Sunday, April 20, 2014
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Orb replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
I've been busy lately, but I'm also an avid follower and read the commentaries and the grind regularly.I'm just usually to busy to comment.

Just so you get an idea, people like me are not very common. I would qualify myself as one of the few who slipped through the cracks of the dumbing down system. Few who hold a liberal arts degree such as I can understand what's going on in the economy.

I mean, unless you study conspiracy theory and you have someone very eloquent and clear, such as you Jeff, break it down, there's no way you can just stumble on this site and understand much of anything.

I shared many of your articles, but things like Facebook now are just an echo chamber of your own views. People who don't like your posts will soon stop seeing them in their feed.

I have friends who understand what's going on, but are cavalier about it. They think it will not be so bad and they can just "wing it" when the collapse happens. Others just don't have any money, just piles of debt. I would say most 30 yo and under have no money to spare buying gold and silver, they are living paycheck to paycheck and struggling at even that.

The people with good jobs and making good money are mostly profiting from the system. They believe in it or they've been sucked into the cynical mind virus of the One Bank: the people are beyond saving, so I'll just save myself.

Right now I think the One Bank is just trying to bleed dry the Babyboomer generation to make sure there is nothing to pass over to us younger people. Then they will use the welfare class to block any unrest among us.

So yeah, its surprisingly not easy to have anybody 1. Understand what's going on, and 2. do something about it. The subtle brainwashing against gold and silver is very powerful. I don't know why, but most think it's so risky and unsafe to store physical G & S. It must be the movies.

I'm pretty sure if I went to a middle class restaurant and tried to pay with the 50$ face value of a Gold Maple Leaf, they would not take it, and if I tried to push it, they would call the police. So what do you do?

I don't know. What should we do? How do we use our real money when the hyperinflation hits? How do we reach out to the police and military who will be offered to sell the people out in the red dawn takeover? Canada is a country of loyalists. Are we ever going to see a revolution here? I don't think so. It will be decided in the US.
03:15 PM
Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Ukraine double-standard again on display in the forums.
When a group of Thugs pulled out guns, and staged their coup in Ukraine several weeks ago; "everybody" (at least almost everyone) thought this was a great idea: the Thugs, themselves; their Western puppet-masters; and (as usual) the flock of parrots in the Corporate media.

But if you don't like/agree with the Thugs; then suddenly "everyone" thinks politics-via-a-gun-barrel is a bad idea: the Thugs; the Western puppet-masters; and (of course) the flock of Parrots.

And so while the Thugs inside Ukraine are once again making more threats toward "pro-Russian separatists"; the Thugs outside Ukraine are making more threats toward Russia.

There is barely even any effort made at a pretense of legitimacy any longer. Might is right. And the "truth" is whatever can be broadcast the loudest and the longest...

Ukraine calls 'Easter truce' as separatists hold firm

(Reuters) - The Ukrainian government said it will not attack pro-Russian separatists over the Easter weekend as its U.S. ally threatened Moscow with new sanctions if it fails to persuade the militants to surrender.

The Kremlin denies having control over gunmen who want their eastern regions to follow Crimea in being annexed by Russia. Moscow scolded Washington for treating Russia like a "guilty schoolboy" following their agreement in Geneva on Thursday that Ukrainian militants should disarm and vacate occupied buildings.

Ukraine's government, short of effective forces, has shown little sign of trying to recapture the dozen or so town halls, police stations and other sites seized over the past two weeks, despite proclaiming the launch of an "anti-terrorist operation"...
12:17 PM
Jeff Nielson, robinsld, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
robinsld wrote:
Jeff Nielson wrote:
Wow! No reaction at all to my latest commentary. Tough crowd.
OK, I'll bite.

I found it interesting to consider the possibility that COMEX was already out of either gold or silver. And the way ETFs are used to BOOST "inventories" instead of drain them is clearly fraudulent.

However, settlement in cash is built into the contracts which comprise the futures markets, so there is no technical "default" possible. Until people stop using COMEX to purchase gold and silver, the scheme will simply go on, potentially ad infinitum...

Robinsld, this is the MYTHOLOGY which the bankers and their parrots in the media try to peddle. There is two ways to demonstrate this is a fictional (and absurd) depiction of these markets.

First of all; there is what these markets are: METALS futures markets, where paper is used in lieu of metal to facilitate trading. These are not PAPER futures markets, where metal is collected in warehouses to facilitate the trading of paper.

We already have a million-and-one markets for trading paper. These are metals markets, plain and simple. Then we have the procedural explanation.

EVERY month in these futures markets; the traders place their orders over the course of the month. Then at the end of the month, there is a second, official phase. This is where BUYERS elect whether or not to "stand for delivery".

That's it. There's no "third phase" (lol); where the vendor/operators 'decide' whether or not to honour their contracts.

Yes, I've heard banking officials talk in such silly terms -- but not "officially". They can't. The day they claim that the sellers can "elect" whether or not to deliver what they're selling (lol) is the day we have Decoupling -- because on that day it will be evident to EVERYONE that there is no longer any legitimacy (or reality) in these markets.

08:41 PM
Deepcaster created a blog entry Unspinning the Spin...




“Former Assistant U.S. Treasury Secretary, Paul Craig Roberts, speculates that the U.S. Government has recruited its satellite countries, like Belgium, to compensate for the ‘tapering’ being done with purchases of U.S. Treasuries by the Federal Reserve.”

“U.S. recruits satellites to compensate for Fed’s ‘tapering’ Roberts tells KWN,”, 04/16/2014

Indeed, “Tiny” Belgium is now the holder of the third largest Hoard of U.S. Treasuries. Fancy that!

It appears the Fed’s “Tapering” is being at least offset by Belgian Buying.

This and other shenanigans like Bogus Official “statistics” (see Note 1 re make the 2013 Equities Bull Run and the recent Equities Market Sell-Off unsurprising to us.

Indeed, much of our writing is devoted to separating Truth from Spin in order to facilitate more Profitable and Wealth Protective Investing. Thus we offer the following mini-buffet.

Regarding one Major Untruth –that the U.S. Economy is recovering – the Reality is quite the opposite. Indeed, one consequence of the Non-Recovering U.S. Economy is the ongoing Impoverishment of the American Middle Class.

Clearly, (and especially in Inflation-adjusted terms) the Real Median Income of U.S. Households has dropped dramatically since 1989, and since 2007, because U. S. Unemployment is High (23% per – Note 1) because American workers are competing against low wage Foreign and Immigrant Labor and because the Economy is not recovering.

“Median U.S. Household Income in 1989 - $51.682

“Median U.S. Household Income in 2007 - $55,000

“Median U.S. Household Income in 2012 - $51,017”

Figures are NOT Inflation Adjusted.

Richie King, Quartz, 2014 Data from U.S. Census

Even worse, because the Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar has dropped dramatically in recent years (and The Cause is primarily Fed Money Printing and Fed Credit Bubble facilitation), Americans’ Standard of Living has diminished far more than the nominal Income Numbers would suggest. Thus Americans’ Constrained incomes and the Non-Recovering Economy are suppressing corporate Earnings and Prospects.

But the recent Equities Sell-Off and Mixed (at best) Economic Numbers raise the question “What’s Next?” Is it the beginning of a Great Crash, or a New Rally? We answer these questions in the context of our Forecasts, including Timing Forecasts; and most important, we make recommendations for Profit and Protection in light of these forecasts in our recent Letter and Alerts.

One Key Consideration for the U.S. and International Economy, and therefore Equities Market performance, is that Consumption continues to be Constrained because of continuing Impairment of Structural Consumer Liquidity. Diminishing Real Wages and High Debt loads are The Culprits. Therefore, any Recovery is thus prevented. The same is true of other Major Developed Economies.

Bottom line: The Economy is not recovering (cf., see Note 1) and not likely to recover so long as consumer liquidity is impaired.

