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Corporate Media Depicts Unemployed As Lepers

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Regular readers are familiar with the plight of the massive numbers of unemployed in Western nations, in general, and in the United States, in particular. There are approximately 100 million unemployed people across the Western world, roughly half of those inside the United States. Worse still, over 90% of these people are permanently unemployed.

This is the worst unemployment ever experienced in the history of our societies. Proof comes in the numbers, the real numbers and (ironically) the best data available is U.S. data. There are 144 million people in the U.S. with jobs, out of a population of 317 million. That translates into 46% of Americans with jobs, and 54% without jobs – a working minority.

Of course not all Americans (or all people in any society) are employable. Some are too old, or too young, or otherwise physically/mentally unfit for employment. Fortunately we also have data on employable Americans, the “civilian participation rate”. The chart below shows how many employable Americans are actually working.

Currently, only a little over 63% of employable Americans have jobs, and that rate continues to fall like a rock, throughout the mythical “U.S. recovery”. Regular readers are also aware that the standard of living in the U.S. (and across the Western world) has fallen by more than 50% over the past 40 years. In real dollars; the workers of 2014 are paid Great Depression wages.

The Middle Class are now the Working Poor (those who still have jobs). Where a single wage-earner used to be able to support a family (comfortably); it now requires two wage-earners. This is why before our governments destroyed our economies we saw the civilian participation rate going rapidly higher in the U.S. (and throughout the West).

To get most of the Poor out of poverty in the United States, in 2014 (at Great Depression wages), the U.S. would require a civilian participation rate of at least 80%, and likely closer to 90%. There are about 230 million employable Americans, meaning there are 86 million employable Americans without jobs.

If we assume an ideal/necessary civilian participation of 80%, this translates into 40 million unemployed Americans who need/want jobs today. If we assume a rate of 90%, that means 63 million unemployed Americans who need jobs – and (as the chart above proves) that number increases every month.

If we assume there are 40 million unemployed Americans needing jobs, that translates into an unemployment rate of over 18%. If we assume 60 million unemployed, that puts the U.S. unemployment rate well above 25%. Yet the liars in the Corporate media, the U.S. government, and the Federal Reserve pretend that the U.S. “unemployment rate” is only 6.5%, that ‘only’ about 15 million Americans need jobs. Janet Yellen, the Fed’s new Chief Liar boasted last week about: “cumulative progress toward maximum employment”.


Forty-six percent of Americans have jobs, and that number falls by the day, but the Chief Liar (and her parrots in the media) calls this “cumulative progress toward maximum employment”? However the 40 million – 60 million unemployed Americans who need work can’t be hidden, so they must be demonized, instead.

Divide-and-conquer is perhaps the single, most-important propaganda objective of the Corporate media.  Get the Sheeple to squabble and finger-point at each other, and they will continue to not pay attention while the Oligarchs (i.e. the One Bank) rape/pillage/oppress us – and complete their destruction of our economies and societies.

Among these divide-and-conquer tactics, perhaps none is more odious than “blame the victim”. First the Oligarchs create their (economic) victims, then to hide their own culpability, they blame the victims themselves for their fate. And among numerous examples of this blame-the-victim hypocrisy, none is as damaging (and thus despicable) as the demonization of the 100+ million permanently unemployed Victims of the One Bank’s demolition of our economies.

Reuters, one of the tentacles of this media oligopoly, provides us with a particularly despicable/sickening example of these “blame the victim” tactics:

Alan Krueger, a respected labor market economist who led President Barack Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors, said those unemployed long term tended to put less effort into their job hunts than others and were often viewed by employers as undesirable.

There you have it. According to a “respected economist”, the 40 – 60 million permanently unemployed Americans are lazy and “undesirable”. Why didn’t he label them “smelly” as well? Or, simply save his despicable adjectives and label them with a noun – lepers – since that is clearly the intent of the Corporate media, and its Liars: to ostracize the victims of the destruction of the U.S. economy.

