money) was the convenience of carrying the lighter paper notes.

Today, Canada has already dropped circulation of our "penny" (because it has no purchasing-power), and the U.S. is debating whether to follow that example. Note that there is no longer any economic rationale (of any kind) for retaining the U.S. penny. Keeping it in circulation is merely a propaganda ruse: pretending that it still retains some purchasing-power.

Gold (and silver) have perfectly preserved their purchasing power over thousands of years. The bankers' (fraudulent) fiat currencies ALWAYS go to zero. Thus as soon as U.S. currency ceased to be properly gold-backed (for roughly the entire, 100-year existence of the Federal Reserve); it immediately began its descent to worthlessness.

When the gold-backing was completely severed in 1971; that descent into worthlessness went exponential...
Jun 24
P.S. I could easily picture a tearful Lloyd Blankfein being interviewed by one of the mainstream drones. He "confesses" that what he really wanted to do in life was to be a social worker -- and help people rather than harm them -- but "society" forced him to become CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Jun 24
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: A News Anchor Completely Lost It. in the forums.
DayOwl wrote:
He was asked to leave (or resigned), even though he had one of the highest rated shows on the air.

He has a web site and is doing his own version of alternative media now.

Thanks for the update, DayOwl.

Unlike commentators like myself who started in the alternative media; when (mainstream) media figures like Ratigan or public figures like Paul Craig Roberts join the alternative media they bring some instant-credibility with them.

Much like civil wars are generally decided by how successfully the "rebels" can get military units to defect to the other side, in a PROPAGANDA WAR of this nature our own "victory" will likely be decided by whether or not we can get enough of the mainstream herd to open their eyes -- and defect from the Wonderland Matrix.
Jun 24
While I already posted this as a reply on another thread; I thought that this scientific development was potentially so significant (both for precious metals and the environment) that it was also worth a post of its own.

The point here is two-fold. First of all (unfortunately); this palladium process can only be used to "transform" one of the radioactive isotopes produced from conventional nuclear fission (cesium). But if a process can be used to "transform" one of these (unstable) radioactive isotopes, our (scientific) history tells us that other processes will be developed to (hopefully) neutralize the other forms of radioactive waste.

Given that gold and silver have at least as many metallurgical qualities as palladium, it's certainly not unreasonable to think that gold or silver (more likely silver) would be one of the catalysts employed...

Palladium Used To Transform Radioactive Waste Into Rare Earth Element

Events like Fukushima are urgent reminders of the need to develop new technologies to contain or neutralize radioactivity.

Dr. Yasuhiro Iwamura of the Advanced Technology Research Center at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan recently presented groundbreaking successes at a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His new process (see schematic below) uses a permeable palladium film to transmute radioactive cesium into praseodymium...
Jun 23
Dylan wrote:
No Jeff, my argument is simply that one family are not in charge. I don`t hold back on bankster families because they are jewish.
As I wrote before, there are NUMEROUS JEWISH bankster families

Schiffs, Warburgs, Oppenheimers, Schroeders, Montefiores, Goldsmids, Mocattas, Sassoons, Guggenheims, Seligmans, Kahn, Baruch, Lazards and more.

You are suggesting that the total combined wealth and influence of these families
was/is less than that of one family, the Rothschilds.

This is not even mentioning the numerous GENTILE bankster families.

You say the evidence points in their direction. I say it doesn`t. Circular arguments from conspiracy websites and unverifiable quotes that have entered the realm of mythology don`t cut it as evidence.

As I said, you have to show the evidence beyond claims from Bill Still that they owned JP Morgan.

Where is the evidence?

It is simply logic. Their admittedly vast wealth simply does not eclipse the combined wealth of all the other dynastic families of North America and England. That is Occam`s Razor in action.

You express your love of logic but here you have a blind spot.
You make out that my argument is that they are innocent because they are jewish. That is simply not good enough Jeff. You don`t simply mention their name, you say they are the ultimate puppet masters. I simply point out that this logic doesn`t hold water. I am not biased in their direction, I am insisting upon this point of logic. It doesn`t absolve them of sin, just as revealing the puppet masters behind Osama Bin Laden didn`t absolve him. He was obviously in on the game at some level.

Why do I obsess about it? Because it is key. Whether you like it or not, the disinformation has the very real effect of side lining you as you know. The only solution is to address the root of this issue.
Is there not even a modicum of doubt in your convictions here?

Dylan, your rebuttal ignores the facts. If the "banking cabal" had no ethnic orientation to it (at all); how do you explain how Jewish people are so grossly over-represented in senior banking positions, across the Western world? How do you explain the fact that almost ALL of the "neo-con advisors" to the U.S. government are Jewish?