A related important Point is that Consumers have not been helped by successive doses of Central Bank QE, notwithstanding Fed and other Central Bank Spin to the contrary.

This is not surprising since QE is aimed at propping up Financial Institutions, (several of which own the Private for-Profit Fed) not (contrary to Bank Public Pronouncements) at helping “Main Street.”

Important to note is one (of several) Quite Significant Deleterious Effect of ongoing Fed QE.

The most Important Deleterious Effect of Ongoing QE is the ongoing Destruction of the World Reserve Currency Status of the $US.

From a Multi-Year Perspective, we have recently had an Harbinger of what is to come as the $US value (basis USDX) dropped below 80. Even the Chinese, who hold Trillions in Dollar Denominated Assets are hurt by the diminished purchasing power of the $US.

This recent $US drop was occasioned in part by decreasing U.S. Purchasing Power Parity. Again, Real Wages have been falling. And unpayable Debt has been rising.

And, Ongoing QE (i.e., Money Printing) is the Primary Culprit.

Fed Policy is destroying the $US as the World’s Reserve Currency, and inflicting a Credit Monster of Excess Debt on the World. The Fed-led Transformation from the Savings-funded Economy of a few decades ago to a Debt-funded one is not sustainable since debt loads of Key Sovereigns have become unpayable.

And if intensifying U.S. Sanctions against Russia impel Russia to begin to accept payment for Russia’s oil and Gas in currencies other than the $US and/or if China pays for Iranian oil and Gas in Yuan, the Demise of the $US will be hastened.

In any event, long-term, since The Fed (and other cooperating CB’s) will have to continue, and increase, QE again to keep interest rates down and Equities propped up a while longer (cf., the already ongoing debasement of the $US Purchasing Power as a result of the Ongoing Currency Wars will become increasingly evident. Therefore at some point the ongoing modest selling (i.e., refusal to support or purchase) of the $US by Sovereigns will turn into a Rout (as will selling of U.S. Treasuries), likely resulting in the collapse of US Treasury Securities Values as well as the displacement of the $US by the Gold-Backed Chinese Yuan as World Reserve Currency. That is where we are headed, like it or not. In other words, the Winners in the Currency Wars will be the Holders of Tangible Assets ¾ Gold & Silver above all, as well as Agricultural and certain (but not all) Energy Assets.

Of course, The Big Winner will likely be China which is importing Huge Quantities of Gold and acquiring Tangible Assets around the World.

And, unspinning the Spin on the Equities Front, consider that Equities are generally overvalued, overhyped (especially the Tech/Social Media Sector which is why we correctly, earlier, warned about Facebook) and supported by Central Bank QE, and “Communications Policy” et al. This recent little Tech Takedown is just the beginning of the Popping of the Tech Bubble. Before it is over it will be worse than 2001-2002.

Billionaire Carl Icahn is correct when he says current Equities levels are “a Mirage.”

Thus we have recently answered the question whether Equities will still have one “Last Gasp Rally” before a Great Crash begins. Consider that the Fed is still engaged in Market Intervention via QE, albeit in Reducing levels, and the Recovery Fiction has been “sold” to most of the Retail Public. [Indeed, our recently recommended profitable Trades have been facilitated by attention to such Interventionals as well as Fundamentals and Technicals (Note 2).]

In any event, we expect the spikes up to be punctuated by Spikes down as Investors realize stocks are quite overvalued. The recent Mini Crash of the NASDAQ is but one example.

As a final dose of Unspun Reality Therapy, consider that the Equities Market will not be helped by Ostensible Job “Growth,” Noah Sugarman via Greg Guenthner explains why: “It turns out that private sector job gains have lagged the growth in adult working age population since 2008,” explains Rude researcher Noah Sugarman. “In 2008, there were about 2 working-age adults for every private sector job. Today, that ratio has widened from 2 to 2.13. That means we’d actually to total more than 123 million jobs to really get back to where we were before the recession.”

In closing it is important to reiterate our earlier observation that the Shortage of Physical Gold is intensifying. Asian, and especially Chinese and Indian Buying, and taking Delivery of Physical continues at Record levels.

Couple that with China’s record January, 2014 lending (i.e., credit creation) year over year (also a 4 year high) and China’s Credit Bubble and Fed Chair Yellen’s promise to Open the Monetary Spigots in the event of a slowdown, and one can see why Gold and Silver have been rising this year until very recently. Inflation is not only already here, with Real U.S. CPI at 9.20% (cf. but it is now becoming visible on the Horizon. The Great Launch up is coming notwithstanding ongoing Cartel Price Suppression (Note 3) and other Mega-Bank attempts to diminish Investor interest in Gold and Silver.

Looking above, beneath and beyond Main Stream Media Spin is essential for Profit and Wealth Protection.

Best regards,

April ­­18, 2014

Note 1: * calculates Key Statistics the way they were calculated in the 1980s and 1990s before Official Data Manipulation began in earnest. Consider

Bogus Official Numbers vs. Real Numbers (per

Annual U.S. Consumer Price Inflation reported April 15 , 2014
1. 51 %     /     9.20 %

U.S. Unemployment reported April 4 , 2014
6.7%     /     23.2%

U.S. GDP Annual Growth/Decline reported March 27, 2014
2.59%        /     -1.40%

U.S. M3 reported April 15 , 2014 (Month of February, Y.O.Y.)
No Official Report     /   3. 77 % (i.e, total M3 Now at $15. 725 Trillion! )

Note 2: Our attention to Key Timing Signals has facilitated Recommendations which have performed well lately. Consider our six most recent * :

  • 75% Profit on Crude Oil Call on April 14, 2014 after 13 days (i.e., about 2000% Annualized)
  • 60% Profit on Water Management Company on March 3, 2014 after 454 days (i.e., about 50% Annualized)
  • 100% Profit on Crude Oil Call on February 10, 2014 after 27 days (i.e., about 1400% Annualized)
  • 30% Profit on Equity Index Puts on February 5, 2014 after 8 days (i.e., about 1440% Annualized)
  • 55% Profit on Water Management Company on January 15, 2014 after 406 days (i.e., about 50% Annualized)
  • 140% Profit on Equity Index Call on December 27, 2013 after just 10 days (i.e., about 5200% Annualized)

*Past Profitable Performance is no assurance of future Profitable Performance.

Note 3: We encourage those who doubt the scope and power of Overt and Covert Interventions by a Fed-led Cartel of Key Central Bankers and Favored Financial Institutions to read Deepcaster’s December, 2009, Special Alert containing a summary overview of Intervention entitled “Forecasts and December, 2009 Special Alert: Profiting From The Cartel’s Dark Interventions - III” and Deepcaster’s July, 2010 Letter entitled "Profit from a Weakening Cartel; Buy Reco; Forecasts: Gold, Silver, Equities, Crude Oil, U.S. Dollar & U.S. T-Notes & T-Bonds" in the ‘Alerts Cache’ and ‘Latest Letter’ Cache at Also consider the substantial evidence collected by the Gold AntiTrust Action Committee at, including testimony before the CFTC, for information on precious metals price manipulation. Virtually all of the evidence for Intervention has been gleaned from publicly available records. Deepcaster’s profitable recommendations displayed at have been facilitated by attention to these “Interventionals.” Attention to The Interventionals facilitated Deepcaster’s recommending five short positions prior to the Fall, 2008 Market Crash all of which were subsequently liquidated profitably.

01:32 PM
2 days ago
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Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: Jeff Nielson, for Sprott Money: in the forums.
Here's a new one I did for Sprott Money. While regular readers may spot a familiar theme in that title; the data and subject matter certainly go beyond anything previously written on this subject...

Citizens Versus Serfs: The Swiss Example

One of the hallmarks of my writing is the ability to spot and identify patterns. Sometimes these are numerical/economic patterns. Sometimes they are behavioral patterns.