“Respected economist”? The phrase is an oxymoron. They are all elitist Liars, and all of them will tell you that the U.S. “unemployment rate” is 6.5%, not 18%, not 25%. Why aren’t 40 – 60 million Americans pounding the pavement every day “hunting” for jobs? What jobs?

The Liars tell us there are currently 4 million available “job opportunities” in the United States. But it must be remembered that these are the same Liars who tell us that the unemployment rate is 6.5%, and that the U.S. economy is “creating new jobs” every month. But let’s pretend that this is a real number, and not simply another one of their fantasy-numbers.

First of all, this means that if those 40 – 60 million permanently unemployed Americans hunted for work every day, and could (magically) be “teleported” to anywhere in the U.S.; less than 1 in 10 would ever find work. But that’s not the real issue here.

Look closely at the “4 million job-openings” of which the Liars boast, and we discover virtually all of them are minimum-wage employment, or worse – “commission” or “piece rate” work, where slaves generally earn far below minimum wage.

How many real jobs are available, jobs which could lift even one person clearly above the poverty-line? The Liars never provide an answer to that question. Is it 10% of the “4 million jobs” they boast, is it 1%? Even if we (generously) assume 10%; this gives the 40 – 60 million unemployed Americans less than a 1% chance of ever finding a decent job.

What we are really talking about here is the proverbial “needle in the haystack”. This is why the lying economists generally refer to these 10’s of millions of permanently unemployed Americans with the euphemism “discouraged workers” – people who gave up looking for jobs which don’t exist.

It’s only by refusing to count all of these “discouraged workers” as being “unemployed” that the lying economists can produce their mythical “unemployment rate” of 6.5%. According to these Elitists, “discouraged workers” are no longer people, and thus they don’t count as unemployed.

Note however, in the piece of Reuters blame-the-victim trash quoted previously that the term “discouraged workers” doesn’t appear once, despite the fact that Reuters parrots all sorts of other economic jargon. Why (deliberately) omit this commonly-used unemployment euphemism, in an article entirely about long-term unemployment?

Because the word “discouraged” has a dramatically different meaning than lazy? A “discouraged” person is someone who tries, but (eventually) gives up. Conversely, a lazy person is someone who simply never tries. It’s easy for the politicians/bankers/media to demonize lazy people. It’s much more difficult to demonize “discouraged” people.

What the Liars also always omit in their efforts to demonize the unemployed is that it costs money to look for employment: presentable clothing, transportation, resumes. Does the lying U.S. government provide such job-hunting assistance for the 40 – 60 million permanently unemployed Americans?

Of course it doesn’t. The Liars know there aren’t any jobs. Not only would it be “wasted money” to assist these Victims in looking for jobs-which-don’t-exist, it would highlight that fact. Instead all we get is lies: more lies, bigger lies. As the worst unemployment in U.S. history gets worse by the day; we’re told this is “cumulative progress toward maximum employment”.

Yes, with the savage/irreversible damage which the One Bank (and its Liars) has already wrought on the U.S. economy, with only 46% of Americans having jobs this is close to “maximum employment” – i.e. the most Americans who will be allowed to work, as long as the One Bank and its Two-Party Dictatorship remain in control.

To distract us from their relentless economic destruction (as the One Bank loots the U.S. economy, and the Western world), the Liars want us to blame the unemployed for our problems, or “terrorists”, or “Russia” – anyone except the Liars, themselves.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, March 25, 2014
I will assume 60 million unemployed since that number is closer to what John Williams estimates which is 23% unemployment rate here in the U.S. Of course the percentage is even higher among minorities. The One Bank and the media strike again!

Thanks for the comment, and the reference to Mr. Williams, BigDad. It gives me the opportunity to point out that when I talk about how "all the economists" are liars and charlatans that there are a (very) small number of exceptions.

And at the top of that list is John Williams, and smilies/wink.gif
written by Kyle, March 25, 2014
I will assume 60 million unemployed since that number is closer to what John Williams estimates which is 23% unemployment rate here in the U.S. Of course the percentage is even higher among minorities. The One Bank and the media strike again!

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