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The USA: Worst Government That Money Can Buy

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History tells us that when governments become excessively oppressive and/or descend into saturation corruption (like the rancid regimes of the Western bloc), that such scenarios rarely “end well” – i.e. a peaceful transition back to responsible, legitimate government. Instead, the peasants/serfs/workers are nearly always driven to a state of desperation (generally near-starvation) before they finally pull out their pitchforks and guillotines, and take back their own government.

Obviously, then, the goal of commentators such as myself and other truth-tellers today is to try to reach a large percentage of our own “peasants”, the Sheep who are currently passively lapping-up the daily fiction from our Corporate media propaganda machine, before they devolve to such a state of poverty/desperation. Then once honestly informed, the presumption is that this knowledge would then power peaceful and orderly change via the ballot box.

In turn, we have seen the response of the One Bank to such messages: my own work has been systematically censored from any/all mainstream outlets, and many other alternative “voices” have also been snuffed-out one way or another. But this is only half of the One Bank’s campaign to ensure that the peasants of the United States (in particular) are never well-informed as they head to the ballot-box each election to vote for one half or the other of its own, two-headed political hydra.

The other half of this systematic process for destroying the remnants of U.S. democracy has been to give the very-wealthy literally unlimited powers to buy the government of their choice. The first “victory” in the absolute corruption of the U.S. political process was to allow corporations (the paper fronts for the very-wealthy) to donate unlimited quantities of their dirty money, in order to buy the politicians who would serve them loyally.

This also allowed the wealthiest Oligarchs to hide behind these corporate fronts, so we couldn’t see which particular individuals were primarily responsible for the latest crop of corrupt sycophants in the U.S. Congress. However, with the corruption (and now overt fascism) of the Fourth Reich becoming more extreme by the day; the Oligarchs no longer see any need to hide.

Thus we have the “next evolution” in U.S. corruption: simply allowing individuals to directly spend as much as they want in buying the government of their choice. Supposedly, there are still limitations. Wealthy Americans can only contribute so much directly to any one particular candidate or “PAC”.

For readers outside the U.S.; a PAC is basically a corporate front created solely for the purpose of broadcasting (at maximum decibels) a particular propaganda message during an election campaign. The joke in these supposed “limitations” is two-fold. While the very-wealthy are limited in their contributions to any particular entity, there are now no aggregate “caps” of any kind on such spending. They can now create an infinite number of “PAC’s” to brainwash the electorate with their message(s) in each-and-every (so-called) election.

The other, obvious joke is that with no aggregate spending caps on corporations, either, individuals can indirectly make unlimited donations to particular candidates through simply contributing via numerous corporate fronts. A billionaire with his/her own plethora of shell corporations can funnel vast (and essentially unlimited) quantities of wealth anywhere they desire in U.S. elections by simply – and legally -- utilizing all of these various, corporate tentacles.

Adding proverbial insult to injury; the corrupt U.S. judiciary rubber-stamps this political corruption as a supposed extension of “free speech”. Allowing the very wealthy to (literally) drown-out the viewpoints of the majority so that they are only exposed to the narrow, heavily-slanted agenda of these Oligarchs every election is perversely labeled by these puppet-judges as a victory for free speech.

How endemic has U.S. political corruption become, through the very-wealthy funneling oceans of their dirty money into the U.S. political process? A Reuters article provides some interesting perspective, with the title itself being nothing but a euphemistic label for U.S. political corruption:

Wealth buys less lifestyle, more power

The general theme is familiar: Corporate media propaganda telling us why it’s (supposedly) O.K. for the very-rich to keep getting richer and richer. But then it’s revealed that the very-wealthy are now devoting a smaller percentage of their rapidly increasing mountains of wealth to “conspicuous consumption”, and an ever-increasing percentage to what the Reuters writer deviously calls “investments”.

What sort of “investments”? We were already given that information in the title: buying “power” – i.e. buying the politicians (and regulators) who officially wield that power. Obviously “political power” is not some commodity that can be purchased in a supermarket or department store. “Buying power” directly and necessarily implies political corruption.

And while one branch of the Corporate media oligopoly was openly bragging about how the wealth of the wealthy in the United States is being used to buy the (corrupt) government of their choice; another branch of the Corporate media was openly describing the small cabal of (ultra-wealthy) Oligarchs who are doing most of the buying in the corruption of U.S. government, markets, and society.

The Richest Rich Are In A Class By Themselves

Sophisticated readers were already aware that the issue of wealth-inequality (and the increasing corruption which always accompanies that rising inequality) was never a simple rich-versus-poor dynamic. Or, as put in a previous commentary; it was never the “millionaires” who were the problem with respect to the parallel injustices of rising inequality and rising corruption.

Typically, writers such as myself focus their scrutiny and criticism on “the Top 1%”, but with the caveat that it is actually a minority within that top-1% who are the active conspirators. Now we have Bloomberg giving us some very precise numbers as to who are both the principal architects of this cesspool system, and (surprise! surprise!) also the principal beneficiaries of this endemic corruption.