In the latter category is a regressive and alarming pattern which can be observed on both the individual and collective level: the worse that our (increasingly oppressive) governments treat us, the worse we allow ourselves to be treated. More to the point; the worse our governments mistreat us, the more we act like we deserve to be treated this way...
11:13 AM
Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson, Jeff Nielson replied to the topic Re: The Daily Grind... in the forums.
It's Thursday April 17th, and after some re-examination and an unscheduled "hiatus" (lol); we're back online.

Though the response was rather tepid, the attitude around here seems to be that readers want me to continue this dialogue (and this site), and so it's "back to business". And the first business at hand is "yesterday's" commentary.

Phantom Gold Inventories: Has The Comex Already Defaulted?

We were knocked off-line about 10 minutes after yesterday's commentary went up; so readers will forgive me if sometimes it appears to me that the people who "appreciate" my work the most are the Banksters, themselves.

Why was the One Bank so eager to knock us off-line yesterday that they did so after not having time to do anything more than see the title? Because of all the things which I write about; the two (closely-related) subjects which the Bankers never want people reading about are their fraudulent bullion "products", and the rampant inventory-fraud, which allows them to pretend that there is still "plenty" of metal in their warehouses.

If you look through all of the roughly 1,000 commentaries on this site; you will see that only a handful have the lowest, or near-lowest ratings. By "coincidence"; these are all commentaries about the fraudulent bullion-ETF's and/or the Bankers' inventory-fraud.

But look more closely, and you'll see that in every case (except for my most-recent "bullion-ETF" commentary) they all have ten times as many votes. The Bankers sent HUNDREDS of their "trolls" to our site to do nothing more than vote-down my commentaries on the (fraudulent) bullion-ETF's and their inventory-fraud.

That's why the One Bank has made such a concerted effort to have me censored from any/all mainstream outlets (and even GATA).

GATA Now Funded With Rothschilds’ Dirty Money

[Readers will note that this commentary, too, is now getting a suspiciously high number of votes (in comparison to other commentaries) -- as it's rating is "mysteriously" dragged lower.]

There you have it folks: the most-regular "participants" on this site are the Trolls sent by the bankers. THEY "vote" on my commentaries by the hundreds (you can only vote once) while regular readers (at best) vote by the dozens.

Perhaps this will help readers understand my (and Chad's) frustration, as we see people (seemingly) snooze-through the content we work so hard to put out; while the BANKERS do anything/everything in their power to try to stop people from seeing this content. But I digress.

Why does the One Bank especially hate it when I talk about their fraudulent bullion-EFT's, and the silly (and transparent) games of inventory-fraud which they play in these markets? Two reasons. First of all; all their lies about this sector, and most of their manipulation is tied in to this closely-intertwined labyrinth of fraud.

And the second (and perhaps more important) reason why the One Bank is rabidly opposed to allowing anyone to read what is in yesterday's commentary is because I'm the only commentator covering these subjects in any depth. Indeed; if my suspicions are correct, we've already had (unofficial) inventory-default in the Comex gold market, and this would likely mean the same thing has already happened in the silver market as well.

If so, if we're already past inventory-default; what then? This is why when I've talked/written about "the end" of the Banksters' market-fraud in this sector that I have talked about inventory default or Decoupling (again, alone among all commentators).

"Inventory default" would/could only be a means of ending this game of fraud/manipulation if our markets remained quasi-legitimate -- i.e. if our governments and regulators actually acknowledged that inventory default when it occurred.

Here we see the ANSWER to the metaphorical question: if a tree falls in the middle of a forest, does it "make a sound"? If gold and/or silver inventories default, but no one is allowed to see/know about it; do we have an "official" default? Answer: not while the One Bank remains Puppet Master of our governments and regulators.

And this brings us back to Decoupling, where once again, I'm "banging the drum" here all alone.

Decoupling In Precious Metals Markets
Gold Market Secretly Decoupling

Given the massive (and ignored) financial crimes of the One Bank which we see in virtually every other facet of our markets; I was always aware of the possibility that these Criminals could simply prevent any default-event from ever being officially acknowledged/registered.

Black is white. Up is down. Hot is cold. We may have already had gold (and silver) "default" in these banker owned-and-operated markets; but with our governments and regulators nothing but bought-and-paid-for tools of the One Bank, it's simply business as usual.

But the Banksters can do nothing about about Decoupling, because (as a matter of definition) it's an event where people ABANDON their paper-fraud markets -- and take their money with them. This may explain why the One Bank did a sudden, 180-degree turn, and is once again allowing official gold imports back into the country.

As I noted in the second of the two commentaries above; the One Bank is terrified at the thought of the world's largest gold market VISIBLY "decoupling from" (i.e. abandoning) the Banksters' paper-fraud markets. As it is; we already have unofficial "decoupling" in that market.

(Price-conscious) Indian bullion-buyers are happy to buy their gold and silver at the (fraudulent) prices generated by the Banksters paper bullion markets -- but they only buy/sell real bullion. Thus we see how quickly/easily the Indians simply moved into the blackmarket to get their gold.

Better to allow them to buy it openly/officially...but for how long? As I have written here again and again; ultimately we will simply run out of metal -- one day soon. We know that day is coming soon because (as I note each time I see it) the actions and lies of the Banksters and their minions reflect increasing desperation.

Thus with the price of gold already below the (real) cost of production; we have the liars of Goldman Sachs insisting that the price of gold is going to $1050, as reported at Basher Central. It's why we have the same fiction-writers at Kitco writing that gold inventories are now "abundant", because after the (fraudulent/phantom) "inventories" at the Comex officially plummeted by 80% that they have now recovered by about 2%.

The lies didn't use to be as silly/obvious/absurd because the One Bank (and its minions) were not previously nearly as desperate as they are today. We didn't use to have a Wonderland Matrix.

While the fiction-writers in the Corporate Media have been exaggerating/twisting the truth for years (decades); it's only recently that they have begun to write the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what is really happening.

When the U.S. economy is losing more and more jobs but the liars write that it's gaining more and more jobs; that's desperation. When the U.S. economy is shrinking more and more rapidly, but the liars claim it's growing more and more rapidly; that's desperation.

This is why I encourage readers to not allow themselves to become discouraged by these Hostage Markets. I can see the "change" taking place here, even as the One Bank and its liars work harder and harder to obscure this truth with ever-larger and more-outrageous lies.

"It's always darkest before the Dawn."

Readers may regard this as nothing but a corny cliche, or perhaps even mere bluster. However, it's one of the most time-tested Contrarian "truths". What has been the best/most-accurate indicator of when gold and silver markets are about to explode higher (over the last 13 years)? When "sentiment" has hit absolute rock-bottom.

The only tricky thing about predicting such turn-arounds is that it's only possible to precisely identify "rock-bottom" in hindsight (lol!). This is why we never "gamble" in these markets (i.e. use leverage), we only invest.

Goldman Sachs Reiterates Call For $1,050/Oz Gold At Year-End

Goldman Sachs reiterated its call for gold to fall to around $1,050 an ounce by year-end due to a recovering U.S. economy.

Prices rose sharply for most of the first quarter due to softer U.S. economic data, Chinese credit concerns and geopolitical tensions surrounding Ukraine, Goldman said in a report released late Thursday night.

“While further escalation in tensions could support gold prices, we expect a sequential acceleration in both U.S. and Chinese activity, and hence for gold prices to decline, although it may take several weeks to lift uncertainty around this acceleration,” Goldman said. “Importantly, it would require a significant sustained slowdown in U.S. growth for us to revisit our expectation for lower U.S. gold prices over the next two years.”

In particular, Goldman said it sees potential for 10-year TIPS yields to rise, thereby hurting gold. However, the bank said with the Federal Open Market Committee tapering its bond-buying program known as quantitative easing, any decline in gold will be data dependent and hinge upon U.S. economic releases.