I can explain it. Just like the Italian Mafia likes to place ethnic Italians in its key positions of power, so does the Jewish Mafia. The day you can provide a rational explanation as to why the current head of the Federal Reserve is Jewish, the previous head of the Federal Reserve is Jewish, the CEO of Goldman Sachs is Jewish, the current U.S. Treasury Secretary is Jewish, and the current CEO of JPMorgan married into a wealthy Jewish family, will be the day that you can provide a comprehensive rebuttal.

It does not make me an "anti-Semite" (lol!) simply to point out this absurd/irrational and (otherwise) inexplicable EXTREME OVER-REPRESENTATION of Jewish people in the most-important banking positions. In mathematical terms; it is statistically impossible that this could ever occur naturally/accidentally.

Jun 23
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind in the forums.
It's Monday June 23rd, and I'm happy this morning because the mainstream media has provided me with a piece of propaganda into which I can really "sink my teeth" (lol). Once again, it's Bloomberg engaged in these Big Lies, and it made one of the cardinal sins of all Compulsive Liars: it provided too much information.

As I've pointed out in the past "numbers don't lie"; rather Liars pervert the numbers they latch onto (primarily via contrived "statistics") in order to distort the true meaning of those numbers. However, I haven't been fooled by such statistical mumbo-jumbo for over 30 years, but I can certainly use the wealth of data which Bloomberg provides here:

Bridges Crumble as Muni Rates at Least Since ’60s Ignored

This piece of propaganda sets the (ambitious) task of attempting to answer a thorny question which the (lying) politicians, (lying) bankers, and (lying) "experts" normally seek to dodge: why are bridges (and other infrastructure) literally "crumbling" (especially in the U.S.) despite the lowest borrowing rates in 45 years, and (supposedly) a "strengthening Recovery" (lol!!)?

I've answered the second part of that question on numerous occasions, so I didn't need Bloomberg's 'help' here: there is no "recovery" -- not in the U.S.; not in any other of the (corrupt) Western-bloc nations. But I can certainly use the other numbers Bloomberg provides here to answer the other half of that question: why are governments (mostly) refusing to invest in new infrastructure, and (mostly) refusing to even properly maintain existing infrastructure?

Let's start with the LIE from Bloomberg:

Rather than take advantage of Federal Reserve (FDTR) policy that’s held benchmark interest rates at historic lows since December 2008, they’re repaying obligations by the most on record.

This is simply a (very) clumsy fiction. As a matter of arithmetic; in order to repay/retire debt by "the most on record" it would require that these governments were running the LARGEST BUDGET SURPLUSES on record -- since you can only repay PRINCIPAL with surplus dollars.

What the Liar from Bloomberg was really pointing out was what I've long suspected, but never had the numbers to prove: that the INTEREST PAYMENTS by various levels of various Western governments are now the highest on record. Our governments are not "repaying" a single penny, merely paying and paying and paying and paying.

By now, most readers here could at least provide a partial answer to the question "why are governments refusing to spend/invest despite the lowest borrowing-rates in 45 years?" But there is a lot which can (and must) be said here -- much too much to fit into an edition of The Grind, once I have properly set up the context.

So I'm going to do a commentary specifically to (fully) answer that question, and to also indicate where the answer to that question inevitably leads in terms of public policy options -- which is an equally important component of a proper answer here. Again, many of you can/could also come up with (rational) "policy recommendations", but since we never see such rationality from the mainstream media (or any of its pseudo-experts) there is certainly the need for a (published) commentary on this subject.

P.S. For U.S. readers, Bloomberg provides some data about the most under-funded states in terms of "infrastructure needs" per capita, per year, in order to bring roads, airports, and drinking water up to official safety-standards over the next 5 years.

The numbers look really low to me...

Bridges Crumble as Muni Rates at Least Since ’60s Ignored

No state is needier than West Virginia when it comes to fixing crumbling highways, airports and water works, with annual repair needs of $1,035 per resident that’s three times the national average.

Yet even with borrowing costs hovering close to four-decade lows, lawmakers rejected a January proposal to sell $1 billion of bonds to repair roads that run through the Appalachian Mountains. Budget cuts were a more immediate concern, they said.

Across the U.S., localities are refraining from raising new funds in the $3.7 trillion municipal-bond market after the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression left them with unprecedented deficits. Rather than take advantage of Federal Reserve (FDTR) policy that’s held benchmark interest rates at historic lows since December 2008, they’re repaying obligations by the most on record...

Jun 23
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: A News Anchor Completely Lost It. in the forums.
Great clip Debsyl!