Much like the Reuters article unashamedly boasted about what the wealthiest Oligarchs were doing with their ill-gotten fortunes (buying the government of their choice), the Bloomberg article precisely identifies this micro-class within the U.S. population which, by themselves, own the U.S. government -- doing everything but giving us the names of individual Puppet-Masters.

In general terms; Bloomberg tells us that this micro-class of Oligarchs is “the Top 1% of the top-1%”, or (in other terms) they are the “top 0.01%”. More specifically; Bloomberg tells us this:

The gains have accrued almost exclusively to the top tenth of 1 Percenters. The richest 0.1 percent of the American population has rebuilt its share of the wealth back to where it was in the roaring Twenties. And the richest 0.01 percent’s share has grown even more rapidly, quadrupling since the eve of the Reagan Revolution.

16,000 families possess $6 trillion in assets – equal to the total wealth of the bottom two-thirds of American families.

This is the (real) American Mafia, and the Corporate media no longer even tries to stop it from sounding like a crime syndicate: 16,000 “families” (in a population of greater than 300,000,000) who not only have more than enough wealth to drown-out the will of the majority in every election, but they have now been provided with the legal means to do so.

In the United States of America; political corruption is not only totally legal, it’s highly organized. “Lobbyists”, the bag-men of this Mafia, literally “register” themselves with the particular state or federal government in question, and then openly go about their “business” of bribery and corruption.

Of course, as a federation of states; U.S. state governments still wield considerable power – despite all that has been usurped by the Executive Branch over the past quarter century. But the One Bank (and the other Oligarch families) haven’t forgotten about those governments:

Starting today, corporations can make unlimited contributions to Alabama candidates for state and local offices.

The end of the $500 limit on corporate campaign contributions means Alabama will become the fifth state with no cap on campaign contributions [emphasis mine]

Strict limits on campaign contributions are a fundamental and universal principle of every nation and political system which seeks to portray itself as a legitimate democracy. For every citizen within the United States who actually understands the meaning of the word “democracy”; arrogantly sweeping away any limitations on such spending sends an unequivocal message: the United States is no longer a democracy.

In each supposed “election”; pseudo-voters in the USA face the same scenario. After four years where a Corporate media oligopoly has twisted the “news” ever further and more perversely from reality so that voters are never even exposed to the real issues; these pseudo-voters are then given a choice of voting for one of two candidates – both of whom are owned by the ruling Oligarchs.

It is a two-party dictatorship, but with a propaganda Matrix so (un)scrupulously constructed and maintained that almost all of the Sheep still cling to the delusion that they live in a “democracy”. However, the worst government that money can buy is not without parallels.

Many forget that in the now-defunct Soviet Union they also had elections. The joke (to all those outside of this totalitarian regime) was that Soviet “voters” had only two candidates to choose between, both of whom belonged to the Communist Party.

The one difference between the communist dictatorship of the Soviet Union versus the fascist dictatorship of the United States today? The “16,000 families” who own-and-operate the U.S.’s (supposed) “two-party system” haven’t yet gotten around to openly declaring themselves as a single, political entity. Stay tuned.

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Jeff Nielson
written by Jeff Nielson, April 08, 2014
...there will be a time, perhaps not 2016, but quite probably at least by 2020, when there will be no elections, at least through any semblance of democratic process. Already it is quite apparent from recent past elections that fraud is rampant on the state and county levels with too many instances of total votes being greater than the amount of eligible voters, hacked voting machines, and in the recent revelations in North Carolina, more than 30K ineligible votes counted. I believe that as soon as this coming summer, Americans will experience an event that will give rise to incremental martial law; after which any elections on a national level will be meaningless. I hope I'm wrong, but there are too many dots that connect to totalitarianism or, as you put it, the Fourth Reich.

Apberusdisvet, at one time I would have discouraged such speculation (and not engaged in similar speculation myself - lol). But I find myself becoming increasingly pessimistic, not so much because of the conduct of the Banksters (I recognized them for what they were long before this) but because of the LACK OF REACTION by the Sheep -- as these Nazis loot-and-destroy our societies.

Apparently nothing but EMPTY STOMACHS (genuine starvation) will motivate the Sheep to get off their couches -- and out into the streets.
written by Andy Bergeron, April 07, 2014
Jeff: what you write is, unfortunately, very true. But there will be a time, perhaps not 2016, but quite probably at least by 2020, when there will be no elections, at least through any semblance of democratic process. Already it is quite apparent from recent past elections that fraud is rampant on the state and county levels with too many instances of total votes being greater than the amount of eligible voters, hacked voting machines, and in the recent revelations in North Carolina, more than 30K ineligible votes counted. I believe that as soon as this coming summer, Americans will experience an event that will give rise to incremental martial law; after which any elections on a national level will be meaningless. I hope I'm wrong, but there are too many dots that connect to totalitarianism or, as you put it, the Fourth Reich.

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