U.S. economic data have been softer so far in 2014, but Goldman economists mostly see this as weather-related due to a harsh winter and look for economic growth to accelerate for the remainder of the year, the firm said. However, the bank said it could take several more weeks, until April economic data is released, to get confirmation that the economy is in fact picking up...

Goldman said it expects any decline in gold to be a data-driven “grind
lower” as market participants get progressive confirmation of U.S. growth acceleration. Such price action would be a contrast to the sharp sell-off in 2013, when Goldman said it had a bearish view driven by a disconnect between stretched long gold speculative positioning and stabilizing U.S. growth with low inflation...

Rising Comex Gold Warehouse Stocks Underscore Soft Physical Demand

More signs of soft physical demand can be seen in the rising gold warehouse stocks, gold market watchers said.

As of Monday, the latest data available, total Comex gold warehouse stocks were over 7.92 million ounces, the highest since June 10, when stocks were at 7.97 million ounces, according to CME Group data.

The rise in warehouse stocks, the fall in exchange-traded fund holdings and the continuing discount some Asian physical gold prices have to spot London prices continue to underline the stagnating physical demand for gold, market watchers said.

“Warehouse stocks creep up when the market tends to go lower… There’s not a lot of interest in cash and carry right now,” said George Gero, vice president with RBC Capital Markets Global Futures...
10:51 AM
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You must realize this idea will work significantly quite a bit, after the boundaries to do with Triond. Everyone has started to stock portfolio snapshots within the extensive to the differences, book-marking domains, blog pages, broadcast web sites, simply just make the program. For the most part, the place a person has a username, you then have a introduction pic.

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Surface Deep Time Domain Electromagnetic and Gravity Geophysical Surveys Commence at Maniitsoq (Greenland)

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwired - April 17, 2014) - North American Nickel Inc. (TSX VENTURE:NAN)(OTCBB:WSCRF)(CUSIP:65704T 108) (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Crone Geophysics of Mississauga, Ontario have mobilized their crews to the Imiak Hill Conduit Complex (IHCC), part of the Company's 100% owned Maniitsoq nickel-copper-cobalt-PGM project in southwest Greenland.

Geophysical Surveys Underway

The geophysical survey work now underway consists of surface time-domain PEM and gravity surveys in the Imiak Hill Conduit Complex, where significant nickel-copper-cobalt PGE mineralization has been intersected in drill holes by the company over the past two drill seasons. These intersections include:

• Imiak Hill DDH MQ-13-028: 24.75 metres of near massive to massive sulphide grading 3.19% Ni, 1.14% Cu, 0.11% Co, including; 17.91m of 3.80% nickel, 1.42% copper, 0.13% cobalt and 0.01 g/t PGM;
• Imiak North DDH MQ-13-029: 55.75m of disseminated to near massive and massive sulphide grading: 1.28% nickel, 0.36% copper, 0.04% cobalt, and 0.03 g/t PGM, including;9.99m of 4.65% nickel, 0.33% copper, 0.13% cobalt and 0.08 g/t PGM; and
• Spotty Hill DDH MQ-12-005: 123.94 meters of disseminated, net-texture, to near massive and massive sulphide grading 0.81% nickel, 0.21% copper, 0.03% cobalt & 0.26 g/t platinum (Pt) + palladium (Pd) + gold (Au), including: 24.20 m @ 1.75% Ni, 0.34% Cu, 0.06% Co & 0.52 g/t Pt+Pd+Au.
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Seeking more Federal assistance. California only gets 78 cents for every dollar sent to Washington, compared with 94 cents in Pennsylvania, the governor pointed out.
"Unfortunately, the Governor's proposals don't try to repair our broken governmental systems, so that we can extricate ourselves from future fiscal crises and not simply plaster over them with Band Aids," he says.
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What Is a Pearl Paint Finish?
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Smith's medical licence expired in August 2008 and was never renewed. The College of Physicians and Surgeons revoked it last February.
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Future city VS Storck Settlement: blue old handsome look at captain played with the injury NetEase things to do in February 21st revealed: Beijing in February Twenty second 23 (UK time was 10), a focus events Premier Group twenty-seventh round will battle in the Etihad stadium, Manchester City vs Storck city. Before the game, The city of manchester City 17 wins A couple of flat 5 negative status in third, and the personal loan companies Storck, with 27 points ranking fourteenth. History: the two people met 104 times from your history, drew 24 board games, Manchester City and Storck country each win 45 furthermore 35 field. Nearly Important meetings, Manchester City Ii wins 3 flat unbeaten, the two of them teams in the first coin in this season's contest 3 0 boring flat. Not difficult one: blue moon experienced old handsome Storck City shuttle Hughes led the city when considering 18 months, but Mancini was redone because of record. Saturday's game, we will have Mancini's former and Mancini's successor web site battle of wits. With the game, Hughes is also contained in the interview with Pellegrini's coaching probable, must try fair approaches before resorting to force Welsh and additionally hope to gain in their. Sense two: Kompani injuries to play The manchester area City in the same working week, Barcelona in the Champions Little league quarter final first leg last 0 than 2 get rid of, even worse, according Tory Burch Leopard to the back again again again of the net that unknown moon captain Kompani repeated muscle group injury. But from yesterday's training team situation, the most important Belgian basically decided tomorrow almost certainly played with the injury. For Birmingham City, with Kompani on board, the specific defensive stability will step-up a grade. Three ideas: - Center Christian Louboutin Prices for damaging the goal uncultivated land is relied this week in Barcelona, Liverpool City striker Negredo and Dzeko have been stepped into 4 field intent drought, the last goal typically is traced back to the last 30 days 21 League Cup in addition to West ham. Storck city it against the defensive ability can not be bad, Manchester City striker needs to contribute, whether it is Negredo or Dzeko, existing for us to stand out. Characters missing list: Manchester Locale: Aguero, Storck, Taxiqi City: Assaidi, Pennant is expected to start: Heathrow City (4411): 1- Hart; 5- Saba Laeta, 4- Demichelis, 13- Kolarov kompany, 26-; 42-, 25-, 15-, Toure, Phil Nandy Neo, Silva, 21- 9- 10-; Negredo; Dzeko Storck (451): 1- Begovic; 20- Cameron, 17- shocr Ross, 12- Wilson, 3- Peters; 9- Oden Vinje, 6- Adam, Arnautovic Whelan, 16- 10-, 19- Walters; 25- Crouch
04:03 AM
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Jackson Nicks sex scandal {led|brought|directed|guided|brought about|encouraged|contributed|headed|driven|inspired|xmas trees|carefully guided|led prelit|added|light emitting diode|offered|advised|pre lit christmas|led pre lit|pre lit trees|drove|well guided|marched|caused|forced|provided|introduced|lived|led|supplied|produced|light|taken|delivered|contributed to|steered} us down here: {New York|Ny|The big apple|Nyc|New york city|Big apple|Los angeles|Manhattan|San francisco|California|Chicago|Texas|Oregon|New jersey|Ohio|Idaho|Houston|New york ny|N . y .|Rhode island|Indiana|Long island|Vermont|Nc|New york|The big|Large|Huge||Brooklyn|Large apple|Miami|Massive apple|Metropolis|Mpls|N . y} has Jordan Kobe? NetEase sports {in|within|inside|throughout|with|around|during|on|when it comes to|for|found in|located in|through|with regard to|inside of|from|present in|at|into|of|here in|when|using|as part of|to|regarding|appearing in|about|in the|by|operating in|throughout the|while in|across|all over|all through|living in|in just|back in|within just|while|near|all the way through|by using||over|wearing|back|on the inside|doing|last} March 8th reported: {today|these days|nowadays|right now|currently|now|at this time|at present|presently|right away|immediately|in these days|in the present day|at the moment|now a days|right this moment|in today's times|in these modern times|as soon as possible|at this moment|as we speak|in today's market|at this point|without delay|recently|in modern times|in our day|in recent times|instantly|today|in the marketplace today|right|this afternoon|this morning|correct|proper|lately|as of late|on the market now|appropriate|yesterday|soon|here||straight away|these|of late|suitable now|appropriate now|in this time|suitable}, NBA also leaked {about|regarding|concerning|with regards to|in relation to|pertaining to|around|related to|on the subject of|approximately|relating to|roughly|close to|when it comes to|dealing with|with reference to|in regard to|in regards to|with regard to|just about|on|relevant to|all around|associated with|almost|all about|nearly|involving|all-around|of|with|more or less|all over|over|somewhere around|information on|for|in|that is related to|exactly about|information about|on the subject off|surrounding|as regards to|something like|in the region of|which involves||near|that's about|going} "Zen master" Phil Jackson and Nicks {gossip|news|chat|chit chat|rumor|rumors}, said Nicks contacted {the|the actual|the particular|your|this|a|any|typically the|all the|that|all of the|these|often the|the very|the exact|a new|the main|the entire|our|their|most of the|the specific|unquestionably the|usually the|this particular|those|some of the|our own|an|each|the most important|i would say the|some sort of|each of our|how the|the type of|my|which the|your current|that this|you see, the|currently the||all|specific|ones|a person's|its|some|generally|one particular} Jackson, let him take charge, {but|however|yet|nevertheless|although|nonetheless|however ,|though|and yet|still|but yet|then again|on the other hand|unfortunately|yet ,|yet somehow|but also|but nonetheless ,|having said that|but nevertheless ,|yet unfortunately|even so|except|but then|even though|but unfortunately|on the contrary|nevertheless ,|and|sadly|despite the fact that|in addition|fortunately|regrettably|still ,|but rather|nonetheless ,|while|only|but nevertheless|truthfully|yet still|just|so|remember, though ,|but|also|simply|however it|rather|} Jackson said not interested. {It has|It's|It's got|They have|It offers|There are|There is|It includes|It provides|These have|It consists of|This has|It has got|It is|It easily has|It will have|It really is|It actually has|It really has|It contains|They've|Is included|It possesses|It can be|It can have|Its content has|It is got|It truly is|It is really|You have|Has|Its full of|It comes with|It may have|There's|They have used|It features||Received|Its|It needs|They operate|It is really got|At the same time|Lots of|It is equipped with|Acquired|It does have|It has obtained|It really is got|Provides} caused widespread concern {in the media|in media|on television|on tv|in the news}, journalists, everyone in the discussion, {spit|throw|spittle} is a lot more. #gallery89880.Nph_photo_view{height:400px /63 | sports image center | view Atlas | thought again, for the third time, in the most time of distress, to save the Lakers coach Phil jackson. But in 2005 1999, is different, this time, Jackson in infinitely close to the regression case but in return condition is put forward. Jackson return condition is why its regression failed: he wanted Jim buss took the team to control over to his. To side turn right? Regardless of whether this too, but it has always been Jackson's long cherished wish. Throughout his career, in his heart has been in possession of a godfather dream, a previously failed four times the godfather dream extended reading: Note exposure conditions: Jackson suggested minibus, hand over the Lakers control [with] in NBA, the godfather, indispensable field command and personnel allocation. "Cardinal" Auerbach is undoubtedly the best benchmarking the Godfather: he #file_links[d:\xr\xrdy\keywords2.txt,1,s] is the best coach NBA recognized, coach of the year award named after him; the green Dynasty 60 years of rise and fall almost depends on a design plan, so a lot of people think that the manager of the year award should be named after him. But the really excited Jackson's godfather dream person is Pat Riley, the godfather. Once Riley and Phil Jackson, they are just the greatest coach in the history of the candidate. In 80 Riley and 90's Jackson is their age the most successful manager. But begin from 90 time metaphase, Riley began by sheer tactical master to the godfather type control transformation. 80 Riley's definition of success philosophy coach NBA: precision predicted a sharp Armani, always Youguangzengliang back head, gorgeous and tactics, Seckill superstar charisma, insight into the NBA trend and be benefited in every way the on-the-spot command magic. But in the 90 years after moving to New York, he was gradually reduced to a loser in 1992, the first Riley season in New York, Nicks went to the top of the eastern part of the Eastern Conference finals, but 3-4 regrets negative bulls; 93 years the two teams meet again in the Eastern Conference finals, Nicks to lead 2-0, but was subsequently Lianban 4 cities. Has always been regarded as a successful spokesperson Riley in the match and Jackson was so embarrassed, many Bulls fans began to laugh at the "no magic you can't win the ball" in 1994, Jackson and Riley met third times in the #file_links[d:\xr\xrdy\keywords1.txt,1,s] playoffs. But this time, because Jordan suddenly retired in the fall of 1993, Riley finally in the semi-final 4-3 successful revenge jackson. Eliminated Buster Nicks Yuezhanyueyong, finally reached the finals, but in the finals, but Nicks 3-
