Monday, March 30, 2015
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U.S. economy to lose 20 MILLION jobs this year

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U.S. economy to lose 20 MILLION jobs this year
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By the time “the dust settles” at the end of March, total U.S. weekly lay-offs will amount to nearly three million jobs. Yet, according to Bloomberg, the U.S. government is about to make the fraudulent announcement that only 660,000 jobs were lost in March – equal to one week's lay-offs.

Admittedly the weekly number only reports lay-offs, not net job losses (lay-offs minus new jobs created). However, for the Bloomberg estimate to be realistic, the U.S. economy would have had to create over 2 million jobs in March.

This idea is so ludicrous, it goes without saying it has a zero probability of being true. A very generous estimate is that there could possibly have been close to a million new positions created (or people recalled from lay-off). Thus, the best case scenario for U.S. job losses for the month of March would be a total of 2 million jobs lost – not the absurd lie that only 660,000 Americans lost their jobs.



The government has been lying about job losses virtually every month since the U.S. Greater Depression began. What is different with recent lies is the magnitude of those lies.

In February (a short month), there were 2.5 million American lay-offs (according to official, weekly statistics), yet the U.S. government reported the same, absurd, monthly job-loss number for February that it (apparently) intends to report in March.

In other words (barring a huge surprise in Friday's announcement), the U.S. government would have under-reported job losses by roughly 3.5 million jobs – in just two months. Keep in mind that the U.S. government is only admitting total job losses (through the entire Depression, including March) of roughly 5 million people.

The U.S. government is so desperate to hide the severity of the U.S. economic collapse, that it has gone past the point of plausible exaggeration to ridiculous fiction. The only thing more outrageous than the magnitude of U.S. lies is that (apparently) virtually no one is noticing this totally, transparent propaganda.

There are many precedents for this among the blind/deaf/dumb media parrots, and equally brain-dead, market sheep. During the eight years in which George Bush Jr. was president, his official “annual deficits” only recorded half of the total amount of debt which was incurred during his years in office.

TWO TRILLION DOLLARS was totally unaccounted for – on the government's official balance sheet!!!...and nobody noticed that, either.

Right to the end of his presidency, media propagandists throughout North America and Europe continued to report the fraudulent, Bush deficit numbers as being factual.


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