I've seen at least one other Ratigan-rant (lol), but I'm not sure if that occurred prior to or after this clip. I've not seen/heard his name at all recently, so it appears that he has been removed/deactivated. I'd encourage readers to give it a listen, as it is a quality rant. Indeed, it's a rant which could have very possibly been produced by ME (at around that same time).

Note how Ratigan zeros in again and again on "banking" and "taxation", just as I do myself. This is how/where most of the wealth in the world is being TRANSFERRED, so anyone who pays attention and simply "follows the money" would be led to the same conclusion.

I generally also add the reason why the One Bank does most of its stealing via banking and taxation: because these are the two facets of our economy which bore/confuse/frighten the Average Person the most -- and so they simply refuse to pay attention. That's the beauty of being exposed to an occasional Ratigan-rant (or Keiser-rant): it's like a slap-in-the-face for any minds who are still open at least a crack.

Then after being exposed to such a rant, if those same people are exposed to (for example) one of my own (more calm/sober) analyses on the same subjects, it's likely that they will actually focus on the material...

Jun 23
Here's something which could be a real "game-changer":

Palladium Used To Transform Radioactive Waste Into Rare Earth Element

Even though I spotted this at Kitco, it seems to be bona fide (lol). Being able to transform one of the radioactive isotopes to not simply a harmless but a useful substance is outstanding.

My understanding is that this will only eliminate some of the nuclear waste from conventional fission. However; now that this feat has been accomplished once, this is suggestive that processes can be devised to neutralize (or similarly transform) other hazardous waste byproducts of fission.

We bullion-holders better hope that they don't stumble upon a process to transform nuclear waste into gold or silver...

Palladium Used To Transform Radioactive Waste Into Rare Earth Element

Events like Fukushima are urgent reminders of the need to develop new technologies to contain or neutralize radioactivity.

Dr. Yasuhiro Iwamura of the Advanced Technology Research Center at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan recently presented groundbreaking successes at a conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His new process (see schematic below) uses a permeable palladium film to transmute radioactive cesium into praseodymium.

Praseodymium is a rare earth element used to produce high strength metal for aircraft engines; it is also used as a UV absorbing colorant in glass, and boosts the performance of neodymium in magnets, which are used in electric motors...
Jun 23
It would be hard not to add the link to my latest commentary to a thread about "War Inc". What always sets the stage for every Next War are all the lies (i.e. Revisionism) which followed the Last War.

U.S. Neo-Cons Seek To Rewrite Iraq History (Again)
Jun 22
Jeff Nielson created a new topic More "American Justice" on display in the forums.
The news item below speaks for itself. In the USA it's a "crime" to simply be black or Hispanic (one of the "slave" races), and MALE. Those male Americans belonging to either one of these ethnic groups only maintain their liberty at the whim of their (capricious) Slave Masters, until it's convenient to use them as scapegoats in their (fraudulent/repulsive/fascist) crime-and-punishment crusade.

It is absolutely inexcusable that ordinary Americans don't speak-up about the intolerable racism of their (so-called) "justice system". While Canada is becoming increasingly corrupt, and Canadians are extremely apathetic creatures ourselves; one thing we would never tolerate is a racist system which serially scapegoated and incarcerated members of the groups targeted by this biased system.

Americans need to pry themselves up off of their couches, and stop stuffing their faces with Big Macs long enough to demand a COLOUR-BLIND criminal justice system, policed with judges who deserve to wear their robes...

Unfairly accused of sex crime get $40M settlement from US gov't

New York City has agreed to pay $40 million to five innocent men who were convicted, and later exonerated, of brutally raping a female jogger in Central Park in 1989, settling a long-fought civil rights lawsuit. The settlement is aimed to be a humble compensation to young people who had spent best days of their youth in conviction, unfairly accused.

The violent attack, which became known as the Central Park jogger case, made national headlines as a sign that the city's crime rate had gone out of control, while the outcome of the prosecution raised questions about race and the justice system.

The victim was white and the defendants all black or Hispanic.

The five men: Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam were between 14 and 16 years of age at the time of the rape and confessed after lengthy police interrogations.

Each soon recanted, insisting they had admitted to the crime under the duress of exhaustion and coercion from police officers. Another man confessed to the crime years later.

The victim, Trisha Meili, a 28-year-old investment banker, nearly died from the attack and was left with no memory of it.

The settlement still requires approval from the city's comptroller and from the federal judge in Manhattan who has overseen the case, Deborah Batts, according to the person familiar with the matter.

As in most cases in which the city settles civil rights claims, the municipal government likely will not admit wrongdoing, the person said.

The deal comes six months after Mayor Bill de Blasio, who called for a settlement during his campaign, took office. His predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, had long resisted settling the case, with city lawyers repeatedly saying the convictions withstood legal scrutiny regardless of whether they were later vacated...
Jun 21


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