02:34 AM
3 days ago
NickBarisheff BullionBuzz eNewsletter | Feature: For the Fed to balance its books, gold will have to cost $10,000 an ounce
12:18 PM
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Don't want to see you go Jeff. I have read lots of your posts and articles and have gained much insight from them. I have also spread that insight around talking to friends, acquaintances and posting here and there. I have marvelled at how you manage to be so incisive as well as prolific.We need calm voices of reason such as yours rather than all the brainwash we see everywhere. You must be making a difference or they wouldn't be trying to sabotage the site.
10:01 PM
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Bradley Wright Phillips Southampton pair Nathan Dyer along with Bradley Wright-Phillips happen to be faced with robberies soon after products were allegedly compromised from your night club employees place. Dyer, 20, along with Wright-Phillips, Twenty-three, have been incurred pursuing an accident at the Pub Bluu membership inside Southsea within Feb.Workers stated that will a few mobiles, £145 inside income, student charge cards and also smokes were compromised from about three totes. The analysis through Hampshire authorities was launched after a pair of guys were recorded on CCTV entering the actual jailbroke space. Equally players attended Portsmouth Core Police Station wherever they were incurred and skipped to seem prior to the city's magistrates' courtroom upon July 8. abercrombie in uk Curly hair the particular audio returned to the Birmingham point last night, including a shock associated with extra-large barnets.However in the viewers your hair was as shiny as always, especially around the brain of movie star enthusiasts The Saturdays.As they danced from the lanes with the beginning nighttime they were joined by the clutch of stars whom are obligated to repay their professions to the initial 68 hosting -- which includes big names Elaine Paige as well as Mister Cameron Mackintosh. SCROLL DOWN Pertaining to QUENTIN LETTS' Evaluation.... Superstar supporters: Girlband Your Saturdays in the click preview involving Curly hair with the Gielgud Cinema working in london the other day Date: Frankie Sandford, Mollie Master, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman as well as Una Healy enroll in the initial nightThe unique setting up was a package business office stage hit and also gave numerous unknowns his or her very first West Conclusion large crack because they constructed the particular group of socialoutcasts and draw up dodgers along with triggered these people getting megastars. Far more... Curly hair: Bloom electrical power, totally free adore... as well as an empty coronary heart Paul Nicholas as well as music story Paige had been among people who located on their own catapulted to celebrity. Joining inside: However while many members of the viewers pleased within the present, few people was as impressedSIMPLY IRRESISTIBLECharles Spencer (Day-to-day Communicate): The particular verve as well as energy from the company, that frequently create forays to the audience, ruffling the particular spectators' locks and also finding that these on the oral cavity, will be irresisitble.Benedict Nightingale (The changing times): I had been time-warped to the violent, anarchic feel of 68.Erika Coveney (The actual Independent): The particular credit score, with chart-topping amounts along with a fruitfull mixture of wonderful spruce ballads, organic blues and also choric anthems, continues to be impressive as always.Actually legendary theater company Mister Cameron was obviously a jr backstage asst in the authentic generation.One of many some other megastars which started out their own occupations upon Locks were Oliver Tobias, Bernard Curry, John p Straker, MarshaHunt, Rich O' Brien, Vince Edwards along with Annabel Leventon.Sir Cameron imported the particular restaged show via Broadway, exactly where they have beenenjoying a good award-winning rebirth.He states that in spite of the show's Sixties-era anti-Vietnam theme, it's still while relevant as always.‘Hair is a lot more than ananti-war demonstrate. There exists real worry about the near future along with oursurvival, be it vulnerable simply by clash, money grubbing bankers orclimate adjust. Storage lane: Paul Nicholas, Cameron Mackintosh along with Elaine Paige be a part of his or her friends with the show; the three started their particular professions about the initial Locks musicalMaking their names: Paige as well as Mackintosh throughout 1991; the two are obligated to pay their particular recognition for you to Hair'Even from the 60s, we were holding majorsocial concerns pertaining to young adults, and also the question we were holding almost all askingwas, exactly where will they go ahead now?‘We've received these students pouringout associated with schools along with the tough economy along with the world inturmoil they're questioning what they are gonna employ his or her life,which is the dilemma experienced through the primary figure inside Head of hair.I Get together period: After the display Your Saturdays joined your cast on the after get together Night time: Mollie along with Vanessa exhibit their designer handbags as they appear back again with the May possibly Fair hotel Curly hair has been the 1st Greater london showwhere your people would certainly boogie totally uninhibited with all the throw, in a choice of the particular cinema aisles as well as on period.It's been recently ongoing with all the brand new show, with all the showbizaudience even subscribing to fingers with the stars around the phase with lastnight's display.Among the additional visitors had been TV producer Anneka Hemp, boogie judgeArlene Phillips and television speakers Jenni Falconer and also Graham Norton. Celeb supporters: Tv set producer Anneka Hemp and dancer Arlene Phillips Audio supporters: Television set speakers Jenni Falconer along with Graham Norton Bloom power, totally free enjoy... with an unfilled heartHair, Gielgud Cinema simply by Quentin LettsBig as well as fuzzy, that's Locks. An engaged revival in the Sixties anti-war musical has recently achieved Manchester and also the striking factor, in addition to the sounds and also vision, could be that the Vietnam era's children's had been much more vivid when compared with current Western children inside their reply to United states combat. That hits anyone, along with your paucity involving piece. The very first Forty five minutes arealmost entirely mysterious * it's just a single high-pulse opening solitary after another - and the next 50 % suffers a long, heinously dreary hallucination arena. However the deficiency of account will be healthy from the charm from the famous actors. Suspiciously nicely groomed: Can Swenson as hippy Berger inside the energetic anti-war musicalThe U . s . performers are generally good-looking and plainly love each and every second from the show. Onlythe most reactionary grump might don't applaud his or her dependability.The actual pure strength required to retain which walls of sound heading almost all eveningis remarkable. And yet by the end the scam with the gaietybecomes sickening. You will find there's lack of accuracy inside Hair which usually maynot happen to be evident if this was initially carried out within New York city in1967 yet that, these days, is actually inescapable. Exuberant: Your National artists are generally good-looking along with plainly really like every single second with the showThe tale concerns a new group of friends regarding drug-taking pupils within the New york of free enjoy and also bloom power. They are brought by simply the leader treehugger called Berger (Will certainly Swenson) whoopens the particular display simply by waving high of his or her naked undercarriage, front andback, on the audience. Berger leaps in the booths to be able to bully the leading few rows. Yourcritic, resting throughout line C, had been usually terrorised. Mister Swenson leaped upward onmy couch, tousled my very own (receding) hairline as well as forced their crotchtowards my own confront. That smelled faintly regarding matron's linament and also grape butter. That did not seem correct. Free really like: However, these hippies have been suspiciously properly cared forHippies were very ill-washed, all things considered. Along with consider the cast's the teeth - particularly the ones from Mr Swenson. Completely arrayed gnashers, every one. These types of artists hadplainly put in thousands with the dentist. Not really this kind of neat,let-it-all-hang-out kinds, all things considered. The plot limps to the point that one in the party, Claude (Gavin Creel) gets his or her call-up documents with regard to 'Nam. What will they perform? Alongthe way we briefly meet an elderly several, Margaret and Hubert. Lookout regarding Tim Kober because Margaret. The lady, or even he or she, is often a ring for that youngSir Geoffrey Howe. Various other significant activities result from Caissie Levy while Bergerand Claude's partner, as well as Kacie Sheik as a expecting hippie calledJeanie. The lady detects free really like is often a very poor replacement real love. That will isone of the handful of uses of doubt on the moving 1960's credo. The particular cast: Actors, as well as market users, dash on stage for the show's finaleIt is insufficient self-testing, involving uncertainty, even involving a few minorrealities, that creates Curly hair this kind of very poor art. After i attended an Americanuniversity in 1980 * hardly a a smaller amount dissolute moment - there are almostno individuals whom would not maintain down temporary work. Probably none associated with theyoungsters within Hair appears to do a cerebrovascular event at work. It has to have been obvious, even in 1968, which number of pot-suckinghippies might call for the vitality to be able to sing out along with dancing for therefore long, withsuch zeal. It was undoubtedly apparent that the draw up dodgers were your richkids understanding that the ones who visited his or her deaths have been mostly theblue-collar boys. What exactly we have been observing the following is merely a bunch ofgilded groovers.Four decades on, we're wiser about the sapping, ruinouseffects regarding hallucinogenic medications. We've additionally begun to appreciate thatthe baby-boomer technology ended up being spoiled and, in various techniques,damaging and pretend. Considering that the draft-dodgers provided laterwarmongers such as Invoice Clinton and George Watts Plant, it does not carry out muchfor the brand. But here, even though along with fantastic gusto, although to shriekingacclaim, these kinds of creeps are increasingly being romanticised since smarter and also somehowbrave. Inspite of the admirable manufacturing ideals, in which stinks. abercrombie in london store When law enforcement raided Steven Dedman's home property they will discovered the cake showing you your landscape of one regarding their random access memory raids mens abercrombie and fitch hoodies Pricey buys: Gucci's python-skin shoes and several of the white accessories Giannini mentioned: 'Bond Avenue is one kind of Europe's the majority of exclusive retail destinations i really wished to boost the particular luxuriousness with the boutique's environments by way of natural light to generate a pleasing, which can be secondary towards the perspective of the property today. 'Throughout the new design concept you'll find personal references to be able to renowned Gucci components and components of stores from the prior, yet usually occur the context that is carefully modern allowing the best foundation to the series.A Soon being got? These types of python-skinned Your five and a half " stilettos are stored on sale made for £785 abercrombie and fitch application Motor cyclist chick: Chloe teamed the girl prolonged crimson Gorgeous Premium gown using a african american sagging natural leather coat abercrombie and fitch usa outlet Regardless if enjoying around the block with her family, hair stylist towards the stars Rachel Zoe will not take a break coming from staying tremendous fashionable. The actual 40-year-old put in a few great hours inside Coldwater Gorge with your ex hubby Rodger Berman and their son Skyler, who spins one in Drive 25 today donning the most massive high heels. Never each day far from fashion: Rachel Zoe and also the girl hubby Rodger Berman put in Sunday afternoon using their baby Skyler from Coldwater ParkBut ever the style skilled, Zoe in no way gave the impression to struggle from the impractical high heels as they tottered within the lawn.The lady teamed the particular vertiginous shoes or boots having a dark-colored all-in-one and a coordinating fedora to view little Skyler take pleasure in the shifts. Earlier this week your woman stunned viewers while the lady come about inside a low-cut jumpsuit which usually open her bony chest and also rail slim biceps. A kiss via mom! Rachel didn't have any trouble twisting right down to plant 1 about Skyler as they enjoyed your swing Mommy along with me personally: Little Skyler appeared fine as part of his clothing and denims The actual mother-of-one has been traveling to Sprinkles cupcakes go shopping within Beverly Hills.Nevertheless the questions continues to be as to if Rachel herself can be enjoying the calorie-laden goodies.Previously the beautician had been attributed in making anorexia fashionable.Talking about your ex number, Zoe after said the girl failed to believe she was under a healthy weight.'Truthfully, I have never seen me personally to be too skinny,A she said.'Sometimes I am going to examine pictures and turn into just like, 'Oh, that's not a fantastic appear. Generally speaking, I'm not as well slender.Ha Accent: After Rachel additional the grayscale gilet for you to her outfit Zoe grew to become popular since the group associated with stars the lady dressed up popularized just what grew to become called the Rachel Zoe seem * tousled hair, everlasting suntan, extra-large sun glasses, old-fashioned attire, large bags along with padded add-ons.She proved helpful your ex magic in Nicole Richie that has been a preference from the chit chat as well as fashion periodicals, along with young women quick in order to imitate the actual Zoe search * compelling one particular magazine for you to label the particular stars she created 'Zoebots'. hollister store locator Caring your Louis: The fashion artist place for the seaside which has a LV hand towel with his fantastic Birkin handbag abercrombie and fitch pants
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Cara Delevingne hikes in a Chanel Vacation cruise popped sweatshirt and also short combination using chunky archipelago treasures mulberry hand bag See the particular specially-designed gun holster breast support mulberry outlet new york Flashing their teeth: Joey Kent along with Ga Salpa had been throughout good tones since they headed within mulberry tillie Tote neo grata: Dog protection under the law group PETA get unveiled Reese Witherspoon offers cast off her python skin bag right after researching your vicious skinning course of action The particular Walk The road celebrity cannot have bought the product within Florida, mainly because it may be unlawful to market the material there because The early 70's. Questionable: The tote carries a big $4,000 cost tagA speaker with regard to canine legal rights charitable organisation PETA told the actual Postal mail: 'No issue the amount Reese paid for which tote, the actual creatures compensated a much higher price tag. 'Every yr, millions of snakes tend to be impaled on tow hooks as well as nailed to be able to bushes by simply their brains as well as complexioned still living. Much more... Canine activists' fury from python trend bazaar The girl scrub uniforms way up nicely! Detergent legend Tina Rinna shows her entire body looks as very good because the girl 1990s prime since your woman prepares for many days of Our Existence come back Given power jolts as well as defeated together with hook varieties: Surprising brand new video shows neglect water Pertaining to Monsters star Tai 'Hoses are usually introduced into the teeth of large snakes—like pythons—and their bodies are moved filled with h2o to be able to loosen their pores and skin in order that it will minimize apart more easily. 'The animals' peeled, writhing bodies are next dumped, and yes it will take times for your animals to expire from the results of jolt along with contamination.Ha Your speaker also stated the charity expectation it's a case regarding lack of education as an alternative to malice upon Reese's portion.She mentioned: 'We cannot imagine that she would wish to bring about this particular undetectable battling, particularly for a thing as careless as a ornament that may be repeated without bloodshed. 'These days, it is easy to take a look which kills without having harming, with bogus lizard, make fun of croc, python pleather, as well as other custom goods that pay out honor towards the great thing about these kind of creatures with out massacring them.Ha mulberry outlet bags Daddy day care: Scott is devoted to his or her son Builder and has promised is the best they can for his young girl 'Scott and something of his / her buddies stood a method,A Brittany, 30, instructed playboy magazine. 'They would move by themselves away since wealthy traders, pick up women from the golf equipment inside the Hamptons, obtain intoxicated using them, and then take them back for their parents' properties as well as state the houses ended up their very own.''When the time was proper, Scott and his awesome pal would go through their particular totes as well as grab almost everything they can gather,I which include cell phones, photographic camera, cash and even bank cards, she assumed.Celebrity carry on and include that a consultant pertaining to Scott, 29, denies the boasts however Brittany claims that Scott with his fantastic friend 'videotaped young ladies as well as borrowed from their website a lot more than 55 occasions in the a long time I used to be about your pet.'She extra: 'I feel Scott obtained pretty much as good a higher simply from the real points this individual stole.'It's a terrible here we are at your accusation, as Scott and Kourtney are usually incapable of help make their own connection operate in spite of their little girl Penelope's delivery on July 8. Reflection graphic: Scott's (form of) father-in-law has been putting on the same go well with for a trip to The actual Nowadays Show Fourteen days after their next little one's delivery Scott loved celebration weekend break which integrated models certainly not the caretaker of their kids.Upon Saturday Come july 1st 21 years old Scott began in Malibu which has a get together regarding Camacho Cigars Beach House and subsequently evening headed away and off to Ohio wherever he put in the day along with sting bikini clothed ladies in a Private room pool cabana in the Delano Motel.Scott has been noticed drinking on the Setai pub after that having a party in club LIV along with close friends as well as designs until finally 4am. mulberry handbags sale We've all got a bogus college photograph hanging out our parents' residence that we'd love to keep concealed from look at.And the earth's most incredible females are not any diverse.Within their grown-up existence these people depend upon an arsenal involving hair experts, skincare authorities along with hair stylists to make sure they appear finished therefore it is refreshing to determine that as children and young adults, these kind of superstars were just like the everybody else. mini alexa mulberry She has however to even give start for you to your ex very first baby. But it seems Jessica Simpson has already invented the post-pregnancy plan to lose weight. At any time the organization girl, your 31-year-old singer, who may have gathered a lot of money well over $1 million money with her Jessica Simpson Assortment, will be supposedly throughout talks to indication the $4 zillion Weight Watchers deal. mulberry daria
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Peachy moose: The actual English royals were treated with a display of Khadi your green stallion on the equine present throughout Nizwa, Oman Satisfaction involving Oman: Khadi the particular green stallion is really a uncommon kind of albino that sees his vivid green skin shine through under his or her small summertime cover Would you like to see that! Knight in shining armor Charles ended up being clearly astounded by Khadi's unusual color Seeing green horses: Charles as well as Camilla noticed Khadi the particular white stallion todayKhadi the green stallion will get his or her unusual hue as a result of a rare albino problem which in turn sees their vivid pink skin color shine through beneath their small summer time layer.As soon as the equastrian visit, the bride and groom arrived at the Nizwa ft. Waving any blade in mid-air along with lulling for the songs, the particular King associated with Wales completely accepted a regular Omani boogie as he visited a fort today. Far more... Beef roasts newborn camel, Your current Highness? Second the Saudi elegant offered 'delicacy' to be able to Charles... of course, if HRH got the hump, this individual did not let it present 'It's extraordinary to find out guiding the particular veil': Duchess associated with Cornwall praises advancement for ladies inside Saudi Persia because your woman appointments any center training crafts and arts 'Kate as well as Wills acquired off-road bathing along with discovered for you to Disc-jockey within £6m Ibiza villa': Whilst gary Goldsmith shows close specifics of Duchess in Hi there! appointment As your King joined a new courtyard from the fort, a group of musicians arranged upward music as well as stuffed mid-air using the appear regarding singing as well as percussion.Charles, along with the Duchess regarding Cornwall, was in the middle of the gang while they carried out sword putting along with model combating.He or she ended up being given a new edge, and a safeguard, and commenced for you to shuffle along with trend the actual sword resembling his or her boogie.The particular Elegant several are on the fourth and ultimate leg of a visit with the Midsection Eastern eating Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Persia as well as Oman. The other day the Duchess of Cornwall stated she gets been gone to live in 'see guiding the particular veil' throughout the girl three-day day at Saudi Arabic. Speaking during a visit to a female-only centre that provides coaching and also occupations this morning, Camilla said the girl assumed large strides had been made in empowering women considering that your woman last visited nearly 6 years back. The particular Mail's Regal Correspondent has been the only real correspondent permitted to go with the particular Duchess to be with her trip on the middle in Jeddah. She told us entirely after: 'I've discovered in the final pay a visit to We made within '06 -- several, six in years past now - a sea associated with adjust.The particular fortification, known as Nizwa, is found the center involving Oman and goes back to the Twelfth century. It is the nation's popular country wide monument. abercrombie hollister Inventive: Harvey Nichols has shown the 2011 Far eastern impact on style to make oriental-inspired store methodologies womens hollister hoodies Broadband enjoyable: The bride and groom and then spoiled within a spot involving jet-skiingParis only agreed to be merely on vacation throughout Bali a couple of weeks back.However it looks from a active Eleven weeks world jogging regarding operate, it just wasn't sufficient for the legend.Rome ended up being told have appreciated the girl non secular aspect during the woman's crack on the Perfect Indonesian tropical isle.An origin towards the star instructed MailOnline: 'Paris offers absolutely fell fond of Bali.'She's the actual most joyful she has ever been right this moment along with caring being solitary.''She's recently been visiting nearby temples, playing with apes and just enjoying some time off after a truly hectic 30 days.' the cause included. abercrombie madrid Always on a break: The actual 31-year-old in addition tweeted photographs via your ex cruising getaway a week ago, including this particular adorable shot associated with the woman's girl Arabella Went up by parfum abercrombie Floral POWERSummer will be imperfect without the excellent ol' florals. Decorative flowery dresses, massive pattern published tshirts as well as saris are the emphasize with this pattern this coming year aside from the traditional produced gowns. Through paisley images to strong working floral patterns, you are able to select your current much-loved type. Floral equipment like head artists, movies as well as broaches are great choices to pep your style. Atart exercising . high gold necklaces along with black pearls to perform your thing. Kajol does floral energy (still left) although Sameera Reddy (appropriate) opts for sheer style SHEER Fashion Direct off of the driveway, absolute loose-fitted slacks and lengthy flowy dresses are generally uber-chic for that season. Practically these kind of reduces along with little short along with skirts below present well toned thighs, additionally, they achieve this inconspicuously. Design this kind of strong appear using understated tops within reliable shades to balance it. Go low on make-up along with add-ons. PEPLUM Water pump Give a break in your pleated dresses and choose extremely elegant peplum strength as an alternative. Your peplum type upon streaming clothes look wonderful upon extra tall, thin physiques. Pick subtle sound hues combined with bare add-ons to function this kind of type properly. Stay away from amount. Wide lace Web Lace provides relocated outside of elegant attire to only about every little thing. Sheer wide lace dresses, clothes and after this actually pants would be the most popular trend on your attire. Simply not clothes, equipment for example handbags, grabs, pumping systems and curly hair fascinators developed in distinct wide lace top styles are high in style scorecard. Published CANVAS Abstract prints, dog and marine images, candies images and also images encouraged coming from everywhere you go tend to be seen on all sorts of clothes, covers along with jumpsuits. Not just are generally these types of your most up to date style of stamping habits but they are apt for any trip in the sun. Womanly clothes inside light colors with styles throughout sell big this summer. Prevent the blend 'n' match up since printed seperates are generally a great eyesore abercrombie and fitch outlets uk Try taking a little credit score, Skip Jackson. Secretaries * or Marche if you need to end up being luxurious - include the lynchpin with the modern workplace however almost never appear to get yourself a 'thank that you'.Well, everything that is getting ready to modify.An intelligent brand-new website named wide web has been made specifically to assist high-flying Marche have the best-for-less, and also gives a list of devotion incentives that are awesome via big brand names such Jo Malone, Anya Hindmarch along with Fortnum & Mason.Your brain-child of professional Philadelphia of Tough luck a long time, Henrietta MacEwen, and food supremo Jamie Cotter-Craig, the site officially released at the end of last year having a swishy wine social gathering and is also quickly becoming the online portal to get the best Marche around. A large thank-you: Your missjones.internet gives PAs devotion items that could move towards designer brands much like the Anya Hindmarch handbag under 'I ended up being possessing dinner along with Henrietta and then she was whining how companies never ever supply discounts in order to PAs whom utilize them on a regular basis,Ha claims Cotter-Craig. 'We hit upon the idea to setup the website there and then.'There is also another social networking internet sites for Marche, but none of them that creates this sort of great back links using prime organizations, offers assistance from your loves regarding chief cook Tom Aikens and also celebritystylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones, as well as places an individual talking to the top dining places along with locations.'You are excellent personal savings to your supervisor * but also acquire respect returns inturn.'Cotter-Craig affirms: 'Generally, for each eight occasions an individual publication a cafe or restaurant to your employer, you'll get a no cost your meal for just two on your own.'Booking a new customized holiday may merit a number of wine bottles involving wine, on and on to be able to Anya Hindmarch pertaining to promotional gifts could possibly signify one of the girl fabulous Perry luggage might be the one you have.'Miss Smith takes pride in bringing in Marche at the top of their own sport * whichever their particular video game actually is.Maybe it's a very discreet meeting area you're soon after, the perfect business surprise (or possibly a present for example), the top flights or perhaps a desk at the best cafe to impress litigant, it's all the following and it's free of charge.Next to your skin any '999' services for anyone emergency times -- say, to book the last-minute flight to find the Supervisor back with an all-important conference.To register, merely pay a visit to www.missjones.internet.british as well as email out of your organization account. And then just wait for the advantages to start stacking upwards. abercrombie jumper Tremendous deluxe bag manufacturer Aspinal is going to be searching for his or her brand-new confront, consider getting your better pout all set Christian louboutin uk: Fashion footwear brand roll-outs your exclusive Highness Dragon Skin icon boot for women, your Henri Dragon Skin icon males and enclosed Dragon Skin icon iPad circumstance, which has a opportunity to earn them all. And if that has not been sufficient miraculous for starters evening, the Mount St main specialist delivers buyers an opportunity to enjoy tarot card reading, hand reading through and also bundle informing using a modern day pose.People from france Relationship: Put together to be able to pout because high-end traditional manner model delivers customers the opportunity have their own photograph taken, the best one through the nighttime profitable the £500 buying exercise. Buyers can also get their hair styled in the Vogue-inspired curly hair stop, get pleasure from products, canapés, discounts, as well as an distinctive Disc jockey arranged. abercrombie and fitch birmingham uk
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I obviously can't speak for others but I have to say I find the idea of NOT replying to your Daily Grind posts in this thread has in the past caused me some angst. These days, I simply read and move on. Were we to be encouraged to post here, add to your thread, perhaps there would be more who would participate?

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You know that "U.S. housing recovery", or even "housing boom" which so many of the media liars like to drone-on about? It turns out that the U.S. "housing recovery" is about as real as the "5 million jobs" which Barack Obama claims his regime has created, even as the government's own data shows less and less people working.

Now we see reports of a 17-year low in U.S. mortgage-lending -- i.e. even less activity in the U.S. housing market than during the worst months of the original crash.

Black is white. Hot is cold. Up as down. As the U.S. housing depression worsens (and the Greater Depression accelerates); the Liars simply call it "a housing boom"...

The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part I
The U.S. Greater Depression Exposed, Part II

Lending Plunges to 17-Year Low as Rates Curtail Borrowing

U.S. mortgage lending is contracting to levels not seen since 1997 -- the year Tiger Woods won his first of four Masters championships -- as rising interest rates and home prices drive away borrowers.

Wells Fargo (WFC) & Co. and JPMorgan Chase & Co., the two largest U.S. mortgage lenders, reported a first-quarter plunge in loan volumes that’s part of an industry-wide drop off. Lenders made $226 billion of mortgages in the period, the smallest quarterly amount since 1997 and less than one-third of the 2006 average, according to the Mortgage Bankers Association in Washington...
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